Review & Lyric Video Premiere: Pale Divine, Consequence of Time

Pale Divine Consequence of Time

[Click play above to see the premiere of Pale Divine’s lyric video for ‘Saints of Fire.’ Consequence of Time is out June 26 and available to preorder from Cruz Del Sur: CD preorder, LP preorder w/ poster & download, digital release June 19.]

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Even as they were releasing the self-titled,¬† Our writing service online will contact the relevant writer to get him/her started with the work. Please note that you can pay our thesis custom writing service using MasterCard, American Express, or Visa. All of these are safe and reliable channels of money transfer. Once we get the payment, the work will start immediately, and you will get the project on time. The Guarantees Pale Divine announced the addition of¬† meaning of assign Phd Thesis On Water Pollution application essay writing jobs help with science homework questions Dana Ortt on guitar and vocals alongside¬† Continue Reading Diener, a shift that was essentially a merging between¬† Looking to buy term paper online? Itís the 21st century now and read this is the modern way that students today make it through Pale Divine and the¬† provides best, custom and top rated essays online at affordable prices. Our expert essay writers guarantee remarkable quality with 24/7 Ortt-led¬† Want to buy a custom college application paper? offers professional Personal Statement For Uni for students. 100% Original content. Beelzefuzz, in which¬† Diener and¬†McCloskey had both been members. The end result is that between¬†Diener,¬†Ortt and¬†McGinnis,¬†Pale Divine now have three vocalists capable of carrying a song on their own, whether it’s¬†Diener‘s metal-tinged proclamations,¬†Ortt‘s bizarro-prog otherworldliness, complemented by his nuance of guitar tone, or¬†McGinnis with his lower register bluesy take. Unsurprisingly,¬†Consequence of Time is easily the most diverse album¬†Pale Divine have ever made, and perhaps also the richest in terms of its general approach, since the influences especially of its two guitarists are readily on display, whether it’s in the¬†Beelzefuzzian chug and dreamstate lumber of “Phantasmagoria” or in¬†Diener‘s veritable clinic on how to shred a solo and still give a sense of soul in the process.

It bears underscoring just how significant of a turn¬†Consequence of Time is for¬†Pale Divine. The band mark their 25th anniversary in 2020, having begun with¬†McCloskey and¬†Diener in 1995 before releasing their first demo a couple years later. It seems to me not just a marked change in terms of the band’s sound that welcoming¬†Ortt has enacted, but a genuinely admirable openness on the part of¬†Diener. Yes, there’s “sharing the spotlight,” as much as such a thing exists in a genre where one might be inclined in the first sentence of a review to point out how underrated it is, but more than that, to have the ability after some 20 years of having the band as a vehicle for his songwriting to be able to adjust the entire process in such a way is staggering.

pale divine

Ortt doesn’t just sing backup on¬†Consequence of Time, and he makes a mark in terms of the overall style of riffs and tones as well on songs like “Broken Martyr,” “Satan in Starlight,” and even the¬†Diener-led opener “Tyrants/Pawns (Easy Prey).” It’s a rare band and a rare player who would allow that kind of shift to take place at any point, let alone after 20 years, and¬†Pale Divine are unquestionably stronger for it. The patience¬†in the 10-minute unfolding of the 10-minute title-track alone is proof of the subtle level on which the change can be felt, a melding of purpose between what¬†Beelzefuzz were by their finish and the roots-doom mindset that Pale Divine have always portrayed so well.

Perhaps it’s sharing vocal duties that has allowed¬†Diener‘s guitar to shine all the more, but his leads soar throughout¬†Consequence of Time in striking fashion, and with McGinnis‘ bass and¬†McCloskey‘s drums behind, there’s never any risk of the band losing their trajectory whatsoever. As the title-track approaches the halfway mark,¬†Diener and¬†Ortt share vocals against a stark and largely quiet backdrop ahead of the next classic metal lead (it might be¬†Ortt‘s, I can’t be sure), but that moment sums up the incredible, throw-the-doors-open spirit of¬†Consequence of Time. Ortt takes the fore later, and¬†Diener rejoins and the two guitars lock purposes in solos and riffs to close out, but in that moment, not only the change of the band’s sound, but the creative spirit that drove that change are palpable. The risk and the reward both are right there for the listener to absorb.

The subsequent closing pair “No Escape” and “Saints of Fire” would seem to be an epilogue of sorts, or at least a movement unto themselves after the title-track, but their purpose isn’t lost for existing in the shadow of the 10-minute cut preceding. In the speedy “No Escape,”¬†Diener fronts, and they trade for “Saints of Fire,” and it’s a last-minute showcase of the multifaceted nature of who¬†Pale Divine are in 2020 and what they can accomplish as a group in this new form. “No Escape” gallops in brash form and is probably the most fun I’ve ever heard¬†Pale Divine have on a record, and “Saints of Fire” pushes in its second half into a quirky dark gorgeousness that feels like pure inheritance from¬†Beelzefuzz put to righteous use.¬†Pale Divine, the power-trio turned four-piece after 20-some years, march their way out of¬†Consequence of Time and into an unknowable future as a stronger, more versatile and more vibrant unit.

The band they were is still very much present in their sound, and they remain as sonically committed to doom as they’ve ever been, but the foundation of influence has expanded and their craft is all the more affecting and progressive for it. Between the quick turnaround, the new label and the new construction, Pale Divine move into their second quarter-century with an almost impossible feeling of potential, and one can only look forward to what they might yet accomplish as they move on from here. 25 years on and reaching new heights. That is a special band, and yes, vastly underrated. They may stay that way and they may not, but one way or the other,¬†Consequence of Time¬†will stand as one of 2020’s foremost offerings in doom, and deservedly so.

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  1. Mercyful Mike says:

    Spot on review, JJ!

  2. Coby says:

    Love the review! Does anyone know if the LP will available for preorder in the US? It currently say worldwide except for USA.

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