Jointhugger Set Halloween Release for Surrounded by Vultures; New Song Posted

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There’s a song up now called “Midnight” and it’s streaming at the bottom of this post — you’ll also see Best Place to Purchase College Term Paper. Many students of different education levels need assistance with their studies, whether its a simple essay or something as relevant and complex as a dissertation. They hope to secure their degree but they have no idea where to start. As a student, perhaps you have a solid thesis statement yet arent Reaper Season down there — and I’d love to wax poetic about its heaviness and how well it bodes for the record to come, but frankly where I’m writing from right now there’s a lot of drilling happening so it’s going to have to wait until I’m next in the car. Life. Sometimes it involves light construction.

Still, the PR wire:

jointhugger surrounded by vultures

Nordic Doom Giants JOINTHUGGER Announce Second Release of the Year with SURROUNDED BY VULTURES

Surrounded by Vultures, the brand-new album by Jointhugger is released Sunday 31st October 2021 on Majestic Mountain Records

Having first come to the attention of Majestic Mountain Records following the release of their debut, I Am No One in 2020, an unhallowed union was quickly established to herald the arrival of not one, but two new records in 2021. The first, a sublime one-track EP – Reaper Season – was released to high praise earlier in the year, foreshadowing the arrival of their latest and most lethal entry into the annals of Nordic Doom; Surrounded by Vultures.

“Surrounded by Vultures is the second instalment in a trilogy of albums connected by correlating titles, united by their opening tracks,” explains Nico. “It’s a chronicle of Jointhugger’s journey as a band over the last ten years and our lives as people.”

Now counting drummer, Adam Suleiman (Saint Karloff), among its ranks, the band recorded the album live before handing over mixing and mastering duties to Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio. Featuring a curated selection of old and new tracks that offer a candid glimpse into the inner world of Jointhugger, ‘Midnight’; the first sprawling and cinematic single from the record reflects deeply on the chaos of existence and creation. Drawing a crushing heaviness and doom rock assault that lays waste to the turbulence of dominion.

Pre-order Surrounded by Vultures, the brand-new album by Jointhugger with Majestic Mountain Records here:

Official release on Sunday 31st October 2021.

1. In Dire Need of Fire Ch. 2
2. Midnight
3. Empty Space
4. Delysid Rex
5. The Calm

Surrounded By Vultures and was recorded live at Stone Bone Cross Studios in Norway in January 2021.
Produced by Nico Munkvold and Hrafn Helgason.
Mixed and Mastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio.
All music by Nico Munkvold.

Nico Munkvold: Guitar/vocals
Tore Pedersen: Bass
Adam Suleiman: Drums

Jointhugger, “Midnight”

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Weedpecker to Release IV: The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts Dec. 3

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What do we know about the next full-length from Can you Bell Business Mobile Plans? Yes, Our Best - rated experience writers are waiting to assistance you with your College Essay any time. Weedpecker? As of today, the title and artwork, but that’s hardly all. We know, and have known for a while, to expect something different, as the follow-up to 2018’s WELCOME TO THE HOME OF Homework Help Online For Biology DELIVERING PROFESSIONAL DISSERTATION WRITING SERVICES AND EXPERT HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT. Since 2008, we have strived to offer the very best dissertation writing services in our field, we never settle for second best and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. Its who we are, what [] III (discussed here) sees founding guitarist/vocalist Alpha Dissertation Power Analysis Multiple Regressions provides you the best in class, plagiarism free and value for money Articles at your convenient time from experts. Piotr Wyroslaw “Wyro” Dobry surrounded by a different band. Sure enough, the album boasts a marked shift in sonic intention and realization, and while it builds on what check M.Tech Thesis In Computer Science. August 9, 2016 October 7, 2016 Techsparks Buy a thesis, M.Tech thesis, Thesis Help Buy a thesis, M.Tech thesis, Online Thesis Help, Thesis Help, Thesis Writer, thesis writing help. If you go to and search for the companies which provide online thesis help, you will get to see hundreds of company which are into the business of providing Weedpecker have done in the past, it finds its own clarity of approach to progressive heavy as well, distinct from what was even as it moves outward from it. You may recognize it as Weedpecker if you’ve heard the band in the past, but your definition of what that means will be expanded. Yes, I’ll openly admit to having heard this one.

Details as yet are pretty sparse — just the title and cover art, as noted above — but for those of end-of-year-list-making persuasions, you might want to do yourself a favor and hold a spot for a late entry.

