Planet Desert Rock Weekend V Makes First Lineup Announcement

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 29th, 2024 by JJ Koczan

The annual Planet Desert Rock Weekend festival will hold its fifth edition on Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2025, which I think marks the first time I’m actually writing that year to refer to an event that’s actually happening rather than random speculation. Feels like the future. And a killer future at that. Planet Desert Rock Weekend V makes its first lineup announcement today, and the sense of curation and purpose behind it could hardly be clearer.

No doubt the three-dayer conceived and booked by John Gist of Vegas Rock Revolution will pick up more than a handful of domestic acts in addition to Mos Generator (though if you had to only have one…), but five out of the six bands in this first publicly-confirmed batch will cross the Atlantic to play. Five for six, between JIRM, Sergeant Thunderhoof, Samavayo, Omega Sun (they’re making a return appearance after playing in 2019) and Fire Down Below. The very obvious message here is that Planet Desert Rock Weekend V wants to give the audience — the American heavy rock underground — a show it isn’t going to get anywhere else. If you can’t respect the put-up-or-shut-up nature of that, well, maybe you’ve never booked a show before. No doubt your existence has been easier and more gratitude-filled for that.

Early-bird tickets are up and there’s of course more to come, but in terms of the curation involved here and the feeling of Planet Desert Rock Weekend bringing over the acts it wants to see that no one else is bringing over, there’s a lot to admire as is. I will look forward to who else is added, finding out if this is it for non-US-based acts or if there’s more coming, and watching as the lineup takes shape generally. Thinking of making travel plans? I get it.

Word from the fest follows. Oh, and before you get your no-doubt-very-masculine panties in a bunch about AI art like all of a sudden you never used something cheap, convenient and easy because it was all of those things — we’re all complicit in the horrors of capital — the actual art is still in progress, and the full poster will be unveiled later. It’s a placeholder. Calm down, imaginary internet pearl-clutchers. Deep breaths.

Here we go:

planet desert rock weekend v first poster

Planet Desert Rock Weekend V — Jan. 30 – Feb. 1


FB event:

Vegas Rock Revolution’s Planet Desert Rock Weekend is back for edition 5 and it’s going to be a spectacular collection of bands from around the world of heavy rock!

It’s 3 nights of highly curated bands with evening shows only so that you can enjoy all that Vegas has to offer during the day rather it’s hitting the museums or hiking or donating to our local casinos (ha we kid!). Each evening will be in a cool atmosphere and the sound will be top rate to make your concert experience an unforgettable one.

Our 1st 6 bands are:

Mos Generator / Washington State

Mos Generator has been rocking for over 20 years and led by Tony Reed who is a monumental force within the scene. From straight forward heavy rock to heavy psychedelic they have always created music that elevates above many.

JIRM/ Sweden

Ripple Music’s JIRM (formerly known as Jeremy Irons + the Ratgang Malibus) has built their reputation on an epic sound on each release regardless of the evolution and creativity of the album. They can range from a light summery psych song to a dark tinged song describing inner turmoil. They are accented by amazing vocals. JIRM’s album “The Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam” landed #4 on the Doom Charts for March 2022. This will be their 1st time in the States.

Sergeant Thunderhoof / U.K.- England

These Brits have blown away fans in the U.K. for years and rocked amazing album after album of heavy rock for the world to hear. Highly touted for their live sets but their recent album “The Scripted Veil” took the scene by storm with incredible soaring vocals and superior songwriting to most. Landed #1 on Doom Charts for June 2022. This will be their 1st and only show in the States in 2025!

Samavayo / Germany

This German trio has been releasing amazing heavy rock since 2003! Their evolution of sound and influence have changed some over the years but at their core they are a heavy rock band that writes rocking songs that are catchy but yet get you moving. They have played with many of the top bands in the world whether it was on tour or at a festival. Samavayo’s album “Payan” landed #2 on the Doom Charts for March 2022. This will be their 1st time playing the USA!

