Wolves in Haze to Release Chaos Reigns This Summer

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wolves in haze

Summer is going to be busy. Summer’s always busy — truth is every time is always busy except maybe the last couple weeks of December and the first two of January — but I have the feeling that the over the course of this month we’re going to see a lot of announcements for records due in August, September, even July, as the world collectively dares to peak out from under the Covid-19 pandemic. Between stuff that was delayed and/or pushed back to allow for a return to touring, pandemic-era projects, and those who pushed forward in spite of the reigning chaos, the field is already becoming increasingly crowded.

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One assumes more details are forthcoming, but the basic signing announcement and some comment from the band follow here, as hoisted from social media:

wolves in haze majestic mountain records

Welcome Wolves In Haze to Majestic Mountain Records!

Gothenburg-based ‘Wolves in Haze’ will drop their new album ‘Chaos Reigns ‘ on digital, cd, and vinyl on Majestic Mountain Records later this summer. The vinyl release will be a collaboration with the kickass label Tvåtakt Records! If you’re the slightest familiar with them and their previous releases, you know that the album will be riff-filled!

“We are happy to announce that we now are a part of the Majestic Mountain Records family,” says the band. “The new album ‘Chaos Reigns’ will be out later this year in a co-release with the awesome Tvåtakt Records. Vinyl, compact disc and digital streaming stuff, yeah you know it’s gonna be amazing!”

Let there be riffs!

Give Wolves a follow!

Wolves in Haze are:
Olle Hansson – Guitar
Manne Olander – Vox & guitar
Kalle Lilja – Drums & bass


Wolves in Haze, “All or Nothing”

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Jointhugger Stream Reaper Season EP in Full

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Norwegian trio Order Of An Essay - Put aside your concerns, place your assignment here and get your quality paper in a few days Why worry about the dissertation Jointhugger release their new single-song EP, how to write a phd dissertation abstract Gym Business Plan Templates Illegal el segundo high school homework help english research proposal example Reaper Season, tomorrow, April 2, as their first offering through Our Spelling Homework Activities writing services the UK assist students to complete the most grueling part of their educational career. There are numerous hurdles that students need to overcome in dissertation writing while having other academic commitments to fulfill. This is why MyAssignmenthelp.com provides an inclusive expert dissertation writing help service that covers: Assistance for writing Majestic Mountain Records. Too substantial with its 17:55 lone titular inclusion to be merely a placeholder, it acts nonetheless as a precursor to their second full-length to come and a bridge from 2020’s Write Tesis For Money - Benefit from our inexpensive custom research paper writing service and get the most from amazing quality Instead of I Am No One (review here) to that next LP, yet untitled. And in foreshadowing that, it might be at its most telling in terms of the stylistic growth taking place in the band’s sound.

It is guitarist/vocalist English Proofreading with Us. When it comes to http://es.mur.at/window/index.php?261 our service is one of the most trusted today. We have been in the business of Nico Munkvold and bassist  medical writing service, Idea Business Plan, medical research papers, medical editing services Tore Pedersen and drummer Our website is No. 1 in Academic Online Homework Tracker & Custom Term Paper Writing Service . Feel free to hire us for your academic needs. We are the perfect Daniel Theobald on the recording, though the latter is since out of the band — they have a replacement, also to be announced — and from its ambient-droning first minute and into the guitar-as-piano-for-emphasis-on-the-notes buildup that ensues thereafter, it culls richer proceedings than the kinda-goofy stonerliness of their moniker might lead one who didn’t hear I Am No One to believe. Sure, there’s plenty of stoner-doom riffing on display here — it bursts out from those opening minutes in viscerally tidal fashion — but even there the vocal melodies that accompany are in spirit with more complex fare.

A short, classically bluesy solo takes hold over steady roll and “Reaper Season” flows readily toward a more weighted push that itself recedes into a transitional section of noise from which the drums pick up the tempo for a surprisingly boogie-fied shuffle. The guitar and bass tones are not to be overlooked here, since essentially they’re the same — as rumbling and deeply-weighted as ever — but Jointhugger make them move. Make them dance, and that feels particularly daring on this kind of release, where thejointhugger reaper season expectation going in might be that it’s a simple onslaught of riff after riff, or maybe even just one riff played willfully ad nauseam.

