Varego Set June 11 Release for Self-Titled Album

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From the PR wire:


VAREGO Release new single and video for ‘Limbo’

Most Detailed and Comprehensive Professional Team Reliable Service ?Contact Us Today! “Varego” out on June 11th

Italian post prog trio VAREGO recently announced their return to the scene and today they are proud to unveil the details of their new self-titled album, ‘Varego’, out on June 11th, 2021.

To celebrate and to give a first taste of their new sound, the band presents the first single and visualizer for ‘Limbo’.
Listen/download the new single ‘Limbo’ here:

“Limbo was the first track on the new album that we created. The powerful bass intertwines with heavy rock guitar riffs, while the drums bring us back to a connatural rhythm.

The lyrics talk about all those stalemates in our lives, where we think we are conditioned by events but in reality it is us and our fears that cause this state of life: by destroying them we can become the food for our dreams”, says the band.

Pre-orders of “Varego” are now available here:
CD Digipack and digital:

The band’s fourth studio album, “Varego”, was recorded in a few days almost entirely in real time at Greenfog Studio in Genoa, with producer Mattia Cominotto (Meganoidi, Tre Allegri ragazzi Morti) who also did the mixing and mastering.

The album preserves the strength of the wildness and the organicity of the songwriting, leading to a new maturity. VAREGO’s sound found a new fresh energy and it is significantly more powerful, an exanthema with grunge echoes, stoner rock riffs, post metal and prog rock nuances, that pushes the evolution of the group one step further. It’s the manifest result of a creative peak and, in the meantime, a point of arrival and a new start.

“The special feature of this new album is its instinctiveness. The composition of the songs was written on the spur of the moment, in fact in the studio we wanted to give this feeling by recording all the rhythmic parts, including the guitar, in real time. The lyrics are about war, drugs, madness, death and everything that poisons the lives of human beings, trying to ‘exorcise’ and transform all this poison into medicine. Also on a musical level, the intention is to make people feel that darkness and light are complementary, the two sides of the coin called life”, states the band.

Like the coal reveals the diamond over time, in this new record VAREGO know how to refine their visceral instinct, transforming it into a definite and incisive force. Their poisonous properties have become the exacerbated healing balm to the discomfort of today’s world.

“Varego” tracklist:
2. Limbo
3. Death
4. Needles
5. One
6. Wave
7. Raptus (Un passo e muori)

Davide Marcenaro – vocals, bass
Alberto Pozzo – guitars
Simon Lepore – drums

Varego, “Limbo” visualizer

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Witchrot: Debut Album Hollow Preorders May 1; Album Teaser Premieres

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witchrot 2

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Vinyl release date is June 30, and there are the preorder links that you’ll find with that teaser clip below in shimmering PR wire blue:

witchrot hollow

Witchrot – Hollow

Two years ago, Witchrot splattered across the internet with an infamous breakup post on Facebook. The notoriety from the breakup gave them renewed vigor and they soldiered on to fashion themselves into the seventh best band of all time (narrowly pushing the Beatles out of the top ten).

Now Witchrot are set to premiere their debut vinyl long player – Hollow. This killer mix of ethereal vocals, crushing riffs and bottom end dredged up from your local graveyard will be available on Fuzzed and Buzzed Records in North America and DHU in Europe.

The wax comes in three different colorways including the Band edition, the DHU edition and Fuzzed and Buzzed black. Artwork is by ZZ Corpse and each edition comes with a bonus poster from Shane Horror. The whole thing is mastered to vinyl by the heaviest of all heads, Tony Reed.

Celebrate the Beltane Festival with pre-orders on May 1 at Noon EST and 6pm CEST. Available from in North America and in Europe or straight from the band

Witchrot are:
Lea Reto
Peter Turik
Nick Kervin
Cam Alford

Witchrot, Hollow teaser video

Witchrot-Hollow_Promo(Pre-order_May_1).mov from Fuzzed and Buzzed on Vimeo.

