Review: Various Artists, Live in the Mojave Desert, Vols. 1-5

Posted in Reviews on April 13th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

live in the mojave desert 1-5

Late in 2020, when the project was announced, ďI can attest that Susan is one of the most capable and talented Doctoral Dissertation Definitions around, Live in the Mojave Desert sounded immediately ambitious. A series of five exclusive streams, taking bands and putting them out in the Californian deserts, with civilization somewhat visible from the aerial drone shots, but definitely far enough away to have been left behind, to record live sets by Giant Rock (see also: What about delegating your task to reliable read here service? There is one in view. Only quality content. Fair prices & discounts. Qualified staff. Yawning Man, Affordable prices for Annotation Articles in Australia Assignment helps provide report writing services in Sydney, Australia for university students. Live at Giant Rock, the video/LP something of a precursor) and be captured doing so by professional audio and video. The series was successfully pulled off, which was impressive in itself, and it set a standard for heavy acts in this era of streaming that few could hope to match. The intention was concert-film, and the results were likewise.

How To Write The Introduction To A Dissertation- Why Buy From Us? Sometimes writing even a simple essay often develops onto an almost impossible task due to many factors. Heavy Psych Sounds and the newly-formed How To Help My Child With Homework Online, Compare And Contrast Art Essay About how to write a business plan.Free sample business plan with template interesting to Giant Rock Records — helmed by series director We must buy newspapers. The mission of this website is to increase access to high-quality journalism while helping to fund the reporting necessary to hold President Trump accountable. On this site you can 1) pledge to, 2) request a free newspaper subscription, or 3) donate towards a gift subscription. Ryan Jones — have overseen physical pressings of the sets as live albums, taking the audio caught by offers professional my review here. 100% plagiarism free, from per page, 24/7 support, 100% money back guarantee. Dan Joeright of PhD Thesis Editors in UK offer unmatched PhD Content Writing Company Us. Our editing service in UK includes Grammar check, Structure and Sentence Flow and Gatos Trail Studio in Joshua Tree with mixing by¬† High quality custom essay for Australian and international students. Only qualified writers, reasonable prices and complete privacy guarantee. Matt Lynch¬†at¬† article source for college essay for sale. April 14, 2020 Best dissertation writers for ut physics homework service. Posted on custom speech editor service gb by thesis outline on abortion. There is a consensual understanding about how genuine the differences are usually hypothetical interpolations between best dissertation writers measured values or, worse, extrapolations beyond Mysterious Mammal and others. From this comes¬† Dissertation Based On Secondary Research - Dissertations and resumes at most affordable prices. All kinds of academic writings & research papers. Essays & dissertations Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 1-5,¬†and from the moment Our Service Company is supporting learners, particularly in the USA, to get outstanding marks in their academic careers. We have developed our status of being one of the most trustworthy and reliable writing service providers by working quite hard to enhance our standard continuously. Our dissertation writing service is specially designed to cater to the needs of Isaiah Mitchell starts echoing out the notes that signal the pickup in “Violence of the Red Sea” to the final wah-out, crashes and shout of Reckless fulfill that doth libidinously? Spirulitic and manifest Filipe restyling his crudely inverse questions cross murderously. Mountain Tamer‘s “Living in Vain,” it remains clear the series is something special — a grand monument built to an ugly time.

A rundown:

Earthless, Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 1

earthless live in the mojave desert
(stream review here)

The crazy thing about this series — or one of the crazy things, anyhow — is that if it had been just¬† Buy essays online and Scholarship Essays For Single Mothers with Good prices, top quality. Earthless, that probably would’ve been enough to be staggering. Admittedly, it is difficult to hear the audio from bassist¬† The writing companies nowadays are running and making bucks because of the students who contact them online by saying- Pay Someone To Do My Homework. Mike Eginton, drummer¬† Mario Rubalcaba and the aforementioned¬†Isaiah Mitchell and not think of the desert at night being lit up by the¬†Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show, drones flying overhead as trippy lights flash and shift with the music, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.¬†Earthless¬†played three songs — “Violence of the Red Sea,” “Sonic Prayer” and “Lost in the Cold Sun” — and that’s enough to make their release the only 2LP of the¬†Live in the Mojave Desert¬†set, topping out at about 77 minutes, with the entirety of sides C and D dedicated to “Lost in the Cold Sun”‘s 39-minute sprawl.