The crayon enables you to leave your mark on any glass, window, or smooth surface. The best part is that it can be washed or wiped away just Stickman Records sent the following down the PR wire in its newsletter:

Weedpecker IV The Stream of Forgotten Thoughts

Coming this December! Weedpecker – IV: The Stream Of Forgotten Thoughts

New album out December 3rd, 2021

We are happy to announce the forthcoming new full length by Weedpecker!

We find that the album’s trippy cover art (by Maciej Kamuda) perfectly reflects this record’s contents, which blew us away upon hearing the masters. Weedpecker has undergone a few fundamental lineup changes in recent years, with longtime bandmate and brother Bartek Dobry stepping out of the band and into a new engineer role for this album, and the result of this new incarnation is truly mindbending. We can’t wait for you all to hear this!

More details and music will be released in the coming months.

Weedpecker is:
Walczak (Tankograd, ex-Dopelord) – drums
Wyro – guitar/vox
Seru (BelzebonG) – keyboards
Domel (Major Kong) – bass

Weedpecker, III (2018)

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Apostle of Solitude Announce New LP Until the Darkness Goes Due in November

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In my mind I had this as early 2022, but November certainly works too for the upcoming album, Until the Darkness Goes, from Apostle of Solitude. The long-running Indianapolis doomers offer six new tracks on the outing, and while there’s no audio yet, the follow-up to 2018’s From Gold to Ash (review here) will arrive after a pandemic spent refining their songs toward their most melodic and mournful material yet. I’m not saying I’ve heard it or anything, they’re not messing around when they talk about different kinds of ‘heavy’ at work. Apostle of Solitude have always carried an emotional weight to go with that of their tones — and they’ve always been undervalued as both a studio and live act — and that soul continues to resonate in new ways on these tracks. “Beautifully Dark” indeed.

I saw the news on social media and was in the midst of putting the post together when it also came down the PR wire, so kudos to Cruz Del Sur and Clawhammer PR on the coordinated rollout.

Here’s info:

Apostle of Solitude Until the Darkness Goes

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE To Release ‘Until The Darkness Goes’ This November

Indianapolis doom titans Apostle of Solitude will release their fifth studio album, “Until The Darkness Goes”, this November via Cruz Del Sur Music.

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE — featuring vocalist/guitarist Chuck Brown, guitarist/vocalist Steve Janiak, bassist Mike Naish and drummer Corey Webb — initially planned to record the album in late 2020, but health and safety concerns over the global pandemic pushed the start date to May 17 of this year. Once again, the band hunkered down in Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana, with long-time producer/engineer Mike Bridavsky at the helm.

According to Naish, the goal heading into the creation of “Until The Darkness Goes” was to write shorter, more compact songs, with an onus on their quality and emotional impact on the listener. “This album is short even by our standards,” he says. “The emotion of the lyrics coupled with slower tempos suggest a sudden and painful personal loss, a mood that evolved over the album’s creation. It is probably more about refining what we do best as a band — and individuals — to convey an idea as opposed to continuing a theme. In short, it’s a more polished version of everything we all loved about our previous records.”

The pandemic directly impacted APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE — one of its members lost both parents, casting a pall over its creation. The band took advantage of shifting recording dates to refine the album, resulting in what is unquestionably their darkest and most heartfelt LP to date.

“The pandemic was ever-present as the songwriting process evolved,” says Naish. “Thus, more of our personal experiences became infused in our playing and songwriting, specifically around vocal harmonies. To play music together was cathartic for us, but it was also challenging to stay safe during a pandemic. We were fortunate to have support from our label, Cruz Del Sur, to record when we felt comfortable. So, that’s what we did.”

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE recently resumed live activity, including two opening slots on the abbreviated THE OBSESSED and THE SKULL American tour. While the band enjoyed hitting the stage once again, they couldn’t help but worry things could come to a halt at any time.

“There always seemed to be some impending sense of doom (pun intended?) that nothing has any sense of permanence,” finishes Naish. “We are generously supported when we tour, and, for that, we are grateful. We owe it to ourselves and each other to pull our weight to bring this pandemic to an end. We want to tour in support of this release when conditions are favorable for both performers and fans. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when that will be. Working musicians are struggling right now to make ends meet, and we feel uncomfortable putting anyone at risk in these trying times. We’ll see you all as soon as we can do it safely.”

