Raibard Premiere “To the Dawn”; Dark Realm of the Daylight Out Dec. 3

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Boston progressive heavy rockers Raibard release their second album, Cheap Business Plan >>>CLICK HERE<<< Write my essay south park East Lindsey order case study on mandatory plz discover cashback sign up buy movie Dark Realm of the Daylight, on Dec. 3. The record is as proggy as the day is long and probably then some, and twists itself readily around its contrasts — dark, daylight, etc. — via an overarching organic sensibility as manifest through the vocals of guitarist  What does the http://register.fma-li.li/?buying-school-essay offer? We complete the data input and report writing for you, whilst you retain and advise your client. We can Daniel Gil, who doubles both as a folk composer/performer and music teacher, drawing on elements from Jewish traditionalism (he’s also a Talmudic scholar) and classical arrangements. His “Peacemaking in Three Movements” — not by Read 175 customer reviews of the My Custom Essays - www.assignmentexpert.com & compare with other Education Websites at Review Centre Raibard, but available to listen here — is gorgeous.

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At the core of  Phd Thesis Of Physics Like No Other. The average student often finds themselves in a bind, due to most of the student work that they have to do. They have to go to classes, study for exams, handle chores, go to their part-time job and occasionally socialize if they wish to maintain their sanity. Raibard‘s presentation in this follow-up to 2017’s  We took http://www.mcc.gouv.qc.ca/?1008 the AP exam. I forgot about a troubling failure without focusing on thlessons learned. It does not seem to be very The Queen of the Night, however, Raibard Dark Realm of the Daylightis the blend of the natural, as-sans-studio-trickery-as-can-be vibe — dry vocals, acoustic guitar, not trying to be huge sounding or anything like that — and the breadth of the material. This is a balance not so much walked as danced upon throughout, as “Angel of the Clockwork” and the catchier title-track give way to the electrified “Eternal Rise,” bringing  Michele Morgan in for guest vocals over loosely Eastern scales and a more atmospheric feel, but still remaining consistent with the surroundings — though the sun-baked, near-Blind Melon twang at the outset of the subsequent “Visions of You” feels like a willful, playful contradiction as the centerpiece unfolds.

“Forever After” and “Walkin’ On” both dare more electric guitar, the former heavier, the latter jammier, both underscored by Dellaria and MacKay‘s it’s-cool-we-got-this surety as a rhythm section, right up to the drum-solo-into-wah-funk as “Walkin’ On” meanders through its second half, casual-like, making its way toward a minimal acoustic conclusion that leads into “To the Dawn,” which rounds out.

And the closer — which is premiering below — is a somewhat humbler affair, but brings a flourish of horn (or horn sounds) to its ending that hints at a George Martin arrangement influence as part of its progressive folk rock foundation. Melody carries through unencumbered by weight, but the structure beneath is solid and the chorus memorable just the same, and in that, “To the Dawn” is emblematic of Raibard‘s work here on the whole. They dig into the exploratory aspects of songcraft, but do not lose their footing as part of that, and even when they ‘walk on,’ as it were, they do so in contemplative rather than directionless fashion.

Track stream and comment from the band follows.

Please enjoy:

Raibard on “To the Dawn”:

The world has everything we need, and it has nothing we need. The human experience is full and complete, and it’s empty and meaningless. Between the fullness of life and the inevitability of death we find the most complete thing — a heart which is broken wide open to sing and make art.

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, the dynamic rock trio, RAIBARD was founded in December 2015 by Daniel Gil and they draw upon musical inspiration from rock and metal bands including LED ZEPPELIN, THE BEATLES, and OPETH. Daniel also brings in his interest as a modern mystic; someone who experiences hidden realities and studies ancient texts on mysticism. The title track on the new album is inspired by author and teacher Tony Buzan who teaches about mind mapping and the genius of every single human being, promoting the advancement of consciousness through inner awareness and compassionate living.

Daniel Gil – guitar and voice
Phil MacKay – drums and percussion
Greg Dellaria – bass guitar

Raibard on Facebook

Raibard on Twitter

Raibard on Instagram

Raibard on Bandcamp

Raibard website

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Doomsday Profit to Release In Idle Orbit EP Nov. 12

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doomsday profit

If I was to tell you that Doomsday Profit are getting ready to ‘do the nasty,’ there’s no way you’d possibly misinterpret that as meaning something other than that they’ve announced the release of their sludged-out, ratty-as-hell debut EP? Of course not. The Raleigh, North Carolina, four-piece will issue In Idle Orbit — which, indeed, is ‘the nasty’ — on Nov. 12 as a follow-up to their 2020 demo, Abandon Hope, which was comprised of live and rehearsal tracks.

