The Electric Highway 2024 Makes First Lineup Announcement

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Canadian metallers Anciients rest atop the bill for The Electric Highway 2024, the Calgary-based three-dayer festival co-presented by The Obelisk along with a slew of others. After the date reveal and ticket-onsale in November, the fest has now begun to unveil its lineup, which is probably fortunate because it’ll be April before you know it. Vancouver’s Dead Quiet and Empress are also included, as well as Darty from Chron Goblin‘s ambient project Musing, the returning hardcore-born heavy of Owls and Eagles and I think a few other repeat offenders. Hell, Anciients played Calgary 420 Fest in 2017, which was the precursor to The Electric Highway, so there’s history here if you want to find it.

There will be more as well, so sit tight. Canadian heavy is its own ecosystem distinct from the US underground, and I always look forward to seeing who’s going to be at The Electric Highway as a great way of finding new bands and checking in on those regulars. I’ve never been to Alberta and don’t harbor any delusions that I’ll be at The Electric Highway — though it’d be fun — but I’m glad to support this fest with this site and dig into some of the finest in heavy that the Great White North (and maybe a few American bands by the time they’re done; you’ll recall last year Sasquatch headlined) has to offer.

The PR wire puts it thusly:

the electric highway poster

The Electric Highway Festival (Calgary, AB) Announces First Round of Bands For 2024 Lineup

w/ Anciients, Dead Quiet, Empress, Flashback, Buffalo Bud Buster and more!

April 4- 6 – Dickens Pub

Festival passes are available at

Event info:

The Electric Highway Festival is excited to announce the first round of bands for the 2024 edition of the festival being held in Calgary, AB on April 4, 5, and 6 at Dickens (1000 9 Ave SW).

Canadian Juno Award-winning Vancouver band Anciients will headline the whole festival. They will be joined by various Western Canadian bands including Dead Quiet, Empress, Flashback, Buffalo Bud Buster, and more.

Anciients (Vancouver)
Dead Quiet (Vancouver)
Empress (Vancouver)
Buffalo Bud Buster (Calgary)
Flashback (Calgary)
Pharm (Kelowna)
Owls & Eagles (Calgary)
Gnarwhal (Yellowknife)
Solid Brown (Calgary)
The Getmines (Vancouver)
Tebby And The Heavy (Edmonton)
Musing (Calgary)
Blacksmith & Brewer (BC Sunshine Coast)
Stone Spear (Kelowna)
Black Daggers (Red Deer)
Atomic Yeti (Saskatoon)
Conjure Hand (Victoria)

Limited Early Bird passes are on sale for $65 until the rest of the bands are announced or the early bird passes sell out. Regular advance passes will be available at that time. There will also be a variety of single-day tickets available as well as 2-day passes.

Owls and Eagles, Live at The Electric Highway 2023

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Heavy Mash 2023 Announces Full Lineup for Oct. 7

Posted in The Obelisk Presents, Whathaveyou on August 17th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

The sixth annual Heavy Mash Fest is set for Oct. 7 at its traditional home, Division Brewing in Arlington. The festival is back to one day this year after extending to two in 2022, and in addition to veteran weirdo jammers Stone Machine Electric who’ll close out, Maryland doom’s Spiral Grave will journey west to headline.

You’ll recall The Obelisk is a long-time presenter of Heavy Mash. I dig what Mark Kitchens, who’s also got a new record coming from his experimentalist solo-project Slow Draw and who plays in Stone Machine Electric, has built over the last several years, not to mention the poster art, by Joshua Mathus, reprising the froggy theme of past editions with a righteous sci-fi bent.

The likes of drum-machine riffers Lotus Sutra and doom rockers Buzzürd — whose 2021 album, The Offering, I’d not heard and can be streamed at the bottom of this post — will round out the total-seven-band bill, and if you’re like me and not entirely familiar with all of them, I at this point trust Kitchens‘ curation will at least result in something interesting to hear, even if it doesn’t grab you and become your new favorite album forever. I guess what I’m saying is if you want to chase down any of the names below, it might be a fun endeavor. I’ll do likewise and see what’s to be found.

