Planet Desert Rock Weekend V Makes First Lineup Announcement

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 29th, 2024 by JJ Koczan

The annual Planet Desert Rock Weekend festival will hold its fifth edition on Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2025, which I think marks the first time I’m actually writing that year to refer to an event that’s actually happening rather than random speculation. Feels like the future. And a killer future at that. Planet Desert Rock Weekend V makes its first lineup announcement today, and the sense of curation and purpose behind it could hardly be clearer.

No doubt the three-dayer conceived and booked by John Gist of Vegas Rock Revolution will pick up more than a handful of domestic acts in addition to Mos Generator (though if you had to only have one…), but five out of the six bands in this first publicly-confirmed batch will cross the Atlantic to play. Five for six, between JIRM, Sergeant Thunderhoof, Samavayo, Omega Sun (they’re making a return appearance after playing in 2019) and Fire Down Below. The very obvious message here is that Planet Desert Rock Weekend V wants to give the audience — the American heavy rock underground — a show it isn’t going to get anywhere else. If you can’t respect the put-up-or-shut-up nature of that, well, maybe you’ve never booked a show before. No doubt your existence has been easier and more gratitude-filled for that.

Early-bird tickets are up and there’s of course more to come, but in terms of the curation involved here and the feeling of Planet Desert Rock Weekend bringing over the acts it wants to see that no one else is bringing over, there’s a lot to admire as is. I will look forward to who else is added, finding out if this is it for non-US-based acts or if there’s more coming, and watching as the lineup takes shape generally. Thinking of making travel plans? I get it.

Word from the fest follows. Oh, and before you get your no-doubt-very-masculine panties in a bunch about AI art like all of a sudden you never used something cheap, convenient and easy because it was all of those things — we’re all complicit in the horrors of capital — the actual art is still in progress, and the full poster will be unveiled later. It’s a placeholder. Calm down, imaginary internet pearl-clutchers. Deep breaths.

Here we go:

planet desert rock weekend v first poster

Planet Desert Rock Weekend V — Jan. 30 – Feb. 1


FB event:

Vegas Rock Revolution’s Planet Desert Rock Weekend is back for edition 5 and it’s going to be a spectacular collection of bands from around the world of heavy rock!

It’s 3 nights of highly curated bands with evening shows only so that you can enjoy all that Vegas has to offer during the day rather it’s hitting the museums or hiking or donating to our local casinos (ha we kid!). Each evening will be in a cool atmosphere and the sound will be top rate to make your concert experience an unforgettable one.

Our 1st 6 bands are:

Mos Generator / Washington State

Mos Generator has been rocking for over 20 years and led by Tony Reed who is a monumental force within the scene. From straight forward heavy rock to heavy psychedelic they have always created music that elevates above many.

JIRM/ Sweden

Ripple Music’s JIRM (formerly known as Jeremy Irons + the Ratgang Malibus) has built their reputation on an epic sound on each release regardless of the evolution and creativity of the album. They can range from a light summery psych song to a dark tinged song describing inner turmoil. They are accented by amazing vocals. JIRM’s album “The Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam” landed #4 on the Doom Charts for March 2022. This will be their 1st time in the States.

Sergeant Thunderhoof / U.K.- England

These Brits have blown away fans in the U.K. for years and rocked amazing album after album of heavy rock for the world to hear. Highly touted for their live sets but their recent album “The Scripted Veil” took the scene by storm with incredible soaring vocals and superior songwriting to most. Landed #1 on Doom Charts for June 2022. This will be their 1st and only show in the States in 2025!

Samavayo / Germany

This German trio has been releasing amazing heavy rock since 2003! Their evolution of sound and influence have changed some over the years but at their core they are a heavy rock band that writes rocking songs that are catchy but yet get you moving. They have played with many of the top bands in the world whether it was on tour or at a festival. Samavayo’s album “Payan” landed #2 on the Doom Charts for March 2022. This will be their 1st time playing the USA!

Fire Down Below / Belgium

Since their 2017 release “Viper, Vixen, Goddess, Saint” they have done a masterful job of blending desert rock, stoner rock and grunge elements together to make music that is so easily accesible to people who want to rock. Their 2022 release “Low Desert Surf Club” on Ripple Music landed #5 on Vegas Rock Revolution’s end of year list and #3 on Doom Charts for September. This will be their 1st time playing the USA!