Witchrot, Strega / Hey Hey My My (2020)

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Dust Mice Release Earth III Today

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dust mice

Hit up the usual-suspect streaming outlets and you’ll be able to hear Pay For Coursework - original researches at reasonable prices available here will turn your studying into delight Learn all you have always wanted Earth III, the debut album from Seattle’s Our Rush essays page is here for students that are struggling with their work, or that are about to miss deadlines. With our rush essay Dust Mice, out today. In addition to reimagining is the best essaywritingservices org review online. We offer quality and plagiarism Case Study Writing help Black Sabbath‘s “Solitude” as a speedy Hawkwindian space jaunt, laced with sax and keys, the record runs a gamut of psychedelia, marked out by the stomp of opener “Choom Wagon” and the shake in “Hepatitis X” — dire of lyric and vital of groove — onward into the trippy ever-forward motion of “Desert Bus” and the drift-at-last “MTN Wizzards,” which caps. You’re gonna get knocked around a bit by some electromagnetic interference, but who the hell ever said visiting the cosmos would be a smooth ride the whole way through? The bumps and bruises garnered along the way five the eight-song offering all the more character to work from.

Space. Rock. Vibe. Rock.

Out today, you say? Don’t mind if I do.

Think of the PR wire preliminary data as a pre-flight checklist. Half-impulse. Take us out:

dust mice earth iii

Space rockers Dust Mice release eclectic new album Earth III

Earth III is the new album from Dust Mice, a 5-piece Space-Garage band from the Pacific Northwest. Analog synths, distorted saxophone and raw guitar combine with a driving rhythm section to deliver spaced out garage rock with influences from New Wave Sci-Fi, post-punk, and classic metal. Previous work includes 2 EPs and a digital single, which are all available (including bonus live tracks) on the Super Moon Fetus compilation.

Earth III is the band’s first full-length album and follows up on the themes introduced in their EP, Moon Fetus. The album was written while the band was actively gigging and the final form of many of the songs was worked out on-stage before tracking the album live. To get the layered, out of control sound Dust Mice hunkered down for a session of overdubs and extended jams. Those tracks were cut up and mixed throughout the album as sonic connective tissue, mimicking the chaotic sonic assault of a live Dust Mice show.

Lyrical themes explore tales of wizard cults (MTN Wizzards), suicidal androids (Eye Make You Eye), the existential burden of living on a generation starship (Hepatitis X), and the self-mythologizing failures of American Imperialism (Choom Wagon, Sky King). This all comes together in a cover of Black Sabbath’s Solitude, interpreted as a charging space-garage celebration of humanity’s ultimate failure. The only note of hope comes from Desert Bus, an ode to psychedelic introspection and opening yourself to the majesty of the universe.

EARTH III is available now on Bandcamp and all other digital platforms including Spotify Deezer and Apple Music.

Track Listing:
1. Choom Wagon
2. Eye Make You Eye
3. Hepatitis X
4. Solitude
5. Sky King
6. Crisis on Infinite Earths
7. Desert Bus
8. MTN Wizzards

Dust Mice:
Patrick Seick: Lead Vocals, Synth, Percussion
Robbie Houston: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backup Vocals
Nate Henry: Saxophone, Backup Vocals
Lewis Hunt: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backup Vocals
Zane Graham: Drums, Backup Vocals

Dust Mice, “Hepatitis X”

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10,000 Years Announce Album Details for II

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10,000 Years tracking riffs at Sunlight Studio — the place that gave birth to the grittiest of Swedish death metal; see Entombed, Dismember, Grave, on and on — is a proposition that only sounds enticing as far as I’m concerned. The VästerĂĄs-based trio will issue II in the coming months through Interstellar Smoke Records, Ogo Records, Death Valley Records and Olde Magick Records, and the cover art — very Empire Strikes Back as it is — has just been posted along with the tracks that will be included. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to wager “Gargantuan Forest” and “March of the Ancient Queen” will sound pretty big. That’s just fine.