Continued best wishes to Heavy Mash and to Kitchens. Looks like a cool party, and tickets are dirt cheap:

heavy mash 2023

Heavy Mash 2023 (6th year) will occur on October 7th at Division Brewing in Arlington, Texas.
Doors open at 4pm, with music commencing shortly thereafter:

$15 Cover

5pm- Sons of Gulliver
6pm- Lotus Sutra
7pm- The Infamists
8pm- Buzzürd
9pm- FTW
10pm- Spiral Grave
11pm- Stone Machine Electric

Event sponsored by Division Brewing, Growl, The Obelisk, and Toke Mage!
Poster art by Joshua Mathus (

Spiral Grave, Legacy of the Anointed (2021)

Buzzürd, The Offering (2021)

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Ruff Majik Announce August European Tour Dates

Posted in The Obelisk Presents, Whathaveyou on June 5th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

ruff majik

In April, not so terribly long ago, Ruff Majik released their fourth LP, Elektrik Ram (review here), and though I find I have a hard time talking about the record without hyperbole, the absolute very least one might say about it is it’s their finest effort to-date. Sharp in songwriting and humor, emotive without trying to sell itself as such, groovy as the day is long and with each track hitting like another side of a multiple personality, it’s a front-to-back listening experience that, at least for me, sums up the appeal of the band and, more broadly, demonstrates how heavy rock doesn’t have to be all-the-time-miserable to be meaningful.

I was asked to be a ‘media sponsor’ for this tour. I never really know what that means other than I probably share some links or posters, post about something I would definitely be posting about anyway. Whatever. Let me be clear: I’m honored that this stupid little blog that I started the better part of 15 years ago might ever asked to be involved in something like this. That someone thinks enough of what I do here to put an Obelisk logo on their tour poster. I don’t even have to pay for that; it just happens. Silly cool. It’s this site, Sound of Liberation, which booked the tour, and Mongrel Records, which put out the album. One of these things is not like the others in that it had nothing whatsoever to do with the actual proceedings. I feel lucky to be in that company.

Ruff Majik have also been confirmed for Desertfest Belgium 2023 in Antwerp, so these tour dates may not be the last — the name of the tour comes from a line in Elektrik Ram‘s title-track — but they’ve got fests lined up including SonicBlast Fest, where I’ll see them for the first time, as well as Moosenmättle Open Air and Blue Moon Fest in Germany, and dates with Acid King, Greenleaf and Sasquatch peppered throughout.

Poster and dates follow. “Arsenic on the rocks”:

Ruff Majik Europe Tour 1500x1200

Ruff Majik Set to Ignite European Stages on Long-Awaited Tour

Prepare for an explosive journey as South Africa’s leading stoner rock band, Ruff Majik, embarks on their highly anticipated We’ve Come To Lay Waste European tour brought to you by the good people at Sound Of Liberation. With their hard-hitting sound and electrifying performances, Ruff Majik is set to captivate audiences across the continent.

Fresh off the release of their critically acclaimed album, Elektrik Ram, the band is eager to share their powerful and introspective compositions with fans around the world. Known for their signature blend of heavy riffs, hypnotic melodies, and captivating lyrics, Ruff Majik has established themselves as torchbearers of the stoner rock genre.

The European tour will see them gracing renowned festivals, including Sonic Blast, Blue Moon Festival, Trafostation 61, Moosenmättle Open Air and Rifffields. Their dynamic live shows, characterized by intense energy and an undeniable stage presence, will leave audiences craving for more. In addition to their festival appearances, the guys will also have the privilege of sharing the stage with prominent bands such as Acid King and Sasquatch, further solidifying their position in the global stoner rock community while expanding their fan base to new horizons.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Johni Holiday expresses their enthusiasm, stating “After a 3-year absence we’re finally making it back! With two new albums to tour as well. We’re bringing fire and baptising.”

With a loyal fan base in their home country and growing international recognition, Ruff Majik is poised to make a significant impact during the tour. Their evocative music speaks to the human experience, transcending boundaries and resonating with listeners from all walks of life.

