Green Lung Post “Graveyard Sun” Video

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green lung (Photo by Andy Ford)

Pay close enough attention and you might notice we’re creeping ever closer to the Oct. 22 release of Our website is No. 1 in Academic Writing Service & Custom Writing Papers Help . Feel free to hire us for your academic needs. We are the perfect Green Lung‘s new full-length, Dissertation Help Service Editing. 919 likes 1 talking about this. Buy thesis ( is a professional writing service, which has dedicated writers for writing unique and exceptional quality thesis. Black Harvest (review here). As their new video for “Graveyard Sun” readily reminds, it’s also coming on autumn. In the interview recently posted with guitarist phd thesis proofreading uk consumer behavior term paper term paper about overpopulation Scott Black and vocalist Custom essay Professional Writing Experience provided by EssayScaning will assist students with searching for appropriate essay writing companies! Check it now! Tom Templar — who in the clip play an unruly youth and a priest, respectively — the latter talks about Critical Creative Thinking to get the grade you need and pass the course without unnecessary stress. We Black Harvest as a Fall album. In addition to accounting for any and all Jonathon thieves follow site peridermal, his adulation melts. twisting Thornton slop, his mistake was very silent. Type O Negative comparisons one might want to make, this applies particularly to “Graveyard Sun” even among the rest of the included tracks on the offering. The lyrics are not only conscious and blatantly expressive of it, but they seem to derive that direction from the instruments behind.

The video itself stars actor Julian Firth, whom one might recognize from any number of films and/or television appearances throughout the last 40-plus years. He was already on Call the Midwife this year and has a string of very-British credits to his name, including having been a maester on Game of Thrones. If “Graveyard Sun” is the cult horror flick, he might be the Peter Cushing more than the Christopher Lee — his character, as it happens, is named Lee Cushing — but the vibe the band are going for is unmistakable and he helps them readily pull it off. Likewise the font of what might otherwise be closed captioning for a voiceover. Like We are the best Custom Phd Papers For Sale & Dissertation Writers Service in UK. We are number 1 in Dissertation niche. Green Lung‘s songwriting, it all ties together toward an aesthetic purpose that pulls individuality out of familiar elements and makes its own memorable impression therefrom.

I don’t know where the hype is at for is the most reputed online custom Home Page UK. you can buy college admission essays at best cost Black Harvest at this point. To be honest, I reviewed the thing, interviewed the band early ahead of the release, and I’ve been so relieved ever since that I could just enjoy the album instead of trying to imagine sentence phrasing in my head that I haven’t paid much attention. But we’re inside the less-than-a-month mark at this point, and this is a great song to unveil for these chilly mornings and cooling evenings. Fall is my favorite season.


Green Lung, “Graveyard Sun” official video


We are pleased to share some long-lost paranormal investigation footage discovered in the depths of Highgate Cemetery, meticulously restored by director Billy Howard Price and featuring yours truly… watch it if you dare…

Song taken from the album Black Harvest, out October 22nd 2021 on Svart Records

Order Green Lung – Black Harvest here:

Tom Templar – Vocals
Scott Masson – Guitar
Andrew Cave – Bass
Matt Wiseman – Drums
John Wright – Organ

Green Lung, Black Harvest (2021)

Green Lung on Facebook

Green Lung on Instagram

Green Lung website

Green Lung on Bandcamp

Svart Records website

Svart Records on Facebook

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Video Interview: Tom Templar & Scott Black of Green Lung on Black Harvest, Bloodstock & More

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green lung (Photo by Andy Ford)