Fire Down Below / Belgium

Since their 2017 release “Viper, Vixen, Goddess, Saint” they have done a masterful job of blending desert rock, stoner rock and grunge elements together to make music that is so easily accesible to people who want to rock. Their 2022 release “Low Desert Surf Club” on Ripple Music landed #5 on Vegas Rock Revolution’s end of year list and #3 on Doom Charts for September. This will be their 1st time playing the USA!

Omega Sun / Slovenia

Returning to Planet Desert Rock Weekend is Omega Sun whose recent 2023 release Roadkill captured many rocker’s ear with their powerful blend of heavy rock, doom, grunge and stoner rock. Recently the guys had the great fortune of opening up for USA supergroup The Winery Dogs and have embarked on a European tour. We love to bring back bands to the PDRW fold! Their 2023 release “Roadkill” landed #9 on the Doom Charts and VRR’s end of the year list at #6 in 2023.

We will be collaborating with Ripple Music again on this version and looking at a full night that would be all Ripple bands or close to it. Todd is such an amazing part of the scene and his curation of bands feels unparalleled.

We will announcements for at least 8 more bands from all around the world coming up in the months to come!

Planet Desert Rock Weekend V preview playlist

JIRM, The Tunnel, the Well, Holy Bedlam (2021)

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Omega Sun Post “Early Morning” Video; Spring Shows Announced

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 20th, 2024 by JJ Koczan

With a heavy and desert-hued roll behind the gritty vocals from bassist Igor Kukanja, Slovenian heavy rockers Omega Sun drew a distinct line to Kyussian traditionalism with their Fall 2023 sophomore LP, Roadkill, but the dry-crunch distortion of Aris Demirović‘s guitar that starts the record in “The One” soon unfolds the broader reach of the leads topping the mid-tempo nod of “Survive,” and the grunge-laced melody atop the march of Sebastian Vrbnjak‘s drums for the finale “Doomer” adds complexity of style while staying true to the central, grooving purpose. They grow expansive in the longer form “Black Dust” with room for a highlight solo, and the lumbering “Another You” — if there was another me, for sure he would also be lumbering — which tops nine minutes, and offset those impulses with a rocker like “Early Morning,” which brings us around to the new video streaming below.

“Early Morning” answers the desert shove of “The One” by putting the listener on a mountaintop in the sunshine, and that sense of place resonates through the casual-but-not-lazy swing and the jammy stretch of the bridge before they bring back the hook at the end. The band made a trip to Southern California in 2019 for a fest called Sounds of the Heavy on the heels of their late-2017 debut, Opium for the Masses, and while they were already there sound-wise, clearly that journey left an impression on them that continues to resonate through Roadkill, which the trio have also announced a new round of Spring live shows to support as they unfurl the “Early Morning” video.

The PR wire brought it all for your perusal:

Omega Sun

Slovenian stoner fuzz rockers Omega Sun share a music video for »Early Morning«; upcoming tour dates announced!

Slovenian stoner fuzz rock band Omega Sun has released a music video for the song “Early Morning” which is part of their second album “Roadkill.” The album, released on September 8, 2023, through the Pula-based (Croatia) label No Profit Recordings, received positive reviews both domestically and internationally upon its release.

The second single from the still current album, accompanied by a music video, also announces the first part of the European tour, starting at the end of March 2024.

• Mar 29 NL Amsterdam, Het Groene Veld – Love For Loud Fest
• Mar 30 BE Ichtegem, Club B52
• Apr 5 BE Gent, Trefpunt
• Apr 6 NL Eindhoven, Café The Jack
• Apr 19 SLO Sv Jurij ob Ščavnici, Jurjevo
• Maj 8 SLO Maribor, Dvorana Gustaf (Pekarna)
• Maj 9 CRO Zagreb, Klub Močvara
• Maj 10 Madžarska, Budimpešta, Riff Club
• Maj 11 Slovaška, Bratislava, Koncerty na garážach

The band has previously toured Europe and the USA and more remote corners of the world, such as Malta.