As it is, MunkvoldPedersen and Theobald stay long enough in each of Reaper Season‘s component movements to get their point across, but they’re by no means overstying their welcome, especially in that shuffle. With call and response shouts, it’s a party somehow but still thoroughly doomed, and with an abiding theme conjuring Lucifer as an embodiment of personal and expressive freedom, they would seem to have taken the message to heart in terms of blurring and transcending the lines of microgenre. I’ll take a bit of thick boogie anytime, and they wah it out to an organic-feeling conclusion as they approach the 11th minute and pull out a fuller-sounding thrust.

This too is transitional, and leading to a crash that could just a well be constructed of the two prior parts put together, thudding and lumbering but still keeping some of the airier feel of the preceding stretch, if having let go of the boogie in the process. Nothing lasts forever. They are, as it turns out, in the closing section of the song for about the last three minutes, but that stomp that finishes is affecting just the same, agonizingly slow as they tear the audio apart. Is that societal decay? The death of higher consciousness? The frickin’ plague? I don’t know, but the waves of noise that conclude Jointhugger‘s trip feel well apart from the unassuming ambience that started it. Did anyone else just hear that vulture call?

Not taking away from the forward potential Reaper Season portrays in Jointhugger‘s stylistic development, the realization of the thing itself is still what’s most striking about it. Though by no means insubstantial as a 17-plus-minute single track, it offers a depth and space that goes beyond the novel runtime and casts the band (presumably new drummer and all) as a significant presence with creative agency driving toward an identity all the more their own.

Bringer of light, you say? Works for me.

Thrilled to host the premiere of “Reaper Season” ahead of the release tomorrow. Stream it on the player below and please enjoy:

Nico Munkvold on “Reaper Season”:

Even with the coming album, Reaper Season is a stand-alone release. The track is about death, dying and Lucifer. Not necessarily literal death but maybe an ego death, death of an era, death to the concept of reckless capitalism and consumerism. We also know that most people aren’t aware that Lucifer comes from Greek Mythology and is connected with the light bringer, not wholly as ‘evil’ as was made convenient to the general religious narrative. Satan/Lucifer/The Devil acts as our inner animal or ‘beast’ as ‘they’ call it. Satan is a metaphor for the most natural part of us unhindered by what’s taught to us by society, the patriarchy and religion. Inner light, true freedom and self-reliance.

These intrinsic human traits seem to have been vilified, kept in check by a system run by fear mongers, warlords and stuffed suits on the top floor whose power is threatened by free thought and real altruism, which is why the concept of sin and moral law has been created to dumb down the populace and keep the people in herded groups to divide and conquer. The lyrics detail giving yourself over to the other side and seeing that most of what we are doing in this society is ‘wrong’ according to nature, and the Reaper is used (again) as a metaphor for the devil, Satan, the ‘dark’ side, which is actually nature, real, true freedom, not this blind ‘me, me, me’ society bullshit which sells you freedom in the form of patriarchy and consumerism. The song is written as a commentary of struggling to fit into the machine of a world and humanity that has lost its way and seems to be crumbling in front of our very eyes right now.

Preorder: https://majesticmountainrecords.bigcartel.com

Recorded and mixed by Jointhugger and Hrafn Alexander Helgason at SBC Studio with thanks to Jens Sevik.

Mastered for superlative sonic euphoria by the evil genius Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio.

Artwork by Spectral Ecstasy.

Jointhugger on Thee Facebooks

Jointhugger on Instagram

Jointhugger on Bandcamp

Majestic Mountain Records webstore

Majestic Mountain Records on Thee Facebooks

Majestic Mountain Records on Instagram

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JIRM to Reissue 2011’s Bloom on Majestic Mountain Records

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 11th, 2021 by JJ Koczan


Originally released on Transubstans Records and re-pressed in 2013 ahead of the band’s 2014 debut on Small Stone, Spirit Knife, 2011’s sophomore outing from the band once known as Jeremy Irons and the Ratgang Malibus, Bloom, is seeing a 10th anniversary reissue through Majestic Mountain Records with preorders set to go up on Friday.

The four-piece rebranded themselves in 2018 to JIRM and issued Surge Ex Monumentis (discussed here) as a likewise departure in sound from the classic-style heavy rock and boogie they’d brought to bear on prior offerings. For what it’s worth, they pulled that shift off well, and sounded no less sure of what they wanted to be doing than they ever had. I still think of them as a young band. Funny they’re doing decade-anniversary reissues. For their second record. Ha.

