The Well and Year of the Cobra Touring This Summer

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So here’s what happened. All of a sudden, toward the end of last week or whenever it was, a bunch of cool bands started to announce they were touring with other cool bands. Package tours are a long-held tradition, especially for times when money’s tight in various spots around the world, and a decent way for acts to sometimes share road expenses as well as give club crowds more reason to leave the house. Whether it’s Greenleaf and Slomosa or Dopelord and Red Sun Atacama in Europe, Mars Red Sky and Howling Giant or — the subject at hand — Austin, Texas, trio The Well and Seattle duo Year of the Cobra; none of these sounds like anything other than a killer night in the making.

But for The Well and Year of the Cobra, there are a bunch of other shows both bands are playing in addition to those they’ll do together, with the former heading to Tennessee later in August for Muddy Roots and the latter with a few dates in the Pacific Northwest in early June, and so on. There wasn’t one general announcement for the tour that I found on socials, so I took the dates that were posted by each band, the Branca Studio art that accompanied, and I decided rather than try to parse out who’s where for one broader list, to just have them as they are.

The Well‘s dates are under the band’s name, and ditto that for Year of the Cobra, whose new album I think is recorded — another announcement to wait for — and will hopefully be out in the coming months. Both their latest LP and The Well‘s were in 2019, so if you said they’re due, fair enough. Do I honestly believe I needed to tell you about organizing two posts into this single one? No. But I did anyway, because that’s how it is when you’re neurotic. Now you know.

From social media as noted:

the well year of the cobra art



More dates to come; here’s a teaser with some killer artwork by the goat @branca_studio

7.19 – Tulsa, OK – Mercury Lounge
7.20 – OKC, OK – Blue Note Lounge
7.21 – KC, MO – recordBar
7.22 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th St. Entry (18+)
7.23 – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle*
7.24 – Youngstown, OH – Westside Bowl* (all ages)
7.25 – Albany, NY – Fuze Box*
7.26 – Providence, RI – Alchemy (all ages)
7.27 – Manchester, NH – Jewel Music Venue*
7.28 – NY, NY – The Bowery Electric*
7.29 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie*
7.30 – Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506* (all ages)
8.4 – Dallas, TX – Ruins*
8.6 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock*
8.7 – LA, CA – Permanent Records*
8.8 – Long Beach, CA – Alex’s Bar*
8.9 – Sacramento, CA – Cafe Colonial*
8.10 – SF, CA – Kilowatt Bar*
8.31 – Cookeville, TN – Muddy Roots Festival
* – w/ Year of the Cobra


Yo! Excited to announce our US tour with @thewellband. More dates coming soon, but for now…we feast!!!

6.1 – Bellingham, WA – The Shakedown
6.2 – Vancouver, BC – The Cobalt Cabaret
6.9 – Portland, OR – Polaris Hall
7.20 – Libby, MT – Montvana Festival
7.23 – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle*
7.24 – Youngstown, OH – Westside Bowl* (all ages)
7.25 – Albany, NY – Fuze Box*
7.27 – Manchester, NH – Jewel Music Venue*
7.28 – NY, NY – The Bowery Electric*
7.29 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie*
7.30 – Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506* (all ages)
8.2 – Lafayette, LA – Freetown Boom Boom Room*
8.4 – Dallas, TX – Ruins*
8.6 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock*
8.7 – LA, CA – Permanent Records*
8.8 – Long Beach, CA – Alex’s Bar*
8.9 – Sacramento, CA – Cafe Colonial*
8.10 – SF, CA – Kilowatt Bar*
8.11 – Santa Cruz – Moe’s Alley*
*w/The Well

The Well, Death and Consolation (2019)

Year of the Cobra, Ash and Dust (2019)

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Ripplefest Texas 2023: Complete Lineup Announced

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I don’t feel the need to even really say anything here. The lineup speaks for itself. And those who go to this year’s RippleFest Texas will also speak of it, for years, probably in a similar way people now talk about having been at this or that Emissions From the Monolith when that was going on in Ohio. The stuff of legend, in other words. Yeah, you can put on a fest and try to make it cool and fun, or you can do something like this and make it the highlight of everybody who attends’ year.

Kudos to Lick of My Spoon Productions and Ripple Music on a job well done. This will be something special. Bands have been leaked out one at a time at intermittent daily intervals, but the final lineup is out as of today, and it’s stunning. A blend of generations, a reach from on end of the country to the other, and a swath of the heavy underground all rallied in one place for a few days, pre- and after-parties included. Fucking a. If you’re attending, count yourself lucky.