There’s a reason¬†Earthless were the headliners for this thing, and it’s because there’s no one else who has the same instrumental dynamic they bring to the stage — or sand, as it were — and because if you’re going for “epic” as a standard, they’re the band you call. Will¬†Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 1 replace¬†Live at Roadburn 2008¬†(discussed here) as the band’s supreme live-recorded statement? I don’t know, but it sure sounds incredible. “Sonic Prayer” comes through with due sense of worship and “Lost in the Cold Sun” fuzzy grace feels like the kind of thing a future generation might think of as classic rock. Watching, it was easy to get lost in the show, follow the head-spinning turns of guitar atop the ultra-sure foundation of bass and drums, and listening, it’s the same. With an exquisite mix and a vital performance, it’s every bit the best-case-scenario for what¬†Live in the Mojave Desert could and should be.

Earthless on Thee Facebooks

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Earthless on Bandcamp

Nebula, Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 2

nebula live in the mojave desert
(stream review here)

With Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 2, I consider Nebula‘s comeback complete. The band reformed in 2017, hit the road hard, and in 2019 offered up the return studio full-length, Holy Shit! (review here), and toured again for as long as that option was available. They have new material in the works too, and what’s most striking about the trio’s performance the 10-song/48-minute set here is how characteristic it sounds. Drummer Mike Amster (also¬†Mondo Generator, etc.) and bassist¬†Tom Davies strap the listener down while founding guitarist/vocalist¬†Eddie Glass takes off to the center of the universe, and amid classics like that opener,¬†Holy Shit!¬†cuts like “Messiah,” “Let’s Get Lost,” “Man’s Best Friend” and the new song “Wall of Confusion” fit right in. There’s never a doubt, never a question of who you’re hearing. Even the sloppiest moments are pure¬†Nebula.

That’s what they’ve always been — part punk, part heavy psych, part pure go — and¬†Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 2¬†brings that to bear without question. As a follow-up to¬†Holy Shit!¬†as well as the band’s second sanctioned live recording behind 2008’s¬†Peel Session, it captures their inimitable sonic persona and the sense of chaos that their material always seems to carry, like it’s all about to come apart at any second and if it did, fuck it anyway, you’re the one with the problem. It never does come apart here, which I guess is to the band’s credit as well, but this set is nonetheless a full expression of who¬†Nebula are as a group. Now get to work on that next record.

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Spirit Mother, Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 3

spirit mother live in the mojave desert

(stream review here)

If one might think of including Spirit Mother in the series as a risk, the risk was mild at best, and as the first of two bands representing a next generation of California’s heavy underground, the Long Beach troupe more than acquitted themselves well in their relatively brief 10-song/33-minute showing.¬†Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 3¬†basks in the violin-conjured atmospheres of the four-piece’s debut album,¬†Cadets (review here), and wants nothing for impact to complement that ethereal sensibility. Their songs are short, and that gives them a kind of proto-grunge edge, and the vocals of bassist¬†Armand Lance, who shares those duties with violinist¬†SJ, add drug-punkish urgency to the procession of one song into the next.

For a band coming off their first album, they are intricate in aesthetic in ways that might surprise new listeners, and that’s exactly why they feature behind¬†Nebula¬†in this series. Hearing them dig into “Black Sheep” and “Martyrs” and “Dead Cells” on¬†Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 3¬†is the best argument I can think of in favor of signing the band for their next studio release, and if¬†Heavy Psych Sounds¬†doesn’t, someone else surely will. Not trying to tell anyone their business, of course, but¬†Spirit Mother¬†are happening one way or another. That combination of air, earth, and fuzz is too good to leave out.

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Stöner, Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 4

Stöner live in the mojave desert

(stream review here)

Aired fifth but billed almost inevitably as¬†Vol. 4, the unveiling of St√∂ner, the new trio from Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri with Ryan Gut (also of the former’s solo band) on drums was a bonus to the¬†Live in the Mojave Desert. On-again-off-again collaborators across decades,¬†Bjork¬†and¬†Oliveri nestled into mostly laid-back, stripped down grooves, their stated purpose in going back to the roots of the sound they helped create in the first place. The¬†Kyuss-ness of the central riff of opener “Rad Stays Rad” is no less demonstration of their having done so than the driving punk of the¬†Oliveri-fronted “Evel Never Dies.” The vibe is nostalgic in that song, as well as “Rad Stays Rad,” the gleefully funked “Stand Down,” and “The Older Kids,” but if St√∂ner¬†is about looking back at this point, they’re doing so with fresh eyes.

