Void Commander to Release Alien Queen June 7

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With a June 7 release date impending, preorders are open through Majestic Mountain and Interstellar Smoke Records for the third album from Sweden’s Void CommanderAlien Queen (review here). The Karlskrona-based trio will post the new single “Sweet Depression” tomorrow, May 3, but that’s hardly the first preview they’ve given of the record to come, having previously unveiled “The Night Took My Name” (premiered at the link above), “Dyke Blues,” and “Bloodred Knight Alright.” Following the seven-minute psych-doom transfixion of “To the Grave” at the record’s outset, “Sweet Depression,” with its turn toward harmonica-laced heavy blues nod, makes it four of the total seven tracks available for the digging.

A bit more directly fuzzed on average than, for example, reignited countryman outfit Mammoth Volume, as Void Commander celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2024, they remind a bit in their organic range and tonality of that troupe, which is to say don’t go into “Sweet Depression” after checking out “The Night Took My Name” below thinking you’re going to get the same thing twice. Tricks up sleeves and all that. Assorted mini-vibes, packed in a box marked ‘handle with volume.’ It’s an easy record to enjoy if you’re willing to follow where it leads.

The PR wire brought links and info:

void commander alien queen

Void Commander -“Alien Queen”

Single “Sweet Depression” out May 3 (Digital); “Alien Queen” LP out June 7 (Digital, Vinyl)

Majestic Mountain Records Vinyl preorder: https://majesticmountainrecords.bigcartel.com/product/void-commander-alien-queen

Interstellar Smoke Records Vinyl preorder: https://interstellarsmokerecords.bigcartel.com/product/void-commander-alien-queen-isr-mmr-vinyl-edition

Sweden’s history of top-notch stoner rock is a well known one, and the latest addition to the country’s legacy is trio Void Commander’s new album, “Alien Queen”. Their third album, the band dig ever deeper into their blues and classic rock sound, creating a hazy, cosmic journey that drifts and drawls just right. If Creedence Clearwater Revival time traveled to the future, got their hands on some extra fuzzy pedals, and lit up with All Them Witches, Void Commander would emerge from the smoke, harmonicas held high.

From the throbbing low-end groove of “To The Grave” to the laidback, tasty southern blues of “Sweet Depression”, Void Commander navigate their breadth of sound on “Alien Queen” locked-in and wholly committed to the sonic world they’ve created.

Retro yet pushing their craft ever further, the band have created an album that oozes an easy confidence and undeniable identity front to back. Void Commander arrive on their flying saucer from the past to plant their flag in the murky stoner of today.

Their latest and final single, “Sweet Depression”, is out streaming May 3, and the full album “Alien Queen” lands June 7.


“Inspired by the mystique of space travels intertwined with the enigmatic allure of witchcraft and occultism, Alien Queen is more than just an album; it’s an expedition across the sonic universe, designed for those who dare to explore the edges of Stoner Metal and Hard Rock.

Dive into the cosmic depths with Void Commander as we unveil our latest creation, Alien Queen. This stellar journey is brought to you by the combined forces of Majestic Mountain Records and Interstellar Smoke Label, ensuring an otherworldly auditory experience.”

1. To The Grave (7:46)
2. Sweet Depression (4:54)
3. Dyke Blues (3:22)
4. Bloodred Knight Alright (5:34)
5. Alien Queen (7:13)
6. Jam in C (8:17)
7. The Night Took My Name (5:45)

Void Commander is:
Bobbie – Vocals, Guitar
Jimmy – Drums
Linus – Bass




Void Commander, “The Night Took My Name” visualizer

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Void Commander Premiere New Single “The Night Took My Name”

Posted in audiObelisk, Reviews on January 4th, 2024 by JJ Koczan

void commander

Starting last May, Swedish jam-prone classic heavy rockers Void Commander began to trickle out singles ahead of their fourth full-length and first for Majestic Mountain Records. Marking their 10th anniversary in 2024, the three-piece will issue their yet-untitled next LP in the months to come through Majestic Mountain and Interstellar Smoke Records, and “The Night Took My Name” follows behind “Dyke Blues” and “Bloodred Knight Alright” in representing the band’s covers-all-bases sound, bringing a doomier roll to the beginning and an open-feeling swing later, broad but still rhythmically centered, and with plenty of room for a jam as it pushes toward six minutes.