They’ve got tapes and CDs in the works, and downloads to boot, and they’ll have preorders up on next Bandcamp Friday, which I guess is a thing that’s happening again. Nobody tells me anything, except I suppose that something like this is happening. And probably I have another email about Bandcamp Friday somewhere. Let’s get down to it. I suck at email. I keep waiting for email to go away and it doesn’t. Ever. It just sits there. Festering. So yeah. I probably knew Bandcamp Friday was happening again. You got me.

Feel good? Great. If you want to cure that, Doomsday Profit are here to wipe the slate clean as only flesh-peeling sludge can hope to do. Dig the stage names, too.

Have at you:

doomsday profit in idle orbit

Doomsday Profit release ‘In Idle Orbit’ Nov. 12

On Nov. 12, the Raleigh, N.C. psych-sludge quartet, Doomsday Profit will release their debut, In Idle Orbit. A meditation in anger, the debut EP floods its dystopian visions with snarling psychedelic grit and deep-dredged sludge riffs that calls to mind the relentless pummeling of Conan, as well as the cosmic excursions of Earthless; the bad-trip acid-rock of Church of Misery, as well as the scuzzy blues of Dopethrone.

In Idle Orbit will be independently released on CD, cassette, and digital formats. Digital pre-orders will go live on Oct. 1, coinciding with Bandcamp Friday.

Slowly, but surely, conditions are improving. Bars in North Carolina are open, with restrictions. Some venues are even starting to legally host live music with strict safety protocols in place. And people in NC have started getting vaccinated. More than a year since we played our last show, we’re getting back to work.

Doomsday Profit is:
Pestilence: guitar / vocals
War: lead guitar
Famine: bass / synth / samples
Death: drums / production


Doomsday Profit, Abandon Hope (2020)

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The Obelisk Questionnaire: Emil Niklasson of Urtidsdjur

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Emil Niklasson of Urtidsdjur (Photo by Adam Tonér)

The Obelisk Questionnaire is a series of open questions intended to give the answerer an opportunity to explore these ideas and stories from their life as deeply as they choose. Answers can be short or long, and that reveals something in itself, but the most important factor is honesty.

Based on the Proust Questionnaire, the goal over time is to show a diverse range of perspectives as those who take part bring their own points of view to answering the same questions. To see all The Obelisk Questionnaire posts, click here.

Thank you for reading and thanks to all who participate.

The Obelisk Questionnaire: Emil Niklasson of Urtidsdjur

How do you define what you do and how did you come to do it?

I am a member of a collective known as Urtidsdjur, a gathering of music nerds and audio wizards that walk this earth in hopes of making it more beautiful by creating music. In short we play music and has than this as Urtidsdjur since 2017. I played bass at first, but quickly we realized that I shouldn’t since it didn’t sound good. I have been playing music since my early teens and have done so in various different kinds of bands, ranging from Stoner rock to jazz and probably mostly everything in between. Since 2017 my focus is Urtidsdjur. We’re influenced by a lot of different things, Swedish bands and artists from the 1970s like Bo Hansson and Träd, Gräs och Stenar, mixed with Neil Young, Den Stora Vilan and Slowgold just to name a few. Last year we released a record that we recorded in a small chapel on the countryside of Sweden.

Describe your first musical memory.

The first musical memory that I come to think of is a memory from when I was very young, perhaps about five or six years old. I was riding with my father in his old black car, unfortunately I can’t recall which kind of car it was, on a late summer night. I must have been close to fall since it was dark and the stars were shining. I can’t recall where we had been or what we had done, all I remember is that we were riding in his black car, windows rolled down, surrounded by darkness and stars above us. We listened to Rory Gallagher’s brilliant album Public Enemy No. 1 and the music mixed with the sound of insects from the nearby bushes. It must have had a pretty strong impact on me since I still listen to this record today and I still think that it’s brilliant. I think that something about this started my interest in playing music.

Describe your best musical memory to date.