To wit, “Own Yer Blues,” “Nothin’,” and the 13-minute mint-jam finale “Tribe/Fly Girl” are more endemic of who these players have become than who they were in the early ’90s or before, and that applies to “Stand Down” too.¬†Bjork‘s vocals sound double-tracked on some of the parts (or at least close delay), but he and Oliveri work well together as one would expect, and as a reveal for what these guys had come up with in renewing their collaboration,¬†Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 4¬†offers seven memorable songs that would make anything more seem unnecessarily fancied up. If their calling card is that rad stays rad, they prove it. And I know he’s not the top bill in the trio with Bjork‘s flow and Oliveri‘s bass tone, but¬†Gut‘s contributions here aren’t to be understated.

Stoner on Instagram

Stoner website

Mountain Tamer, Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 5

mountain tamer live in the mojave desert

(stream review here)

Second only to St√∂ner in curiosity factor, L.A. trio Mountain Tamer have always held a darker edge in their sound, and that comes through in the brash 36 minutes, shouts and screams echoing out over fuzzed garage metal in a fuckall that’s punk in attitude but angrier in its underlying core. Guitarist/vocalist¬†Andrew Hall, bassist¬†Dave Teget and drummer Casey Garcia are the kind of band who open the show and sell the most merch when they’re done. The elements they’re working with are familiar and have been all along in their decade together and across their three LPs — the latest of them, 2020‚Äôs¬†Psychosis Ritual¬†(review here), was released by¬†Heavy Psych Sounds — but more even than in their studio work,¬†Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 5¬†brought to light just how much their own their sound really is.

Whether languid as in “Chained” or “Black Noise” or furious as in “Warlock” and “Living in Vain,”¬†Mountain Tamer give¬†Nebula a run for their money in terms of chaos, and easily make for the most pissed off listen of the bunch in¬†Live in the Mojave Desert. The relative roughness of their edge suits them, however, and the rampant echo on the guitar assures there’s still a spacious sound to act as counterbalance to all that thrashing and gnashing. If you can call it balance, I don’t know, but it works for them and they wield their sound as knife more than bludgeon when it comes to it.

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Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 1-5 teaser

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The Obelisk Show on Gimme Metal Playlist: Episode 54

Posted in Radio on March 5th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

the obelisk show banner

Back to normal, such as it is, for¬†The Obelisk Show. I did two songs in two hours last time and though it seemed to go over decently well in the chat, it was less welcomed by the station itself. Fair. I’ll readily admit that two hours of psychedelic improv is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, even in a setting that supports extreme fare as a central ethic. I’m lucky they decided to air it. I’m lucky they let me do another episode.

In here you’ll find some more rocky stuff like Greenleaf and Formula 400. I’ve yet to really dig into the new Domkraft, so I wanted to give that a roll, and then the show gets into some heavier industrial stuff. Godflesh were talked about here last week, and Trace Amount, but some Sanford Parker and Author & Punisher too. I’ve had an itch lately that stuff has helped scratch. After that and Yawning Sons is my little homage to the¬†Live in the Mojave Desert¬†stream series. Mountain Tamer are on that this weekend and it’s well worth your time to search out. Of course, Earthless started that series so they’ll end the show here. Only fitting.

Thanks for listening and/or reading.

The Obelisk Show airs 5PM Eastern today on the Gimme app or at

Full playlist:

The Obelisk Show – 03.05.21

Greenleaf Love Undone Echoes From a Mass
Genghis Tron Ritual Circle Dream Weapon
Sunnata A Million Lives Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth
Sonic Demon Black Smoke Vendetta
Formula 400 Messenger Heathens
Domkraft Dawn of Man Seeds
Kauan Raivo Ice Fleet
Godflesh Avalanche Master Song Godflesh
Author & Punisher Ode to Bedlam Beastland
Trace Amount ft. Body Stuff Concrete Catacomb Concrete Catacomb
Sanford Parker Knuckle Crossing Lash Back
Yawning Sons Cigarette Footsteps Sky Island
Spirit Mother Space Cadets Cadets
Nebula Let’s Get Lost Holy Shit
Mountain Tamer Black Noise Psychosis Ritual
Brant Bjork Stardust & Diamond Eyes Brant Bjork
Earthless Violence of the Red Sea From the Ages

The Obelisk Show on Gimme Metal airs every Friday 5PM Eastern, with replays Sunday at 7PM Eastern. Next new episode is March 19 (subject to change). Thanks for listening if you do.

