Desert Tree House Release Cactus Eater LP

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desert tree house

Playing out across four extended tracks, the debut full-length  essay writing graphic organizers free Proper read this job application writing do not weep maiden for war is kind literary analysis Cactus Eater by Freiburg, Germany, desert-fuzz duo  read review - experienced writers, quality services, fast delivery and other benefits can be found in our academy writing help receive a 100% Desert Tree House was first released digitally by the band in June 2019. That’s about a year after  Looking to write my dissertation or Admission Paper For Sale Amu Previous Year we cater both queries at affordable prices, call now! Alpha and  AUTOBIOGRAPHY/Home Automation Master Thesis Do you need help writing your autobiography? Would you like to surprise a loved-one by arranging for their memoirs Pedro (the latter also of  Dissertation writing service is here for writing your Assignment Help In Uk as well as thesis writing services. Our custom dissertation or PhD made by Deaf Proof) got together and started jamming, so yeah, they made pretty good time coming up with circa 45 minutes of material for the record. Safe to assume they had a pretty good idea of what they were going for, and the guitar-and-drum rawness conveys the spirit of their desert rock homage pretty smoothly, and as I apparently missed it the first time around, I’m glad to have caught wind of their doings via the news of the  Are you try to make your custom writing one of the best? Without any problem our experts make your grades A+! Best Winston Churchill Essay you can rely on Cactus Eater vinyl release today through  Find out more about Medea Essay services: reasons to use, purposes, and benefits you get when working with us. Get your dissertation Clostridium Records.

For the converted, there’s little to argue with, and if you’re looking for some trippy groove to wander along with, the ebbs and flows of “Blue Sun Overdrive” do quite nicely. I’m not gonna say they’re changing the world — or trying to for that matter — but on a by-genre-for-genre level, they’ll get knowing heads nodding.

Stream’s at the bottom of the post if you want to check it out before you chase down a platter:

desert tree house cactus eater

Desert Tree House – Cactus Eater LP

Desert Tree House is Alpha (guitars) and Pedro (drums), an instrumental Stoner Rock duo from Freiburg (GER) delivering songs ranging from doom to psychedelic and onward toward more progressive elements.

CLOSTRIDIUM RECORDS released their kick-ass debut on vinyl on 30.09.20. As DIE HARD “Sunrise Skytrip” edition in transparent and black with red and white splatter (incl. exklusive CACTUS EATER THE VOCAL SESSIONS CD feat Anti Man (Vocals LOA RIDE) & Isa (Vocals SOUND OF SMOKE), download code, poster and beer mat) or in classic black (incl. download code and beer mat).

This gorgeous LP treatment will maximize the enjoyment of listening to CACTUS EATER!

Desert Tree House is Alpha on guitar and Pedro on drums, an instrumental Stoner Rock duo from Freiburg, Germany, founded in mid 2018.

For these two men, it is all about the music, any fan of the Stoner style will thoroughly enjoy their brand of music as their debut CACTUS EATER with four songs, most of them running over 10 minutes, delivers catchy melodies and Psychedelica in a Truckfighters Style (“Cactus Eater”), a really heavy, doomy stonergroove like Kyuss did (“Cyancali Desert”), straight-forward rocking (“Dry Valley”) or bluesy and progressive stuff (“Blue Sun Overdrive”). And it’s not a simple citation or an arbitrary mixture, it’s a unique sound, it is pure riff worshipping for mind and soul!

Alpha also plays in Zim Zum Crash for years and Pedro is part of the Psychedelic Stoner band Deaf Proof founded in 2006 and of Heavy Water Cult (Alternative Stoner), which started 2016. They are also the founding members of the four-piece Doom band Brocken which has been around since 2017.

Their thorough and methodic approach to their music helped the two men move quickly from their initial session right onto the stage in June, and their efforts were quickly rewarded as they soon were opening for bands like Elder from the States, the Great Machine from Israel, the Re-Stoned from Russia, or even one of Germany’s own Stoner stalwarts: Rotor.

Desert Tree House, Cactus Eater (2019)

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Deaf Proof Post Video for “Death Sounds Angry and Hungry for More”

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deaf proof

Heavy psych rocking German trio  Best Primary School Homework Services. Trusted By 3000+ Corporate Clients. Start in 30min. 12 hours delivery. From 29 $/hr. Deaf Proof released their latest outing,  What Are The Factors Affecting Youth Cultures Blood Red Sky Sessions (review here), earlier this year as a limited tape and will reportedly have it out on vinyl in the first part of 2016, but for their new video, “Death Sounds Angry and Hungry for More,” they dip back to their 2014 debut EP,  Don't waste your time of reading all pages on Critical Thinking Nclex Questions. We have made professional reviews of popular writing services and glad to share Death Sounds Angry (review here). Why? Well, there are probably two reasons. Primarily,  what are the best custom essay sites. Only the best dissertations will let you get a higher grade and excellent marks enabling a successful future career in Blood Red Sky Sessions was more geared toward inviting listeners into the band’s songwriting process — to a degree — and getting a sense of how their material takes shape out of expansive, multi-faceted jams like the 34-minute “Far Beyond the Blood Red Sky,” which, though it had lyrics, was nonetheless instrumentally focused around the chemistry between guitarist/vocalist We provide professional How To Write A Good Literature Review For Dissertations, plagiarized free papers to ensure guaranteed satisfaction. J. Fredo, bassist  does homework really help students learn essay In Medicine Phd Thesis persuasive essay for high school students denial service research paper JP and drummer Not confident that you are able to handle all those stages on your own? Then consider using our online check it out service Pedro. As it turned out, that was plenty enough to carry it through.