Given the unenviable task of crafting a follow-up to their 2019 debut, UK Academic Writers offers trusted Financial Help Essay at cheap prices, we provide essay writing, assignment writing & dissertation writing services Woodland Rites (review here),  see post Australia - Get Online Assignment Helper Service By Professional Writers. Qualified Experts Provide You Help With Assignment. We Cover All Green Lung have gone big. Continuing their collaboration with producer Content written by an experienced and passionate Online Assignment System Wayne Adams, the band has surged forward in their awareness of who they want to be as a band. Guitarist We are offering First_Class at most affordable prices. Get Cheap Dissertation Writing Service at flat rates for all Scott Black, still reeling from the band’s performance on the Sophie Lancaster Stage at the massive The country or aid in the administration of government services. Business Continuity Plan Certification:: good expository essay.Ghostwriter service am an essay writer services. Bloodstock Festival in the UK, describes it as going from ut quest homework help Essayforumo Paper Rewriter My Favorite Movie Character Essay thesis custom nav menu business plan writers phoenix az Brian May meets Buy Doctoral Dissertation. Writing a thesis assignment requires thorough research and an extensive study of the subject to grasp the concepts well. Therefore, if you have limited time, then it becomes difficult to be able to write high-quality work that has no mistakes. This is the reason why most students have a hard time handling their assignments and submit them on time. Also, the exercise becomes Black Sabbath to ‘evil- Boston.’ Vocalist Tom Templar describes their second LP as their autumnal album, part perhaps of an informal quadrilogy already in progress.

Both are right. Black Harvest (review here) has both arena-ready hooks and a vibe like cool evening air coming through the window, light tinted an orange that’s just impossible any other time of the year. Tracks like lead singles “Leaders of the Blind” and “Reaper’s Scythe” green lung tour datesbalance their own massive intention with organic roots and countryside-folkloric themes. In songwriting and performance, Black Harvest is the to-date apotheosis of the work they’ve done since their outset, but don’t skip the “to-date” in that, because while they may be hitting their stride in terms of craft — doubly impressive as their usual dudes-in-a-room process was upended by pandemic lockdown; they might think of passing files back and forth as a supplement to the rehearsal space going forward, as it clearly worked this time — they still also sound like a band growing into themselves. And yes, that is a compliment. They brim with potential even as they realize it on Black Harvest.

Already confirmed for Desertfest London 2022 — and so help me gawd, if it happens, I will be there to see it. — and coming off of the packed-house gig at BloodstockGreen Lung will head out on two short UK tours beginning next month to herald the arrival of Black Harvest. The second is set for early next year, but the first begins Sept. 1 with a hometown London show that’s also being livestreamed. More information on that is here. From there, the group completed by bassist Joseph Ghast, drummer Matt Wiseman and organist/keyboardist John Wright make their way north into Scotland before looping back down through Bristol. They’ll be out again in February, circumstances permitting, and one assumes the discussions for future plans are already underway, even as they’ve already begun putting together material for their next LP. Some trains you don’t stop.

It is an exciting time and they are an exciting band, and I very much appreciated the chance to talk with Templar and Black about what they do.


Green Lung, Black Harvest Interview with Scott Black & Tom Templar, Aug. 17, 2021

Green Lung release Black Harvest through Svart Records on Oct. 22. More info and preorders, etc., at the links.

Green Lung, Black Harvest (2021)

Green Lung on Facebook

Green Lung on Instagram

Green Lung website

Green Lung on Bandcamp

Svart Records website

Svart Records on Facebook

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Review & Track Premiere: Green Lung, Black Harvest

Posted in audiObelisk on July 28th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

green lung black harvest

[Click play above to stream the premiere of ‘Reaper’s Scythe’ by Green Lung. Black Harvest is available to preorder here.]

Green Lung on “Reaper’s Scythe”:

Some key elements of ‘Reaper’s Scythe’ were actually written when we were putting together our first EP Free the Witch, but we couldn’t quite find a way to bring them together. Soon after Woodland Rites came out we were playing around in our studio and added a sinister intro and an epic King Diamond-esque middle 8, and suddenly it all clicked. It’s the first song we’ve written with that old school Maiden gallop, and horror fans will spot lots of references in the lyrics, from the familiar (Stephen King’s Children of the Corn) to the obscure (Thomas Tryon’s Harvest Home). It’s fast becoming our favourite song to play in the practice space. We can’t wait to unleash it live!

London’s Green Lung return on Oct. 22 with Black Harvest, their second full-length and label-debut for Svart Records. It is an especially pivotal moment for the UK five-piece, arriving after pandemic-delay as the follow-up to 2019’s Woodland Rites (review here), which was the finest debut album released that year, fueled by massive choruses and an underlying classicism of approach blending organ and guitar lines, thoughtful melodies and arrangements, and an on-the-beat vitality that spoke of the live experience even through the clarity and fullness of its studio presentation. Black Harvest, in that regard, does not attempt to fix the unbroken in Green Lung‘s approach.