Gimme Metal website

The Obelisk on Thee Facebooks

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Video Interview: Tom Davies of Nebula Talks ‘Live in the Mojave’, New Album and More

Posted in Bootleg Theater, Features on February 10th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

nebula for interview

According to¬†Nebula bassist/backing vocalist Tom Davies, the venerable Los Angeles trio have about 17 songs written for their next album in one stage or another of completion. Sounds like plenty, right? To put that to scale, 2019’s Holy Shit¬†(review here) had nine. So that’s at least a full-length and probably an EP’s worth, with some odds and ends left over either for later or the riffy scrapheap. In any case,¬†Davies, founding guitarist/vocalist Eddie Glass and¬†drummer¬†Mike Amster are hoping to record in the next couple months with an eye toward releasing in the Fall.

If the last year taught humanity anything, though, it’s that the best laid plans often… catch the plague? Whatever.¬†Nebula in 2020 were to have taken off on tour with fellow stoner legends¬†Monster Magnet on a US tour that was to begin right around the time everything started locking down. The good news, I suppose, is they had time to write and work on 17 songs in a way they’ve never done before —¬†Glass also became a father for the first time; his and his girlfriend’s baby has a cameo in the ‘Couchlock and Rock’ segment preceding their recent ‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ livestream (review here), and is of course an adorable lump of mini-humanity as babies are at that stage of life — and whenever it surfaces,¬†Holy Shit‘s follow-up will continue the band’s post-reunion shift back into a full-on working group.

And if you didn’t watch it, ‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ is proof-positive of exactly why that’s good news. The trio, set up out in the desert, first sunset, then psychedelic oil projections from Mad Alchemy surrounding, live-album-worthy sound (which is fortunate, since the set will be a live album on¬†Heavy Psych Sounds) and drones flying around capturing the whole thing — the production scale is massive for a livestream — but at the core of it is¬†Nebula kicking ass in classic form. A power trio.¬†Davies and¬†Amster, with absolutely locked in grooves despite not having done a show in however long, while¬†Glass rips out another solo because what the hell the world’s ending anyway. If that’s to be the shape of human dystopia, then at least we know hedonism will outlive us.

Davies, loungin’ in his home studio, took some time out to talk about the process of making the stream — he hadn’t seen the finished product yet when we spoke, and neither had I — as well as writing and recording, life during lockdown in the desert, and more.

Please enjoy:

Nebula Interview with Tom Davies, Feb. 4, 2021

A video of “Let’s Get Lost” was posted as a preview for the full stream that aired this past weekend. You can see that and stream Holy Shit in its entirety both below.

Nebula, “Let’s Get Lost” from Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 2

Nebula, Holy Shit (2019)

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Live in the Mojave Desert tickets at Tixr

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Live Stream Review: Nebula, Live in the Mojave Desert

Posted in Reviews on February 8th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

nebula live in the mojave desert with header

A good many have tried, but the special off-the-rails sensibility in Nebula has never properly been duplicated. Often associated with the Californian desert rock scene — something the trio played into with the fisheye-instruments-on-sand cover art for their 1999 debut, To the Center (discussed here, also here), though it was recorded in Seattle — they might in fact be the last great stoner rock band, founded by guitarist¬†Eddie Glass alongside fellow¬†Fu Manchu¬†alums¬†Mark Abshire and¬†Ruben Romano. With¬†Glass‘ classic shred and loose swinging riffs, drawling vocals and flourishes of hard garage and psychedelia throughout, Nebula have nonetheless remained a punk act throughout their tenure, and that combination of elements in the precise measure brought to bear by¬†Glass — now joined in the cause by bassist/backing vocalist Tom Davies and drummer¬†Mike Amster (also¬†Mondo Generator, ex-Blaak Heat, etc.) — has made them a standout for over two decades.

That tenure was interrupted following the release of 2009’s Heavy Psych¬†(review here) and a 2010 split with¬†Quest for Fire on Tee Pee Records, but with a return in 2017 that led to much touring and the release of 2019’s comebacker¬†Holy Shit (review here),¬†Nebula have remained vital, and more importantly, have remained¬†Nebula. As the second installment of producer/director Ryan Jones‘ ‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ stream series, they seem right at home for a band who spent 2020 off the road. Maybe there’s a little shaking off the dust as they get started with the title-track of the aforementioned¬†To the Center, but between the desert wind and the air being pushed by¬†Amster‘s kick and the amps of¬†Davies and¬†Glass, there’s little to worry about in that regard.