The PR wire has it like this:

jirm bloom

JIRM (AKA Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus) to Celebrate Anniversary of Bloom with Reissue on Majestic Mountain Records

Majestic Mountain Records is thrilled to announce the official reissue of Bloom, the sophomore album from Swedish psych rockers JIRM… AKA Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus.

Originally formed in 2004 by close friends Micke Pettersson and Karl Apelmo, the curiously monikered Swedes were keen to implement their surrealist reimagining of heavy psych, early doors. Cementing their line-up in Stockholm circa-2007 with the addition of drummer Henke Persson and bassist Viktor Källgren, the quartet signalled the grand old return of Krautrock and psychedelic grooves to the underground scene. The culmination of which can be best heard on their 2011 album, Bloom, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Recorded by Marcus Sjoberg at Studio Skyline in the Swedes’ home city of Eskilstuna; Bloom provided listeners with a bed of raw, blues-based hard rock from which myriad sophisticated sonic structures are built. Bathing in the sunlit influence of bands like Led Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers, the album was lauded upon release and has only grown in prestige over the past decade.

“We recorded the album on old Vox AC30s and a bunch of cheap guitars, while trying to figure out amongst ourselves how delay pedals worked,” remembers Karl Apelmo. “Ten years on and we believe Marcus did a fantastic job in recording and capturing the magic in those songs and thanks to Majestic Mountain Records you’ll be able to hear it again. We’re psyched!”

And for MMR’s Marco Berg, the feeling is mutual. “We’re huge fans of this band so it’s a real honour to be able to reissue this classic rock album for anyone who was unlucky to have missed it first time around.”

Majestic Mountain Records will be releasing two exclusive editions of Bloom by JIRM (as Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus) this year with pre-orders for both imprints going live on 12th March at 19:00 CET / 13:00 EST / 10:00 PST / 18:00 BST here – https://bit.ly/3t0gPwy.

Limited to 200 – Black and green marbled 180g heavyweight vinyl, housed in full colour gatefold cover

Limited to 300 – Black and green swirl 180g heavyweight vinyl, housed in full colour gatefold cover


Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus, Bloom (2011)

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Mama Doom Are First US Band Signed to Majestic Mountain Records

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 4th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Years from now, when you’re out at the bar doing underground heavy trivia as relates to the early 2020s, you’ll know that the first American band who signed to Majestic Mountain Records was, in fact, Mama Doom from Newburgh, New York. The trio released a heavy, bluesy, East Coast attitude-y album called From Blue to Bone in the grand before-time of 2018 and according to the PR wire below they’ll have a follow-up sometime later this year. They join a bevvy of cool European acts on the imprint and bring of course something of their own to the lineup as well. With the first record being out for going on three years at this point, one has to wonder if there was some new recording that tipped the label in their favor or if it was simply on the strength of the debut alone. Either way they’re a cool find.

That first album is streaming below. Here’s word from the PR wire:

mama doom

New York’s Rising Occult Rockers MAMA DOOM Sign to MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS

The haunting hard-rock trio become the first US band signed to the Swedish label

Majestic Mountain Records – Sweden’s leading proponents of hard-hitting underground psych, rock and heavy metal – is thrilled to announce the signing of Mama Doom for the release of their new album.

Formed in Newburgh, New York in 2016, the trio join the ever-growing ranks of impressive MMR acts like Grand Cadaver, Saint Karloff and Electric Hydra and will soon release the long-awaited follow-up to their exceptional 2018 debut, From Blue to Bone (listen below).

“The moment we heard the new album we just knew we had to sign them to MMR,” explains Marco Berg. “They occupy a place on a spectrum that spans traditional blues, heavy doom and ego-death metal, and with High Priestess D. Lolli at the helm they are a serious force to be reckoned with.”

In lieu of guitars; keys and ethereal vocals drive the grooves deep into the earth in perfect union with crushing bass and drums. It’s a sound at once familiar to fans already accustomed to the doom genre, but at the same time it takes on a strangely unfamiliar tone given its unique assembly of component parts.

“We are so incredibly excited to be part of the Majestic Mountain family,” Lolli explains. “This label attracted us from the start due to the diversity and quality of bands on its roster and it’s a great honour to be the first US band signed to Majestic Mountain.”

Mama Doom’s as-yet-untitled new album will be released later this year.