Omega Sun / Slovenia

Returning to Planet Desert Rock Weekend is Omega Sun whose recent 2023 release Roadkill captured many rocker’s ear with their powerful blend of heavy rock, doom, grunge and stoner rock. Recently the guys had the great fortune of opening up for USA supergroup The Winery Dogs and have embarked on a European tour. We love to bring back bands to the PDRW fold! Their 2023 release “Roadkill” landed #9 on the Doom Charts and VRR’s end of the year list at #6 in 2023.

We will be collaborating with Ripple Music again on this version and looking at a full night that would be all Ripple bands or close to it. Todd is such an amazing part of the scene and his curation of bands feels unparalleled.

We will announcements for at least 8 more bands from all around the world coming up in the months to come!

Planet Desert Rock Weekend V preview playlist

JIRM, The Tunnel, the Well, Holy Bedlam (2021)

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Up in Smoke 2024 Adds Monster Magnet, Daevar, Valley of the Sun, Samavayo & More

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 19th, 2024 by JJ Koczan

The 2024 Up in Smoke Festival came out swinging big in its first announcement last month, with names like Greenleaf, Monolord, Lowrider, Truckfighters, Messa and Gnome among others, and the second announcement below makes a fitting follow-up with the promise of a doesn’t-happen-all-the-time-see-them-when-you-can stopover from Monster Magnet, as well as up and coming atmospheric doomers Daevar, the e’er-a-riot Valley of the Sun, the reunited Scorpion Child and veteran heavy rockers Samavayo set to play. It’s the 10th anniversary for the Swiss festival held each Fall in Pratteln as part of what’s become an international family of festivals backed or semi-backed by Sound of Liberation — see also Keep it Low, Desertfest Belgium, etc. — and they’re only right to do it up accordingly.

From Pentagram to Slomosa, the span of generations and sounds here is broader than the monikers alone can convey, but the celebratory feel of how the lineup is taking shape remains strong. There’s a lot to like about it, in other words, and while I’ve never been lucky enough to attend, I do know enough to know that running a successful fest for a decade — never mind surviving the odd bit of pandemic interruption of same — is no minor feat. Congratulations to Up in Smoke on the anniversary, and I look forward to when the rest of the bill is announced, say, mid-April?

From the PR wire:

up in smoke 2024 second poster square

UP IN SMOKE FESTIVAL confirms MONSTER MAGNET & many more new band names for its 2024 edition!

UP IN SMOKE FESTIVAL has announced new names for their upcoming, 10th anniversary edition, and confirms spacelords MONSTER MAGNET, high-voltage desert rockers VALLEY OF THE SUN, Berlin’s finest SAMAVAYO, stoner doomsters DAEVAR, US rock act SCORPION CHILD & many more!

They will join the already eclectic line-up featuring mighty PENTAGRAM, who will play their last Swiss show ever(!), TRUCKFIGHTERS, MONOLORD, GREENLEAF, LOWRIDER, SLOMOSA and more high class live acts. Further band names will be revealed soon.

UP IN SMOKE FESTIVAL will take place between October 4 – 6, 2024 at Konzertfabrik Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland, Hard tickets are available via, to grab your online ticket, visit:

Daevar, “Amber Eyes” official video

Valley of the Sun, The Chariot (2022)

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Samavayo to Reissue Death.March.Melodies! March 22

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 6th, 2024 by JJ Koczan

I distinctly remember being in the hotel room in Tilburg at whichever Roadburn it was circa 2010 and putting on the proper CD of Samavayo‘s Death.March.Melodies! for the first time. It was part of a stack of compact discs I’d picked up at various merch tables throughout the day; the album was released on Nasoni and I snagged it from the Exile on Mainstream distro while nerding out, trying not to be intimidated by Andreas Kohl and failing. Back in the room, I put the disc in the player and dug in. It wasn’t my first time hearing the band, whose sound has taken on nearly two decades of development since. You’ll note the mention below of Iraq War II and the post-9/11 sphere in which the album arrived. That awareness of social issues extends throughout Samavayo‘s entire career. It is part of what defines their aesthetic.

Certainly that was the case on their 2022 full-length, Pāyān (review here), which they followed later that year with the compilation Songs for the Iranian People, which it’s worth noting came before the current US war of aggression in the Middle East got started. Democrats’ poll numbers tank, they just seem to decide it’s time to bomb Yemen. Worked for Obama. As long as you have no moral scruples about being a war criminal, it’s fine.