It’s hard to pick one musical memory that stands above the rest of them. Seeing Hellacopters doing their last gig at Debaser 2008 (yeah, they’re playing now again) was emotional since I have been listening to them since I was 14 years old. I saw Anna von Hausswolff in 2019 and it absolutely blew my mind. Playing a gig with Urtidsdjur with one of my legs in plaster, I had broken the leg while playing soccer, stands out as one of the more odd gigs I have done. Seeing Daniel Romano on a Sunday night in October 2017 together with only 20 other people in the crowd was really nice as well. I guess I can go on for a long time on this matter so I’ll just leave it here.

When was a time when a firmly held belief was tested?

It does happen every now and then, I try to stay open minded and humble and believe that what I consider to be true does not necessarily have to be what everybody else considers to be true. I am a firm believer in that either you win or you learn and if my beliefs turn out to be false, well then I have learnt something new. At the moment I can’t think of a certain moment or time when it happened but it does happen from time to time.

Where do you feel artistic progression leads?

I think that it leads to new ideas where one can explore the creating process from a broader perspective and thus leading to more refined art whether it is music, poetry or whatever. It’s a cliché but it fits well with the question, creating is a journey where one doesn’t know what it will end in.

How do you define success?

I think that I define success in many different ways, one is personal success. For example: I finish writing the songs that I’ve been trying to finish for long, I write lyrics that I feel captures what I’m trying to say with a certain song or that Urtidsdjur plays a show where everything fits perfectly. I feel success when playing music becomes an outer body experience and the music sort of just flows through you, you are not playing the music, you just deliver the music that has been there the whole time waiting to be played. I also feel success when someone comes up to me and says: Hey, I heard your music and I really like it. This means that something that we as Urtidsdjur has created has become important for someone else except for us.

Another way of defining success is collective success. For example: When Urtidsdjur finished recording and mixing our album or when we printed the sleeves for the vinyl ourselves. These two types of definitions are closely connected, it’s hard to ignore the importance of every member in a group and it’s hard to ignore that being in a group affects every member of the group.

One easy way of saying this is that every time something is accomplished, you have reached success. Some days it’s just about getting up and other days it can be about running several miles.

What is something you have seen that you wish you hadn’t?

One time when I was at Skatteverket, which is the Swedish IRS, and way before me in line there was a guy that looked a little nervous and slightly baffled. He did his errand, still looking as confused as before. When he walked out of the building he put on a horse head mask and walked away, I followed him for a few blocks but then he turned around a corner and I lost him. All that time he wore that horse head mask. To this day, I’m still thinking of it every now and then and trying to understand what really happened.

Describe something you haven’t created yet that you’d like to create.

I’ve been thinking of writing a book, I’ve had that same thought with me for a long time but haven’t done anything in terms of trying to write a script. I love to write, I guess that’s one of the reasons I write lyrics, so eventually I think that I will have to write a book just in order to get it out of my head.

What do you believe is the most essential function of art?

I consider art to be fundamental to living, without art life would be very dull. Art makes us see things from more than just one perspective.

Something non-musical that you’re looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to seeing friends in person instead of “meeting” them through a screen. Now that more and more people are getting their COVID-19 vaccine it is, at least in Sweden, a bigger chance to start seeing people as we did before the Coronavirus.


Urtidsdjur, Urtidsdjur (2021)

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TarLung Premiere “Horses of Plague” Video

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tarlung horses of plague

Vienna, Austria, sludge metallers TarLung released their third album, Architect (review here), this past June, and to save you the trouble of clicking that review link, I’ll say instead that, oh, it was ghastly affair. Punishing! Brutal! Heavy like the way you think of cinderblocks holding things in place underground. The riffs were baked until burnt, the tones extreme, the vocals that accompanied all set to harsh your mellow with only a minimum of courtesy’s advance notice. It was not an act of kindness. It was not out to do favors for your eardrums. It was sludge. And it was metal.

I’m kidding, of course, but the fact of the matter is that TarLung — the trio of Philipp “Five” Seiler on guitar/vocals, Rotten on guitar, and Marian Waibl on drums — don’t even need bass to get the crucial heft of their sound across. You can watch their video for “Horses of Plague” premiering below and in addition to finding the song prescient as only a track written about a plague in 2019 could be, and appreciating their use of silhouettes and lighting and video effects, no doubt you’ll find that if you had a box on your day’s to-do list that said, “get pummeled by killer riffs,” that box will emerge on the other side of the just-under-six-minute clip duly ticked. As regards mood, you might find yourself ticked as well. Something about the tension after the solo in this one just feels seething in its execution.