Cover artwork – original oil on canvas by WÆIK.

“Until The Darkness Goes” tracklisting:
1. When The Darkness Comes
2. The Union
3. Apathy In Isolation
4. Deeper Than The Oceans
5. Beautifully Dark
6. Relive The Day

Corey Webb – drums
Chuck Brown – guitars, vocals
Steve Janiak – guitars, vocals
Mike Naish – bass

Apostle of Solitude, From Gold to Ash (2018)

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Trip Hill to Release Ain’t Trip Ceremony Oct. 29 on Bad Afro; “Dropside” Single Out Sept. 24

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 16th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Buzzing and hypnotic, the first single from Trip Hill‘s forthcoming LP, Ain’t Trip Ceremony — say it out loud kind of quickly, to reveal the wordplay — is short at three minutes long, but bodes well just the same. I don’t think there are words in “Dropside” other than the title, but that’s all Florence’s Fabrizio Cecchi needs to get the point across from his long-running solo outfit. Ain’t Trip Ceremony was originally self-released late last year as a limited CDR, but Bad Afro Records has picked up the outing for an LP edition due out Oct. 29, and “Dropside” will precede the vinyl on Sept. 24.

If you want to do a headfirst dive in the interim, Trip Hill‘s Bandcamp page is like a coral reef for the many different colors it offers. Earlier this year, Cecchi re-released the 2000 compilation Takes From Oblivion from ’90s-era demo recordings, and you’ll find that, the 2019 LP Psych Wedding, and the new single all streaming below, because I guess I got excited about a thing. Bad Afro doesn’t sign non-Uffe Lorenzen-related bands every day, you know. Gotta figure this is going to be right on.

PR wire info follows:

trip hill

Trip Hill – “Dropside” single out September 24th

Trip Hill is a one-man operation by Fabrizio Cecchi out of Florence, Italy. With a naïve approach to making music and inspiration from all over the world he is making his own homemade and original version of trippy psychedelia and krautrock. “Dropside” is the first single from the Ain’t Trip Ceremony album due out October 29th on Bad Afro Records.

Fabrizio Cecchi played in various garage and psych rock bands in the early 90’s but by 1994 he set his own cause and started to work alone and in his own universe. Originally a bass-player he since taught himself guitar, drums, keyboards and various other instruments to be able to find his own way in making psychedelic music.

Ain’t Trip Ceremony is the latest output in a long string of experimental home productions recorded in his basement studio. Until recently it was only available on his bandcamp and as a very cool limited edition CD-R with covers printed on thick cardboard with a special linograph technique. But now it gets the proper release on vinyl via Bad Afro Records that these recordings deserve. 1st print is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.

Trip Hill, Takes From Oblivion (2021)

Trip Hill, Psych Wedding (2019)

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Ivory Primarch to Release As All Life Burns Nov. 5

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Despite the proverbial hell and highwater — also the literal fire, flood and plague, now that I think about it — Cursed Monk Records will release Ivory Primarch‘s debut album on CD Nov. 5, and preorders are up now. This was precisely the plan way, way back in July — ah, remember July? simpler times — when the label announced it had picked up the Melbourne-based bringers-of-bludgeon. The record is just under an hour long, six tracks, and mountainously heavy. I still don’t know jack about Warhammer 40k, but sample-laced mega-sludge is its own excuse for being as far as I’m concerned. As All Life Burns is a monster. Hail “Aetherbeast.”

The label sent the following this morning down the PR wire. If you missed “The Masque,” which opens the record, last time, now’s your chance. Good luck:

Ivory Primarch As All Life Burns

Ivory Primarch – As All Life Burns – Nov. 5

Cursed Monk Records are proud to announce that we are working with the Warhammer 40k inspired, Australian harbingers of Doom, purveyors of Sludge, and alterers of reality, Ivory Primarch on their debut album “As All Life Burns”

Ivory Primarch is the Brainchild of Songwriter/Bassist Elzevir.

Through reflecting on solitude, pleasure, misery, excess, loss, space, reality and legacy, Elzevir attempts to explore and bring to light feelings of these concepts through Ivory Primarch’s oppressive and funeral dirge like compositions, flavoured with tinges of sludge and psychedelia.

Vorador takes the reins on vocals and lyrical arrangement. Telling stories of the people, beasts and places that personify the concepts, ideas, visions plaguing Elzevir’s mind.