Tour Dates
5/8 DE Wolfach – Moosenmättle Open Air
9/8 PO Ancora – SonicBlast
12/8 DE Lichtenstein – JUST Riot / Voice Of Art
13/8 DE Frechen – Trafostation 61
15/8 DE Berlin – Urban Spree with Sasquatch
17/8 DE Hannover – Faust with Sasquatch
18/8 DE Cottbus – Blue Moon
19/8 PL Kozmin Wielkopolski – Rifffields
20/8 CZ Prague – Nová libeňská Synagoga
22/8 DE Frankfurt – Zoom with Greenleaf
23/8 NL EDE – Astrant
24/8 NL Eindhoven – Effenaar with Acid King
25/8 DE Dresden – Ostpol
26/8 DE Siegen – Vortex

Buy / Stream Elektrik Ram on all digital platforms –

Order Elektrik Ram on 180g black vinyl with gatefold sleeve.
South Africa / Africa –
Rest of World –

Ruff Majik is Johni Holiday (vocals & guitar), Cowboy Bez (guitar & vocals), Jimmy Glass (bass), and Steven Bosman (drums), four horsemen of the feedback apocalypse who know what they want to say and do it without apology.

Rock ‘n roll is dead – LONG LIVE RUFF MAJIK.

Ruff Majik, Elektrik Ram (2023)

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The Electric Highway 2023 Announces Full Lineup; Co-Presented by The Obelisk

Posted in The Obelisk Presents, Whathaveyou on March 7th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

The Electric Highway 2023 banner

Obviously I’m stoked to have a logo for The Obelisk on the poster for The Electric Highway 2023, to be held in Calgary, Alberta, later this month. Goes without saying. Honestly, even if this was just a Sasquatch and/or La Chinga show and I was asked to present it, I would, so yeah, there’s a lot to dig here and I’m pleased to be keeping good company, tucked away in the bottom right-hand corner well below the likes of Canada itself — I had no idea they gave grants for this kind of thing, but I’m not surprised; other countries don’t hate creative people nearly as much as the US seems to — and with 24 bands spread out over three days, there isn’t a doubt that state-support will be put to good and voluminous use.

The fest is March 23-25 — Thursday, Friday, Saturday — and along with familiar faces like Gone Cosmic and Black Mastiff, who were playing this thing when it was the Calgary 420 Fest, before it became The Electric Highway ahead of an ill-fated 2020 edition, there’s a bunch of bands I don’t know like Space QueenMolten Lava and No More Moments, so you’ll pardon me if I have a bit of homework to do. Unfortunately, I won’t be in Calgary to see the fest in-person, but I’m happy and proud to support the work they’re doing and to take the poster below as a checklist of stuff to dig into.

So, off I go to do that, and off you go to the PR wire for the full lineup, links and so on:

The Electric Highway 2023

Calgary’s The Electric Highway Festival Announces Lineup For Its Returns In 2023 – March 23 – 25

Full lineup can be found below.

3-day festival pass holders can pick up their wristbands at Dickens at any time during the event. Pre-order merch sales will also be available for pickup throughout the weekend too. Don’t be disappointed. Order your merch ahead of time.

The Electric Highway is a fully immersive festival experience and offers much more than just music. The festival also features an art and vendor exposition during all three days at Dickens, March 23 – 25, 2023.

Festival passes are on sale starting Jan 25th – 10AM MT; check to purchase and for more festival information.

All tickets and pass holders will be receiving instructions by email on how to transfer their 2020 tickets for 2023 ones. As well, all vendors will receive an email to confirm their attendance. Anyone that cannot attend this year – both ticketholders and vendors – can transfer their attendance to a future year.

The Electric Highway looks forward to bringing this year’s festival to you, and can’t wait to see everyone in March!

Facebook Event:

The Electric Highway Official 2023 Lineup:

Saturday, March 25th – Festival headliner: Sasquatch (Los Angeles, CA) with direct support from La Chinga (Vancouver, BC)

​Friday, March 24th – Headliner: Black Mastiff (Edmonton, AB/Vancouver, BC) with direct support from Gone Cosmic (Calgary, AB)

​Thursday, March 23rd – Headliner: HypnoPilot (Lethbridge, AB) with direct support from Citizen Rage (Calgary, AB)

​All other festival bands are:​
Brown Dwarf (Red Deer, AB)
Buffalo Bud Buster (Calgary, AB)
Destroy My Brains (Lloydminster, AB)
Empress (Vancouver, BC)
Father Moon (Calgary, AB)
Garuda (Cranbrook, BC)
Hombre (Calgary, AB)
Iron Tusk (Siksika, AB)
Molten Lava (Vancouver, BC)
Musing (Calgary, AB)
No More Moments (Siksika, AB)
Owls & Eagles (Calgary, AB)
Set & Stoned (Crossfield, AB)
Space Queen (Vancouver, BC)
Tebby & the Heavy (Edmonton, AB)
The Astral Prophets (Calgary, AB)
The Basement Paintings (Saskatoon, SK)
The Sleeping Legion (Winnipeg, MB)

Ticket Information:

Advance 3-day Festival Passes are $75. Advance passes go on sale from January 25, 2023, until March 22 or while quantities last.

