BleakHeart to Release Silver Pulse May 24

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If you, like me, found dark-times comfort in BleakHeart‘s Fall-2020 debut, Dream Griever (discussed here), then word of an impending follow-up will no doubt be likewise well received. The band expanded to a five-piece for the 2022 two-songer, Twilight Visions, and bring breadth and depth to melancholy cuts like the string-laced “Sinking Sea” and the soulfully spacious “Where I’m Disease,” the latter of which serves as the goth-tinged first single from Silver Pulse, due out May 24 on Seeing Red Records. Minimal in “Let Go” and heavy with more-than-obligatory purpose as “Weeping Willow” culminates, the album reaches farther in sound and emotive expression, and while I’m just getting to know the songs, the space provided feels sympathetic in a way that not a lot of even tangentially-heavy anything is willing to be.

For more, the “Where I’m Disease” video is under the PR wire info following here. See where it takes you:

Bleakheart silver pulse

New album from Gloom Rockers BLEAKHEART launches today!

To make sense of a senseless world, the crux behind BleakHeart’s second full length album, Silver Pulse, expands beyond the mourning of Dream Griever (2020) into a lush melancholic personal telling of cellular decay and the wish to understand and break down powers outside of our control. It both expresses the pain felt within the wake of disease, loss, and the unknown, as well as surrendering to its taking.

“Once you have grappled with the sheer physicality that your body will have to be in, and go through for the rest of your life,” explains backing vocalist, lyricist, synth player Kiki GaNun about her experience with dynamic disability, “then comes the waves of emotions, and the reality that although this is not a fully inclusive and complete identity, it absolutely will color every part of you and your experience.”

Sonically, BleakHeart intertwines raw, rich interweaving guitars with string quartets, pulsating bass, and celestial synths and pianos, all beautifully blended as the underbelly for emotive, ethereal vocals. Produced by Pete de Boer of World Famous Studios, the all analogue production amplifies BleakHeart’s expansive sound and somber songwriting, inviting the listener in for a heart wrenching, intimate experience.

Vinyl / CD / Digital
Seeing Red Records:

Lyrics written by Kiki GaNun and Kelly Schilling. String quartet written and arranged by Kelly Schilling.

Performed by:
Violin – Amy Rosenberg
Violin – Ciarra Denman
Viola – Anthony Limon
Cello – Ron Schilling III
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Pete de Boer at World Famous Studios April 2023
Cover art by Brian d’Agosta of Gostworks Art

Bleakheart is:
JP Damron – guitars
Mark Chronister – guitars
Kiki GaNun – vocals, synth
Kelly Schilling – vocals, keys, synth, bass guitar
Joshua Quinones – drums (album)
Garrett B Jones – drums (live)

BleakHeart, “Where I’m Disease” official video

BleakHeart, Silver Pulse (2024)

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