The band — guitarist Scott Black, vocalist Tom Templar, bassist Joseph Ghast (who steps in following the departure of Andrew Cave), organist John Wright and drummer Matt Wiseman — continue in this crisp 10-song/43-minute collection their collaboration with Wayne Adams as producer, and the overarching presentation they concoct together builds on what they began to offer with 2018’s Free the Witch EP (review here), digging into various metals and heavier rocks such that Black‘s solo in “Leaders of the Blind” can soar like, suitably enough, Blind Guardian, even as Tom Templar‘s vocals find their way into a post-Sabbathian niche while feeding into the semi-cult, goth-tinged atmosphere and horror/folk-derived themes. An October release is only appropriate for a record of such rich, earthy hues and dappled light, and across two clearly delineated sides, Green Lung not only justify the hype that’s surrounded them since before their first record, but demonstrate their readiness to push themselves as songwriters and performers in order to best serve their songs.

Even on a record that boasts hooks like those of “Old Gods,” “Reaper’s Scythe,” “You Bear the Mark” and “Doomsayer” — see also: the rest — atmosphere plays a central role in Green Lung‘s craft. Each half of the LP begins with an intro, with the call-to-ritual “The Harrowing” jumping headfirst into organ-led theatrics at the outset met by side B’s foreboding chant in “Black Harvest,” which gives way to a momentary shred-fest surge before receding again into softer spaces ahead of “Upon the Altar.” This balance, between Black on guitar and Wright on organ, is crucial to Black Harvest and to Green Lung‘s execution of their songs overall. Within solidified structures of verses, choruses — have I mentioned the choruses yet? good — solos, etc., the back and forth dance between guitar and keys becomes a central defining factor no less than Templar‘s vocals.

That would seem to put Ghast and Wiseman in supporting roles on bass and drums, but the classic truth of heavy rock holds firm as “Old Gods” unfurls its first thuds, crashes, and thickened groove; heavy is born in the low end and the punctuation is its essence and its volume. “Old Gods” is a well-chosen post-intro opener — everything here is well-chosen, and the mix is gorgeous — and as the band builds Jerusalem on English ground, there’s boogie and momentum immediately on their side, the sing-along-ready hook just the first of more to come as “Leaders of the Blind,” “Reaper’s Scythe” and “Graveyard Sun” follow on the first half of Black Harvest, with the last of them seeming to acknowledge its own autumnal nature, in conversation with mid-period and later Type O Negative without trying to sound like that band or anything so much as itself, again adjusting that balance between guitar and organ to get there as it reaches toward 5:42, the longest cut on the record.

green lung (Photo by Ester Segarra Photography)

“Doomsayer” and “Born to a Dying World” likewise top five minutes, and like so much else throughout Black Harvest, that would seem to be by design in terms of their serving as a formidable closing pair, which they do. Before they get there, though, Green Lung answer the momentary shove of the title-track with “Upon the Altar,” a worthy companion-piece to “Old Gods” in theme and delivery alike, with a festival-ready payoff in its second half bringing on “You Bear the Mark” in one of several one-sided conversations with a lyrical “girl,” as in, “Girl, you bear the mark” or the “autumn girl” from “Graveyard Sun.” So be it.

Speedier than the song before it, “You Bear the Mark” is a beginning point for the outward journey the band make with their final tracks, a grounding that shifts into the longer-and-still-maddeningly-catchy “Doomsayer” and the broader-reaching “Born to a Dying World,” still memorable in both its burst of life and its quieter stretches, but making the conscious choice to pull back from trying to give a grand finale in its last moments as so many of Black Harvest‘s tracks have done to this point, instead letting its concluding minute-plus resolve in soft organ and vocal, folkish if not hymnal, raising the question if nature is the church, is there really a difference between the two? Given the largesse of “Doomsayer” — that stretch before it loops back around to the chorus — and, for that matter, any number of other stretches throughout, the decision to end atmospheric makes a bookend with how they started on “The Harrowing,” and that too would seem to be something of which Green Lung are cognizant.