As seen on socials:

Ripplefest Texas 2023

Here it is! The full lineup for RippleFest Texas #3! This will be one for the ages with a stacked lineup and lots of special treats in between. Get your tickets now!

Amazing art by @1horsetown

* playing the Pre-Party
+ playing the Afterparty

King Buffalo, Acid King, Brant Bjork Trio, Sasquatch, Wo-Fat, Fatso Jetson, Mondo Generator, Unida, The Well+, The Atomic Bitchwax, Telekinetic Yeti*, Duel, Forming the Void, Hippie Death Cult, High Desert Queen*, Avon, War Cloud, Rubber Snake Charmers, Spirit Mother+, Kind, Nick Oliveri, Thunder Horse, Royal Sons+, Restless Spirit*, (Big) Pig, Fostermother, Dead Feathers+, Rainbows Are Free, Warlung*, Sun Voyager, Red Mesa, Dunes, Tia Carrera+, Mr. Plow, The Heroine*, Michael Rudolph Cummings, The Absurd+, GoodEye*, Red Beard Wall, God Damn Good Time Band+

Plus a “Legends of the Desert and Friends” jam session to close out Saturday night!

And as always, the visuals by The Mad Alchemist Liquid Light Show

All-Access passes are SOLD OUT! All we have left are 2 Day Passes and Pre/Afterparty tickets available. Many more bands to be announced! Get your tickets now before the full lineup is revealed and the ticket price goes up!


King Buffalo, “Regenerator” live at Sonic Whip 2023

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The Well and Firebreather Announce Tour

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 23rd, 2023 by JJ Koczan

There are a bunch of ticket links here, which, hey, if you happen to be in one of cities listed below and up for hitting the gig, might be helpful. I don’t know. It doesn’t make the post look any neater — and you know I’m all about aesthetics and visual presentation; hence the by-now-retro theme of this site — but I left them there just in case. If you click one and go to the show, fair enough.

Firebreather and The Well, aside from being labelmates on RidingEasy Records and under the general umbrella of ‘heavy music’, don’t have a ton in common sound-wise, and I think that’s a good thing. They’ll complement each other well, with the bombast of the former and the semi-cultish weirdo-heavy rawness of the latter, and while Firebreather‘s Dwell in the Fog (review here) will have been out for more than a year by the time this run starts, it’s still their first time supporting it in the States. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect some new material live from The Well, meanwhile, since their most recent album, Death and Consolation (review here), came out in 2019.

In any case, it’s a solid run little less than a month, and I’m curious to see where that TBA date puts them:

The Well Firebreather tour


Tue 3/28 – San Diego
Wed 3/29 – LA
Thu 3/30 – Oakland
Fri 3/31 – Portland
Sat 4/1 – Seattle
Mon 4/3 – Denver
Tue 4/4 – Omaha
Wed 4/5 – Chicago
Thu 4/6 – Detroit
Fri 4/7 – Buffalo
Sat 4/8 – Providence
Mon 4/10 – TBA
Tue 4/11 – Brooklyn
Wed 4/12 – Columbus
Thu 4/13 – Louisville
Fri 4/14 – Memphis
Sat 4/15 – New Orleans
Sun 4/16 – Houston
Mon 4/17 – TBA
Tue 4/18 – Austin
Wed 4/19 – Dallas
Thu 4/20 – El Paso (Firebreather only)
Fri 4/21 – Albuquerque (Firebreather only)
Sat 4/22 – Phoenix (Firebreather only)

This list of ticket links will be updated:

San Diego

The Well, Death and Consolation (2019)

Firebreather, Dwell in the Fog (2022)

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Desertfest Berlin 2022 Lineup Finalized & Day Splits Announced

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 6th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

You can see it for yourself. Among the many Sound of Liberation-adjacent festivals taking place throughout any given non-pandemic-afflicted year — thinking of Desertfest Berlin, Up in SmokeKeep it Low, this year’s anniversary party, etc. — you know Desertfest Berlin 2022 is going to be special. Look at that Thursday lineup. Look at that Saturday lineup. Look at Friday. Look at Sunday. There’s no weak day.

Even if the thought of one or the other of the headliners doesn’t set you on fire, there are so many other ways to go. To wit, I’ve never been a huge Baroness fan, but you got ElderUfomammut and Stöner right there, though I also kind of feel like the rest of Sunday’s lineup needs to be in the bigger font too, with Slift, hometown heroes RotorSlomosa from Norway, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and SÂVER rounding out the final evening. I guess you could say the same all the way through.