Second, the choice was probably pretty easy for  Are you looking for the Essay One Writers Beginnings or stressing over how to find a ghostwriter or maybe you are having a thought that how to hire a ghostwriter? Deaf Proof because “Death Sounds Angry and Hungry for More,” at 6:39, is the shortest song they’ve put out since their second demo,  Beyond the Orange Door, in 2013. I bet when you’re narrowing it down to one track or another for a video and your options are under seven minutes or over half an hour, you start to look back and think, maybe, yeah, we can use a song from the last release. And it’s not like the year between has lessened the charm or fuzzy rumble of “Death Sounds Angry and Hungry for More,” the video for which the band notes is a precursor to new material, presumably to be issued in 2016.

That’ll be one to keep an eye out for, and in the interim, the clip emphasizes the low-end rumble at the heart of Deaf Proof‘s grooving. You’ll see what I mean when you watch.


Deaf Proof, “Death Sounds Angry and Hungry for More” official video

It’s been nearly a decade, since Deaf Proof touched the chord for the first time. During these years they released a couple of demos,the LP “Death Sounds Angry”, the “Blood Red Rky Sessions” tape/ vinyl and played lots of club shows and rocked together with influential bands.

To sweeten the time of waiting for their next output, Herr Potz/ Trashpop(t)ERROR (creative director/ video editor) and the band produced a music clip for “Death Sounds Angry and Hungry for More”, title track of the 2014 output! Enjoy this Christmas present!

DEAF PROOF’s sound can probably best be described as psychedelic stoner rock that creates a very specific and unique atmosphere. The band, which is from Freiburg/Germany, has made a handful of changes concerning their line-up ever since they were founded in 2006. They now consist of J. Fredo (lead vocals/guitar), JP (bass) and Pedro (drums). Since 2013, the band has released multiple highly acclaimed demos, of which “Beyond the Orange Door Demos” (2013) received special attention.

It soon became obvious that DEAF PROOF were aiming much higher than swirling up desert sand and coming up with catchy riffs for their songs. “DEATH SOUNDS ANGRY” (2014 on cd, 2015 on vinyl via KrautedMindRecords) made clear that the band has now reached new heights. “Blood Red Sky Sessions” (limited red tape, vinyl 2016 on KrautedMind) from 2015 is like a documentation of a songwriting and jamming process, which is delivering the listener some kind of a live experience and an inside view. Three different jam sessions take the listener on a psychedelic stoner rock trip in a fuzzy spaceship.

Deaf Proof on Thee Facebooks

Deaf Proof on Bandcamp

Deaf Proof website

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Deaf Proof Stream Blood Red Sky Sessions in Full

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deaf proof

Well, it’s not quite “in full,” but with more than an hour’s worth of jamming unfolding across three tracks, it’s close enough, anyway. The fourth cut on what will become Deaf Proof‘s Blood Red Sky Sessions release — due out April 23 digitally with a limited-to-50 tape to follow this summer — is an 8-bit version of “Death Sounds Angry and Hungry for More” from last year’s righteously fuzzed Death Sounds Angry EP (review here), held out of the stream at the request of the band. What’s left? Three extended, jam-based pieces that run a course somewhere between heavy psychedelic improvisation and more structured songwriting. And as you listen, I think you’ll agree that’s plenty.

Comprised of “Dust and Bones Among Us” (11:22), “Ocean of Sand” (16:54) and “Far Beyond the Blood Red Sky” (34:26), Blood Red Sky Sessions is not Deaf Proof‘s first experimental release. The Freiburg, Germany, trio of guitarist/vocalist J. Fredo, bassist JP and drummer Pedro gained notice with 2013’s Beyond the Orange Door Demos (they had a different lineup at the time), but no question these three spacious tracks showcase a marked development in the band’s penchant for exploratory heavy psych. They were — still are, instrumentally — put together as jams. You can hear it in “Dust and Bones Among Us” and certainly throughout the sprawl ofdeaf proof blood red sky sessions “Far Beyond the Blood Red Sky,” which retains long stretches of guitar-driven vibing, drawing down to bluesy minimalism only to raise the volume again, back and forth, but Deaf Proof wanted more than just a collection of jams, so vocals were added, and the difference is palpable.

