The Top 20 of 2020 Year-End Poll is Now Open!

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You`ve Found the best How To Write A Thesis Statement online on CustomWriting Entrust you work to skilled specialists Unlimited Support Money back You know the drill for the poll. There are 20 slots below. Fill out as many as you want — 20 should be easy to fill, but if you only feel strongly about five records, that’s fine — and hit enter. Your email is asked for to prove you’re human and will not be stored or added to any list or sold or whatever.

Letter Of Assignment offers qualified writing assistance at fair prices. On time delivery guaranteed. Same rules as always: Anything from Jan. 2020 to whatever’s coming out between now and Dec. 31 is eligible. Two lists are tabulated; one of the raw votes, and one in which a 1-4 ranking is worth five points, 5-8 worth four, 9-12 worth three, 13-16 worth two and 17-20 worth one.

help with writing college essays Homework Help Online Chat how to write a common app essay virginia woolf online essays Results are compiled and painstakingly checked to account for typographical anomalies, then beamed into a spreadsheet to go up Jan. 1, along with everybody’s individual list in one massive explosion of love for music that, if it doesn’t fill your bucket, you may not have a bucket to begin with.

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16 Responses to “The Top 20 of 2020 Year-End Poll is Now Open!”

  1. Gil Thijs says:

    Gave a thought to asking someone else to do my homework for me. It is at that your answer for “research and writing service australia for me,” always gets Pleas change the last 2 polls in Yuri gagarin outskirts of reality & Elder omens

  2. Gil Thijs says:

    What term paper writing service do you trust? Trust when you need to online. Order your paper today! Another poll
    Demonic death judge the trail
    Yuri gagarin outskirts of reality
    1000 mods youth of dissident
    Raging speedhorn hard to kill
    Black elephant seven swords
    Black rainbows cosmic super natural trip
    Lucifer III
    Brant bjork jungle is the sound
    Belzebong light the dankness
    Wino forever gone
    Old man gloom darkness of being
    Elder omens
    Horisont sudden death
    Psychlona venus skytrip
    The brothers keg folklore legendes myths
    Sergeant thunderhoof & howling giant turned to stone chapter 2
    Blues pills holy moly
    Big scenic nowhere lavender blues
    Cortez sell the future
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  3. Joshredearth says:

    The Obelisk Top 20 of 2020
    Blackbird Hill
    Razzle dazzle
    City burials
    King Buffalo
    Dead star
    Elephant tree
    Tar Pond
    Electric protocol of constant sadness
    Funeral planett
    Black metal
    My Dying Bride
    Ghost of Orion
    Noise figures
    The perfect spell
    Atomic bitchwax
    Spirit adrift
    Enlightened in eternity
    Mercury circle
    Dawn of vitriol
    Green carnation
    Leaves of yesteryear
    Grave image

    Your Name


  4. Cory Fusting says:

    This is going to be an interesting year as there doesn’t feel like a “clear” or “obvious” contender for 2020 as compared to prior years. I really dig the unpredictable feel of this one as the top picks could go all over the place.

    Also been a fantastic year for death/doom with the likes of Temple of Void, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Goden, Celestial Season, Bell Witch (Albeit a collaboration), and Rotting Kingdom among others!

  5. SabbathJeff says:

    I am hard-pressed to recall a year with as many late-comer contenders. Just got Serpents of Secrecy, Thou/ERR collab. finally shipped, etc. And I know Colour Hazes’ We Are came a year ago, but Ripple gave it to us stateside this year, so..?

    I know my # 1, but 2-20 are all just jumbled in the riff ether between my hearin’ holes.

  6. dutch gus says:

    Submitted. Compiled according to my highly scientific system of what I bought, what I think should be in on artistic merit, amount of joy it has brought me in total…

    A few that didn’t quite make the 20: Beehoover, Insect Ark, Goblinsmoker, Fistula, IAH

  7. lelo rezende says:

    chaotic divine
    maiden mother crone
    all them witches
    nothing as the idea
    causa sui
    dope smoker
    third stone from the sun
    we are all atomic
    brant bjork
    brant bjork
    the sword
    conquest of kingdons
    big scenic nowhere
    lavender blues
    king bufalo
    dead star
    Sign of the Devil
    Acid Mammoth
    Under Acid Hoof
    Ritual King
    Ritual King
    Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin
    Stygian Bough Volume I
    Temple of Void
    The World That Was
    elephant tree

  8. Rlelo says:

    1 Elder – Omens
    2 Rezn – Chaotic divine
    3 Lowrider – Refraction
    4 Sigirya – Maiden mother crone
    5 All them witches – Nothing as the idea
    6 Causa sui – Szabodelico
    7 Dope smoker – Zeroin
    8 Huanastone – Third stone from the sun
    9 Spotlights – We are all atomic
    10 Brant bjork – Brant bjork
    11 The sword – Conquest of kingdons
    12 Big scenic nowhere – Lavender blues
    13 King bufalo – Dead star
    14 Dopelord – Sign of the Devil
    15 Acid Mammoth – Under Acid Hoof
    16 Ritual King – Ritual King
    17 MSW – Oblivious
    18 Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin – Stygian Bough Volume I
    19 Temple of Void – The World That Was
    20 Elephant tree – Habits

  9. SabbathJeff says:

    Unlike the clarity of casting a ballot, wearing a mask, and trying to do the next right thing, this poll was massively complicated and wrought with indecision and regret. There were pie charts. I don’t even know where the pie charts came from or, moreover, what purpose they tried to serve in this task, yet there they were. For some reason, this year, trying to arbitrarily and objectively rank peoples’ creative aural lovechildren seems especially difficult. I honestly feel like all of us being robbed of live music has taken away our ability to correctly hear and feel these songs in a way that may well have altered the results of the poll. I really only know two things after completing this: I’m glad this year is ending, and there had best be a venue standing somewhere to see King Buffalo live again, whenever we’re allowed to safely do that.

    • SlayDaddy says:

      This is the most righteous statement I have seen crafted in some time. And I would pay whatever they want to see King Buffalo again in 2021. I am also holding on to an Elder ticket from May. Stay safe all and hope for the best!

  10. Colin M. says:

    For yet another year in a row, I felt really good about my top five and then had about 40 albums I thought definitely deserved to be #6-20. Which proved quite stressful and problematic. No doubt my top 20 for 2020 would look different if you ask me again in six months or a year.

  11. Max says:

    So a lot of my submissions go beyond the scope of tunes covered on The Obelisk, so I’ll take the chance to mention some of the goods I found on the blog this year: Yuri Gagarin, Slift and Automatism were my dearest discoveries on here and they all made my list. I probably would have missed the new Atomic Bitchwax which seems to be ignored by most of the other websides I follow. I appreciated the in depth writing on Elder (slight disappointment due to the vocals, but what can you expect after to masterpieces) and Causa Sui (it’s growing on me). On this note, I would love to read JJ’s take on the more jazzy releases by El Paraiso records. Causa Sui fans should definitviely check out the Martin Rudde & Jakob Skott Duo.

  12. Dani C says:

    Thank you for doing this every year! I never have time to keep up with all the new releases, but thanks to both this vote and your own list, very few slip through the cracks.

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