Looking forward to hearing this one, if that even needs to be said, and though no audio is out yet, you can still hear their self-titled debut (review here) at the bottom of this post, with hopes of more to come before the new release.


10000 years ii

10,000 YEARS “II”

We are very proud to unveil the artwork and tracklisting for our new record!

The album is called “II” and it was recorded in the legendary Studio Sunlight in Norrtälje, Sweden 18-21 February with the equally legendary Tomas Skogsberg manning the controls. Mastering was done by Magnus Andersson in Endarker Studio Sweden in Norrköping.

The brilliant artwork was made by Francesco Bauso at Negative Crypt Artwork who continually blows our minds by coming up with the perfect stuff for us.

“II” tracklisting:
1. Descent
2. Gargantuan Forest
3. Spinosaurus
4. The Mooseriders
5. Angel Eyes
6. March Of The Ancient Queen
7. Prehuman Walls
8. Dark Side Of The Earth

The album will be released on the following formats:

Green King Edition vinyl from Interstellar Smoke Records
CD & digital from Death Valley Records
European Edition cassette from Ogo Rekords
American Edition cassette from Olde Magick Records

The first taste of new music will come soon in the form of a digital-only single that will be released on Bandcamp and Spotify. There will be a separate announcement regarding that in due time.

More info regarding release date and preorders coming soon as well.


10,000 Years:
Erik Palm – Guitars
Alex Risberg – Bass/vocals
Espen Karlsen – Drums

10,000 Years, 10,000 Years

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Foghound Release New Benefit Single “Burn Slow”

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It’s hard to know in listening which came first, the title “Burn Slow” or the guitar solo featured in the song itself. In any case, if the other is the namesake of the one, it would only be too fitting, since, indeed, it’s a slow burner. The track was recorded by Foghound in the same session with Noel Mueller of Grimoire Records (what up Towson? you guys ever get down to Sparks?) that resulted in the Baltimorean outfit’s 2020 benefit single “Turn off the World” (discussed here). As it happens, “Burn Slow” is also a benefit release, this one intended to help out John Anthony Metichecchia, for whom there’s also a benefit show happening at Cafe 611 in Frederick, MD, on May 1. Foghound and a bunch of other cool bands are playing, as you can see from the list below.

And the track rules and the cause is just. Whatever more you’d ask, I don’t know.

Listen, support. Do the thing:

foghound burn slow

Foghound – Burn Slow

*Who/ Where/ When- Foghound recorded the single with Noel Mueller in Baltimore back in January 2020, at the same pre-pandemic time as the last single ” Turn Off The World” before ALL the shit hit the fan…

* What/ Why/ How – ” Burn Slow” will be released as a benefit ” Name Your Price” download alongside t-shirts and hoodies featuring the kickass artwork of Bill Kole.

All profits from the single and shirt sales will go directly towards the Johnny M. Benefit GoFundMe as well as the benefit show in Frederick MD. Saturday May 1st at Cafe 611:

May 1 Benefit Lineup:
Thousand Vision Mist
Severed Satellites
Dee Calhoun

“Pay What You Want Single” to Benefit our MD DOOM Brother
John Anthony Metichecchia and Family

Downloadable track with purchase of “Burn Slow” shirt/ hoodie
Art by Bill Kole

released April 12, 2021
Recorded at Tiny Castle Studio by Noel Mueller:
engineering, mixing, mastering
Towson, Maryland
January 2020

Foghound are:
Adam Heinzmann- bass
Bob Sipes- guitar
Chuck Dukehart- drums & vox
Dee Settar- guitar & vox

Foghound, “Burn Slow”

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Trialogos: Debut Album Stroh Zu Gold Out June 18 on Exile on Mainstream

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 15th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

I probably would have posted this yesterday, but to be honest with you I was hoping that the press release would be shortly followed by a download of the album or some streaming sample or something to hear to give some idea of what Trialogos sounds like. I didn’t see any A/V on their Facebook, and when you click the link to their website, it asks for a password I don’t have — which, if you ever wanted to know what I’m like at a party, I’m like the guy who just clicked the link to site with a password I don’t have; that’s me all the way. But anyhow, no audio there either. I gave it the extra day, but with Trialogos‘ debut at Roadburn Redux coming up on Saturday, I guess they figured that as a good time to do the unveiling. Can’t argue.