Coming 3 years after the demo “Rituals of Excess” “As All Life Burns” is the first full length album from Ivory Primarch portraying and bringing forth the Representation of Elzevir’s wild envisionment.

“As All Life Burns” will be released on CD and digital November 5th, and can be preordered now! Each preorder comes with the immediate download of the first single from the album, “The Masque” and brand new track “Gleancrawler”

Ivory Primarch, “The Masque”

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Doomsday Profit to Release In Idle Orbit EP Nov. 12

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doomsday profit

If I was to tell you that Doomsday Profit are getting ready to ‘do the nasty,’ there’s no way you’d possibly misinterpret that as meaning something other than that they’ve announced the release of their sludged-out, ratty-as-hell debut EP? Of course not. The Raleigh, North Carolina, four-piece will issue In Idle Orbit — which, indeed, is ‘the nasty’ — on Nov. 12 as a follow-up to their 2020 demo, Abandon Hope, which was comprised of live and rehearsal tracks.

They’ve got tapes and CDs in the works, and downloads to boot, and they’ll have preorders up on next Bandcamp Friday, which I guess is a thing that’s happening again. Nobody tells me anything, except I suppose that something like this is happening. And probably I have another email about Bandcamp Friday somewhere. Let’s get down to it. I suck at email. I keep waiting for email to go away and it doesn’t. Ever. It just sits there. Festering. So yeah. I probably knew Bandcamp Friday was happening again. You got me.

Feel good? Great. If you want to cure that, Doomsday Profit are here to wipe the slate clean as only flesh-peeling sludge can hope to do. Dig the stage names, too.

Have at you:

doomsday profit in idle orbit

Doomsday Profit release ‘In Idle Orbit’ Nov. 12

On Nov. 12, the Raleigh, N.C. psych-sludge quartet, Doomsday Profit will release their debut, In Idle Orbit. A meditation in anger, the debut EP floods its dystopian visions with snarling psychedelic grit and deep-dredged sludge riffs that calls to mind the relentless pummeling of Conan, as well as the cosmic excursions of Earthless; the bad-trip acid-rock of Church of Misery, as well as the scuzzy blues of Dopethrone.

In Idle Orbit will be independently released on CD, cassette, and digital formats. Digital pre-orders will go live on Oct. 1, coinciding with Bandcamp Friday.

Slowly, but surely, conditions are improving. Bars in North Carolina are open, with restrictions. Some venues are even starting to legally host live music with strict safety protocols in place. And people in NC have started getting vaccinated. More than a year since we played our last show, we’re getting back to work.

Doomsday Profit is:
Pestilence: guitar / vocals
War: lead guitar
Famine: bass / synth / samples
Death: drums / production

Doomsday Profit, Abandon Hope (2020)

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Djiin to Release Meandering Soul Oct. 15; “Black Circus” Video Posted

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 15th, 2021 by JJ Koczan


Heavy blues atmosphere oozes, creeps out of the opening track of Djiin‘s new long-player, Meandering Soul, and it’s striking in its volatility in a way that begs further investigation. The Rennes, France, four-piece — don’t try writing their moniker on your phone unless you want to spend some time running in circles of autocorrect — released their debut, The Freak, in 2019 and offer “Black Circus” as a first impression of their second album, which will see release through Klonosphere on Oct. 15 and which is up for preorder now through Bandcamp.

There’s a video to coincide — maybe NSFW? hard to tell — but the song is also streaming if you’re not feeling the visuals, and I think its starker aspects come across well even without the band-and-ritual-in-woods accompaniment. Pick your poison, I guess. In any case, the vibe here was enough to hook me, and since that’s exactly what an opener should be doing, if you’ll pardon, I’ll just go ahead and dig into the rest of the album. Got a Quarterly Review coming up, you know. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find this one in there.

PR wire info follows:

Djiin Meandering Soul

Djiin – French Psychedelic-Stoner Rockers Announce New Album “Meandering Soul”

Reveal New Video For “Black Circus”

French psychedelic/stoner-rock four-piece band Djiin will release their third full-length album “Meandering Soul” on October 15 via Klonosphere Records/Season of Mist.

The follow-up to 2019’s “The Freak” album was recorded by Justin Nicquevert at The Blue Anvil Sound and mixed and mastered by Pierre Le Gac and Nicolas Moreau at Le Garage Hermétique, and features six new songs replete with powerful and fuzzy riffs, thunderous and soulful beats, psychedelic melodies and the enchanting vocals of Chloé Panhaleux.