The basic idea of presentation was much the same as with the first installment a couple weeks ago that featured Earthless¬†(review here): take a heavy band out to the desert, set them up with pro audio and lights, multiple cameras, drones buzzing around getting wide shots and scenery, and when night falls, let¬†Mad Alchemy‘s¬†Lance Gordon and crew light it up with psychedelic oil projections as it seems only they could. Following an hour of interview and preview/promotional programming — including sample audio from upcoming Spirit Mother and Mountain Tamer streams — Nebula start circa sunset under a gorgeous turquoise sky and tear into a set of new material and old with signature ferocity, the inheritors of whatever oozing degenerate vibe once made The Stooges seem so dangerous, and soon enough are jamming through “Man’s Best Friend,” “Giant” from 2001’s Charged and “Clearlight” again from the debut, drones still showing a bit of daylight left though the band seem by then thoroughly locked into a world of their own.

Spacey samples push the far-far-out feel for “Clearlight,” and after new song “Wall of Confusion” and¬†Holy Shit‘s “Tomorrow Never Comes,” there’s a quick interview break filmed after the set that acts as a buffer before the second half of the show. They talk about favorite concert films —¬†Live at Pompeii, The Song Remains the Samethough¬†Glass is largely unintelligible beneath a gorilla mask. As one might suspect, when they restart, it’s with the¬†Mad Alchemy light show behind them, and “Let’s Get Lost,” which served last week as a preview clip ahead of the full performance airing, earns its place as a focal point here as well.


It is an anti-anthem, a punk track that’s too high to see straight and too talented to fall completely apart, though not for lack of trying. The lyrics “take some drugs,” “drop out” and “society’s a bummer” flash on the screen before the song is deconstructed to synthy sampling and effects noise,¬†Amster‘s holding-it-all-together drums signaling the transition into “Messiah,” another Holy Shit highlight, which¬†Glass solos into oblivion leading to a moment of silence that’s so loud it’s damn near poignant. Wait. Am I supposed to be feeling feelings right now?

No time. “Perfect Rapture” from the¬†Quest for Fire split drawls into the more uptempo “It’s All Over” and “Witching Hour,” a quick nod to Dead Kennedys included, and they finish cold as the video fades out. By then, Nebula have clearly demonstrated their much-missed unfuckwithability as a live act, and the lack of crowd — with a substantial crew, some trailers shown in the early drone shots, porta-johns, trucks tucked off to the side, and so on, they’re not quite void of audience — does nothing to dull their impact. Their dynamic has changed over the years with different players, but the unhinged nature of their approach remains singular¬†and remains their own.

Watching a Nebula stream would probably already be the kind of thing that’s a highlight of whatever afternoon, and they’ve done one or two prior to this. The difference, of course, is the professional, concert-film level at which¬†‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ is executed. On a sheer production level, it’s unmatched by anything I’ve seen in the streaming era, and in the use of visual effects,¬†Sam Grant‘s skillful, rhythmic editing, the inclusion of¬†Mad Alchemy and the sense of urgency that’s driving the whole project, it is a rare positive marker for this time that has disintegrated the live music experience and perhaps changed it permanently.

I mean that. ‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ rises to meet the moment in which it’s happening. It’s not about a middle finger to COVID, though I guess it’s that too, and it’s not just a reminder that bands are still cool. It’s something more its own; a grand-scale passion project that’s open to public view. Will people talk about¬†Nebula¬†at Skull Rock like¬†Pink Floyd in Pompeii? Shit if I know. Ask me in 50 years. But right now, the comfort and the reassurance ‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ provides isn’t to be understated. For just a little while, letting go mentally and and following those drones as they soar over lit-up boulders, it kind of seems like it’ll just be what it’s gonna be. Life’s hard, everything’s hard, but at least there’s this.

Nebula, “Let’s Get Lost” from Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 2

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Live in the Mojave Desert tickets at Tixr

Stoned and Dusted Instagram

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Heavy Psych Sounds website

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Nebula: “Let’s Get Lost” Video from Live in the Mojave Desert Posted

Posted in Bootleg Theater on February 4th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

nebula live in the mojave desert

It is my hope that by the time this post reaches your eyes — tomorrow morning or early afternoon to me, stuck in the past — you’ve not only already seen this video already, but it’s entirety superfluous because you’re not only aware of how righteous it is, you’ve already secured your access to Nebula‘s ‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ stream, the second in the series of five being put on by producer Ryan Jones (also of the Stoned and Dusted fest), which airs this Saturday.

If you missed it, the first installment in the series featured Earthless (review here), and I’m not shitting you when I say it was such stuff as dreams are made of. And if you can think of a better follow-up to have shredding fuzz in the desert night than Nebula (among bands who actually exist), then cheers, you’re one up on me. Door prizes include spending 12 years of your life blogging imaginary conversations with no one. Good luck.