Anyhoozle, Death.March.Melodies! will be reissued through Noisolution on March 22, Samavayo doing a bit of looking back before they invariably move forward with what’s coming next for them — live shows mostly in Germany, and probably continued writing (that’s confirmed; they’re also working on new stuff). There’s a fair amount of info below, so take your time soaking it up, and both the most recent comp and Death.March.Melodies! (original master) stream below, hoisted from Bandcamp.

From the PR wire:

Samavayo with Death March Melodies

We are very proud to announce the re-issue of our debut LP “Death.March.Melodies!” from 2005 on March 22nd through our beloved label Noisolution!

“We were young and had been quite busy in the previous years. The first 4-track demo in 2002, the first EP “131” in 2003, the second EP “Songs from the Drop-outs” in 2004 and the absolute hit on Stoned From the Underground in 2004! It was time for the first album!

We had already played a few shows in and around Berlin and through Caligula666 in other federal states and picked up various influences! And we recorded this one song in the ORWOhaus with Daniel Hassbecker: The first version of “Keep on Rollin'”.

With a colorful mix of songs with influences from punk, stoner, heavy rock and a lot of metal, we have the Death.March.Melodies in 2005! recorded. The time was marked by the wars after September 11th, especially the Second Iraq War. The artwork was just as dark!

The album paved the way for us into the European stoner scene. In 2007 we played 70 self-booked shows, including in Greece. Long before the stoner scene was as big as it is today!

Looking back, this album was not only important for us, but 18 years later we hear from various fans of the scene that this album was one of the first stoner albums by a German band and that they grew up with it. We are incredibly proud of that!

Many of our new fans over the last few years haven’t seen this album on vinyl and certain songs like “Nutso” or “Heavy Song” have also been part of our live set over the last few years!

It has been sold out for over 10 years now and we did a remaster by Pascal Stoffels and new artwork by Kiryk Drewinski. We will play shows in Feb to May where we will be adding songs from DMM. And one of the highlights is our Berlin show, the first edition of Samavayo & Friends with Mother Engine and Sons of Morpheus on April 13th!

There will be a very limited “Club 100” sale on Feb 18th 18:00 cet!

The features of the “Club 100” version are
– Protective cover with additional screen printed artwork
– Demo CD with 6 unreleased pre-production and live songs from the years 2004-2007
– Limited and exclusive patch with artwork from 2005
– Hand signed double sided poster (band photo vs. lyrics)
– Hand numbered & stamped

Our shows so far:
24.02.2024 DE Neckargemünd, Altes E-Werk – NeckargemündTicket
25.02.2024 DE Frankfurt, Zoom Frankfurt
12.03.2024 DE Hamburg, Bar 227
13.03.2024 NL Nijmegen, De Onderbroek
14.03.2024 DE Dusseldorf, Pitcher
15.03.2024 DE Siegen, VORTEX SURFER Music Club
16.03.2024 DE Erfurt, Bandhaus Erfurt
17.03.2024 DE Hannover, Kulturzentrum Faust
13.04.2024 DE Berlin, Samavayo & Friends
10.05.2024 CG Martigny, Les Caves du Manoir

more shows tba!

The Bandcamp sale will start on Feb 19th!

Samavayo is:
Stephan Voland (Drums, Vocals)
Andreas Voland (Bass, Vocals)
Behrang Alavi (Vocals, Guitar)

Samavayo, Songs for the Iranian People (2022)

Samavayo, Death.March.Melodies! (2005)

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Samavayo Post “The Mission” Video; Live Shows Impending

Posted in Bootleg Theater on August 2nd, 2023 by JJ Koczan


Using footage from their time in the studio making their latest album, Pāyān (review here), including a few shots of on-his-way-to-legendary producer Richard Behrens at Big Snuff in the trio’s native Berlin, Germany, Samavayo reveal their latest video for the track “The Mission” taken from the same record. And it’s not just studio footage either. There’s some performance-video-type shots, live shots, studio shots, behind-the-scenes shenanigans shots in idyllic black and white — pour that coffee — and some scenes of Coogans Bluff guitarist Willi Paschen in the second half, who joins founding guitarist/vocalist Behrang Alavi, bassist/vocalist Andreas Voland and drummer/vocalist Stephan Voland in putting the piece over the top.