Regular Festival Passes are $95 at the door if quantities are available.

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Argonauta Records & The Obelisk Present: Magick Sun & Mystic Moon Compilation

Posted in The Obelisk Presents, Whathaveyou on February 27th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

I went back into the archives and looked, and I’ve been writing about Argonauta Records fare for more than a decade now, and I remain an admirer of the way in which Gero as the founding principal and the imprint as an entity conduct themselves with little regard for trend or anything so much as what speaks to his/its/their own passion. I was asked last month to be a part of ‘presenting’ this compilation, and to be perfectly honest with you, I was likewise honored and confused as to why, since the thing was (nearly) done by then and it’s not like I had much more to offer than some text and that circle logo to digitally-stamp on the cover.

But hey, I’ll take it. It’s nice to be thought of, nice to be asked, and I’m happy to be a small part of it however I can. In addition to having great respect for what Argonauta has accomplished in its time and for the way in which Gero has grown the label over the last 11 years, I also did a lot of the music that comes out under the label’s banner.

Some of this stuff has been released before, some of it hasn’t, but after what one imagines was a not-insignificant logistical challenge in putting it together, the 19-track Magick Sun & Mystic Moon — not to be confused with Barcelona psych outfit Magick Brother & Mystic Sister — emerges as both a good time listening experience and a celebration of the stylistic range that typifies Argonauta‘s roster, the totality of which goes even farther than this. And, of course, one of the most essential facets of what Argonauta does is that it continues to grow and seek new creative voices to support, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last time they do a project like this either. Just a heads up, I guess.

I wrote the text below to coincide with the stream of Drive by Wire‘s cover of The Smiths hitting Bandcamp, and it’s got a little more background on what inspired the compilation, etc., put in PR wire blue for form’s sake. Before I turn you over to it, I’d like to say a direct thanks to Gero for having me on board.


Various Artists Magick Sun Mystic Moon

ARGONAUTA RECORDS – ‘Magick Sun & Mystic Moon’

Get it here:

Argonauta Records presents the covers compilation ‘Magick Sun & Mystic Moon,’ featuring 18 acts from the long-running Italian label’s roster, diverse in sound and celebrating influences both glaringly obvious and wholly unexpected. From The Doors and Stooges and KISS to Billy Joel (?!), Darkthrone, The Smiths and Candlemass, artists from a wide swath of styles and legacies are honored by denizens of one of the heavy underground’s most vibrant imprints.

Partnering with respected heavy blog The Obelisk, Argonauta brings forth new and unreleased tracks from the likes of Ancient VVisdom’s Nathan Opposition, who bookends the release in the opening and closing spots, as well as Drive by Wire from the Netherlands, Temple of Deimos, Blues Weiser, Autumnblaze, Mos Generator, Hebi Katana and Mitochondrial Sun, and rare and previously-issued works from Snail, Shadow Witch, Indigo Raven, When the Deadbolt Breaks, Dee Calhoun (ex-Iron Man, current Spiral Grave frontman), Deep Space Mask, Buzzard Canyon, Mourn the Light, The Black Legacy and Sator.

In being utterly packed with righteous executions and aesthetic breadth, ‘Magick Sun & Mystic Moon’ is nothing if not representative in its entirety of Argonauta’s ethic of supporting artists and groups united by passion and quality more than aural homogeny. But if it’s raw heavy you seek, there’s plenty to go around.

“18 Artists from our stellar roster joined forces to give life to a wonderful compilation made of a wide range tunes and bands being honored,” says Argonauta boss Gerolamo Lucisano. “As the label, we are extremely proud of their top quality songs and effort, especially as the project was started and assembled during the difficult times of the pandemic era.”

Begun in 2012, Argonauta Records approaches its 11th year of existence having already contributed significantly to the sphere of underground rock and metal. A somewhat light-hearted concept to contrast with difficult times, ‘Magick Sun & Mystic Moon’ reminds listeners as well as the parties involved in making it that it’s both okay and necessary to step outside one’s normal methods and expressive ideologies, to challenge convention inside and out, and at the most basic level, to have fun doing it.