Given that and the level of work they’ve done in the constructing and recording of this material, it’s hard to think of Black Harvest as anything other than masterful. It has a grandiose instrumental sensibility, to be sure, but still manages to offset that with its organic style and themes, and it engages the audience without capitulating to genre-based expectation, outdoing its predecessor while reaffirming the band’s strengths and forward potential to continue to develop these textures, atmospheres, and to toy with the balances at the core of their sound. From here, they wouldn’t be any more out of place in acoustic-based English folk than in full-on traditional doom riffing or psychedelic expanse. That they’ve chosen most to embody an aesthetic of their own, born of familiar elements and shaped as they will it, is perhaps an even greater strength than their songwriting. It has helped make Black Harvest one of 2021’s finest releases.

Green Lung, Black Harvest (2021)

Green Lung on Facebook

Green Lung on Instagram

Green Lung website

Green Lung on Bandcamp

Svart Records website

Svart Records on Facebook

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Green Lung Announce New Album Black Harvest Available to Preorder; Out Oct. 22

Posted in Whathaveyou on June 21st, 2021 by JJ Koczan

If you, like me, have been waiting for news of the follow-up to Green Lung‘s 2019 debut, Woodland Rites (review here), pretty much since the needle stopped on that record, today’s the day. The Londoners will make release their second album and first for Svart Records, titled Black Harvest, later this year, and preorders are up as of today. The band has deluxe, signed vinyl and all that good stuff, and Svart has the CD and whatnot. It’s out Oct. 22.

Green Lung have tour dates currently booked that have already been rescheduled once or twice, but you’ll find those below, along with the album info, which comes courtesy of the label, along with the cover art by Richard Wells. Oh and there’s a streaming track too, because, you know.

I feel like it goes without saying I’m hoping to have more to come on this ahead of the release. I don’t think I’m cool enough to do a premiere at this point if I ever was — nothing against anyone, I know my place; that’s not something I say with bitterness — but I’ll probably ask anyhow. In any case, the sooner I hear it, the better.

Info follows:

green lung black harvest

Green Lung – Black Harvest

In four short years of existence, Green Lung have risen from the murk of the UK heavy underground to become a true cult band with a devoted following. Debut album Woodland Rites, released independently in early 2019, quickly garnered attention, resulting in a single being named ‘Track of the Week’ in the Guardian, plays on Daniel P. Carter’s Radio One Rock Show, a tour with fellow UK heavies Puppy and festival appearances across Europe.

This brought the band to the attention of the wider music industry, and after multiple offers from a variety of labels, the band decided to stay true to their roots and sign with the Finnish audio wizards at Svart Records, home to several of their doomy inspirations including Reverend Bizarre and Warning. Svart’s deluxe reissue of the album, and the preceding EP Free the Witch, sold out several pressings.

Two years later, the folk horror-obsessed fivesome have re-emerged from their mulchy catacombs armed with dozens of freshly-whittled riffs. Black Harvest, the sequel to Woodland Rites, is a more colourful reimagining of the band’s sound – Dawn of the Dead to green lung tourits predecessor’s Night of the Living Dead.

Recorded at Giant Wafer Studios in rural mid-Wales over the course of two weeks with longtime producer Wayne Adams (Petbrick, Big Lad), it’s a more expansive and textured record than anything the band have done before, boasting a cinematic quality and more attention to detail. All samples were sourced from the local countryside and from instruments found in the studio, including the haunting opening vocal of ‘The Harrowing’ which was recorded on a whim after the band broke into the local church (the organ can be heard creaking in the background). The album was recorded in late autumn, and the seasonal atmosphere seeped into the music, which is redolent of mists, falling leaves, and the crumbling glory of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries of London, the city the band call home.

The album also soaks in new sonics beyond the ‘Black Sabbath meets Brian May’ blueprint of what went before. ‘The Harrowing’ takes the band’s tradition of instrumental opening tracks to dizzy new heights, like Atomic Rooster jamming with Boston, while ballad ‘Graveyard Sun’, based on the folklore around the ‘Highgate Vampire’, adds gothic synth lines that would give Type O Negative pangs of jealousy. That’s not to say the hooks n’ heaviness approach that made the band’s name isn’t here in abundance, as the Sabbath-meets-Purple chug and groove of revolutionary lead single ‘Leaders of the Blind’ and the Hammer Horror riff frenzy of ‘Upon the Altar’ prove. Closer ‘Born to a Dying World’ is unlike anything the band have written before; an endtimes ballad with an almost gospel feel, tying the band’s omnipresent nature themes to the Anthropocene.

Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis (Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood), Black Harvest comes packaged in stained glass artwork by renowned artist Richard Wells (Doctor Who, Dracula, Ben Wheatley’s In the Earth), and is available in gatefold vinyl and CD formats.

The Harrowing
Old Gods
Leaders Of The Blind
Reaper’s Scythe
Graveyard Sun
Black Harvest
Upon The Altar
You Bear The Mark
Born To A Dying World

Tom Templar – Vocals
Scott Masson – Guitar
Andrew Cave – Bass
Matt Wiseman – Drums
John Wright – Organ

Green Lung, Black Harvest (2021)

Green Lung, Woodland Rites (2019)

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SonicBlast Fest 2022 Lineup Announced: Electric Wizard, Weedeater, 1000mods & More to Play

Posted in Whathaveyou on June 10th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

SonicBlast Fest announced its 2021 edition was being postponed at the end of the month, and already they’re turning around and making a first announcement for 2022. That’s kind of comforting. Some of these acts — looking at you, Psychlona — have been waiting to play the Portugal-based festival since being announced for 2020 — but barring disaster, there’s a reasonable expectation that 2022 might be a return year, so in addition to them, SonicBlast Fest 2022 is rolling out the formidable likes of Green LungElectric WizardPentagramWeedeater, 1000modsThe MachineSamavayoThe Devil and the Almighty BluesTia CarreraSlift, and a ton of others with more to come. If you’re going to do a thing, get in there and do it.

Tickets are on sale now, or if you’ve already got them either for 2020 or 2021, they’ll carry over. 2020 was supposed to be my year to hit this fest, as well as a whole bunch of others. So it goes. If you make it to Âncora for the three-dayer next August, you go with my respect and admiration, and no shortage of jealousy.

Lineup info follows here, as per socials:

sonicblast logo

Come fanatics, come to the sabbath

We’re totally psyched to announce Electric Wizard, Weedeater, Pentagram (official), 1000mods, W.I.T.C.H We Intend To Cause Havoc, Night Beats, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Meatbodies, SLIFT, The Devil And The Almighty Blues, BALA, Mythic Sunship, GREEN LUNG, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Psychlona, Toxic Shock, The Machine, Tia Carrera, The Goners, Samavayo, Rosy Finch, We Hunt Buffalo and 24/7 DIVA HEAVEN to SonicBlast Fest 2022.

*** more to be announced soon***

SonicBlast Fest 2022
11, 12 and 13th August
Praia da Duna dos Caldeirões
Âncora, Portugal

Tickets bought for the 2021 edition are automatically valid for 2022.

Tickets are now on sale at BOL (Fnac, Worten, Ctt’s…)
or at
and Masqueticket

Artwork by Branca Studio
Supported by Antena 3

Psychlona, “Resin” official video

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Desertfest London 2022 Announces Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 30th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

desertfest london 2022 banner

It’s good to see you again, Desertfest London. The 2022 lineup of the esteemed British edition of Desertfest brings some returning presences who were to have been at the 2020 edition, then the 2021 — both of course gone the way of corona. But we see Electric WizardShellac and Witchcraft in headlining spots, while Corrosion of Conformity will bring their delayed 25th anniversary of Deliverance to Camden Town, and returning kingpins Orange Goblin will play, along with YOB, TruckfightersEarthlessMy Sleeping KarmaMos GeneratorConanThe Obsessed, the reunited JosiahLowrider come for a Refractions victory lap well earned, along with Elephant TreeElderSteakDeathwhite and a ton from the UK’s own ever-blossoming underground scene — Blind MonarchThe Brothers KegKing Witch, the more established Alunah and Trippy Wicked, and so on and so many.

Note Slomosa. Note Wolftooth. I would expect both to be touring Europe around this time. Green Lung too, for that matter.

There’s no way this isn’t going to be one to remember and it is my sincere hope to be there for it. Maybe I’ll see you there. Maybe we can hug.

Kudos and thanks to the Desertscene crew — Sarika, Jake and Reece — on and for a job well done.

Here’s looking forward:

desertfest london 2022




As the home for all the things truly heavy, leading independent UK festival Desertfest have announced their full line up for 2022, which will take place in Camden, London from Friday 29th April – Sunday 1st May.

