Mammoth Mammoth Sign to Golden Robot Records; New Live Album Coming Soon

Posted in Whathaveyou on July 21st, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Aussie troublemakers Mammoth Mammoth have pulled back together around the lineup of vocalist Mikey Tucker, guitarist Ben Couzens, bassist Pete Bell and drummer Frank Trobbiani, signed with Golden Robot Records, and announced they’ll release a new live album later on in 2021. That’s a lot of news to pack in, but the four-piece have proven nothing if not efficient in delivering boots to ass over their years together. One assumes that sooner or later the band will return to Europe, which was their touring priority prior to the apocalypse, and the fact that Golden Robot has offices in Hamburg as well as Sydney and Melbourne (and L.A. and NYC, for that matter) would seem to support that.

Of course they’re not the only ones who’ve had to or have otherwise taken the opportunity to revamp or restrcture their existence in the last year — see also: you, me, everybody — but it should be interesting to see/hear what they do with these four players back together. They’ve never been short on volatility, yet somehow they’re plenty reliable in that.

From the PR wire:

Mammoth Mammoth


After spending a year in a COVID hibernation, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH have awoken from their slumber and are back, reunited with their classic line up (Frank ‘Bones Trobbiani, Ben ‘Cuz’ Couzens, Mikey Tucker and Pete Bell), to announce they have signed with global powerhouse Golden Robot Records. They are set to unleash a live album later this year, which will give fans who are currently unable to see the band in action a dose of MAMMOTH MAMMOTH live.

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH hail from the Black Spur Forest of Victoria, Australia, and proudly represent the freight-train power of Australian born and bred rock n’ roll. They describe their sound as “more awesome than God’s tits” and “patented good-time murder fuzz”.

“MAMMOTH MAMMOTH has always been an Australian, balls-out, rock n’ roll band, and we’ve proudly flown that flag in the pubs of Australia and clubs of Europe for almost 15 years. We’re pumped to be reunited and now signed with Golden Robot. They understand what we do and how we do it… and they also have their balls-out.” – MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Guitarist, Ben ‘Cuz’ Couzens

Mikey Tucker – Vocals
Frank Trobbiani – Drums
Ben Couzens – Guitar
Pete Bell – Bass

Mammoth Mammoth, “Lookin’ Down the Barrel” official video

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The Marigold to Release Apostate April 23

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 19th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

The forthcoming Apostate LP by Italian hard-hitters The Marigold marks at least the second collaboration between the band and producer Toshi Kasai (the Melvins, etc.), and if the considerable range of labels behind the release tells you anything, let it be that the band’s doubly-bassed heft is a cause worth supporting. April 23 will see it out through Forbidden Place, Sound Effect, Trepanation, Coffin & Bolt and Golden Robot Records, and it would seem to be the band’s first offering since late-2014’s Kanaval, which came out through DeAmbula Records, among others.

You’ll hear some Melvins likeness in “My Own Apostate” — the video’s below — but, well, some things are unavoiable. Also note that “K7” in the album info below refers to cassette tape. I had to look that up and it turns out it’s mainly a European thing, referencing the French pronunciation of “cassette” — the letter ‘k’ being ‘kah’ and seven being “sept” with a silent ‘p’ to sound like “set.” Clever. I learned something today.

From the PR wire:

the marigold apostate


PRODUCED BY TOSHI KASAI (permanent collaborator of the MELVINS)

The Marigold band announces the release of the new album. The work was produced by Toshi Kasai (Melvins) and features the collaboration of Adam Harding (Dumb Numbers, Kidbug with Dale Crover and Thor of the Swans).

The opinion of the band’s members is that this is the most ‘heavy’ album released to date: it’s a dark journey that ranges from sludge to stoner with touches of hardcore.

The album was recorded in Marigold’s studio and then produced and mixed at Kasai’s “Sound Of Sirens” in Los Angeles. In the end, it was mastered by the trusty friend and historical collaborator Amaury Cambuzat. The Marigold is among the most long-lived band in the Italian alternative rock music scene; founded by Marco Campitelli, The Marigold is active since 1998. They still confirm their tenacity with a record based on an unconventional style.

The album titled APOSTATE will be available from April 23, 2021, in different formats: on CD for Forbidden Place Records (USA), on Cassette for Trepanation Records (UK), on LP for Sound Effect Records (Europe), on DGT Coffin and Bolt Records – Golden Robot Records (USA-Australia/all territories) all very active labels that include in their roster artists like Brant Bjork and Nick Olivieri, Kings X.

The Marigold:
– Marco Campitelli: gtrs, 6 string bass, voice
– Stefano Micolucci: basses
– Lorenzo Di Lorenzo: drums, percussions
+ Toshi Kasai: guitar, tambourine, synth, sleigh bell, spring cowbell
+ Adam Harding: guitars

The new album will be out the 23/04/2021 on:
CD Forbidden Place Records (USA)
LP available on Sound Effect Records (EU)
K7 available on Trepanation Records (UK)
DGT available on Coffin & Bolt Records (USA)
Golden Robot Records (AUS)

The Marigold, “My Own Apostate” official video

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Lost Relics Premiere “Unrealistic Cause” Video; New EP out Next Year

Posted in Bootleg Theater on December 7th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

lost relics

Angular, noisily crunching riffs pervade the new single from Denver four-piece Lost Relics. In following up their 2019 debut EP, 1st (review here), the band recently unveiled “Unrealistic Cause” and as of today — right now, actually — they’ve got a new video to go with the track. Like the song itself, the clip is straight-ahead, brooding and aggressive, and pulls approximately zero punches in letting the listener know its intent. Amid dark, green-tinted lights, quick cuts and an alternatingly rolling and charging groove, dual vocals issue proclamations of coming revolution and urge their audience to get educated and “eradicate the wealth.”