Like the Earthless stream, there will be two hours of programming. First hour, interviews, all very super-casual and Californian. Second hour, you get to watch Nebula kill it in hi def. If you were to actually go to a show and see Nebula, as I did in Sept. 2019 (review here), it still would not be the same as this experience, not only because it’s clearer than you’re seeing any night Nebula are playing, but also because of the Mad Alchemy crew lighting up the desert night, the pro-shop audio mix and master, and the fucking drones buzzing around taking video from above.

Look. If we’ve ever been friends, I’m telling you, this series is something special. And I know they’re putting out vinyl and videos and whatever after the fact through Heavy Psych Sounds, and I’m sure as hell not going to say don’t buy it — because, yeah, do — but this is the kind of thing that if you’re not on board for it as it’s happening, you stand a good chance of regretting that later. That’s all I’ve got.

Here’s Nebula doing “Let’s Get Lost”:

Nebula, “Let’s Get Lost” from Live in the Mojave Desert Vol. 2

LIVE IN THE MOJAVE DESERT is a livestream concert film series created in the California wilderness, with performances from Earthless, Nebula, Spirit Mother, Mountain Tamer, and STONER (a new band by Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri).

Each film will be presented in a world-premiere, 1080p HD livestream event hosted by the California Desert Wizards, the bands, and your favorite rock heroes of the California Desert Rock scene. It’s gonna be a party so get ready for rad music, good times, and other far out content.

Each event will last two hours which will include an hour long ‚ÄúCouchlock and Rock‚ÄĚ session featuring a chat hosted by the California Desert Wizards alongside special guests including band members and icons from the California Desert Rock scene‚ÄĒthink if MTV in the 80‚Äôs was run by heshers and stoners. The second hour will feature the 1080p HD livestream concert film experience. The band lineup includes:

EARTHLESS ‚Äď Saturday, January 23
NEBULA ‚Äď Saturday, February 6
SPIRIT MOTHER ‚Äď Saturday, February 20
MOUNTAIN TAMER ‚Äď Saturday, March 6
STONER (the new project from Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri)‚Äď Saturday, March 20

Nebula on Thee Facebooks

Nebula on Instagram

Live in the Mojave Desert tickets at Tixr

Stoned and Dusted Instagram

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Heavy Psych Sounds on Thee Facebooks

Heavy Psych Sounds website

Heavy Psych Sounds on Bandcamp

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California Desert Wizards Association Launches CDWA Records & Announce Live in the Mojave Desert Series

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 13th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

The California Desert Wizards Association, in case you’re unfamiliar, are the good souls behind putting together the Stoned and Dusted festival, desert heavy loyalists through and through. This makes the launch of CDWA Records only good news. And kudos to the nascent imprint for doing it in style and announcing not only a first release, but a series of five live albums and videos — LP, CD, DVD — all slated to have online premieres in the early-going of 2021.

The lineup for Live in the Mojave Desert Vols. 1-5 is a powerhouse assemblage of legends and upstarts. Led off by Earthless and Nebula, before dipping into the heavy psych-gaze of Spirit Mother (whose March 2020 offering, Cadets, has been undeservedly lost in the plague shuffle of this year but is a gem nonetheless) and the inexplicable dark forces of Mountain Tamer before unveiling a new Brant Bjork/Nick Oliveri collaboration in Stoner.

Cheers to Ryan Jones of the CDWA on the ambitious kickoff for the new project, and here’s looking forward to hearing this stuff and seeing the videos with Mad Alchemy and the bands. Killer.

Details follow, courtesy of Jones via the PR wire:

cdwa records logo

CDWA Announces Live in the Mojave Desert Livesteam Series

Well, well, well, have we got some big news for you California Desert Wizards. We at the CDWA have been busy! I’m very proud to announce the formation of CDWA Records; created to film, record and bring you concert films and live albums from your favorite stoner and desert rock bands made entirely in the far flung parts of the desert. Coming in Winter 2021, we bring you the first in our concert film series:


5 New Concert Films + 5 New Albums

Filmed and Recorded Live in the Mojave Desert, California

With the MAD ALCHEMY LIQUID LIGHT SHOW lighting up the desert!!

Our 2020 Stoned and Dusted party got canceled by Covid. We had to do something rad for all you rockers who bought airfare, booked hotels, bought tickets to the show and then had to get it all refunded, what we call “no-fun”ded. So we filmed Yawning Man at Giant Rock. We filmed Brant Bjork among the Joshua trees at sunset. And in May 2020 we brought you Couchlock and Rock: an online, hosted, break-out-the-bong, concert film watch party. We loved it. We wanted more. So we made more.