The full stream of Architect is down near the bottom of the post, and I thank TarLung sincerely for the depth of thought they put into their quote. I mean that. Sometimes you ask a band for a quote and you get back either “can’t wait to share the song!” or “it’s a song I dunno.” TarLung not only explain their reasoning for picking the single — it’s heavy! — but they talk about how the clip was made, when, when the song was made, and note the fact that the record will be distributed in the US through Ripple Music. Actual information! Maybe their more courteous than I initially gave them credit for being.

Enjoy the clip (and quote), both of which follow here:

TarLung, “Horses of Plague” official video premiere

TarLung on “Horses of Plague”:

We wanted to do something special for our first video. The intention was to create something that has not been overdone within music videos yet. We came up with the idea of some sort of a “shadow theater” style video, mixed with different stock clips and a doomish vibe all around.

A distinctive inspiration was the fight scene from Kill Bill Vol. I where the lights go out and you can only see the shadows and silhouettes of the action. Mix in a video like Wilma’s Rainbow by Helmet and you get the rough idea what we were going for.

We chose to work with Schrankenstein Media, as he created a great video for the song “Past Recovery” by fellow Austrian heavyweights UGF. We heard he is very chill and easy to work with, and we can definitely confirm that. Working with Schrankenstein was great and we recommend to hit him up if you need a music video made in Austria or Germany.

The video was shot on location at Ann & Pat’s (a small but very nice venue in Linz, Upper Austria) using a big white screen and some background lighting. You can find some behind the scenes pictures and videos on our Instagram page if you are interested in the making of the video.

The song ‘Horses Of Plague’ was chosen because it’s one of the more powerful and hard-hitting songs on our new record. The lyrics are also quite fitting to the whole pandemic situation we are currently living in, as they were inspired by Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece 12 Monkeys. Strangely the song and lyrics were finished in Oktober 2019, just a few months before the world got turned upside down by the virus.

The latest TarLung album ‘Architect’ has been released in June, to great critical and public acclaim. “Horses of Plague” is the penultimate track on this record. Check it out and get a copy pressed on transparent vinyl, featuring the great artwork of Alex Eckman-Lawn, via our bandcamp page: https://tarlung.bandcamp.com

We are also working on a distribution with Ripple Music for our fans based in the USA . So if you want to save some shipping costs, our vinyl will be available via Ripple Music very soon.

Horses Of Plague is written and performed by TARLUNG. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tarlung/architect

Philipp “Five” Seiler – Guitars and Vocals
Marian Waibl – Drums
Rotten – Guitars

recorded, mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studio

Music video shot and edited by Schrankenstein, shot on location at Ann & Pat (Linz) June 2021.

TarLung, Architect (2021)

TarLung on Facebook

TarLung on Instagram

TarLung on Bandcamp

TarLung website

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Buss Premiere ‘Live at Dežolation Fest’ Video

Posted in Bootleg Theater on September 8th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

buss dezolation fest

Trieste, Italy, raw heavy rock three-piece Buss are currently at work on their full-length debut, impending for next year. That’s good news for anyone who heard their self-titled EP (review here) last year and thought to themselves they could do with more. I count myself in that number. It was right on earlier this year when they posted a couple live songs filmed on what looked like a nice patio, and the clip below for the Leaf Hound cover “Freelance Fiend” and the band’s own new song “Astrosatan,” filmed at Dežolation Fest follows in a similar spirit.

Don’t know Dežolation Fest? Well, the narrative — blessings and peace upon it — is that Buss threw a big ol’ party about a month ago, and the video would seem to prove it worked out. Buss play on a small bare-wood stage lit by floodlights in the dusky evening that would be night by the time they’re done, and sure enough there are people there, outside among the trees. “Freelance Fiend” is already in progress as the video fades in, and “Astrosatan” has a darker riff, standing it for an additional element of proto-metal amid the boogie and ’70s rock vibes.