The record is like that. The harmonica-laced blues of “Sweet Depression” and “Alien Queen,” the latter of which brings together Sabbath‘s “War Pigs” and “The Wizard” and complements with a massive slowdown at the finish, and the ultra-flowing “Jam in C,” which hypnotizes in such a way as to make “The Night Took My Name” feel all the more like an outward launch. They lean into grittier rock at what I’ll neither confirm nor deny is the outset with “To the Grave” — one is reminded of the bombast of a song like “Fucked Up” from 2021’s River Lord (discussed here) — but run a gamut across heavy subgenres, tipping into hugely fuzzed lumber from the Sleepy intro to “Bloodred Knight Alright” in such a way as to tie together the improv-minded with the structures of thevoid commander the night took my name pieces that (more often than not, at least going by the tracklisting) are evolved from the root jams, shifting as it does into a bassy boogie strut near the finish that just kind of works because it does and the context allows for it; riffs pieced together creatively enough that as “Jam in C” meanders into a lyrical pattern, it feels like it’s happening if not in realtime then close enough to it that it doesn’t matter if it isn’t.

In terms of vibe, Void Commander make striking a difficult balance sound easy, and their sound on the whole reminds of some of the older-school Northern European troupes of the turn of the century, and no, I’m not just talking about Dozer, but bands like older Mustasch or Abramis Brama, maybe even Dead Man at least in terms of range, who brought together sounds from the ’70s and ’90s and helped shape heavy rock as we know it. That work has already been done, of course, but Void Commander are playing in that sandbox of decades of heavy rock influences, and whether it’s “The Night Took My Name” with a push that would be more straightforward from a lot of bands than it is here — and that’s a compliment — to the catchy stops of “Alien Wizard” (who presumably serves at the behest of the “Alien Queen”), Void Commander present a cohesive and individualized take on heavy tenets with a punker’s lack of pretense and an underlying groove that is welcoming even at its most dug-in.

I don’t have a release date for the album, and I don’t know if this will be the last advance track released as a standalone single from it, but it exists somewhere and between “Bloodred Knight Alright,” “Dyke Blues” and now “The Night Took My Name,” you’ve got three of the seven or eight tracks that will end up on the finished product, and that’s pretty good to go on. The other two, as well as the aforementioned River Lord, stream below, because MAXIMALISM.

Have fun, because you just might:

Void Commander, “The Night Took My Name” visualizer premiere

Vinyl will be a co-release with Majestic Mountain Records & Interstellar Smoke Records.

“- Another handful of stoner metal from the southern forests of the cold north arrives in the form of “The night took my name ”. A story of endless wake and sleep, a thin line between sleeping and being dead, The night took my name.” – Lee Noose, Void Commander

Void Commander was formed in 2014 by Bobbie (Vocals, Guitar) and Jimmy (Drums). After a long search and using many bass players, Linus (Bass) joined the band in 2016.

Void Commander, “Bloodred Knight Alright”

Void Commander, “Dyke Blues”

Void Commander, River Lord (2021)

Void Commander on Instagram

Void Commander on Facebook

Void Commander on Bandcamp

Majestic Mountain Records on Instagram

Majestic Mountain Records on Facebook

Majestic Mountain Records store

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Majestic Mountain Records Festival Oslo to Be Held Dec. 1-3; Lineup Re-Confirmed

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 15th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Usually for a fest lineup, I post one band’s player at the bottom of the post. Usually it’s a headliner, sometimes it’s a newer band on purpose, sometimes it’s just someone I check out who I haven’t heard before, etc. There are three players at the bottom of this post, and that’s probably too few. Take it as a sign of the uncommonly packed bill of Majestic Mountain Fest Oslo and the quality both of the work the imprint has been doing and its taste in general. Over the last two years, Majestic Mountain has emerged as a significant contributor to the underground sphere in Europe, especially Northern Europe, with a roster of talent varied in much but united in their ability to connect with their audience. One imagines it will be no different when so many of the label’s acts take the stage at the upcoming three-day festival next month.