Slovenian heavy fuzz rockers Omega Sun started in 2013 as an instrumental duo and after a few rehearsals morphed into a proper four-piece band with vocals. Since then, Omega Sun has played numerous concerts, sharing the stage with bands like Dopethrone, Unida, Kylesa, Nebula, Stoner Kebab, Yawning Man, Three Eyes Left, etc.

During this time, the band released an instrumental demo in 2013 and soon after, in 2014, their first proper song as a four-piece (with vocals) “Early Morning.”

After some upheaval in 2017, Omega Sun finally managed to record their debut album “Opium For The Masses”; now as a power trio consisting of Igor (vocals, bass), Seba (drums), and Aris (guitar). In 2022, the band completed work on their second full-length album “Roadkill.”

The first single “The One” from the album “Roadkill” was released at the end of June 2023 as a digital single on the band’s own Bandcamp. The second song, “Doomer,” will be released on September 1, and the full album is scheduled for release on September 8. The album will be released in digital format, and pre-orders with discounts for the vinyl version will be available simultaneously, with the vinyl expected to be released in mid-December. The vinyl will be released by No Profit Recordings in 300 copies on standard black 12″ vinyl, with 50 copies featuring exclusive alternative artwork.

Since December 2023, the album has finally been available in all formats (black vinyl, digipak CD, cassette, digital) and also in three different bundles (vinyl + CD, vinyl + cassette, vinyl + CD + cassette)!

Omega Sun consists of:
Igor Kukanja – Vocals and Bass
Aris Demirović – Guitars
Sebastian Vrbnjak – Drums

Omega Sun, “Early Morning” official video

Omega Sun, Roadkill (2023)

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StonerKras Fest 2022: Glory Owl Reunion Added; Lineup Complete

Posted in Whathaveyou on July 7th, 2022 by JJ Koczan


The final act to be announced for the first StonerKras Festival — to be held next month in Trieste, Italy — is hometown rockers Glory Owl, whose reunion rounds out a six-band bill topped by Nebula but mostly featuring acts from Italy and Slovenia. This only makes sense, considering that’s where the promoters putting it together are based, so the only question that remains is how everyone will work alongside each other on this first go, and I guess if next year StonerKras will be held in Slovenia instead.

And if you’re not up on geography (not that I am), Trieste is in the north of Italy, in Prosecco — yes, like the not-quite-champagne — and Prosek in Slovenia is part of the same region despite being in the neighboring nation. There you have it.

Oh, and here you have it too:


Rocket Panda Management & Mladinski Krožek Prosek-Kontovel are proud to present STONERKRAS FEST

– 20.08.2022 – Prosek-Prosecco (Trieste, ITA) –

StonerKras is a psychedelic music gathering based on stoner, doom and heavy psych music. The festival will have an international footprint but with the aim of enhancing the local heavy scene (both Slovenian and Italian) while attracting spectators from the region but also from neighboring countries. Youth aggregation and cultural exchange accompanied by good music.


*** GLORY OWL ***

(stoner rock from Trieste)

Do you like distorted guitars and Black Sabbath? Do feel nostalgic for football from the 80’s? Well then Glory Owl is the band you’re looking for!

Glory Owl are five good looking, ravenous adults: their hearts are full of untapped teenage anger.

Your nostalgia for much simpler times will be triggered, when a players’ prowess was measured on the length of their moustache or on how many cigarettes they smoked on a bench.

Or even better times, when beer was a currency and sweaty armpits were the latest fashion in Former Yugoslavian’s underground clubs.



– 20.08.2022 – Prosek-Prosecco (Trieste, ITA) –

NEBULA (heavy psych, USA)
BUSS (heavy psych, ITA)
OMEGA SUN (stoner doom, SLO)
GLORY OWL Exclusive Reunion Show (stoner rock, ITA)
SAMSATION (psychedelic rock, SLO)
BIG BLACK WHALE (stoner rock, ITA)

– – – – – – – –


– – – – – – – –

Tickets at the door: 20€
For info and reservations:

Glory Owl, The Weight of Stone (2017)

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Sounds of the Heavy Fest Lineup Confirmed for May 24 in Yucca Valley, CA