That spirit is palpable here, and we hope you experience it as well in listening. Thank you for your support.

1. NATHAN OPPOSITION (Ancient VVisdom) – The River of Dreams [Billy Joel]* 03:26
2. DRIVE BY WIRE – How Soon Is Now [The Smiths]* 05:23
3. TEMPLE OF DEIMOS – Dancing Days [Led Zeppelin]* 03:41
4. BLUES WEISER – Rags to Rags [Eels]* 04:07
5. AUTUMNBLAZE – Transilvanian Hunger [Darkthrone]* 03:44
6. MOS GENERATOR – She [Kiss]* 06:05
7. HEBI KATANA – Money [The Beatles]* 03:06
8. SNAIL – Fearless [Pink Floyd] 05:06
9. MITOCHONDRIAL SUN (Niklas Sundin) – Neverending Story [Limahl]* 03:44
10. INDIGO RAVEN – Push the Sky Away [Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds] 04:10
11. WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS – Not to Touch the Earth [The Doors] 04:01
12. DEE CALHOUN – The Knoxville Girl [The Louvin Brothers] 04:11
13. DEEP SPACE MASK – Strange Ways [Kiss] 03:49
14. BUZZARD CANYON – Where Eagles Dare [Misfits] 02:20
15. MOURN THE LIGHT – Bewitched [Candlemass] 06:45
16. SHADOW WITCH – I Wanna Be Your Dog [The Stooges] 03:47
17. THE BLACK LEGACY – Been Down So Long [The Doors] 04:28
18. SATOR – A Forest [The Cure] 09:54
19. NATHAN OPPOSITION (Ancient VVisdom) – The End of the World [Skeeter Davis]* 02:24
*previously unreleased

Various Artists, Magick Sun & Mystic Moon (2023)

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The Obelisk Presents: Stonus & Swan Valley Heights Tour Dates

Posted in The Obelisk Presents on July 25th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Stonus Swan Valley Heights

Quality bands doing the thing is always a win as far as I’m concerned. Cypriot sludgers Stonus and Germany’s Swan Valley Heights have a stretch of dates lined up together for the bulk of September. The former reached out to me, asked if I’d like to be included among presenters for the tour, and while I’ve said no plenty of times in the past to that kind of thing, this was an easy yes.

First of all, I’ve never seen either of these bands but I wish I had. Second, it’s not a huge tour, there’s no major corporate push behind it, and when it’s over, I assume at least most of those involved will go back to their jobs and regular day to day lives. But doing a tour like this means you believe in what you do enough to put your ass out there and do it for real, and if you can’t support that idea, you can’t support music. At least not in any way that involves actually showing up.

Since I can’t show up, I’ll do this instead. Stonus sent the below info over about the tour, and I’m sure I’ll be plugging it again before they launch the proceedings, but I want to make it clear how killer I think these shows will be, even before you factor in the whole two-years-no-shows thing between 2020-2022 thing. If you’re in their path, go:

Stonus Swan Valley Heights Tour poster

Stonus in collaboration with DAREDEVIL RECORDS and Fuzzorama Records’ psychedelic heavy rockers Swan Valley Heights are proud to present the European Co-headline Tour: Portals To the Sun

This time the five piratonauts join forces with the three amigos from Swan Valley Heights on a mission to spread their Sunny fuzzy riffs around Europe!!! Germany, Austria, Czech republic, Cyprus and UK are you ready for the most fuzzed-up mediterranean party?

3 September: Larnaca, Cyprus
13 September: London, UK
16 September: Berlin, GER
17 September: Dresden, GER
18 September: Lubbenau, GER
20 September: Salzburg, AUS
21 September: Munich, GER
22 September: Prague, CZ
24 September: Backnang, GER

More dates to be announced soon!
art by the one and only Soares Artwork

Few words from the band:
“It’s been a rough couple of years, forced to be isolated, desolated and alone. We would never have imagined that the release of our debut album would be followed by a pandemic… But that didn’t stop us from dreaming and we are finally touring Europe for the first time, with fuzzed-up tunes from “Aphasia”, “Seance” as well as older favourites! It’s a dream coming true and we are looking forward to sharing these experiences and connecting on a more personal level with all of you, who keep pushing and supporting us no matter what!
See you all on the road…

Loads of fuzzy love,

For further information visit our website:

