Review & Full Album Stream: Big Scenic Nowhere, Vision Beyond Horizon

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big scenic nowhere vision beyond horizon

[Click play above to stream Big Scenic Nowhere’s Vision Beyond Horizon in full. Album is out Jan. 31 on Heavy Psych Sounds with preorders here.]

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At least according to the LP credits, Reed has a hand in writing five of the nine songs on Vision Beyond Horizon,Ā including solo composition on the 95-second second-track hardcore punk blaster “The Paranoid,” on which his son, Kylen Reed, plays bass — and which changes the entire context of the opening of the record — as well as highlights “Mirror Image” and the penultimate “Tragic Motion Lines.” Balch, whose relative tally as regards songwriting is eight compared toĀ Arce‘s four, would seem to be the driving force behindĀ Big Scenic NowhereĀ at least at this stage.

However, given the breadth of the progressive, desert-hued rock they harness, the fact of multiple songwriters at all, and the work others like vocalist/guitarist Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, etc.), bassists Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson,Ā Yawning Man) and Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator), keymaster Wiberg and drummer Bill StinsonĀ (Yawning Man) are doing throughout, it doesn’t necessarily feel right to base expectation for future modus on what’s happening here. That is, just because it’s mostlyĀ Balch writing songs this time doesn’t mean it won’t beĀ Arce andĀ Reed jams next time, and so on. The nature of the band feels more fluid than that, and as players,Ā Balch,Ā Arce andĀ Reed revel in that fluidity. It becomes an essential component of the album’s success and the band’s potential.

big scenic nowhere

That’s a rare angle to take to head toward “encouraging debut,” but frankly,Ā Big Scenic Nowhere are putting themselves in the position of being a rare band, and the varied persona they present on this encouraging debut is a big part of why. It’s the nature of “supergroups” to be uneven, but particularly the changes in vocalists weave a path through the proceedings that benefits from the changes. Whether it’s Johannes channelingĀ DavidBowie-via-JerryCantrellĀ on the crashing-in opener “The Glim” and resurfacing on side B’s mellower “En las Sombras,” orĀ GrahamĀ and Alley bringing their underappreciated cult-style duet arrangements to side A’s “Then I Was Gone” and the later counterpart “Shadows from the Altar,”Ā Big Scenic Nowhere not only serves as a showcase for stellar performances, but elements like Arce‘s signature tone,Ā Balch‘s choice riffing andĀ Reed‘s taking point on the majority of tracks — he sings on “The Paranoid,” “Mirror Image,” “Hidden Wall,” “Tragic Motion Lines” and subsequent closer “War Years” — are all the more standouts in tying the material together.

Whatever their future plans or creative whims might be as regards these remote/fly-in collaborations, they serve onĀ Vision Beyond Horizon to help define who and what are as a group, and the instrumental arrangements as vast enough to accommodate the shifts, be it the spooky boogie of “Then I Was Gone” and “Shadows from the Altar” or the emergent fuzz-laden rollout of “Hidden Wall,” which approaches the seven-minute mark and closes side A. That they’re able to harness consistency at all is a considerable achievement, but that they do so in such a fashion as to make change the constant effectively doubles that. “The Paranoid” also functions in this way, establishing early on in the overarching procession of the album that Big Scenic Nowhere are able and willing to tread whatever ground they see fit. If it opened or closed, it would be too easy to write off as an intro or afterthought. As it is, right after the immediately dug-in, Mellotron-laced midtempo groove of “The Glim,” its brash thrust is the proverbial suckerpunch for arriving so unexpectedly.

But that’s also what makes it fun.

As with most debut full-lengths, it’s hard to listen toĀ whatĀ Big Scenic Nowhere — the core writing team of Balch,Ā Arce andĀ Reed — bring toĀ Vision Beyond Horizon and wonder what might come next and into what direction their style or output might ultimately turn. If there’s an answer to be found in these tracks, it’s that they’re able to capture a multifaceted complexity of songwriting that highlights individual players while still serving a broader aesthetic purpose, and that basically, they can do whatever the hell they want with their sound. If Dying on the Mountain was an initial foray into working together,Ā Vision Beyond Horizon lives up to its title in having the poise and confidence of its approach to earn the listener’s trust that, if something didn’t belong, or wasn’t doing what they intended, it wouldn’t be there. It may be next to impossible to predict what Big Scenic Nowhere might do from this point forward, but listening toĀ Vision Beyond Horizon, it’s easy to know it will be worth finding out.