Meandering Soul is a concept album that presents the story of a tortured mind being and his evil fiends. The listener is going through a trip where he/she will meet many characters and will be surrounded sometimes by dark and frozen landscapes, other times by a hot and mesmerizing desert, or otherwise by oppressing and sensual places. All these elements are sailing on various musical influences.

Influenced by 70’s progressive rock and krautrock bands, doom scene and heavy rock from the glory days of the early Sabbath, as well as other modern references based on the diversity between western and traditional eastern sounds, Djiin crafted a sound of their own, a truly captivating and other-worldly musical universe that will impress fans of Kadavar, Blue Pills and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. Pre-orders are now available at this location:

Meanwhile, a music video for leading single “Black Circus” is now playing here.

1. Black Circus
2. The Void
3. Red Desert
4. Warmth of Death
5. White Valley
6. Wax Doll

Engineered by Justin Nicquevert (The Blue Anvil Sound). Mixed and Mastered by Pierre Le Gac and Nicolas Moreau (Le Garage Hermétique).

Djiin are:
Chloé PANHALEUX – Singer / Electric Harp
Allan GUYOMARD – Drums / Backing vocals
Tom PENAGUIN – Guitar / Backing vocals
Charlélie PAILHES – Bass / Backing vocals

Djiin, Meandering Soul (2021)

Djiin, “Black Circus” official video

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Høstsabbat 2021 Unveils Full Lineup for Oct. 8 & 9

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 14th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

hostsabbat 2021 banner (Artwork by Trine Grimm and Linda K Røed)

Do you want to dream with me for a while, or will it be too much of a downer? It’s okay. This one hits particularly bittersweet for me. I haven’t been to every Høstsabbat, but I’ve been to enough to see how the Oslo-based festival has grown and is growing, and the thought of not being there in a few weeks for this one is that much harder to take as the lineup is revealed today. Imagine the existential payoff of being engulfed in Mars Red Sky‘s melodic wash on the first night and obliterated by Conan the second, or seeing Greenleaf bring the blues of their latest album to life.

I’ve never seen Causa Sui. I’ve never seen Øresund Space Collective. These are bands I think and write about all the time. And newcomers like Slomosa, Jointhugger, Superlynx, Saint Karloff and Kryptograf, Hymn and Kite and Suncraft — these are some of the best up and coming acts the Norwegian heavy underground has to offer. Imagine being able to say you’ve seen Besvärjelsen. The thought of this happening and my not being there makes me genuinely sad.

It’s just a Fredag and a Lørdag, right? I could go! It could happen. It’s not a huge festival. I’ll mask up, of course… After a year and a half of so much bullshit, fear, sadness, ongoing, don’t I have to eventually just accept that this is what life is now and some things are worth the risk? That this is something I need to be the person I am? Who am I without live music?

And there you go. Bitter because I’m forced to reconcile myself to not seeing it. Sweet because I know in my heart these are good, passionate people who make this happen and because I believe in what they do, and even if I can’t/won’t be there to see it, it’s happening. I’m sorry to make this one about me. Really it’s about awesome bands and a righteous bill. If you’re going, enjoy. Live.

Full Høstsabbat 2021 lineup — though I’m hearing rumors about a Torsdag to-do as well — follows here:

Hostsabbat 2021 poster


In the spirit of optimistic caution and with safety precautions at the forefront of our minds, we step forward in preparation for our stages to resonate with the heavy once again! The riffs will rise from our home at Kulturkirken Jakob and our Norwegian stage at Verkstedet on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of October.

Today we proudly release the full lineup and hope you are as excited as we are to come together again in celebration of the riff and all things heavy.

Daypasses and program will be out on Friday. Until then, get your festival ticket asap!


Lineup HØSTSABBAT 2021 – October 8th-9th

– Mars Red Sky (fr)
– Øresund Space Collective (dk)
– Slomosa (no)
– Hymn (no)
– Conan (uk)
– Causa Sui (dk)
– Gøsta Berlings Saga (se)
– Greenleaf (se)
– Saint Karloff (no)
– Besværjelsen (se)
– Kryptograf (no)
– Kite (no)
– Sibiir (no)
– Orkan (se)
– Warp Riders (no)
– Jointhugger (no)
– Draken
– Gunerius & Verdensveven
– Superlynx
– U-Foes
– Shaving the Werewolf
– Suncraft

Høstsabbat 2019 official aftermovie

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