STONUS “Mediterranean Fuzzed Up Heavy Rock” Stonus are a desert heavy rock quintet originating from Nicosia, Cyprus since 2015 and currently based in London. Their sound can be described as a mixture of desert, psychedelic, alternative and doom rock with pyrotechnic guitars, fuel firing solos, powerful drumming and raw dirty riffs held together by the melodic vocals and coloured by analogue equipment, complimented by high-energy live performances. To date Stonus have released three extended plays, building up to their debut album ‘Aphasia’ released in 2020 which made it into several AOYT lists and getting them a deal with Electric Valley Records and Daredevil Records . Stonus have shared the stage with bands including Conan, Elephant Tree, Riverside, Sunnata, Planet of Zeus and Nightstalker and participated in festivals such as Riffolution Fest in Manchester UK and Soundart Fest in Roumania.

SWAN VALLEY HEIGHTS A fat baby is born in Germany: The Heavy Seed, second album of Munich and Berlin based three-piece Swan Valley Heights. Ranging from three-minute-long instrumental bangers with no other intention than smashing heads to massive psych journeys that almost reach the quarter-hour mark; from big, ugly dissonances to acoustic guitar driven beach vibes – this eclectic piece of fuzzrock found its right home on Fuzzorama Records, even being mixed and mastered by no other than Truckfighters’ Mr. Dango. Releasing their debut album back in 2016, Swan Valley Heights quickly found their booth within the scene. Heavy, unique riffing and a semi-serious take on stoner rock’s clichés are fusing with a fascination for the psychedelic aesthetics and big spaces of the many branches the genre has to offer. Swan Valley Heights has been labeled progressive stoner, psychedelic fuzzrock and space grunge, birthing music that is far away from simply riding standard patterns into oblivion.

Stonus, Séance (2021)

Swan Valley Heights, The Heavy Seed (2019)

Stonus on Facebook

Stonus on Instagram

Stonus on Bandcamp

Swan Valley Heights on Facebook

Swan Valley Heights on Instagram

Swan Valley Heights on Bandcamp

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The Obelisk Presents: Alabama Thunderpussy Reunion Show Dec. 3 w/ Suplecs & Loud Night

Posted in The Obelisk Presents on June 20th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

The story of Richmond, Virginia’s Alabama Thunderpussy — whose moniker has not aged well but could definitely be worse — is long and has enough struggle and triumph, ups, downs, comings, goings, etc., to be fully human. Their last album was 2007’s Open Fire, which introduced their third frontman, Kyle Thomas, known for his work in Exhorder and as of 2012, vocalist for Chicago doom legends Trouble for the second time. Prior to that album’s sharper, more metallic take (which seemed at the time like a new start rather than the swansong it became), ATP helped define a path for post-C.O.C. Southern heavy rock, records like 1998’s Rise Again and 1999’s River City Revival — and I’ll add 2000’s Constellation to the list, just because I’ve always dug it — basking in a burl that bands still emulate and putting the double-guitar outfit in league with the stoner rock of the day through releasing on Frank Kozik‘s Man’s Ruin imprint.

You can read as much below, but you should know that there’s more to ATP‘s journey, their time on tour, signing to Relapse, and so on, than just this, just like there was always more to their songs than rough riffs and Dixie chestbeating. Like few before or since, they were able to convey a sense of heart that made their work more than a put-on.

What I’m getting to is that I’m thrilled to be presenting the band’s announced reunion show on Dec. 3 at Richmond Music Hall. They were a righteous live act, and I say that as someone who saw them at venues large and small, and as founding members Erik Larson (guitar) and Bryan Cox (drums) reignite the band with Ryan Lake on guitar as he was during their run in the aughts, Thomas back on vocals, and bassist Sam Krivanec, the prospect of this reunion stands as a potential introduction to an entire generation of listeners. 2007 was 15 years ago, just to remind you. 1998 was 24. An entire wave of heavy rock, as well as fans, has risen up in those years — and ATP could stand some catalog reissues in they’re going to keep this thing going — but for now it’s just one show, this first show, and I’m humbled to have The Obelisk involved in presenting it in this tiny way.

Tickets go on sale June 24 at the link below, and no less than friggin’ Suplecs are coming up from New Orleans to support, along with Richmond’s Loud Night. I can’t imagine it won’t sell out, and if you are making travel plans, as I am, you should have plenty of time to get it all sorted. Again, this might be a one-off, and it might not be a chance that comes again. I’m not trying to FOMO you out or talk it up without reason, but this strikes me as an evening that could be pretty special.