And, as I’ve said on numerous occasions, I trust the taste of Andreas Kohl from Exile on Mainstream implicitly. We don’t always align 100 percent in sound, but whatever that label is getting behind is at least going to be worth a shot. Plus Trialogos has Conny Ochs, and who doesn’t like Conny Ochs?

Goons, that’s who.

Enough yammering. Preorders are up for TrialogosStroh Zu Gold if you’re even more the dive-right-in type, and that’s ahead of a June 18 release. And while we’re here, congrats to Exile on Mainstream on the 100th release.

From the PR wire:


TRIALOGOS: New Act Formed By Conny Ochs, Kiki Bohemia, And Sicker Man Presents Stroh Zu Gold Debut, Exile On Mainstream’s 100th Release; Band Plays Roadburn Redux This Week, Releasing A Special LP Edition

Exile On Mainstream excitedly announces the label’s 100th release, today unveiling the news and details of new experimental/cinematic rock collective, TRIALOGOS. Formed during the pandemic over the past year, the band will issue their newly completed debut LP, Stroh Zu Gold, in June. The details for the album have today been issued alongside news of the band’s participation in Roadburn Redux this week.

During the Roadburn performance, fans will be able to order a strictly limited, pre-release vinyl version of the album via a secret website that will become available as the show is streamed. Limited to 50 copies, the special edition will feature a special, manually screenprinted sleeve with different artwork and will be hand numbered.

TRIALOGOS’ exclusive Roadburn set will premiere this Saturday, April 17th 13:00 CEST and remain available on demand until April 20th at 23:59 when the Roadburn site will be taken offline. See the full schedule HERE:

TRIALOGOS’ Stroh Zu Gold will be issued June 18th in a four-panel mini-gatefold CD, 180-gram pure virgin black vinyl LP including a download card, and digital platforms. Preorders are now available at the Exile On Mainstream’s webshop HERE:

The performance will be streamed from the stunning location of Leipzig’s UT Connewitz, one of Germany’s oldest cinemas that was established in 1912 and home to a lot of mind-blowing performances by Exile On Mainstream-related acts before, among them the EOM20 festival in 2019. Roadburn regulars will likely be familiar with Conny Ochs, who has brought his haunting folk to the festival’s stages numerous times – both in a solo capacity and alongside collaborator Wino – and joined by Sicker Man and Kiki Bohemia, this performance promises to deliver something vastly different and equally memorable. Following Tony Conrad’s concept of maximalism in minimal music, TRIALOGOS’ widescreen Super-8 soundscapes and occasional haunted house vocals conjure up visions of winter lost beaches, bats dancing upside down, and sojourns in permanent dawn.

Conny Ochs states, “Now we have the chance to play our debut set of Stroh Zu Gold alongside so many astonishing artists and in the realm of the magnificent Roadburn Festival, that to me has always been a symbol of artistic freedom. This is a great honor to us. It feels like exactly the right place for this, a place to get together again on the playground. What a trip.”

Also taking part in Roadburn this week is Andreas Kohl. Almost becoming a regular sit-in for the fest, Kohl, Senior Manager at Optimal Media and Exile On Mainstream’s head of noise, will bring his expertise to Roadburn’s side program again this year. With hampering growth such as pressing capacities, new machinery now being widely available but still facing issues like shortage of well-trained and enthusiastic personnel vinyl records remain one of the most discussed topics in the music industry and among fans. Kohl has been holding Q&A sessions and lectures on these topics three times now at Roadburn with different focuses each time. In 2021, he will again give an insight on new technology hitting the market and the current state of manufacturing the black gold in general. The short lecture and update on the current state of things will be held as a Q&A session with fellow Jose Carlos Santos, a no less prominent face among Roadburn’s acolytes. Kohl’s talk will be live on Sunday, April 18th at 15:30 CEST.