It looks like a good time. A lot does at this point, right? Let’s assume if you’re reading this, you weren’t there for this, so maybe it’s that much easier to consider it the embodiment of a certain ideal. Show up and play. Think of generator parties in abandoned desert skate parks. Think of forest-fests throughout Europe, some official in the sense of having any permits whatsoever, some decidedly not. I don’t know where Buss‘ to-do fell on that particular scale, but kudos to them for making a thing happen one way or the other, and further, for filming at least part of their set to give a teaser for their upcoming debut. I’ll be looking forward to hearing that.

Until then, enjoy the clip:

Buss, Live at Dežolation Fest 2021

Sick of silence, Buss & friends had organized the first edition of the Dežolation Fest. Lot of beer, awesome grill, great music and good people had transformed an empty field into a memorable land.

Here for you Buss live at Dežolation Fest performing Freelance Fiend by Leaf Hound and Astrosatan from the upcoming album.

Buss is a trio influenced by 70s underground sounds and 90s desert rock. We met in high school and started playing together just for fun.

Later we started writing some songs and performing live gigs. In May 2020 the band released the self-titled debut EP with the support from Rocket Panda Management.

Buss are now recording new stuff for their first LP that will be out in 2022, followed by an EU tour.


BUSS is:
Erik Carpani – bass & vocals
Patrik Pregarc – guitar
Ivan Kralj – drums

Buss, Buss EP(2020)

Buss on Instagram

Buss on Facebook

Buss on YouTube

Buss on Bandcamp

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Ghost:Hello Announce Fall Touring; New Album in Production

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 1st, 2021 by JJ Koczan

I have the next Ghost:Hello album as their second behind 2019’s The Sound of Color in Space (review here) and the PR wire below says it’ll be their third, though it may be including their late-2020 split with Nightgoat as part of that. Maybe it’s just early and my brain is fuzzy. So be it. One way or the other, the Ohio heavy rock weirdos have a new one in the works, from where I sit the world needs more weirdo heavy rock, so that little bit of information suits me just fine. I’m not sure what “in production” means in terms of timing, but my policy on release dates these days is until I see them I assume it’s gonna be a while, and even then I assume stuff is going to get pushed back. Science and eyeball-it-science are both on my side there.

There’s more of interest, however, since Ghost:Hello are also set to embark on a series of live dates over the course of the next few months. They’ll play mostly in their native Ohio, but in various towns and venturing into West Virginia on a long weekender as well, so getting out in a cautious, increasingly familiar way. They hit the East Coast two years ago, and in a universe of infinite possibilities might do so again some day.

For now, the aforementioned PR wire brings word:

ghost hello

GHOST:HELLO Announce Fall Tour

Synthesized stoner rock outfit GHOST:HELLO is kicking off their fall tour starting in their home state of Ohio. The full run of dates can be found below!

GHOST:HELLO is a synthed up stoner rock family affair from Northeast Ohio. Made up of a husband/wife duo and their long time friend, the band members have been playing in bands for decades. With extensive individual histories touring around the US and in other DIY bands, GHOST:HELLO just feels like a natural continuation. It’s a growth on what the individual members have done throughout their history. It seems logical for a band who seem destined to take the world of rock and roll by the horns.

Bringing in all sorts of unorthodox elements into their fuzz rock assault, this three piece counterbalances stoner sludge with trip hop grooves. While certainly unexpected, the group has never been afraid to experiment, and GHOST:HELLO is completely a slave to their various muses. This leads to an elegant fusion of influences of bands like TYPE O NEGATIVE to FATSO JETSON by way of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. Since their inception, the band has amassed an impressive social media following, with their third release in production. Like their debut release, the upcoming record has been engineered and produced by a friend through the company 8th Day Sound who has worked with such bands as SLAYER, MARILYN MANSON, and the SMASHING PUMPKINS.

Now as they double down for the release of their new record it seems like GHOST:HELLO are set to take on bold new vistas. Having played around the Midwest since 2013, the local crowd is hungry for what they are about to deliver. DIY til death, these fuzz rockers are looking forward to all they will unleash with this new record. GHOST:HELLO are planning everything from shows in new places to an animated video. A band who are no stranger to hard work, and who constantly push to innovate, GHOST:HELLO are a breath of fresh air in a crowded scene!