A few more bands have been added — The Well, Vug, Velvet Two Stripes and Love Machine — and the day splits are below. It’s a no-filler lineup, and that’s about the bare minimum one can say about it.

If you’re going, right friggin’ on.

From the PR wire:

desertfest berlin 2022 day splits

DESERTFEST BERLIN Reveals Final Line-Up & Day Splits for 2022!

Finally, Desertfest Berlin returns on May 26 – 29th, feat. ELECTRIC WIZARD, YOB, BARONESS, ORANGE GOBLIN, WITCHCRAFT, KADAVAR, ELDER, MY SLEEPING KARMA & many many more!

After two long years, this May the Desertfest Berlin community finally re-unites. To celebrate the return of heavy live music, and its 10th anniversary edition, this year Desertfest Berlin will excel with one of their best line-ups to date!

Alongside headlining bands such as ELECTRIC WIZARD and Berlin’s very own KADAVAR, 2022 will see high class acts such as WITCHCRAFT, ORANGE GOBLIN, BARONESS, Desert Legends Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri with their new outfit STÖNER, YOB, TRUCKFIGHTERS, ELDER, MY SLEEPING KARMA, 1000MODS, the return of mighty UFOMAMMUT among many more renowned as well as up & coming bands storm the stage of Desertfest Berlin! Today, the unique underground festival in the heart of Berlin has revealed its final line-up, adding VUG, LOVE MACHINE, THE WELL and VELVET TWO STRIPES to their eclectic bill of 2022!

Grateful for the loyal support and while most of the Desertfesters kept their tickets since 2020, the cult festival has extended its upcoming edition from 3 to 4 days. All 3 Days Ticket Holders will get access to all 4 Days of Desertfest Berlin, the 2020 ticket will be valid for the entire festival in 2022!

Taking place between May 26 – 29, 2022 at the Arena Berlin, and since most day and all weekend passes are sold-out, you better act quick to get a ticket for at least Thursday and/or Sunday! These rare, handful of tickets are available at – The Day Splits will look as [above.]

Desertfest Berlin 2019 aftermovie

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Sound of Liberation Updates Lineups for 17th Anniversary Parties

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 28th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

sound of liberation 17 years wiesbaden banner

Pick your poison here, it’s all killer. Makes sense when you think about it, too. If you’ve been waiting to have a party for two years, don’t you want to do it up? Thus it is that Sound of Liberation‘s plague-delayed 15th anniversary celebrations have become 17th anniversary celebrations — and frankly, having survived those extra two years is no mean feat either for a booking concern, or, you know, anyone — and the parties will be held June 10-11 in Munich and June 24-25 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Simply put, the lineups aren’t fucking around. Colour Haze, Fu Manchu, High on Fire, 1000mods, Elder, Ufomammut, My Sleeping Karma, Yawning Man, Monkey3, The Well, Toundra, Villagers of Ionnina City, DVNE, Slomosa, Stoned Jesus, Lucid Void, and more to be announced. That pushes beyond “killer party” and into “this is actually a festival” territory, and after so much delay, I seriously doubt any of the concerned parties have a problem with that.

These will be significant evenings. If you’re going, drink it in.

As posted on socials:

sound of liberation 17 years munich poster

sound of liberation 17 years wiesbaden poster


*** New Bands *** Day Splits *** Warm-Up Show ***

Dear friends and fans, we are excited to share a bunch of amazing news for our SOL Birthday Bashes in Munich and Wiesbaden with you.

We added some more outstanding acts to our line-ups and there’s an additional warm-up evening happening in Wiesbaden!

17 years Sound of Liberation • Backstage Munich

We’re stoked to finally share the day-splits with you!

Friday, 10th June 2022
Backstage, Munich (GER)
Line-Up: Colour Haze, High On Fire, Elder, UFOMAMMUT, Villagers of Ioannina City, Toundra, DVNE + more TBA

Saturday, 11th June 2022
Backstage, Munich (GER)
Line-Up: Fu Manchu, 1000mods, MY SLEEPING KARMA – OFFICIAL, Yawning Man (Official), monkey3, The Well + more TBA

Single-Day Tickets & Weekend Tickets are available.

17 years Sound of Liberation • Wiesbaden

Our party does now start a day earlier!