Mama Doom are:
D.Lolli-vocals & keys
Chuckie Rumbles-bass
Smak-drums & vocals


Mama Doom, From Blue to Bone (2018)

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Jointhugger Announce Single-Song Reaper Season EP Out April 2

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 12th, 2021 by JJ Koczan


As promised when they signed with Majestic Mountain back in November, Norway’s Jointhugger will have two offerings out this year, and the first of them is the 18-minute single-song EP, Reaper Season, that their newfound label home is set to issue on April 2 with preorders going live next week. That’s cool, right? Their 2020 debut, I am No One (review here), certainly made it seem like they were comfortable working in longer forms, and the fact that they’re expanding their reach on a single-song EP tells me (1:) they think enough of the track to let it stand on its own and (2:) their ambition is to grow. I have the feeling they’ve only scratched the surface of what they can do as an outfit.

And what better setting to see that growth play out than the real-world apocalypse we’ve been living through for the past year-plus?

I don’t know about you, but I only see guitarist/vocalist Nico Munkvold and bassist Tore Pedersen in the pic above. A replacement for drummer Daniel Theobald is soon to be announced, but they’ve reportedly got somebody, so if you were planning on sending an audition clip, I think you missed your shot this time.

Here’s EP info from the PR wire:

jointhugger reaper season

Nordic Doom Giants JOINTHUGGER Announce First of Two Releases This Year with MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS

Reaper Season by Jointhugger will be released on 2nd April with pre-orders open on 19th February via Majestic Mountain Records – https://majesticmountainrecords.bigcartel.com

Formed in 2012 amidst the Norwegian fjords, Jointhugger are an explosive trio that bring to mind the atmospheric and cosmic doom of rock colossi like Shrinebuilder, Sleep and YOB.

Having first come to the attention of Majestic Mountain Records (Saint Karloff, Electric Hydra, Draken) following the release of their debut, I Am No One in 2019, an unhallowed union was quickly established to herald the arrival of not one, but two new releases in 2021.

The first – entitled Reaper Season – is out this April as a single-track EP that finds the Nordic doomsmen drilling deep into the realms of ego-death, and the Angel of Darkness’s role in the slow decay of the modern world.

“The song is a commentary about the struggle of fitting into the machinations of a humanity that has lost its way,” explains the band.

“The world seems to be crumbling in front of our very eyes right now. Satan as our inner animal or ‘beast’ becomes a metaphor for the most natural part of us that’s unhindered by what’s taught by society, the patriarchy, and religion. Inner light, true freedom and self-reliance; these intrinsic human traits seem to have been vilified, kept in check by a system run by fear mongers, warlords and men in suits.”

Over eighteen minutes, like watchers of creation the trio reflect on the world through a heady doom rock assault that lays waste to the turbulence of dominion. Reaper Season is simply indispensable, and upon the wings of Jointhugger’s crushing heaviness descends a deeply evocative and menacing harbinger of things to come.


Jointhugger, I am No One (2020)

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Draken Premiere “Way Down Low” from Self-Titled Debut

Posted in audiObelisk on February 3rd, 2021 by JJ Koczan


Oslo, Norway’s Draken make their self-titled debut March 26 through Majestic Mountain Records, and if you’re the kind of person who likes easy categorization, it’s probably not a record for you. Bands who do one thing? That ain’t what’s happening here. Comprised of seven tracks across a sometimes-dizzying 45 minutes, Draken‘s Draken pulsates with energy through and through, but that performance element from bassist/vocalist Hallvard Gaardløs (also Orango and Spidergawd), guitarist Even Helte Hermansen (also Bushman’s Revenge) and drummer Andre Drage carries the heavy load when it comes to uniting the songs. That is to say, the purposes throughout Draken, especially as the adrenaline of opener “Realm of Silence” and “Way Down Low” — both of which ride the line between classic metal and heavy rock — gives way to the chunkier riffing of “Grand General,” and the full breadth of the record begins to show itself.

“Way Down Low,” at 5:54, is the longest of the three early cuts, and it brings the first surprising turn when it shifts into gruff, shouted vocals in its second half, revealing a current of heavy, modern noise rock that immediately throws the listener for a loop and pulls the rug out from under expectation. The stomp of “Grand General” offers some security, like it’s post-Mastodon with a classic edge, then the lead guitar starts in on this ’80s Don Henley thing before scorching out full-on and chug-whamming a finish (plus more growls) in under four minutes’ time, and, well, it doesn’t get any less complex from there.

