Black Capricorn to Release Sacrifice Darkness and … Fire July 12; “A New Day Rising” Posted

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So, in my head, I’m reading a comma in the title of the new Black Capricorn album, Sacrifice Darkness … and Fire, which makes it a list; as if perhaps to propose the three as central elements of the band’s dark, engrossing take on semi-traditionalist doom, and they are sacrifice, darkness… and what’s the third one oh yeah fire. Without that comma, the name of the record instead becomes something like a proposal to sacrifice darkness and … hold on wait I forgot it again no I didn’t it’s fire. Like they’re giving up those things to some end or other. I’m not sure it matters which interpretation you roll with so long as you take away that the record is out July 12 through Majestic Mountain, but if you listen to the lead single “A New Day Rising” at the bottom of this post — it’s about 30 seconds into the clip that the song actually starts; heads up — the rolling groove speaks to the former reading, at least to me. I don’t know about sacrifice — other than, perhaps, sounding like they’ve given up a “normal” life to hermit themselves away with only despondent riffing for comfort — but darkness and fire hardly sound like they’re being forsaken here.

I’ll take it either way. The PR wire brought album info and the song for digging:

Black Capricorn sacrifice darkness and fire

Black Capricorn – A New Day Rising

Scuzzy, hypnotic doom and psychedelia from Sardinia

Single and music video out June 7, 2024 on Majestic Mountain Records

LP “Sacrifice Darkness and … Fire” out July 12, 2024

Italy’s modern titans of doom rise once again, as the coven of scuzzy, occult psychedelia that is Black Capricorn deliver their latest slab of epic proto metal. Following up on their single “Sacrifice” ahead of the full-length “Sacrifice Darkness and … Fire”, out July 12 through Majestic Mountain Records, the trio present their newest track and music video “A New Day Rising”.

Thoroughly fuzzed-out and mystical in atmosphere, Black Capricorn sweep the listener off into a medieval tale of knights and grand, grisly battles. The keening vocals and stomping rhythm section are proto doom at its finest, while the gritty psychedelic guitar leads twist and turn into the song’s hazy climax. The band are in full command of their black arts on “A New Day Rising”, a promise of darker things yet to come this summer.


“A galloping wandering knight and his journey through a troubled life in the past centuries. We’ve paid tribute in the previous album to a legendary band with ‘Worshipping the Bizarre Reverend’.

We are still following the same attitude also in the new LP with ‘A New Day Rising’, a galloping heavy song that pays tribute, for music style, to one of the most influential contemporary doom bands, the mighty Lord Vicar!”


“Majestic Mountain Records believed in us once again and we are thrilled to announce the new album, the second released by the rec label and the seventh of our career. We can’t wait to start this new adventure and to spread the word!”

Black Capricorn – A New Day Rising (single)

Single out June 7, 2024 (Digital)
Album “Sacrifice Darkness and … Fire” out July 12, 2024 (Vinyl, CD, & Digital)
Majestic Mountain Records

All music by Black Capricorn
Recorded at Consultant Recording Studio
Produced by Fabrizio Monni
Engineered by Fabrizio Monni
Mastering: Mirko Toro
Art & Design: Fabrizio Monni

Black Capricorn:
Rachela Piras – Drums
Virginia Piras – Bass
Fabrizio Monni – Guitars/Vocals

Black Capricorn, “A New Day Rising”

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