We’re proud to welcome no other than mighty UFOMAMMUT (ITA) and rising stars Slomosa (NOR) (+ one more band TBA) to rip down the Kesselhaus at Schlachthof Wiesbaden on June 24th and warm-up our neck muscles for the following full festival day!

Friday 24th June 2022
Official Festival Warm-Up
Schlachthof, Wiesbaden (GER)
Line-Up: UFOMAMMUT, Slomosa + 1 more band TBA

Saturday 25th June 2022
Schlachthof, Wiesbaden (GER)
Line-Up: 1000mods, Elder, MY SLEEPING KARMA – OFFICIAL, Stoned Jesus, The Well, Lucid Void + more TBA

We can’t wait for June, this is happening for real! Grab your tickets and join us in Munich and / or Wiesbaden

Stunning poster artwork by Malleus ROCK ART LAB

High on Fire, “Speedwolf” live in Los Angeles, Aug. 23, 2021

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1000mods and The Well Announce Spring Tour

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 17th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

1000MODS the well Tour sq

Ayo, good bands touring. Greek heavy rock forerunners 1000mods hit the road at last in support of 2020’s Matt Bayles-produced Youth of Dissent (review here), and they’re importing Austin, Texas, trio The Well for support. 1000mods will be at Desertfest in London and Sound of Liberation‘s A Day in Smoke (sit tight, details forthcoming) the next night in April, and then both bands will appear at Desertfest Berlin, Sound of Liberation‘s 17th anniversary party in Munich, and a ton of familiar venues on the circuit like Arena Wien in Vienna and Gaswerk in Winterthur, Switzerland, among others. Ending the tour at the SOL anniversary show — delayed by two years — is a nice touch. No doubt that’ll be a killer time.

The Well‘s last album was 2019’s Death and Consolation (review here), which cemented them as undervalued in my mind. Perhaps bringing that material out again on an extended-feeling European tour will help them hammer the point home. Also curious how 1000mods might go over, considering the somewhat shaky reception the cleaner sound of Youth of Dissent received, and, of course, if either act has new material they’ll take out on the road.

Dates follow, as culled from social media:

1000MODS the well Tour w dates


Friends, fasten your seatbelts!

Risen from smokey basements to packed arenas, and from pioneers of the heavy stoner rock movement to one of the most promising European rock acts: 1000mods are coming all the way from Greece this Spring to present their glorious 90’s heavy tunes.

And if that’s not enough, joining from May 28th on: Austin, Texas trio The Well. If you’re fan of Black Sabbath’s fuzzy, doomy riffage, the creepy psychedelia of Syd Barrett mixed with a small pinch of Electric Wizard, this band will make you very, VERY happy.


1000MODS European Tour 2022
+ special guest THE WELL

29.04.22 – London | Desertfest London*
30.04.22 – Pratteln | Konzertfabrik Z7 – Pratteln A Day In Smoke*
03.05.22 – Paris | La Machine du Moulin Rouge*
05.05.22 – Strasbourg | La Laiterie Artefact*
06.05.22 – Hasselt | Muziekodroom Nox Tumultum*
28.05.22 – Berlin | Desertfest Berlin
30.05.22 – Hamburg | Gruenspan
31.05.22 – Copenhagen | VEGA
01.06.22 – Malmö | Plan B – malmö
03.06.22 – Hannover | MusikZentrum Hannover
04.06.22 – Dresden | Beatpol
06.06.22 – Warsaw | Hybrydy
07.06.22 – Krakow | Klub Zaścianek
08.06.22 – Vienna | ARENA WIEN
09.06.22 – Prague | Rock Café Prague
10.06.22 – Leipzig | WERK2-Kulturfabrik
11.06.22 – Munich | 17 years Sound of Liberation • Backstage Munich
12.06.22 – Graz | p.p.c.
13.06.22 – Zagreb | Klub Močvara
14.06.22 – Budapest | A38 Hajó
15.06.22 – Salzburg | Rockhouse Salzburg
16.06.22 – Winterthur | Gaswerk
17.06.22 – Mezzago | Bloom
18.06.22 – Monthey | Pont Rouge Monthey
20.06.22 – Nuremberg | Musikzentrale Nürnberg
21.06.22 – Cologne | Club Volta
22.06.22 – Bielefeld | Forum Bielefeld
23.06.22 – Amsterdam | Melkweg Amsterdam
24.06.22 – Luxemburg | Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette
25.06.22 – Wiesbaden | 17 years Sound of Liberation • Wiesbaden
13.08.22 – Moledo | SonicBlast Fest*
10.09.22 – Athens | Τεχνόπολη Δήμου Αθηναίων – Technopolis City of Athens*

*1000mods only

Grab your tickets fast and wallow in pleasant anticipation – that’s what we’ll do for sure. Can’t wait!