This was originally supposed to happen in June, which, hey, sometimes a thing gets pushed back. Cool it’s coming together at all, given the scope of the lineup and the sheer logistics of getting so many schedules to align for three days (plus a pre-show) without the infrastructure of having already done so in the past. That is to say, I expect that if they do another fest like this, it’ll be easier the second time around.

Oh, and if you haven’t actually heard any of those records at the bottom of this post, you’re gonna want to do that.

From social media:

Mmr fest Oslo lineup

MMR FEST OSLO – OH YES.  It’s ON, folks!

Event page: https://facebook.com/events/s/majestic-mountain-fest-oslo/667812601039777/

The time has come, Majestic Crew- After what seems like an eternity of delays and silence, we are finally able to announce the rescheduled details and final lineup for Majestic Mountain Fest // Oslo 2022.

The festival will take place on December 1-3rd at the (in)famous Blitz Hus.

We will have a killer kick-off party on Wednesday 30th of November at our favourite chill spot Brewgata with a live gig and a rad tap takeover from the mighty Nøgne Ø

We will also have a beautiful appearance from a very special guest, Mika Häkki. More details on that to come!

Visit the event page for ticket links!
There has been a bit of shifting to the lineup due to the new logistics so any previously scheduled bands you do not see on this year’s roster will appear in the next edition.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and excitement for this event.

Despite the challenges presented to us, we keep charging forward. This festival is truly a labour of love and will be one for the books.

We are absolutely psyched to see you all in Oslo next month and can’t wait to celebrate our incredible roster and you, our fantastic fans!

Majestic Mountain Records is psyched to invite you to the first edition of Majestic Fest Oslo 2022!

When & Where:

Pre-Party Gig & Nøgne-Ø Tap Takeover at Brewgata Oslo
30 November

Festival at Blitz, Oslo
1-3 Decmber

After a challenging year of what seemed like endless delays, we are finally able to let loose and run full steam ahead on a three-day riff fest of gargantuan proportions to commence the 1-3 December at Blitz.

PLUS a killer pre-party gig and tap takeover with the mighty Nøgne-Ø on Wednesday the 30th of November at Brewgata!

This is going to be a very special event with the best community vibes and killer performances by Majestic Mountain Records Roster bands.

We’re also proud to welcome a very special guest, Mika Häkki.

Join us in on the last day of November and the first weekend of December for heavy riffs, mega fuzz and all of the good times!

The MMR crew cannot wait to bang our heads and hang with you in Oslo!

Full day schedule coming next week!

Lineup is as follows:

Kal-El (NO)
Grand Cadaver (SE)
Saint Karloff (NO)
Jointhugger (NO)
Wolves in Haze (SE)
Häxmästaren (SE)
Bogwife (DK)
Void Commander (SE)
Laser Dracul (SE)
Tornet (SE)
Slódder (SE)
Signo Rojo (SE)
Masheena (NO)
Goatriders (SE)
Bismarck (NO)
CB3 (SE)
Satanic Overdrive (SE)
Draken (NO)
Domkraft (SE)


Kal-El, Dark Majesty (2021)

CB3, Exploration (2022)

Domkraft, Seeds (2021)

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Void Commander Post “Shroom Bloody Shroom” Video

Posted in Bootleg Theater on October 14th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

void commander

The email came in via Bandcamp and was simple enough, advising in no uncertain terms I take a peak at the new Void Commander video for the track “Shroom Bloody Shroom” from the band’s 2021 sophomore LP, River Lord. Well, alright. I do what I’m told.

It was a note from Olde Magick Records, which released the tape version of River Lord, while the LP was on Majestic Mountain and Ozium Records, with the latter also handling the CD edition. I missed the seven-songer when it came out, so took the serendipitously-timed video as a cue that I should dig in.