And it is that, at least in the sense of the band giving everything they have to it. No strangers to working in a variety of styles, Samavayo make a forward charge in “The Mission,” complementing the lyrics about taking down white supremacy with intensity that bleeds through every level of the execution, whether it’s Alavi shouting out the last line of the initial verse before the careening melody of the hook kicks in, or Stephan‘s muscle-clenched hi-hat and snare work giving punkish thrust to the central riff. A midsection break builds into the rolling groove of the bridge, leaving room for the solo from Paschen — you’ll see him in the video; he shows up at 3:37 or thereabouts — which holds through the last rounds of the chorus, crafting a peak for the song that was a highlight of the record from whence it comes.

In addition to playing at “a lake somewhere in Brandburg” this coming Saturday, Samavayo have a slew of live shows and fest appearances slated for the Fall, including Aquamaria, Into the Void and a hometown spot supporting Elder, whose Nick DiSalvo also shows up on Pāyān. Go figure. While we’re on the subject of guests, Tommi Holappa of Dozer/Greenleaf and Stoned Jesus‘ Igor Sydorenko also feature on the record, making it something of a who’s-who of bands I dig to an almost embarrassing degree. Also the European heavy underground.

Should you be up for a refresher, the full album streams near the links at the bottom of this post. The video follows here, with tour dates in blue courtesy of the band.

Please enjoy:

Samavayo, “The Mission” official video

Check out the latest album ‘Pāyān’ on Bandcamp:

Next shows:
05.08.2023 A lake somewhere in Brandburg, GER
11.08.2023 Frechen, Trafostation 61 Festival, GER
12.08.2023 Plattenburg, Aquamaria, GER
01.09.2023 Rostock, Doomstone Rostock, GER
02.09.2023 Bad Sulza, Saalepartie, GER
29.09.2023 TBA
30.09.2023 Leeuwarden, Into The Void, NL
10.11.2023 Freiburg im Breisgau, Brocken, GER
11.11.2023 Darmstadt, Tanksgiving Peace Fest, GER
17.11.2023 Erfurt, Bandhaus, GER
18.11.2023 Berlin, Hole44 + Elder + Steak, GER
01.12.2023 TBA
02.12.2023 Hombergshausen (Efze), Goldkehlchen, GER

Samavayo is:
Stephan Voland (Drums, Vocals)
Andreas Voland (Bass, Vocals)
Behrang Alavi (Vocals, Guitar)

Samavyo, Pāyān (2022)

Samavayo on Facebook

Samavayo on Instagram

Samavayo on Bandcamp

Samavayo website

Samavayo on YouTube

Noisolution on Facebook

Noisolution on Instagram

Noisolution store

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Sonic Whip 2023 Completes Lineup; Shaman Elephant, Samavayo, Vinnum Sabbathi & The Psychotic Monks Added

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 22nd, 2023 by JJ Koczan

Don’t mind me, just over here daydreaming about this one. Yeah, maybe I’ll always be something of a sucker for The Netherlands in Springtime, but even taking that into account, the lineup for Sonic Whip 2023 in Nijmegen speaks for itself top to bottom in terms of the bill. There’s a couple bands I don’t know — including The Psychotic Monks, who were just added, and Shaman Elephant, who were the other band that took part in Enslaved‘s big-band collab — but for familiar names and faces and acts I’ve never seen like Stoned JesusCausa SuiSomali Yacht ClubSamavayoVinnum SabbathiSlift, and so on, I feel like this is two days I very much wouldn’t mind living through.

I feel that way about a lot of European fests these days, and maybe that in itself is worth examining — if perhaps we’re in something of a golden age (a loaded phrase for the Dutch) of smaller-scale festivals across the continent. I see nothing but arguments in favor of that proposition here, and post-covid, the explosion of events both new and returning is only welcome as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t been invited, won’t get over for it, but it’s a good one, and if you’re headed out to it, I tip my hat in your general direction. Or at least I will next time I have a hat on.

Final announcement follows. Tickets are on sale:

sonic whip 2023 full lineup


5 & 6 MAY Doornroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Sonic Whip, the multi-headed rock monster that combines ripping guitars with steaming bass lines, pounding drums and other sonic, psychedelic excesses. The 2023 edition will happen on May 5 & 6 in Doornroosje, Nijmegen.