Far from it, as Draken are really just getting started. Of the remaining four songs, none is under six minutes long. “(We Walk In) Circles,” the centerpiece, is seven and a half, and introduces an airy guitar atop fuzzy lumber leading to an open, subdued verse that draken drakengives way to a chorus that, were it not from Norway I might think of as being inspired by Akimbo (not that Norway is short on its own sphere of heavy noise), a blend of patience and electricity that’s telling in terms of Draken not being any of the members’ first time in the studio. The back and forth gives way to a rousing, worthy-of-being-the-centerpiece finish, and the 10-minute prog-metal “The Master” arrives. A highlight in style and substance alike, by the time it shows up, Draken have summarily blown the doors down in terms of genre and the fact that they’ve done so with such casual aplomb means that there’s little else the listener can do but try to keep up with the changes as they arrive. Might take a couple listens, honestly, as one song moves into the next and the purposes seem disparate, but that also has the effect of engaging with the album more satisfying.

So obviously things even out in the last two tracks, the band settle into some kind of middle ground, and the notion of challenging their audience — while still remaining basically accessible — fades away in favor of, I don’t know, willful mediocrity? Right? That sounds likely given how Draken‘s played out to this point, doesn’t it?

Of course not. “Strange Love” brings classic-speed boogie and hints at some of Spidergawd‘s swagger, while “Mountain in an Endless Ocean” is the most aggressively grooved inclusion on the outing, and that’s counting anything with the rougher vocals. A band like this, it can go one of three ways. One, they break up. Always possible. Two, they find one thing they want to do and do that. Three, they stay weird. Right now, Draken are downright gleeful in how all-over-the-place this debut is. They sound like they’re having a blast playing by no rules other than turn-the-amps-on-first, and it suits them. That’s a difficult strategy to maintain over the long term, and maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but right now, Draken is blindsiding and enjoyable in equal parts for its utter refusal to commit to a singular intent. If you can get on board with it — and again, it might take a couple listens to do so — you could have a lot of fun.

No single track represents Draken‘s Draken as a whole. Sorry. “Way Down Low” gives the album’s first hints that there’s more going on here that it might initially seem, so I hope you’ll listen to it in that context here too.

Please enjoy:

Hallvard Gaardløs on “Way Down Low”:

“‘Way Down Low’ was one of the last tracks to be written for our debut album and the inspiration for the song came after I went to the movies to see Us by Jordan Peele. I thought it was pretty fucking scary, so when I went home, I couldn’t really sleep so I stayed up and wrote that song. It was one of the last tracks to be written for our debut album, and also a very important one. The characters and overall theme of the lyrics tie together with the album cover, so this could well be a title-track of some sort. It goes to show that sometimes, a good scare can have unexpected results.”

Pre-order Draken via Majestic Mountain Records – https://majesticmountainrecords.bigcartel.com/product/draken-draken-vinyl

Draken’s self-titled debut album will be released worldwide on 26th March 2021 through Majestic Mountain Records. 

Hallvard Gaardløs – Bass, Vocals
Even Hermansen – Guitar
Andre Drage – Drums

Draken on Thee Facebooks

Draken on Instagram

Draken on Twitter

Majestic Mountain Records webstore

Majestic Mountain Records on Thee Facebooks

Majestic Mountain Records on Instagram

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Draken Sign to Majestic Mountain Records; Debut Album Due in March

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 17th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

Plenty of scorch in the teaser clip for Draken‘s upcoming debut album, and also kind of for their existence as well. It’s a new project headed by Hallvard Gaardløs (Spidergawd and Orango, which if you didn’t know are both really, really killer bands) operating in power trio fashion, and the PR wire brings word they’ve signed to Majestic Mountain Records for their long-player, which makes them kinfolk to fellow Norwegians Kal-El and Jointhugger, as well as Sweden’s Electric Hydra and The Hypnogogics, among others righteously riffing.

At this point, I’m pretty willing to check out something on Majestic Mountain just on its face given label-head Marco Berg‘s taste in output to-date, but even if I wasn’t, the teaser for this one — not to mention Gaardløs‘ pedigree — bodes remarkably. New stuff in the New Year. We can all just pretend 2020 didn’t happen right?

