Buried Treasure: The Greenest Leaf of All

Gotcha bitch!Now I know how the Libyans must have felt when they found old Doc Brown in that mall parking lot…

After months of fruitless searching, pointless eBaying and Amazon scouring, download-refusing and wishful thinking, I finally found a place online selling Greenleaf‘s Revolution Rock that, when I ordered it, didn’t tell me, “Oh sorry, we were just kidding about that, please go fuck yourself now, thanks for ordering.” I finally feel like I can sleep at night.

Thanks to the good people at the Freebird Records mailorder, the package arrived in the valley Saturday afternoon in a conspicuous black envelope which I tore into like radiation through a cancer patient. When I found a padded envelope inside the flat envelope (postage is cheaper that way, it’s an old shipping trick), I had visions of unwrapping envelope after envelope until I finally got to a tiny, one inch by one inch one with a note inside that “Gotcha!” with a smiley face under the exclamation point.

But nope, within that second envelope was Revolution Rock in all its glory and though I didn’t get to listen to it until nigh on 4AM Saturday night/Sunday morning, it was worth every second of the wait. And with the Greenleaf lineup of Tommi Holappa (Dozer), Fredrik Nordin (Dozer), Daniel Lid?n (ex-Dozer, Demon Cleaner, Vaka and recent The Obelisk comment-leaver) and Bengt B?cke (who near as I can tell was never in Dozer), you really get a sense of the band’s side-project beginnings. It’s almost like a bonus early Dozer record, actually. Can’t go wrong with that. I’m just relieved that, after all this time looking, it doesn’t suck.

Thanks again to Freebird, for, you know, existing. If anyone needs me, I’ll be drowning myself in the fuzz of “The Shipbuilder.”

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