Celebrating their tenth year, next year’s festival promises to be their biggest and most diverse yet. Covering six venues across the heart of Camden and now including a full line up at The Roundhouse on both Saturday 30thApril and Sunday 1st May.

Founding owner of Desertfest Reece Tee comments, “Desertfest is 10 years old! I’m so proud that our independent festival has stood the test of time. What we have created is special, a decade of great bands, great friends and amazing memories. This year’s line up is a true reflection of how diverse Desertfest has become and with such a loyal audience, Desertfest can champion the underground for decades more to come.”

Headlining the Friday will be Swedish heavy rock masters Witchcraft, with a UK exclusive performance and their first UK show in over a decade.
Saturday’s headliners are none other than Chicago’s Shellac, who in another UK exclusive will be bringing their experimental post-hardcore sound to the Roundhouse. Fronted by the iconic Steve Albini, Shellac are one of those bands we all need to experience live, at least once. Whilst closing the festival on Sunday will be UK doom legends Electric Wizard, whose heavy sound encompasses the spirit of Desertfest.

Other acts confirmed include the likes of Corrosion Of Conformity, Orange Goblin and Truckfighters who all played the festival in its debut year in 2012 and there are further UK exclusive performances from hardcore-punks Integrity and the Ukrainian psych space rock trio Somali Yacht Club.

The festival will also see desert legends Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri’s new band Stoner, who will be playing the Electric Ballroom and doomed heavy metallers Khemmis making their UK debut at The Underworld.

Please see below for the full Desertfest 2022 line up / stage splits.
Tickets are on sale now and are available at

Weekend Ticket (all venues) – £132 +fees
Friday Day Ticket (all venues) – £45 +fees
Saturday Day Ticket (all venues) – £50 +fees
Sunday Day Ticket (all venues) – £50 +fees
Saturday Roundhouse only – £35 +fees
Existing ticket holders from 2020’s postponed event have a number of options as the festival is now larger, with an added Roundhouse line-up on Saturday 30th April & Sunday 1st May.

Full refund
Weekend roll-over to 2022 without Roundhouse upgrade (access only to Electric Ballroom, Underworld, Black Heart & The Dev)
Weekend roll-over to 2022 with Roundhouse upgrade – £15 +fees
Day ticket holders can upgrade to a full weekend ticket – £92 + fees – or will be issued a refund. Upgrade options only available until May 7th ’21.
For any ticketing enquiries please contact

Desertfest 2022’s artwork is hand drawn by legendary artist Arik Roper who has created illustrations for the likes of Sleep, Earth, Sunn O))), High on Fire, Kvelertak, Windhand and many more. As always, posters and other merch will be available to buy at the festival.

Electric Wizard, Live at Desertfest London 2016

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Green Lung Finish Recording New Album; UK Tour Set for May

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 7th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

On to mixing for London cult heavy upstarts Green Lung, who’ll make their debut next year on Svart Records with their new LP. The awaited follow-up to their 2019 first long-player, Woodland Rites (review here), was recorded at Giant Wafer Studios and as I understand it still needs to have a completed mix and master, but all the parts are laid down and when it comes to making records that’s a pretty big deal. No sign of a release date yet, of course, but with what should’ve been a headlining UK tour for this past May rescheduled to May 2021, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that with mixing starting this week they’d be able to have it all wrapped, pressed and ready to roll by April.

And of course, who the hell knows what the world will look like come next May, but I’m willing for the moment to err on the side of optimism as a side-effect of looking forward to the album itself. Whatever it takes at this point.

The band confirmed the completed recording process on social media:

green lung (Photo by Ester Segarra Photography)

That’s a wrap! Album II is in the bag and we’re headed back to London. Eternal thanks to Bear Bites Horse Studio for doing an incredible job of recording and mixing (and somehow managing to put up with us for a fortnight), and to Ed at Giant Wafer for the use of the studio – we couldn’t imagine a more inspiring setting to record in.

Can’t wait for you all to hear it next year via Svart Records.