Conny Ochs – acoustic/electric guitars, vocals, bass, drums, percussion
Sicker Man – acoustic/electric cello, guitars, Juno 6, Moog, lapsteel, beats, effects
Kiki Bohemia – Rhodes, vocals, bass, Dictaphone, autoharp, effects

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Mourn the Light Announce Suffer, Then We’re Gone to be Released on Argonauta

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 14th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

mourn the light

The title of the forthcoming full-length debut from Connecticut traditionalist doom metallers Mourn the Light reminds me of something my dear mother used to tell me. She said: “Life sucks then you die.” Suffer, Then We’re Gone, which the five-piece will issue through Argonauta Records, would seem to carry much the same spirit in its general perspective, and fair enough. The band released their split with Oxblood Forge (review here) in 2019 and followed in 2020 by posting a couple tracks that, like the forthcoming long-player, were recorded by Dave Kaminsky at Studio Wormwood in Mansfield, CT. Whether or not they’ll feature on the album, I don’t know, but they’re on Bandcamp for the time being and you can hear one of the two — “When the Fear Subsides” — at the bottom of this post.

It’s the kind of doom that makes you say “doom on,” so yeah, do that.

From the PR wire:

mourn the light suffer then were gone

MOURN THE LIGHT Sign To Argonauta Records And Share First Teaser From Upcoming Album

US heavy doomsters MOURN THE LIGHT have inked a worldwide record deal with Italy’s powerhouse label Argonauta Records, who will proudly release the band’s first full-length album during 2021.

MOURN THE LIGHT was formed in early 2018 by Dwayne Eldredge, co-founder of The New England Stoner and Doom Festival. Driven by his passion for thunderous, traditional doom metal mixed with lofty progressive metal leanings, Dwayne was hell-bent on creating a band that could sonically push a message of hope in spite of despair.

Following on their highly acclaimed 2019- debut EP, touring the US and Canada including festival appearances at Stoner Jam 19 (during SXSW) or the second New England Stoner and Doom Festival, MOURN THE LIGHT returned to the studio to record their first album. Entitled Suffer, Then We’re Gone, the band’s debut album has a plethora of influences showcased, yet made all their own. At one moment, MOURN THE LIGHT delivers crushingly massive riffs, only to jump at the next turn, galloping along with shades of classic power metal taking hold and leading the way — all the while focused on incredibly memorable songs, with catchy hooks and sing-along choruses.

Suffer, Then We’re Gone features nine epic yet heavy as hell tracks, recorded by Dave Kaminsky at Studio Wormwood, and will most likely see MOURN THE LIGHT step out as one of North America’s best kept underground secrets, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon…

“Our debut album “Suffer, Then We’re Gone” is the culmination of hard work and determination to create something meaningful and special to us.” Says guitarist Dwayne Eldredge. “We have grown as a band so much over the last couple years and we think it really shows in our latest work. We are a metal family working together on our heavy metal legacy and we are proud to be working with Gero and Argonauta Records. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. Looking forward to getting out on the stage again soon….”

So better buckle up, take a ride with MOURN THE LIGHT, and stay tuned for many more album details to be revealed in the weeks ahead!

Mourn the Light, “When the Fear Subsides”

Mourn the Light, Suffer, Then We’re Gone teaser

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PostWax Announces Releases From Lowrider & Elephant Tree and Vinnum Sabbathi with REZN

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 14th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Year two of the vinyl subscription service PostWax continues to roll out an impressive array of artists. As I write this, I’m about an hour away from hopping on the ol’ teleputer to talk to Mat Bethancourt of Josiah about their offering, and then I guess it’s on to the next one, which actually hasn’t been announced yet, but also rules. I’m hoping to have the liner notes in by the end of the week. Today’s Monday, right? Ha.