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 17th, 2019 by JJ Koczan

One might think of Sounds of the Heavy next weekend in Yucca Valley, California, as a complement to the Planet Desert Rock Weekend that kicked off last night in Las Vegas and runs until this coming Sunday. Sure enough, the international contingent of bands — Saturna, Kaiser, Omega Sun and Green Desert Water — will I guess be hanging out in the desert for a week in between the two events. Could be worse, I’m sure. They’re joined by House of Broken Promises — whose guitarist, Arthur Seay, is among the organizing principals of the seven-band lineup, along with Vegas Rock Revolution — as well as Here Lies ManDiesel Boots out on the patio and The Battery Electric who hail from my beloved Garden State, which might as well be on the other side of the planet from Yucca Valley.

I’m not certain how it all came together, but if you’ve got the capacity to get yourself to the desert next weekend, it seems like a no-brainer good time will ensue.

Here’s the info and ticket links:


Vegas Rock Revolution & Arthur Seay Presents: Sounds of the Heavy

Vegas Rock Revolution & Arthur Seay Presents: Sounds of the Heavy on Friday May 24th at Gadi’s Bar & Grill in Yucca Valley

House of Broken Promises from Indio featuring both Arthur Seay and Mike Cancino (Both with Unida / DEATH in Pretty Wrapping) along with frontman Joe Mora (Street Drugs DTLA) will be melting faces.

Here Lies Man / RidingEasy Records comes over from L.A. with their fuzzy psych afrobeat style. Super exciting to have them as part of the event!

The Battery Electric from Asbury Park New Jersey drops in as well as 4 up and coming European heavy rock bands.

Kaiser —Finland
OMEGA SUN — Slovenia
Green Desert Water — Spain

Just might add 1 more band…….

Party starts around Happy Hour !

$12 now / $20 Door

A Vegas Rock Revolution Production

House of Broken Promises, “Tornado” official video

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Omega Sun Stream “Despising What You See” Rough Mix; Announce Debut Album

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 16th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

If you were to head over to Slovenian trio Omega Sun‘s Bandcamp page, you’d find a single released in June 2014 as their last output. That track, titled “Early Morning (All is Nothing),” is available as a free download, as is a prior 2013 rehearsal demo that seems to have been put together with a different lineup. As regards the single, it’s catchy. A heavy rocker in the post-Kyuss vein, calling to mind some of the earlier work of 1000mods or any number of bands getting their feet under them in the style as they figure out where they want to be sound-wise.

The rough mix for the track “Despising What You See,” which you can stream below, offers a fuller vibe entirely and a satisfyingly rolled-out groove. Vocals still keep it well tied to a Kyuss influence, but the tones and the rhythm on the new track are more aggressive and more up-front. It’s a rough mix, so who knows how it might ultimately represent Omega Sun‘s debut album when the time comes for it to do so, but it’s a start and if you’re just getting to know the band as I am, it’s a rousing introduction with just a bit of trippy flourish in its middle.

No album title or release date, but one assumes they’ll get there as the record is finalized. They’ve got a weekender starting tonight and you can find the dates below, as sent along the PR wire:

omega sun

OMEGA SUN (slovenia) album announcement

After spending a couple of years gigging (sharing the stage with Unida, Kylesa, Dopethrone, Stoner Kebab, Three Eyes Left etc.) and perfecting their craft they finally recorded their yet untitled debut album.

Lo and Behold!

We spent some weekends at Ostudio 6 with Cigo recording our debut album that has no title or release date as of yet. We still need to put some finishing touches on it (mixing, mastering etc.) but anyhow here’s a preview for you to enjoy.

Also don’t forget that we’re playing some gigs this next weekend.
16.3.2017 at HANGAR – Izola, SLO
17.3.2017 at LA MESA – Montecchio Maggiore, ITA
18.3.2017 at COQ D’OR – Olten, SWI

Omega Sun is:
Medo.. bass
Seba.. drums
Aris.. guitar

OMEGA SUN mystic fuzz rock

Power trio playing their interpretation of a musical genre known as stoner rock.

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