With the addition of The Psychotic Monks (fra), Samavayo (ger), Shaman Elephant (no) and Vinnum Sabbathi (mex) the line-up for Sonic Whip is complete! We’re looking forward to welcome all these fantastic artists and are convinced this is going to be a rad psychedelic sonic party. We hope you will join us on 5 & 6 May in Doornroosje.

King Buffalo, SLIFT, Stoned Jesus, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Causa Sui, Lowrider, Somali Yacht Club, Les Big Byrd, GNOD, The Psychotic Monks, Radar Men From The Moon, Samavayo, Ecstatic Vision, Iron Jinn, USA Nails, The Gluts, Deathchant, Dommengang, Shaman Elephant, Psychlona, Vinnum Sabbathi and Madmess.

Get your tickets here:


Vinnum Sabbathi, Live at Channel 66 (2022)

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Desertfest London 2023 Adds More Than 40 Bands; Yes, for Real.

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 2nd, 2022 by JJ Koczan

I mean, what can you say to this other than ‘can I come?’ I’ve known this festival was capable of some real-deal shit over the last decade, but this is absolutely epic, which is a word I do my best to avoid. And they end it by saying there’s more to come. God damn. Really. God damn.




Desertfest London announce over 40 bands for 2023

Friday 5th May – Sunday 7th May 2023 | Weekend Tickets on sale now


Desertfest London is rounding off the year with an ear-shattering bang, announcing a mammoth 43 artists to their 2023 line-up. Joining the likes of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Graveyard, Kadavar and Church of Misery, the Camden-based festival also welcomes back Corrosion of Conformity as headliners.

Pioneers of a groove-laden sound that is undeniably their own, Corrosion of Conformity have not been back on UK soil since 2018 so expect big, loud and memorable things from their appearance at Desertfest next year. Corrosion of Conformity have been due to play the event since 2020 – making their return one of the most widely requested in the event’s history.

Japan’s own avant-garde maestros of down-tuned psychedelia Boris leap over to London alongside the crushingly loud tones of NOLA’s own Crowbar. One of the most exciting bands in recent memory King Buffalo, make their long-awaited debut plus Desertfest favourites, Weedeater are back after five long years of chugging whiskey lord-knows-where.

The pace moves up a notch with New York City’s noise-rock guru’s Unsane and British punk-legends Discharge, all of whom bring a detour from the slow’n’low sounds the festival is best recognised for. Montreal’s Big | Brave will play the festival for the first time showcasing their experimental and minimalist take on the notion of ‘heavy’, whilst the doors to the Church of The Cosmic Skull are open, as they ask Desertfest revellers to join them in a union unlike any other.

Desertfest also warmly welcomes noise from STAKE, British anti-fascist black metallers Dawn Ray’d and London’s loudest duo Tuskar as well as some of the best recent stoner acts in the form of Telekinetic Yeti, Weedpecker & Great Electric Quest. Elsewhere the weekend will also see Wren, The Necromancers, Dommengang, Samavayo, Morass of Molasses, Sum of R & GNOB offer up unique live performances.

Rounding off this beast of an announcement are Acid Mammoth, Deatchant, Zetra, Trevor’s Head, Our Man in The Bronze Age, Wyatt E., Iron Jinn, Mr Bison, Troy The Band, Oreyeon, Warren Schoenbright, Early Moods, Longheads, Terror Cosmico, Thunder Horse, TONS, Vinnum Sabbathi, Bloodswamp, The Age of Truth, Earl of Hell and Black Groove.

Weekend Tickets for Desertfest London 2023 are on-sale now via
with more acts still to be announced.

Day splits and day tickets will be on sale from January.

Full Line-Up for Desertfest London 2023:

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Samavayo Release Songs for the Iranian People Benefit Compilation

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 30th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Drawing on material from this year’s Pāyān (review here), 2018’s Vatan (review here), 2016’s Dakota (review here), and 2012’s Soul Invictus, Berlin-based heavy rock three-piece Samavayo — led by Iranian-born guitarist/vocalist Behrang Alavi — have released Songs for the Iranian People, a benefit compilation put together in support of the protests in Iran in the wake of the state killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, whose alleged crime was wearing her hijab improperly.

The West — which is mostly to say white people in Europe and the US — has made its don’t-give-a-shit feelings plain. While protesters are slaughtered by an oppressive government and a generation struggles bravely to make its voice heard, people who look like me sit on ass, shake head and say oh isn’t that a shame. Even the generally liberal-minded seem willing to forget at a moment’s non-notice that this is happening. One hates to think that’s because it’s all too common.