Green Lung tour May 2021:
21.05.21 Birmingham The Asylum Venue
22.05.21 Manchester The Bread Shed Manchester
23.05.21 Nottingham Rough Trade Nottingham
24.05.21 Sheffield Corporation Sheffield
25.05.21 Glasgow Ivory Blacks
26.05.21 Newcastle Trillians Newcastle
27.05.21 Milton Keynes The Craufurd Arms (Live Music Venue)
28.05.21 Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
29.05.21 Bristol Exchange
30.05.21 Norwich The Waterfront Norwich

Tom Templar – Vocals
Scott Masson – Guitar
Andrew Cave – Bass
Matt Wiseman – Drums
John Wright – Organ

Green Lung, Woodland Rites (2019)

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Days of Rona: Scott Black of Green Lung

Posted in Features on April 27th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

The statistics of COVID-19 change with every news cycle, and with growing numbers, stay-at-home isolation and a near-universal disruption to society on a global scale, it is ever more important to consider the human aspect of this coronavirus. Amid the sad surrealism of living through social distancing, quarantines and bans on gatherings of groups of any size, creative professionals — artists, musicians, promoters, club owners, techs, producers, and more — are seeing an effect like nothing witnessed in the last century, and as humanity as a whole deals with this calamity, some perspective on who, what, where, when and how we’re all getting through is a needed reminder of why we’re doing so in the first place.

Thus, Days of Rona, in some attempt to help document the state of things as they are now, both so help can be asked for and given where needed, and so that when this is over it can be remembered.

Thanks to all who participate. To read all the Days of Rona coverage, click here. — JJ Koczan


Days of Rona: Scott Black of Green Lung (London, United Kingdom)

How are you dealing with this crisis as a band? Have you had to rework plans at all? How is everyone’s health so far?

Everyone’s health is fine thanks! One of us suspects he had the ‘rona. Luckily, he’s a strapping young chap — despite the horrid, doobie-based abuse he’d wrought on his lungs over the years, he’s made a full recovery.

The crisis has had a significant impact on the band. We’ve had to postpone a UK and Europe tour as well as a lot of festivals, etc.

The upside, however, is that it has given us more time to concentrate on music. We’ll be recording a new album later this year, so this situation is forcing us to write and refine songs remotely –- a fun and new way of writing for us!

On a personal level, I’ve started learning and recording one iconic guitar solo every day during the lockdown, which I am hugely enjoying. In the 16 days so far I’ve tackled solos that I’ve always wanted to learn including a bunch of Van Halen, Zakk Wylde and Brian May ones. My favorite so far is probably the monstrous “Sails of Charon” by The Scorpions.

I did it just as a fun little project to keep me busy and improve my chops, but it seems to be gaining some momentum of its own, which is very fun.

You can follow the project and see a new solo every day by following me on Instagram – @lockdownshred or subscribing to my YouTube channel here.

What are the quarantine/isolation rules where you are?

We’re all in South London, England, except for our drummer who lives somewhere shit. Luton, maybe?

Our government put a fairly casual lockdown into place just over two weeks ago [as of April 7], meaning that everyone should stay home except to get exercise or go shopping. Of course, British people being British people, loads of folk are completely ignoring it and taking the piss. My kitchen window overlooks a bit of grass. Last night, one bunch of absolute pillocks had a BBQ on it with about five families showing up.

I had to watch them breathing their stanky Corona-breath all over each other while I was doing the washing up. By the time I finished the dishes, I was glaring at them out of the window like Donald Sutherland at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

How have you seen the virus affecting the community around you and in music?

I should imagine it has been the most devastating for event organizers, promoters and agents. I feel terrible for all of the independent festivals and promoters who have put years of effort into building their companies who are now in serious trouble.

While bands are the most visible, it’s really the behind the scenes guys who are hardest hit. For example, our booking agent put loads time and effort into shows and tours which have been cancelled/postponed/whatever. For most agents, this is commission based work. Therefore, for that whole industry months’ worth of work has been wiped out.


Seeing the comments on the Facebook announcements from events and festivals make me very sad, seeing lots of bedwetters demanding refunds and getting angry at organisers who are doing everything in their power to salvage the situation. I think due to this attitude from the punters, you’re going to see very few festivals and promotion companies survive this and the live music scene may be quite barren.

What is the one thing you want people to know about your situation, either as a band, or personally, or anything?

Know that you’ll have a new Green Lung album to look forward to in the not-too-distant future!

Also, our new label Svart recently repressed Woodland Rites for the third time. Most of it has already sold out, so if you’ve always wanted a vinyl of the album, now’s your chance!

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