Wouldn’t that be nice? If that happened? If your racist-ass neighbors were like, “You know what, I’mma go read a thing and have my mind changed by it, then I’m going to act on that change.” The idea has persisted for too long that “hearing all sides” is the best avenue toward progress. Bullshit. If one side is saying “$20 an hour minimum wage and public-option healthcare” and the other side is saying “babies in cages,” you do not need to listen to both sides of that argument. You need to invest in education, particularly underserved rural and urban communities.

I don’t disagree with Lost Relics‘ position, and hey, if the revolution’s coming, cool. But part of the reason the status quo seems so immobile in America is because we’re taught from the lost relics unrealistic causetime we’re two years old that capitalism and competition for resources is the natural order of things. I see this shit all the time, even with my toddler. Parents are like, “share your toys,” to their kids at the playground, but you can tell they don’t mean that shit, and the kid can tell too. Get all you can, junior; life’s short and ain’t nobody ever bought their parents a house with a poem.

Education is the answer. But “educating yourself” is something that cultural forces and major, billion-dollar-making corporations have actively worked to make it harder to do, never mind something like wealth redistribution. The kind of mindset shift that’s needed to promote even vaguely progressive causes in the US is the work of generations. America has no coherent “left wing,” only disconnected movements, many of which are based around causes that a majority of voters actually support — see Black Lives Matter, gun control, a woman’s right to choose, trans rights, again, public healthcare, etc.

And if you think that disjointedness is an accident, don’t kid yourself.

There’s a lot of divorcing of heavy music from social issues — something I suspect it’s easier to do since so much of the demographic makeup of the heavy underground remains white and male. And Lost Relics, who’ll have a new EP out in 2021 through Golden Robot Records and Coffin and Bolt Records, are indeed four white dudes. But that divorcing isn’t what’s happening here. Seems pretty obvious at this point, but what Lost Relics are doing in the three-plus minutes of “Unrealistic Cause” is examining the world around them and prodding their audience to question why things are the way they are. As regards sides to take, it certainly beats the alternative.

Enjoy the video:

Lost Relics, “Unrealistic Cause” official video premiere

Denver dirt rockers LOST RELICS have dropped their new single Unrealistic Cause via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records.

The weight of indifference is the boulder that crushes our society. Empathy is dead and with it so are we. It is an Unrealistic Cause. LOST RELICS employ Richter scale riffs to manifest the emotional density of these troubled times. Songs of protest. Songs of desperation. Songs for the end.

Formed from the ashes of Low Gravity, The Worth and Smolder and Burn, Marc Brooks, Jess Ellis, Jason James and Greg Mason quickly hit the ground rolling with their monstrous riffs with breakneck changes and dual vocal delivery. After releasing their self-titled EP in February of 2019, they have steadily been taking the stage to open for national acts and playing festivals across the front range of Colorado.

After teaming up with Coffin & Bolt Records in September of 2020, Lost Relics is now in the process of finishing up an EP for release early 2021.

Lost Relics are:
Jason James : Greg Mason : Jess Ellis : Marc Brooks

Lost Relics on Thee Facebooks

Lost Relics on Bandcamp

Coffin and Bolt Records on Thee Facebooks

Coffin and Bolt Records on Instagram

Coffin and Bolt Records website

Golden Robot Records on Thee Facebooks

Golden Robot Records on Instagram

Golden Robot Records website

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Stone Deaf Post “Polaroid” Video from New Album Killers

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 17th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

Colorado heavy rockers Stone Deaf are currently taking Bandcamp preorders for their third long-player, Killers. I don’t know the exact release date of the album, but the preorder package comes with a t-shirt, and there’s little I’m hearing in the new single “Polaroid” that wouldn’t make me want to wear one. The band issued their second album, Royal Burnout (review here), in 2018 and have hooked up with Golden Robot Records for the new one. They’ll have a hand in the release as well through their own Coffin and Bolt Records imprint, so one way or the other, whenever it happens, the new record is happening. “Late 2020,” to quote the PR wire.

In the meantime, “Polaroid” is the first song to be unveiled from the record and it’s got a head-turner of a hook in the post-Songs for the Deaf vein of desert rock. It’s on all the streaming whatnot — I guess that’s super-easy to do now with Distrokid? I’ve never tried — but you can see the video below via the YouTubes, which somehow feels oldschool posting. Life is bizarre.

The PR wire has more. On the music, not really life in general:

stone deaf


Stream/buy Polaroid HERE:

Colorado’s Stone Deaf have today released their new single and video Polaroid off their upcoming album Killers.

Crafting a sound that encompasses desert rock, laced with a stoner rock vibe and a subtle U.S. punk edge, Stone Deaf produce a unique fusion of sonic goodness.

Put that shoe horn down cause those boots are stayin’ on and scootin’ over to the dance floor for Stone Deaf’s latest toe-tapper. With more hooks than Tyson, Polaroid is an auditory strip tease you can’t turn away from.

Formed in late 2014 in New Castle, Colorado, Stone Deaf’s approach to music is a timeless fusion of melody and driving rhythms blending the rock vibes of The Hellacopters and Queens of The Stone Age with the sludgy thickness of Kyuss along with the punk sensibility of TSOL and Agent Orange, changing gears between chugging riffs, punk rhythms and laid back moments of unadulterated heaviness. With three releases under their belt, Self-Titled (Black Bow Records), Royal Burnout & The Bobby Peru EP (Coffin & Bolt Records), the band is poised to release their third full-length, ((Killers)) on their own label Coffin & Bolt Records in late 2020.

Stone Deaf, “Polaroid” official video

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