Proceeds from this release go to support Iranian women. History tells us time and again that if you want to improve the quality of life in a place — and no, that does not mean “Westernize” it — the way to do it is educate and support women. So, fucking throw a little support. No one’s asking the universe here, and wherever you land on the political spectrum, hopefully at least we can agree that a government assassinating its own populace is a thing to rally against.

From Samavayo:

samavayo songs for the iranian people

SAMAVAYO – Songs for the Iranian People

The people in Iran are fighting for their freedom and a normal life, like we know in western democracies. The women in Iran are fighting for their equality and against the brutal treatment by the Mullah regime.

It’s important to show solidarity around the globe, to hear their voices and do whatever possible to support this movement.

We are collecting money to donate it to an organization supporting women. All revenues from our digital release “Songs for the Iranian People” are donated. These songs are about freedom, the end of the bad, the hope for the good and the rebuild of one’s home!

1. Payan (LP PAYAN, 2022)
2. Talagh (LP PAYAN, 2022)
3. Vatan (LP VATAN, 2018)
4. Arezooye Bahar (LP DAKOTA 2016)
5. Roozhaye Roshan (LP Soul Invictus 2012)

These Persian songs from our various albums are dedicated to the Iranian People standing up and fighting for their freedom! “Women! Life! Freedom!”

All the revenues from this digital album will be donated to “Women’s E-Learning in Leadership, WELL”

Samavayo is:
Stephan Voland (Drums, Vocals)
Andreas Voland (Bass, Vocals)
Behrang Alavi (Vocals, Guitar)

Samavayo, Songs for the Iranian People (2022)

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Samavayo Announce Nov. Tour Dates & Rockpalast Performance

Posted in Whathaveyou on October 20th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

It wasn’t how they planned it at the outset, but you can’t say Samavayo haven’t made the most of their opportunities thus far to support their best work to-date in their Pāyān LP (review here) — there’s a new lyric video for the title-track that you can see at the bottom of this post, done in support of Iranian protestors following the death of Mahsa Amini — and its immediately-on-in-my-head title hook. The three-piece will head out next month again to herald the record’s worthy cause in Germany, the Netherlands and France, and this of course follows the run they did in July and August, which took them to SonicBlast Moledo. Dudes are kind of killing it. Well damn.

This tour starts in Homberg and wraps in Köln (Cologne) at RippleFest, where they’ll join the likes of Colour Haze, Mr. Bison, Plainride and more. Good show. More on it is here.

And here’s this from the PR wire:

samavayo tour poster square


After our great summer festival shows and recently Desertfest Belgium (Antwerp) we can’t wait to play our November gigs with our new album PĀYĀN and come back to the Netherlands and France after some years! It will be a cool mix of festivals and club shows and as you see we will be meeting a lot of cool bands and friends!

PĀYĀN TOUR 2022 vol. II
12.11. CHECK YOUR HEAD / DORTMUND DE + Rotor, No Man’s Valley
13.11. BURGERWEESHUIS / DEVENTER NL + Bismut, Temple Fang
14.11. FUNDBUREAU / HAMBURG DE + Hundert
16.11. EFFENAAR / EINDHOVEN NL + The Machine
17.11. CAVEAU / MAINZ DE + Motor Mammoth
18.11. GLAZART / PARIS FR + Mr. Bison
19.11. WESTILL VI / VALLET FR + Mr. Bison, Greenleaf & more
26.11. RIPPLE FEST / KÖLN DE + Mr. Bison, Colour Haze, Plainride & more

samavayo airport rockpalast


We are very proud to be part of Rockpalast history, which has produced so many great TV rock shows and also pretty excited to see how our live power and energy is transported through online streams and TV. 

Online Premiere Saturday, 22.10. 18 cet

Also on youtube:

And FB. On German TV in the night Sunday to Monday at 2:10 cet (Monday, Oct 24th) on channel “WDR.”

Due to the situation in Iran and the murder of Mahsa Amini (and meanwhile more people) we decided to put out a mostly lyrical video in support of the people and to make a statement on Mahsa Amini’s death.

Samavayo is:
Stephan Voland (Drums, Vocals)
Andreas Voland (Bass, Vocals)
Behrang Alavi (Vocals, Guitar)

Samavayo, “Pāyān” lyric video

Samavyo, Pāyān (2022)

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