See you soon,
Your SOL crew

Infos and tickets:

1000mods, Youth of Dissent (2020)

The Well, Death and Consolation (2019)

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The Well Announce Tour Dates with Howling Giant

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 2nd, 2021 by JJ Koczan

the well (photo by Cecilia Alejandra Blair)

Hey there tour dates. That’s nice to see, even if they would seem to arrive with the unfortunately-normalized asterisk of *yes-this-will-happen-so-long-as-it-can-happen. But I’m glad to see Austin trio The Well getting back out. The last time I posted a list of shows from the three-piece was when they were headed to Europe in January 2020 and doing US dates in Feb. and into March. Points for timing to them on that one, as they went out supporting 2019’s Death and Consolation (review here), their third album on RidingEasy Records.

I can’t help but wonder if, having spent more time off the toad — you know what? I meant to type “off the road,” but I like “toad” better and I’m leaving that typo — they have new material in the works to some degree, and as they head out with Nashvillain heavy progressives Howling Giant, the list of dates may not be months long, but they’re covering a decent amount of ground in the Midwest and toward the West Coast, and if they perhaps have other regional stints to come later next year — pending blah blah blah — they’d be off to a good start. A new record in there too? Hell if I know, but that’d be fun.

The following poster — which takes my head right to the ’90s and I’m not sure if that’s right or not — and announcement were posted on social media. Have you heard about that? It’s a whole thing:

The Well Howling Giant


Ahhh finally!!! We are beyond excited to hit the road in 2022 with Nashville’s heavy hitters @howlinggiant in tow. We’ve missed y’all!! Which show will we see you at?

2.22 – Dallas – Ruins
2.24 – El Paso – Rockhouse
2.25 – Tempe – Pub Rock
2.26 – Albuquerque – Sister Bar
2.27 – Denver – Hi Dive
3.1 – Milwaukee – Cooperage
3.2 – Chicago – Reggie’s
3.3 – Columbus – Spacebar
3.4 – Cincinnati – Northside Yacht Club
3.5 – Louisville – fifteentwelve
3.6 – Nashville – Springwater
3.9 – New Orleans – Santos
3.10 – Lafayette – Freetown
3.11 – Houston – White Oak Music Hall
3.12 – Austin – Independence Brewing
3.13 – San Antonio – Lonesome Rose

The Well, Death and Consolation (2019)

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Kryptograf Release New Single “The Well”

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 6th, 2021 by JJ Koczan


Based in Bergen, Norway, classic-style heavy prog rockers Kryptograf released their self-titled debut last June through Apollon Records and now follow with the single “The Well.” Of you’d have asked me, I would’ve said I reviewed the album. I definitely meant to. But I can’t find it and, frankly, I’ve gotten pretty decent at navigating this site, so if I can’t find it it’s probably not there. Bummer.

Bottom line of that review would have been that the band are pretty right on, proggy enough to hold that down but not so indulgent as to lose the thread of their own songs. I know I played them on the Gimme show once or twice, and they were definitely talked about at list-time, but yeah, no review. Sometimes you don’t get to cool shit. Wasn’t for any lack of desire, I assure you. Maybe I’ll close out a week with it in 2026 or something.

Either way, the new song brings ace vibe as well, so I wanted at least to mark the release, which was on Friday. You can stream it at the bottom of this post, and really, if you’ve come this far, why wouldn’t you?


Kryptograf The Well

Kryptograf – The Well – Apollon Records

3 September 2021

Kryptograf are back with a brand new single called The Well.

Inspired by the heavy sound of the late 60s and 70s the band is still riding high on the success of their self-titled debut album from 2020. the four old souls ( young men , though, all but the drummer still in their mid twenties ) in Kryptograf from Bergen , Norway, will hex you with their collective vocals, destructive riffs and inventive songwriting.

Kryptograf is an eclectic but fiercely focused addition to the doomy Bergen underground.

Vegard Strand – Guitar / Vocals
Odd Erlend Mikkelsen – Guitar / Vocals
Eirik Arntsen – Drums / Vocals
Eivind Standal Moen – Bass

Kryptograf, “The Well”

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