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Big Scenic Nowhere Set Jan. 31 Release for Vision Beyond Horizon; New Track Streaming

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big scenic nowhere

Traveling is one of my very favorite things to do. As much as I ever let myself enjoy anything, ever, ever, ever, I enjoy going different places. It does require playing a bit of catchup when you get home though, and so here I am, catching up on news that came in at the end of last week, when I was in Norway. It was announced that Big Scenic Nowhere had signed toĀ Heavy Psych Sounds in late September, so the unveiling of the album details and preorders for the project’s debut album,Ā Vision Beyond Horizon, is right on time, as well as the stream of the opening track “The Glim,” which features vocals fromĀ Alain Johannes, also known for his many contributions over the years to Queens of the Stone Age.

Johannes is one of many lending their talents to the LP, along with members ofĀ The Well,Ā Spiritual Beggars, andĀ Mondo Generator, while the core of the group remains as guitaristsĀ Bob Balch (Fu Manchu) and Gary Arce (Yawning Man) and multi-instrumentalist/vocalistĀ Tony Reed (Mos Generator). As well as actually hearing it, I’ll be keen to find out who actually does what and where onĀ Vision Beyond Horizon among all the players included — listed below — but with Jan. 31 release date, there’s plenty of time for such things.

From the PR wire:

big scenic nowhere vision beyond horizon

Desert rock supergroup BIG SCENIC NOWHERE announce debut album ā€˜Vision Beyond Horizonā€™ on Heavy Psych Sounds Records; stream first track with Alain Johannes now!

Desert rock supergroup BIG SCENIC NOWHERE (with members of Fu Manchu, Yawning Man, Mos Generator, The Well, plus Nick Oliveri, Alain Johannes and Per Wiberg) sign to Heavy Psych Sounds for the release of their highly awaited debut album ā€˜Visions Beyond Horizonā€™ on January 31st. Today, the band unveils their debut single ā€˜The Glim.’

ā€œWe are super excited to be working with Heavy Psych Sounds. We practically know everyone on the label already. When it comes to this style of music they have a big presence, and we feel fortunate to become part of that. This album is a collaborative effort and the sum of its parts. The basic riffs and song structures were done by myself and Gary Arce, but the contributions from Tony Reed, Lisa Alley, Ian Graham, Mario Lalli, Nick Oliveri, Bill Stinson, Per Wiberg and Alain Johannes make this record what it is. There was never a discussion of what kind of music we wanted to make. But if I had to describe it there are elements of Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Yawning Man and Fu Manchu.ā€ states guitarist Bob Balch (Fu Manchu).

Bob Balch adds: ā€œThe Glim is a result of Gary Arce and myself jamming in DADā€™GAD. The first riff was an idea Gary had and then like three hours later while jamming, Gary played the chorus! I went home and put the pieces together and added a bridge part. Tony Reed on mellotron, Mario Lalli on bass and Bill Stinson on drums filled it out. Alain Johannes absolutely killed it on this one. He played all the leads too. This was the first track I recorded all of my guitars at my house. All Reverend guitars on my rhythm tracks. My signature on the left and a Pete Anderson hollow-body on the right. Signature ROLA head too. Killer tones all around! This tune has sort of a Soundgarden meets Bowie vibe to me. Hope yā€™all dig it !”

Vocalist Alain Johannes adds: ā€œTotal honor and pleasure to get on a sonic ghost ship with Bob, Gary, Mario and Bill on this track. Love these dudes and had a blast collaborating on ā€œThe Glimā€. Big Scenic Nowhere rules!ā€

ā€˜Vision Beyond Horizonā€™ will be available January 31st via Heavy Psych Sounds in the following formats:
– 40 Test Press
– 250 Ultra Ltd Baby Blue Splatter Blue/Black Vinyl
– 550 Purple Vinyl
– Black Vinyl
– Digipak

1. The Glim
2. The Paraonid
3. The I Was Gone
4. Mirror Image
5. Hidden Wall
6. Shadows From The Altar
7. En Las Sombras
8. Tragic Motion Lines
9. The War Years

Bob Balch (Guitar, Bass)
Gary Arce (Guitar)
Tony Reed (Vocals, Keys, Drums)
Mario Lalli (Bass)
Per Wiberg (Keys)
Bill Stinson (Drums)
Nick Oliveri (Bass)
Lisa Alley (Vocals)
Ian Graham (Vocals)
Alain Johannes (Vocals, Guitar)

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