Anyhow, including the likes of REZN, Vinnum Sabbathi (a collaboration between the two) and Lowrider and Elephant Tree (a split with an exclusive collaborative track), doesn’t hurt the project’s case any, and at least I know there will be plenty to talk about when it comes time to putting together the liner notes. Like I said when Josiah and the Acid King-plus inclusions were announced, I don’t need to sell you on the thing. Now that four of the total nine offerings have been unveiled, that seems even more to be the case.

From the PR wire:

postwax year two logo

LOWRIDER and ELEPHANT TREE team up to release special split record as part of PostWax Vol. II vinyl series on Blues Funeral Recordings!

Blues Funeral Recordings announce the next colossal pairing of artists to take part in their PostWax Vol. II series, with Swedish stoner rock legends LOWRIDER and London’s most treasured heavy rockers ELEPHANT TREE. This mind-boggling union will give rise to a special split record, with details to be unveiled soon.

Heavy rock icons ELEPHANT TREE, whose 2020 album ‘Habits’ is a decimating blend of organic fuzz-fueled bliss and transcendent vocal hookery, and LOWRIDER, whose unassailable ‘Refractions’ LP blasted across 2020’s heavy music landscape like an extinction-level desert storm and swept top honors for the year throughout the scene, are joining forces for a titanic special release on PostWax.

Each band will produce a trio of new tracks for this unparalleled split record, topped off by a seventh collaborative tune forged exclusively for PostWax — which will only be available to the series subscribers.

Elephant Tree’s Jack Townley gushes: “When we were flanked by Jadd and Peder about serving up a juicy slab of riffage, we were delighted! We’d been massive fans of Lowrider’s chops since we started out as a band, so didn’t skirt around or mince words when we replied “yes!” with gravy on top! We came up with the idea to go whole hog and collab on a track as well, and now here we are. It’s rare these days to find projects as different and exciting as PostWax, and the veritable carvery of bands on board is mouth-watering. Sausage.”

Lowrider’s Peder Bergstrand adds: “Few releases have moved me the way Elephant Tree’s Habits did. My most played track of 2020 was easily “Sails” and honestly I think Elephant Tree in many ways is the most original flavor of heavy rock I’ve heard in ages, and exactly what the scene needs. I love how they weave blissful and mellow with absolute skull crushing heavy for a blend that’s uniquely their own. The idea of doing a split together, and a PostWax exclusive collaborative track at that, has got us enormously stoked. I have a feeling this will be a very, very special album.”

REZN and VINNUM SABBATHI for new PostWax Vol. II series; Kickstarter for subscription signups live now

Blues Funeral Recordings reveal Chicago’s REZN and Mexico City’s VINNUM SABBATHI as the next two bands to take part in the second volume of their PostWax vinyl subscription series, this time for a special collaborative release.

The joining of REZN’s gargantuan heaviness and lysergic dreamscapes with VINNUM SABBATHI’s hypnotic and jammy superscience soundtracks is the exact type of aural mind-meld that PostWax was conceived to present. These two avant-garde outfits will deliver one massive and ground-breaking effort, one that has chance to make an impression among heavy music lovers and beyond.

REZN guitarist Rob McWilliams elaborates: “Our intention is to give this collaboration a solid REZN foundation with Vinnum Sabbathi providing the cosmic textures and atmosphere to align it all under the same sonic storyline. We’ve been talking about doing something together for a little while now, since our bands are a great match sonically and already sync up in a lot of ways. In the end, we’ll have a roasty REZN dish with a decadent Vinnum Sabbathi glaze.”

VINNUM SABBATHI guitarist Juan Tamayo adds: “For us, this collaboration with REZN is very special. From the day we played with them in Mexico, we knew we wanted to create something together, and being able to do it with Blues Funeral for the PostWax series is a great privilege. We can’t wait to make something truly unique by adding a story to the sonic landscapes, and all the fans are in for some cosmic epicness.”

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