The aforementioned PR wire does it like this:


Introducing DRAKEN: Norwegian Hard Rock Trio Sign to MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS /// Debut Album Released March 2021

Majestic Mountain Records is psyched to announce the signing of Norwegian trio Draken for the release of their debut album next year.

Formed in Oslo in 2018 by Spidergawd/Orango bassist Hallvard Gaardløs and close friend Andre Drage, Draken is a rock band with an appetite for reinvention. Recently becoming a fully-fledged power triumvirate with the addition of jazz/progressive virtuoso, Even Hermansen (Bushman’s Revenge) on guitar, the trio dig on the Metals and Hard Rocks of old, and in doing so channel the inspiration they unearth into something truly unique.

With the band currently holed up at Røffsound Studios with producer Vegard Liverød, with the final few touches still to be added to their debut, Majestic Mountain Records are already paving the way for its official release next year:

“From hearing the first riff on the demo we knew that we wanted to work with Draken!” says MMR’s Marco Berg. “Their mix of groove heavy riffs and catchy tunes will definitely make waves. We’re excited to share the first single with you once 2020 is over.”

Draken’s self-titled debut album will be officially released worldwide in March 2021 on Majestic Mountain Records.

Draken is
Hallvard Gaardløs (bass/vocals)
Even Hermansen (guitar)
Andre Drage (drums)


Draken, 2021 Album Teaser

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Jointhugger Sign to Majestic Mountain; Two Releases Coming in 2021

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 3rd, 2020 by JJ Koczan

I’m going to assume that one of Jointhugger‘s two impending offerings is a new album and one is a short release. Maybe a split? I don’t know that, but that’s kind of what I figure. Putting out two completely concurrent full-lengths doesn’t really make any sense — and don’t get me wrong, nothing makes any sense right now, but still — and in signing to Majestic Mountain the trio have a slew of potential splitmates to choose among, so yeah. Maybe that. Or maybe not. You know I’m just talking out my ass here.

Either way, if you heard Jointhugger‘s 2020 debut, I am No One (review here), first of all, good for you, and second, there’s probably no mystery as to my Majestic Mountain Records would want to snag the band for their not one but two upcoming releases. It was and remains these tumultuous months later a nodder’s delight.

Whatever 2021 brings from the band, their alliance with Majestic Mountain is welcome news. I’m always a sucker for good bands getting signed.

From the PR wire:



With two releases in the pipeline for next year, 2021 is about to get a whole lot heavier!

Majestic Mountain Records – home to the likes of Saint Karloff, Electric Hydra and The King’s Pistol – is psyched to announce the signing of Nordic doomsmen, Jointhugger.

Hailing from the fjords of Norway, Jointhugger are an explosive trio that instantly bring to mind the cosmic doom and atmospheres of rock colossi such as Shrinebuilder, Sleep and YOB. Having first came to the label’s attention back in April 2019, it was until a year later and the release of their storming debut, I Am No One, that Majestic Mountain Records simply had to act. As Marco Berg explains:

“When the label first formed, we held early talks with Jointhugger about their demo (DAEMO, 2019), but we were so busy setting up our initial projects it proved impossible to get something sorted. Now however the stars have finally aligned and we’re ready to make magic together at last.”

Lead singer Nico concurs, “Joining the ranks alongside bands like Saint Karloff and The King’s Pistol, whom we admire and already have great relationships with, is like being welcomed home to an astonishing family. We couldn’t be happier about signing.”

“We thank Marco for his mentorship and belief in our music from the very beginning, and are beyond grateful that the stars have finally aligned for our homecoming,” says the band. “We’re beyond honoured to be among acts who mean a great deal to us a humans and as musicians and our hearts overflow with kinship, positivity and gratitude. We thank Jack at Interstellar Smoke Records for releasing our debut, we have so much goodness in store for you, and we will continue to write and play with all our might in thanks to all of you who have given us a platform by supporting us and showing continued interest in the noise we’re making. This is our dream and you’re making it come true.”

With two releases planed for the first half of next year, 2021 promises to be a year of progression. A chance to lay waste to the turbulence of the world over the last twelve months and celebrate something new; heavier and more hopeful than before.

Await the call, the hour of Jointhugger is nigh.

Jointhugger are:
Nico – Guitar/vox
Tore – Bass
Dan – Drums


Jointhugger, I am No One (2020)

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