No regrets upon doing so — I even bought the tape from Olde Magick, so I guess email marketing still works sometimes — and finding the band’s pastoralist Sabbathian heavy blues rock stretched across the 37 minutes of River Lord. Each piece of the entirety offers something to differentiate it from the others, be it the bluesed-out solo in opening title-track, the tempo Void Commander River Lordkick amid the Kings of Frog Island-esque lazy-day swing in “Stoner Eyes,” more harmonica in the shorter roller “Worship Midnight,” the more open psychedelic drift solidifying around the call and response chorus of “AGN,” sludgy screams and shouts showing up in the second half of “Fucked Up,” the stoner-is-as-stoner-does-so-get-stoned mentality and All Them Witches-style blues melody at the start of “I’m Drowning,” a flourish of Asteroid-style vocals later as the song sweetly rounds out, or just some cowbell in “Shroom Bloody Shroom” to set the swing, post-“Snowblind” lyrics, returning harmonica, and slumber-lumber groove.

These varied aspects are tied together through a feeling of live performance and the abiding undercurrent drawn from earliest Black Sabbath. Those are the centers around which the trio rally and from out of which they expand their sound and cast their identity on this second full-length to come across as unassuming and unpretentious but forming an individualized approach within the frame of modern stoner-style idolatry. That is, I do believe they’re worshiping the riffs they’re following, and I even more sincerely believe they’re having a lot of fun doing so.

The clip accompanying “Shroom Bloody Shroom” is more of a visualizer, but it’s got plenty o’ mushrooms and you wouldn’t accuse it of not getting its point across. The full stream of River Lord is down near the links, via Bandcamp.

Please enjoy:

Void Commander, “Shroom Bloody Shroom” official video

Check out the new video for Void Commander – Shroom Bloody Shroom

Premiering Now on YouTube!

Void Commander, River Lord (2021)

Void Commander on Instagram

Void Commander on Facebook

Void Commander on Bandcamp

Majestic Mountain Records on Instagram

Majestic Mountain Records on Facebook

Majestic Mountain Records store

Olde Magick Records on Instagram

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Ozium Records on Instagram

Ozium Records on Facebook

Ozium Records on Bandcamp

Ozium Records store

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Majestic Mountain Records Festival Oslo 2022: Five More Bands Join Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 4th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Majestic Mountain Records Fest Oslo 2022 banner

There’s a halfway decent chance that by the time this post goes live, the Majestic Mountain Records Fest Oslo 2022 — which I got official permission to call the MMR Fest last time I wrote about it — will have announced more bands for its lineup on June 17-18. It’s been that kind of week, not sure what else to tell you.

In any case, whether this post ends up with five new additions or 10, the lineup is taking shape and growing more formidable as it goes, drawing from the festival’s home base in Norway, the label’s home base in Sweden, as well as Germany, the UK and even the US, which, hey, that’s where I live! Nice to see a nod every now and again.

More than that, it’s an impressive display of reach on the part of the festival, and I’m assuming that barring disaster this won’t be the last one or the only city in which it takes place, particularly the first time out. Bottom line? Looks fun. Would attend.

Here you go:

majestic mountain records fest oslo 2022 kite etc

The Majestic Mountain Records newswire is here with a little boost. We’re cooking up some massive riff-shenanigans for Majestic Mountain Fest // Oslo and cannot wait to let all the cats out of the bag. Today we bring you glad tidings of yet FIVE more bands that you’ll be able to catch live during the weekend of 17-18th June.

Early Bird passes are sold out but regular tickets are available through the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/667812601039777/

Today, we are pleased to announce that:

Wolves In Haze
Laser Dracul
Void Commander

Will join Jointhugger, Saint Karloff, Grand Cadaver, Kal-El, Old Horn Tooth, The Kings Pistol, MaMa Doom, Häxmästaren, Bogwife, Electric Hydra and more to come!

Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm for this event. We cannot wait to bang our heads with you in June!

Get ready, Oslo. the MMR Crew is coming for you!


Kite, Currents

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