GHOST:HELLO Fall Tour Dates:
9/11 femme fest, Buzzbin, Canton OH
9/16 Musica, Akron OH
9/17 The Empty Glass, Charleston WV
9/18 Blind Bobs, Dayton OH
9/25 Westside Bowl, Youngstown OH
10/1 Buzzbin, Canton OH
11/19 Buzzbin, Canton OH
11/26 Westside Bowl, Youngstown Oh
11/27 Spacebar, Columbus OH


Ghost:Hello, The Sound of Color in Space (2019)

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Review & Track Premiere: Old Man Wizard, Kill Your Servants Quietly

Posted in audiObelisk, Reviews on August 30th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Old Man Wizard Kill Your Servants Quietly

[Click play above to stream ‘God is Your Friend’ from Old Man Wizard’s Kill Your Servants Quietly. Album is available for preorder here.]

Francis Roberts on “God is Your Friend”:

This song went through a ton of iterations before I settled on the version you’re hearing today. It was almost an acoustic song! I’m glad we switched directions and ended up with whatever the doom metal dance party that’s on the album is. Here are some fun facts about it:

-This song has my favorite guitar “sound effect” just before the second chorus.

-I think this song might have more chord changes than anything else we’ve released.

-The band is tracked live.

-The bass guitar is doubled with a minimoog throughout most of the song.

-The third verse was originally going to have clean “funk” guitar but the tone we recorded with ended up reminding me of early Ozzy tracks and I really liked it so we kept it.

San Diego prog-heavy, heavy prog — or some other combination of those words and probably others — Old Man Wizard will self-release their third and reportedly final full-length, Kill Your Servants Quietly, on Nov. 5. With 100 copies pressed each on LP (due early next year) and CD and 60 tapes, it would be a quiet drawdown to the three-piece’s near-decade together but for the quality of the work itself, which divides into 10 tracks each with a purpose and personality of its own that together create the whole-album impression of a band grown comfortable in a variety of sonic contexts and able to draw together seemingly disparate moods, tempos and progressions with an overarching smoothness of production and performance. Recorded mostly live with just “Your Life (As a Problem)” and “Live Forever” — closers for sides A and B, respectively — made during pandemic isolation, Kill Your Servants Quietly answers 2018’s Blame it All on Sorcery (discussed here) and 2013’s Unfavorable (review here) with a fitting does-what-it-wants realization of who Old Man Wizard are and will have been as a group.

Guitarist, lead vocalist, synthesist, producer and principal songwriter Francis Roberts (also of King Gorm and solo work) remains distinctive in voice and production style, and Kill Your Servants Quietly is defined in no small part by the lush melodies across its 46-minute span, which breaks indeed into two halves neatly, its first five tracks shifting back and forth between slower and faster tempos, beginning with the six-minute gradual build of “I Prayed.” Bassist Andre Beller (also violin), drummer Kris Calabio, as well as Mark Calabio, Drew Peters and Reece Miller provide backing vocals at various points throughout. On theme, “I Prayed” begins a four-song anti-religious — catholic-specific with a mention of tithing along the way — lyrical screed defined by lines like, “Prayed instead of thinking” from that song, “Your love of god is a narcissistic fraud” from the hook of the subsequent semi-title track “Kill Your Servants,” the fetish-hued “Father, please save me!/Enslave me and punish me!” from “God is Your Friend” (premiering above) and “When you look at death’s face/Hope you appreciate/The punishment that you face/Knowing that god is fake” from “I Wanna Know” before “Your Life (As a Problem)” caps with the narrative of hearing a voice that says, “I don’t see your life as a problem/I don’t think it matters either way.”

This could be framed as anything from a coming-out story to being Jewish or atheist, politically left-wing or any number of other things — there’s so much hate to go around — but the rest of Kill Your Servants Quietly moves forward from there, and “Today,” which opens side B, feels purposefully chosen for its sense of freedom from the prior existential drag, replacing the lumber of “God is Your Friend,” the galloping offset of “Kill Your Servants,” and the hairpin-turn chug of “I Wanna Know” with a willfully danceable and thoughtfully executed pop. Heavy rock of the disco era is a tough pull, but Old Man Wizard strut out a bassline under a howling guitar and by the time the hi-hat and the layer of cleaner-toned strummy guitar come in to hammer the point home, there’s no question what they’re up to as a group. Various keys and synth effects add to the build late, but the way elements are added one by one emphasizes the push toward pop even if the catchy payoff hook doesn’t — it does — and they wind their way out on a guitar solo to let the quick drums and harder fuzz, peppered with a quick “ough” to bring back a rock mindset, as if to say ‘enough of that feeling alright about yourself stuff; here’s a song about dying alone in the snow.’