Info follows:

ATP Flyer square

Alabama Thunderpussy – Live Dec. 3

Tickets On Sale: June 24 at 12pm

Ticket Link:

Broadberry Entertainment Group presents Alabama Thunderpussy at Richmond Music Hall on December 3, 2022. This will be the first time the band has performed in 14 years!

In 1996, on a dirt floor basement in Richmond Virginia’s Oregon Hill neighborhood, Alabama Thunderpussy (ATP) first emerged in a detuned feedback laden assault. Putting into song the members’ love for Southern Rock, Heavy metal, Sludge-core and Punk, they got-busy-getting-busy right from the very beginning.

Within a few years, ATP was at the vanguard of the new Southern Heavy/Stoner Rock scene — releasing 3 albums (Rise Again-1998, River City Revival-1999, and Constellation-2000) on famed poster artist Frank Kozik’s Man’s Ruin Records and already touring internationally before signing with metal juggernaut, Relapse Records, in 2001. The band continued their Road-Dog work ethic matched with a prolific and unique musical crusade for an additional 4 albums (Staring at the Divine-2002, Fulton Hill-2004, Open Fire-2007, and Live at the Contamination Festival-2008) before they disbanded in 2008, leaving a legacy that continues to influence countless artists and musicians to this day.

Now, for the first time in 14 years, the band has resurfaced for an exclusive hometown performance on Saturday December 3rd at Richmond Music Hall. Embracing a selection of songs from their entire catalog, the show will be a celebration of loud Heavy Rock in that distinctive Alabama Thunderpussy flair. Support will be provided by New Orleans underground legends, Suplecs, and local Motorriffic Kings, Loud Night.

Poster by Bryan Cox.

Ticket Link:

Alabama Thunderpussy:
Bryan Cox-Drums
Sam Krivanec- Bass
Ryan Lake- Guitar
Erik Larson- Guitar
Kyle Thomas- Vocals

Alabama Thunderpussy, Open Fire (2007)

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The Obelisk Presents: HEAVY MASH FEST 2021, Oct. 2 in Arlington, TX

Posted in The Obelisk Presents on August 5th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

heavy mash

Been a while, right? I can’t even remember what the last ‘The Obelisk Presents’ gig might’ve been, and to be honest I’d rather not make myself sad by looking it up. And let’s be clear: No, I’m not 100 percent certain that Heavy Mash Fest 2021 will happen on Oct. 2. I’m not 100 percent certain of the state that Texas, the entire United States, or the world at large will be in by the time October, or September, or a week from now comes around. And further, I’m not advocating you go if you’re uncomfortable entering a public setting. I’m not about to punk-rock-guilt anyone into leaving the house when they don’t want to do so. You need to decide where you stand on all that stuff, and any position you might take, for whatever reason, is valid. Unless you’ve refused a Covid vaccine. Then you’re dumb.

That said, I’ve supported Heavy Mash for years now, and Mark Kitchens (also of Stone Machine Electric and Slow Draw) has put together an awesome lineup with Rainbows are Free coming down from Oklahoma, Hippie Death Cult slated to travel all the way from Portland, Oregon, as well as Texas natives Monte LunaWarlungHoly Death TrioTemptress and Summit. It’s a good show. I wish I could be there for it. I wish a lot of things. One way or the other, I’m happy to continue my association with the event by getting behind it in this admittedly small way. If you can make it — emphasis on “can” — I do not think you’ll come out the other end regretting it.

Full lineup announcement follows. Go with my best wishes, and probably a mask:


Heavy Mash – October 2nd, 2021

We are pleased to announce this year’s Heavy Mash! After a long year of no live show and not having Heavy Mash in 2020, our great friend Wade hosts this event at Division Brewing/Growl Records in Arlington, TX on October 2nd, 2021. Nothing but heavy music and great beer! Here is this year’s line-up:

Rainbows Are Free
Monte Luna
Hippie Death Cult
Holy Death Trio

Division Brewing, Growl Records, The Obelisk, Tokemage, and Fistful of Doom podcast sponsor this event. Big thanks to these folks for helping this event to flourish!

Follow Heavy Mash here to stay up to date:

Rainbows are Free, Head Pains (2019)

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