The Electric Highway Announces Inaugural Lineup with Wo Fat, Sasquatch, Nebula & More

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A little bit of Cali, a little bit of Texas, a little bit of Portland, Oregon, and a whole lot of locals — the first lineup for The Electric Highway has been unveiled and the Calgary-based festival’s mission would seem to be directed toward kickass heavy and stoner rock. Thus, Sasquatch and Wo Fat headlining with Nebula and Duel also on board. And hey man, if you threw any kind of heavy rock and roll party in the entire nation of Canada — and Canada if frickin’ huge — and you didn’t at least invite La Chinga let alone actually have them play, your ass would just be negligent. That’s a band that’s never gonna do anything but make a strong rock bill stronger.

Calling this the inaugural The Electric Highway is fair enough, since it seems to be working under its own concept — pinball tournament! — but it formerly operated under the banner of the 420 Music and Arts Festival, and had a few years to its credit in that form. Still, a new name is a new name, so alright. Maybe “inaugural” with an asterisk. “Inaugural-ish.”

The PR wire has details. The fest has a hashtag that’s probably good advice anyway:

the electric highway poster

All Roads Lead To The Electric Highway Festival In Calgary, AB, Canada!

#BuckleUp baby, The Electric Highway is excited to announce our inaugural lineup! We wanted to put something special together for our first trip on the Highway and with over 20 bands in two daze, we think we have done exactly that…

Day One, Friday, April 17th Wo Fat from Dallas, Texas will be returning with their brand of Psychedelic Heavy Blues to headline night one, and we are flying in their bro’s in DUEL to share the stage with them that night too! Also laying waste to Friday night are BC’s Buzzard & CHUNKASAURUS, coming all the way from Portland, Oregon we have Hippie Death Cult & LáGoon, joining us from Montreal is PINK COCOON, and representing our amazing local scene will be Father Moon, Locutus, Row of Giants and The WORST.

Then on Day Two, Saturday, April 18th bringing the fuzz from California, we are STOKED AF to welcome back the mighty Sasquatch to headline our whole party and are psyched to have their buds Nebula along for the ride! As for the rest of Saturday, it just wouldn’t be a party without Vancouver’s La Chinga on the bill, along with local faves Gone Cosmic, Bazaraba, and Shadow Weaver from Calgary, Crossfield, Alberta’s Set & Stoned, Hemptress from Kamloops, BC, The Sleeping Legion from Winnipeg and rounding out our first lineup, from Saskatoon, The Basement Paintings.

The Electric Highway is taking place at the Royal Canadian Legion #1 in downtown Calgary, AB, Canada on April 17 & 18, 2020. Tickets go on sale at 10am MDT on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at

The Electric Highway Official Lineup:
Sasquatch (Los Angeles, CA)
Wo Fat (Dallas, TX)
Nebula (Los Angeles, CA)
Duel (Austin, TX)
La Chinga (Vancouver, BC)
Gone Cosmic (Calgary, AB)
Hippie Death Cult (Portland, OR)
LáGoon (Portland, OR)
Buzzard (Victoria, BC)
Chunkasaurus (Victoria, BC)
Bazaraba (Calgary, AB)
Shadow Weaver (Calgary, AB)
Father Moon (Calgary, AB)
Set & Stoned (Crossfield, AB)
Row of Giants (Calgary, AB)
Hemptress (Kamloops, BC)
Pink Cocoon (Montreal, QC)
The Sleeping Legion (Winnipeg, MB)
The Basement Paintings (Saskatoon, SK)
Locutus (Calgary, AB)
The Worst (Calgary, AB)

The Electric Highway 2020 —>
The Electric Highway Kickoff Party—>
The Electric Highway Pinball Tournament —>
The Electric Highway Arts Expo & Market —>


“All Roads Lead to the Electric Highway”

Sasquatch, Live at Ace of Cups, Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 8, 2019

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Lyric Video Premiere: LáGoon, “Draculove”

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Oregonian two-piece LáGoon will release their 2018 EP, L’affaire des Poisons — which follows their 2018 debut LP, Grim Ripper — in October through Deckhead Records (tape) and Norwegian Blue Records (vinyl). The Portland-based duo put out the six-tracker on their own digitally in July, and with it further showcased their raw, garage doom sneer, PNW skate fuckall and a bit of sass thrown in for good measure. The latter can most certainly be heard on “Draculove,” the lyric video for which is premiering below, but the EP also digs into punkier fare on the subsequent closer “Distant Enemy” and offers a particular dirty take on classic stoner riffing in “Kill the Messenger,” somewhere between Fu Manchu and Helmet where opener “Street Freaks” unfurls creeper-doom aggression and a central groove that persists throughout the entire release no matter where an individual song might go stylistically.

Holding the material together on L’affaire des Poisons — as opposed to “L’affaire des Poissons, which would be about fish — is the prevailing nastiness in the recording and a quirky sense of songwriting. It gets weird quickly and stays that way. Part of that is the vocal approach of guitarist Anthony Gaglia, which seems to revel in the feeling of being more than a bit off-center. It’s not necessarily all irony and tongue-in-cheek, though I don’t think one writes a song like “Draculove” without a sense of humor, but Gaglia‘s vocals — almost like Dali’s Llama‘s Zach Huskey taken to more of a semi-spoken extreme and melded with Jus Oborn‘s abiding disgust with humanity — are a defining element throughout L’affaire des Poisons, which uses just two and a half minutes for “The Affair of Poisons,” a tale that could easily be taken as a sequel to Penatagram‘s “Forever My Queen” about a love that leads to murder.

Songs are short, which is another tie to punker roots, and largely straightforward in their structure, but cuts like “Head Tripper,” “Kill the Messenger” and “Draculove” offer hooks to stand behind all that weirdo sensibility. Coupled with some shifts in pace and a prevailing sense of doomed foreboding, L’affaire des Poisons is deceptively skilled in putting the listener in the mindset and mood it’s determined for them, and its presence is is both eerie and fun in kind, like a horror movie that lets you laugh with it.

You can stream the full EP — that whole “released in July” thing — at the bottom of this post, but for a quick sampling and some clever wordplay, the lyric video for “Draculove” follows immediately here.

Please enjoy:

LáGoon, “Draculove” lyric video premiere

Lyric video for the song ‘Draculove’ off our recent EP, ‘L’affaire des Poisons’. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Sam Lay in Portland, Oregon.

All the edited footage in this video was taken from Tod Browning’s ‘Dracula’ (1931).

LáGoon live:
Sep 11 Tonic Lounge Portland, OR
Sep 28 Peter’s Room, Roseland Theater Portland, OR

LáGoon is:
Guitar/Vocals – Anthony Gaglia
Drums – Brady Maurer

LáGoon, L’affaire des Poisons (2018)

LáGoon on Thee Facebooks

LáGoon on Instagram

LáGoon on Bandcamp

Deckhead Records on Bandcamp

Norwegian Blue Records webstore

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