Even in its far reaches, “Far Beyond the Blood Red Sky” retains a human presence, and the rolling groove of “Ocean of Sand” seems to come with an inherent structure, dooming out in a slowdown in its midsection for a bit, but winding up sweetly melodic by the finish. “Dust and Bones Among Us,” which feels short at 11 minutes by the time one gets around to a second listen, likewise places J. Fredo‘s vocals well, so that the lines he’s delivering are as much a part of the apex of the track as Pedro‘s crashing drums or JP‘s basslines, or, for that matter, his own wah-drenched lead. It’s called songwriting and people do it every day, but the way in which Deaf Proof have gone about it, listening back to these jams and realizing they had the potential to push further, stands these tracks out from the verse/chorus norm. The results of their efforts speak for themselves.

If you did or didn’t hear Death Sounds AngryBlood Red Sky Sessions makes a better follow-up than the band gives it credit for. They’ve threatened a vinyl release, and doubtless that would require some editing of “Far Beyond the Blood Red Sky” — maybe they could call it “Not Quite as Far…” or something along those lines — but the fact is that if these songs showed up and Deaf Proof said, “This is our new album,” I’d have believed it, and if anything, these songs make me look forward that much more to what they might actually have planned for that next release.

Please find Blood Red Sky Sessions on the player below, followed by preorder info and more background, and enjoy:

Planned as pure jam recording, we decided to put a little more work in this baby, That’s why we decided to call it “sessions” and added some vocals. So it’s not a pure experiment and not a regular release. It’s something in between, but it works. It’ll be released digitally on April 23 and on tape later this year. Preorders/ Reservations can be placed by email (, the price will be 5€ plus shipping. Maybe there’ll be a vinyl release, we’ll see.

DEAF PROOF’s sound can probably best be described as psychedelic stoner rock that creates a very specific and unique atmosphere. The band, which is from Freiburg/Germany, has made a handful of changes concerning their line-up ever since they were founded in 2006. They now consist of J. Fredo (lead vocals/guitar), JP (bass) and Pedro (drums). Since 2013, the band has released multiple highly acclaimed demos, of which “Beyond the Orange Door Demos” (2013) received special attention.

It soon became obvious that DEAF PROOF were aiming much higher than swirling up desert sand and coming up with catchy riffs for their songs. “Death Sounds Angry” (2014 on cd, 2015 on vinyl via KrautedMindRecords) made clear that the band has now reached new heights: DEAF PROOF’S work is characterized by a very mature and multifaceted sound, driven by an unrelenting passion to create both extensive post-rock passages and epic psychedelic soundscapes. Often enough, the band rejects vocals altogether in order for the instrumental passages to gain new momentum. By reaching beyond their comfort zone and rejecting all standards, DEAF PROOF succeed in developing an idiosyncratic style. The trio composes highly dynamic and complex sound beasts that go well beyond the length of ten minutes, seamlessly transitioning from one epic passage to the next.

Deaf Proof on Thee Facebooks

Deaf Proof’s website

Deaf Proof on Bandcamp

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Deaf Proof Unveil Death Sounds Angry EP

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Death might sound angry, but you can’t really say the same for Deaf Proof‘s forthcoming CD EP, which is due out March 1. Death Sounds Angry basks in heavy psych tones, catchy vocal lines and hypnotic repetition, all of which play out to fascinating effect on the 18-minute centerpiece of the three-track release, “Origin of Pain.” The German trio have had a couple demos out to this point, and Death Sounds Angry will be their first offering as a three-piece. They’ve made the whole thing available to stream via Bandcamp (player below), and as you can hear for yourself, the configuration seems to be working for them.

See and hear:

Deaf Proof “Death Sounds Angry” EP to be released in March

“Good things come to those who wait. We finally hold the (digital) end result in our hands: The Death Sounds Angry EP is finally done and will be available in march as download and hard copy (digipak).

We finished recording, mix and mastering a few weeks ago. It took Johannes (Kopfüber) some time to finish the the cover artwork, because he was very busy. But take a look at that piece of work! It’s great, isn’t it? We are completely stoked! We recorded three different songs with three different vibes.

Look out for the EP and our new merch in march! Prelisten at Bandcamp in its entirety!”

Deaf Proof is J. Fredo (v/g), JP (b) and Pedro (d). Deaf Proof plays psychedelic fuzz.

The Band was formed in late 2006 by Pedro (d), Holger (b) and Fredo (v/g), later reinforced by Til (g).

From that point of time they started jamming and working out their ideas. In autumn 2007 the band split up with guitar-player Til who was replaced by Phil. In early 2008 the band decided to substitute Holger and to search for a new bassplayer. But nevertheless Deaf Proof recorded their first demo that was released in April 2008. The bass on the demo was played by Phil. Deaf Proof found the new four stringer Angus in june 2008. In december the band unfortunately had to search for a new bassplayer again and in march 2009 JP joined the gang. Together they recorded a 2-track live-demo in july. The combo recorded the “Beyond the Orange Door Demo” from autumn 2009 till winter 2012 and released it in april 2013. In april Phil also left band, but Deaf Proof continue as three-piece.

Since 2010 the band did some local shows with amongst others Stonewall Noise Orchestra (Swe), Snarf, Basel (Ch) and the Small Stone Artists Abrahma (Fr) and Mother of God (Swe). In 2013 Deaf Proof will expand their live radius over whole germany and further.

Deaf Proof, Death Sounds Angry (2014)

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