old man wizard

So it goes. “Soldier’s Winter,” self-contained in its storyline isn’t necessarily the heaviest song on Kill Your Servants Quietly, with “God is Your Friend” and “I Wanna Know” earlier on, but the turn to tonal thickness takes the place of some of side A’s tempo trades and presents a new aspect for where the second half of the record goes. The blatant social commentary of “Parasite” is of its era without naming names and feels cathartic while remaining straight-ahead in structure. It is the shortest inclusion at just over three minutes but fits a well-plotted solo and backing spoken layers into that time, a moment of relative intensity that makes its point and gets out before “Falling Star” and “Live Forever” wrap, the former the longest song at 6:28 positioned well as the most progressive and almost exploratory of the proceedings, an extended solo section giving way to a linear build in the middle third that moves back to the verse in the last minute, feeling like it holds off just long enough to make the listener wonder if they’ll get there before they do. That return and the subsequent last chorus crash out, leaving “Live Forever” to stand on its own in a final underscoring of intent.

Though it moves into roll-credits cinematics instrumentally and finds Roberts in a single layer belting out the lyrics, “And I missed out on the whole world according to you/But that’s okay/I’m not ashamed to be myself,” the closer begins and ends folkish in its vocals, with a phrasing that (and this isn’t a dig at all) reminds of “Rainbow Connection” from 1979’s The Muppet Movie, the arrangement behind bringing up synthesizer and strings or string sounds to swell before a return repetition of the quoted lines and those that wrap, one last stir before the and album fade out together. The elements that have made Old Man Wizard a standout band during their tenure are all present throughout Kill Your Servants Quietly. Their engaging of different eras of heavy rock and metal of the ’70s and ’80s. Considered, progressive and unflinching melody and rhythm. The style that finds inevitable comparison points in the likes of Opeth and Ghost while managing to be directly relatable to neither. These are all in the tracks, and more besides, with the interwoven layers of keys and guitar and vocals throughout, but it’s ultimately the less tangible feeling of completeness, the sheer resolution of it, that makes Kill Your Servants Quietly so satisfying. If indeed it’s Old Man Wizard‘s last offering, they go out with their best.

Old Man Wizard, “Kill Your Servants” official video

Old Man Wizard, Kill Your Servants Quietly (2021)

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Turkey Vulture Announce Twist the Knife EP

Posted in Whathaveyou on August 30th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Give it up for Turkey Vulture having the capacity to both reproduce and rock and roll. The idea, of course that the two are mutually exclusive is and has always been a fallacy as every successive generation of artists and musicians has shown, but as anyone who’s ever encountered one can tell you, babies can be time consuming. Following up on a topical single “Tummy Time” earlier this year, the married Connecticut duo announce now they’ll answer back this Fall with a new short release called Twist the Knife. I only look forward to finding out the lyrical origins of their use of the phrase, should there be any.

Jessie May and Jim Clegg both also have outside projects, from her running Alternative Control and overseeing money management for headbangers to his design and video work. They are, in short, a one-stop DIY shop. Busyness, it would seem, suits them.

The EP announcement, sans finer details, came down the PR wire:

turkey vulture


Connecticut heavy music duo TURKEY VULTURE is on their way to putting out their third EP, Twist the Knife.  Once again recorded by “Black Metal” Dave Kaminsky, the release is expected in late 2021 or early 2022.

Frontwoman Jessie May and drummer Jim Clegg met in 2008, playing together in a local rock band called PINK MISSLE.  In the decade and a half since then, they’ve played in several different bands together with their collaboration as musicians becoming stronger each passing year.

But more recently, their relationship has taken on a new identity: husband, wife, and parents.  Twist the Knife plays on those roles, as well as weaving TURKEY VULTURE’s gritty Americana with a creeping horror punk influence.

Follow TURKEY VULTUREs YouTube channel for an upcoming “making-of” documentary produced by Jim Clegg.

Jessie May — guitar, bass, vocals
Jim Clegg — drums, artwork/design/photography


Turkey Vulture, Tummy Time (2021)

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