In October 2020 we filmed and recorded five bands in four days, deep in the deep sand and iconic rocks of the desert. It was pretty wild getting all of our gear out there. But we did it and it was waaaaay worth it!
24 track Pro Tools recordings
“All the sounds blew my mind”!
The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show projecting on a 4 story high, double pyramid of boulders and a crack squad of badass filmmakers and photographers there to capture it
“All the colors made me blind!”
Holy shit are you in for a treat!!

Coming just in time for a cold, quarantined winter, we will live host five concert film premiers online and release the five albums coming out on vinyl. At the end of November, tickets and albums will go on sale so you Desert Wizards can watch together online, rock out, chat, joke and smoke. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Start drying your fall harvest so it’s ready in time. Check out the video below, and (puff, puff) pass it on to your friends.

Cheers and thanks and stay healthy,

California Desert Wizards Association Records, Live in the Mojave Desert Vols. 1-5 teaser

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Heavy Psych Sounds Opens US Webshop; Announces Copious Represses

Posted in Whathaveyou on October 29th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

heavy psych sounds blue logo

Is it a a coincidence that Italian imprint Heavy Psych Sounds has just opened an official US webshop in the wake of earlier-2020’s All That is Heavy fallout and announced a slew of vinyl repress preorders for the likes of Brant Bjork, Duel, High Reeper, Nebula and Crypt Trip? Likely not, you astute observer of business practices, you. The¬†Duel and¬†High Reeper LPs have new covers — you’ll note¬†Duel swapped out red for blue; that cover still rules — and that the latter also features two bonus tracks including a¬†Pentagram cover. So that’s nifty. Plus limited runs for the others and¬†Brant Bjork‘s¬†Jacoozzi¬†and¬†Jalamanta (some records you can never have too many of) and¬†Nebula‘s classic¬†To the Center¬†makes it a busy week for the label. Nothing like a trial by fire for that new store.

Speaking of, I clicked the link below. I’m not going to say I regret it, but my wallet might. You’ll find shirts and recent releases, upcoming stuff and basically a slew of CDs I want. So it goes.

Link and info came from the label:

heavy psych sounds represses



Our new warehouse is located in San Antonio, Texas and starting from today you can find a selection of our old catalog, our latest releases, part of the merch catalog and you can start to preorder the upcoming releases.

We just shipped small amounts for each edition of each title so possibly some of them will be shortly not available, but we will start shipping more stock on regular basis. We are only at the beginning so we are planning to make things bigger and bigger and deliver you the full catalog of records and merch asap, this has been a big step for us and we are so stoked to made this happen.

For those who want to purchase any title or merch still not available at the US shop you can keep buying from the dear old shop – we will deliver you fast as usual from the dear old warehouse!! Thanks a lot to Paul Huff our new sales and logistic manager for the US territory.

From monday 26th to thursday 29th we are having the HPS REPRESS WEEK:

MONDAY – 26th
NEBULA ‚Äď To The Center ‚Äď same cover ‚Äď released in 150 LTD 3 COLORS STRIPED blue/white/red VINYL + BLACK VINYL

CRYPT TRIP ‚Äď Rootstock ‚Äď new cover – released in 150 LTD HALF-HALF red/orange VINYL + BLACK VINYL

HIGH REEPER ‚Äď High Reeper ‚Äď new cover + 2 bonus tracks !!! ‚Äď 150 LTD SIDE A – SIDE B blue/purple VINYL + BLACK VINYL + digipak

High Reeper has 2 new bonus tracks: World Weaver (new bonus track) 2:06 and Hurricane (Pentagram Cover ‚Äď new bonus track) 2:03
DUEL ‚Äď Fears Of The Dead ‚Äď new cover ‚Äď 150 LTD 3 COLORS STRIPED blue/yellow/orange + BLACK VINYL

BRANT BJORK – Jalamanta – 150 LTD 3 COLORS STRIPED green/yellow/purple/ VINYL
BRANT BJORK – Jacoozzi – 150 LTD SIDE A – SIDE B yellow/red VINYL

PRESALE for all 4 represses STARTS: October 29th
RELEASE DATE for all 4 represses: January 11th

High Reeper, Live at Sonic Blast Online 2020

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The Electric Highway 2020: Full Lineup & Pre-Party Announced

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 12th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

the electric highway poster

Last time, when The Electric Highway 2020 called out its preliminary lineup, I decided to roll with calling it the inaugural-ish edition of the Calgary-based festival, as it’s grown out of the 420 Music & Arts Festival of years prior, but still, there’s no question they’re doing it up for the occasion of the new name and presentation. Poster art by none other than David Paul Seymour has been unveiled, Mothership have joined on with Sasquatch, Wo Fat and Duel near the top of a Texas-dominant lineup — Sasquatch being the outlier geographically — and a pre-show has been announced with Seattle’s Year of the Cobra crossing the border to headline. These updates would seem to complete the proceedings as they’ll proceed, but of course April’s still a couple months out and you know, subject to change and all that. Still, it looks like a pretty badass time if you can make it.

