Forebode Premiere “Soul Trip” Video; Forebode EP out June 16


Punishment abounds on the self-titled debut EP from Austin, Texas, four-piece Forebode, whose sludgy extremity comes laced with aggression and a tonal heft that only seems to make each landing thud all the more a physical presence. Oh, they’re brutal alright, and especially on their first release, they’re not looking to rewrite the script on what that entails, but fucking hell do they know how to make it happen. Rumbling low end, down-down-down growls over lumbering grooves, a buzz of distortion that’s absolutely consuming — and an atmosphere that’s cavernous and bleak in like proportion. It’s a wide space, and all of it is dead.

“Firebrand” and “Soul Trip” start off with all the gurgle and grim(e) you could hope for, then they turn in a bit of Sabbath-boogie on “Forebode Pt. I” before the second part of the title-track fleshes out a more rock-based groove still in the ultra-weighted methodology of the opening duo. Lead guitar careens through as the throaty screams carry an anti-melody overhead, and as they approach the midpoint, you start to see where it’s all going. Sure enough, after about three minutes, they lock into a mega-nod and thereby set up the beginning of closer “The Primitive Realm” as the punch in the face that it is, all blackened this and blastbeat that.

They transition back to fairly — or unfairly — doomed vibes, but the manifestation of that threat of extremity is not to be understated, and in the context of the rest of the EP, it’s a moment of payoff that one expects will provide them something to learn from as they move forward. That level of all-outness doesn’t return, but in the swinging, Austin Terror Fest-ready pummel that ensues, they find a place between heavy styles that should satisfy claw-hungry zealots and dayjob-having riffheads alike. That’s not always such an easy bridge to cross.

And “Soul Trip,” with its manipulated live and nature footage, doesn’t really show that interest in crossing it. You know that old earthquake footage of the suspension bridge wobbling like a ribbon in breeze? It’s more like that, and sure enough, as crushing as concrete.

So enjoy:

Forebode, “Soul Trip” video premiere

Forebode, formed in 2017, is a heavy metal band taking influence from many genres including, Doom, Sludge, Black Metal, Groove Metal, Stoner Rock, and Hardcore. After numerous line up changes, Forebode is set to release their debut EP in June 2019.

Forebode tracklisting:
1. Firebrand
2. Soul Trip
3. Forebode Pt. I
4. Forebode Pt. II
5. The Primitive Realm

Recorded on December 8th – 23rd, 2018

Forebode is:
TJ Lewis – Vocals
Guillermo Madrigal – Bass
Eddie Konopasek – Guitar
Zach Donnelly – Drums

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