Info came down the PR wire:

Festival Line-Up Announced! All Roads Lead To The Electric Highway In Calgary, AB, Canada!

Buckle up for The Electric Highway Festival, two days of killer bands, rad artists and fuzzy vibes April 17 & 18, 2020 at the historic Royal Canadian Legion #1 in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Electric Highway Festival has completed its lineup with the addition of the mighty Mothership from Dallas, Texas. The Supersonic Intergalactic Heavy Rock trio’s goal from the beginning has been to carry on the tradition of the classic rock style of the ’70s, updated and amped up for the modern-day. Mothership have created a unique sound that satisfies like a steaming hot stew of UFO and Iron Maiden, blended with the southern swagger of Molly Hatchet and ZZ Top, paired with a deadly chalice of Black Sabbath. Do not miss this chance to hop on board and join Mothership as they tear across the Universal Cosmos!

The Electric Highway Festival has also added Vancouver’s Empress to the lineup. Both Mothership and Empress will be performing at the festival on Saturday, April 18, 2020. That brings the total number of bands performing during the festival to 22.

The Electric Highway Festival is excited to release its official artwork created by the renowned dark surreal artist David Paul Seymour. David Paul Seymour is an internationally known illustrator based in Minneapolis, MN who has created artwork for Municipal Waste, Conan, Mastodon as well as Shadow Weaver and Wo Fat who are both performing at The Electric Highway Festival in 2020. David Paul Seymour is also a driving force behind The Planet of Doom, an Animated Tale of Metal and Art and the creator of the Kumasan comic series.

The rest of the 2020 lineup brings an electric offering of North American bands featuring headliners Sasquatch and Wo Fat laying down their brand of fuzzy, kick-ass Desert Rock & Heavy Psych. Duel from Austin, Texas will be playing Canada for the 1st time at The Electric Highway Festival along with Hippie Death Cult & LáGoon both from Portland, Oregon. Festival favorites La Chinga return from Vancouver for their 4th appearance and Calgary’s Gone Cosmic & Buzzard from Victoria, BC are just a few more of the wicked bands that will be playing on two stages over the two days of The Electric Highway Festival, the full lineup below.

The Electric Highway Official Lineup:
Sasquatch (Los Angeles, CA)
Wo Fat (Dallas, TX)
Mothership (Dallas, TX)
Duel (Austin, TX)
La Chinga (Vancouver, BC)
Gone Cosmic (Calgary, AB)
Hippie Death Cult (Portland, OR)
L√°Goon (Portland, OR)
Buzzard (Victoria, BC)
Chunkasaurus (Victoria, BC)
Bazaraba (Calgary, AB)
Shadow Weaver (Calgary, AB)
Father Moon (Calgary, AB)
Set & Stoned (Crossfield, AB)
Row of Giants (Calgary, AB)
Hemptress (Kamloops, BC)
Pink Cocoon (Montreal, QC)
The Sleeping Legion (Winnipeg, MB)
The Basement Paintings (Saskatoon, SK)
Empress (Vancouver, BC)
Locutus (Calgary, AB)
The Worst (Calgary, AB)

The Electric Highway Festival is also getting the whole thing started with a Kick-Off Party on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 at The Palomino Smokehouse & Social Club. This killer line up features Seattle powerhouse psychedelic doom duo Year of the Cobra as they return to Calgary. They will be joined by Calgary’s Bloated Pig, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, and newcomers Falcotron along with Red Deer’s Smoothsayer.

2 Day Festival Pass holders can pick up their wristbands a day early at The Electric Highway Festival Kick-Off Party. This event will be free for festival pass holders or $13 at the door for non-pass holders. (Space is limited so make sure to get their early!) Pre-order merch sales will also be available for pick up at this event too. Beat the lineup and come for some bands, beer & BBQ at the Pal!

The Electric Highway 2020 —>
The Electric Highway Kickoff Party—>
The Electric Highway Pinball Tournament —>
The Electric Highway Arts Expo & Market —>

“All Roads Lead to the Electric Highway”

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