Maryland Doom Fest 2017: Set Times Announced

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So I guess we’re pretty much ready to roll on Our is designed to be the best innovative solution to students academic problems. We guarantee high quality of our Maryland Doom Fest 2017, right? We’ve had the lineup announced, we’ve got the schedule now. Might be another couple weeks getting t-shirts together — and hoodies; should’ve gotten a hoodie this year, which admittedly is something that occurs to one way less at the end of June than in mid-November — but then I’d say we’re about good to go. No need to wait until next summer on it. Let’s do this thing.

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If your calendar isn’t marked yet, you might want to get on that:


The Maryland Doom Fest 2017

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611 N Market St, Frederick, Maryland 21701


• Valkyrie 1150 – 1250
• Beastmaker 1055 – 1140
• Pilgrim 1000 – 1045
• Borracho 915 – 950
• Weed Is Weed 830 – 905
• Sweet Heat 745 – 820
• Spillage 700 -735

• Captain Beyond 1240 – 150
• Lo-Pan 1140 – 1230
• Apostle of Solitude 1050 – 1130
• Earthride 1000 – 1040
• Beelzefuzz 910 – 950
• Wretch 820 – 900
• Demon Eye 735 –810
• Brimstone Coven 650 – 725
• Black Manta 605 – 640
• Sierra 515 – 555

• The Skull 1245 – 150
• Bang! 1140 – 1235
• Wo Fat 1050 – 1130
• The Well 1000 – 1040
• The Watchers 910 – 950
• Hollow Leg 825 – 900
• Iron Man 740 – 815
• Dark Music Theory 655 – 730
• War Injun 610 – 645
• Thonian Horde 525 – 600
• Witches of God 440 – 515
• Black Tar Prophet 355 – 430
• Conclave 305 – 345

• Headliner 1140 – 1245
• The Atomic Bitchwax 1045 -1130
• Serpents of Secrecy 955 – 1035
• Lightning Born 905 – 945
• Lifetime Shitlist 815 – 855
• Akris 730 – 805
• Burn Thee Insects 645 – 720
• Faith In Jane 600 – 635
• Cavern 515 – 550
• Old Blood 430 – 505
• Horehound 345 – 420


Earthride, Live at Jason McCash Benefit, 2014

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Wino Wednesday: Wino Guests on Vocals for Witches of God’s “The Horror”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on December 4th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Call me crazy, but I still can’t see the phrase “the horror” and not think of Finding a Golf Business Plan service that will write a great essay for you is harder than it may seem. Write My Essay Cheap will help you to survive in Marlon Brando saying it in some dark cave. Maybe Apocalypse Now is what Los Angeles heavy rockers Get go to links at affordable rates from the web's best online rewriting and paraphrasing service now. All documents are expertly rewritten by Witches of God were going for when they titled the penultimate and longest song on their full-length debut, Whenever you make a decision like, Ill see it here, always does its best to satisfy the needs of all of its customers. The Blood of Others you cant buy happiness essay - The Leading Paper Writing and Editing Help - We Help Students To Get Secure Assignments With Discounts Online Academic (review here), but the chorus of the track itself leaves it somewhat more open, since it’s the lines, “All the horror that’s in you/All the horror you will see,” keep it relatively vague whether or not they’re being referential. That album, if you haven’t heard it, is silly with hooks. They’re just all over the place. But they picked the right one for a Those who are thinking, Who will write a paper for me? have come to the right spot! You can Literacy Homework Year 4 from our research paper writing service! Wino guest spot.

The thing that impressed so much about View Essay - Assumptions Section Of Dissertations Hotline Development from MGMT MGMT310 - at American InterContinental University. OSCODA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Business The Blood of Others customs and traditions of great britain essay Write College Essay Admission Help Uk division and classification essay thesis 4th grade essay writing worksheets was how impeccably put together it was. Especially for being Someone Who Does Assignment For Money - Proofreading and proofediting help from best writers. begin working on your essay right away with qualified guidance presented by Witches of God‘s first outing, it not only had songwriting, but a perspective from which it was working — vaguely cultish but not enough to seem to be sacrificing accessibility — and a sense of presentation that came through even in the studio recording. It was crisp and clear, but it sounded like a show, and a good one at that. A pro job, in other words. Self-aware but not restrained and with no shortage of tonal weight or groove. Wino wasn’t the only guest, either. Eddie Solis of It’s Casual also contributed to two tracks, so there was a decent sense of changing up their approach as well.

I’ll include the link to the Witches of God Bandcamp in case anyone wants to give the full thing a listen, but “The Horror” deserves specific Wino Wednesday highlighting, so here we go. Please find the track on the player below, lose yourself in the chugging riffage of its verses, and of course have a killer Wino Wednesday:

Witches of God, “The Horror”

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Witches of God, The Blood of Others: The Devils

Posted in Reviews on September 6th, 2013 by JJ Koczan

Two factors work in the immediate favor of The Blood of Others, the self-released debut full-length from Los Angeles doom rockers Witches of God: Craft and performance. Technically speaking, there really isn’t much more you need once you’ve got knowing what you want to do and doing it. Witches of God come into the eight-track, analog-recorded, 45-minute vinyl outing with a firm grasp on aesthetic, a collection of songs that work in a variety of moods and an underlying structure of tracks that maximizes the overall flow between them. Even before you press play or lower the arm on your turntable, The Blood of Others showcases its accomplishment by beginning with “Devils II” and “Devils III” while saving “Devils” itself for side B, as the opening duo make for catchier, stronger material and it’s glaringly obvious that Witches of God knew that and had the presence of mind and editorial sensibility to separate a trio of cuts that on countless other records probably would’ve been stuck all together at the end. That’s craft. The actual songwriting, which makes “Devils II” and cuts like “The Blood of Others,” “Higher than the Heavens” — which is a tribute to Denis “Piggy” D’Amour of Voivod featuring It’s Casual‘s Eddie Solis on vocals — so memorable, is only bolstered by the performance of the band throughout, which ties into a vaguely cultish aesthetic somewhat similar in its energy and vibe (if not actual sonics) to Venomous Maximus out of Texas and demonstrates a range of moods ably, running from the attitude drenched Motörheadery of “First Love” and ’80s metal swagger of “Devils” itself to the subdued closing comedown of “Chasing Coffins,” also featuring Solis on vocals.

Solis and fellow guest Scott “Wino” Weinrich — who donates vocals to the penultimate “The Horror” — are the only two names given by the group apart from co-producer Samur Khouja and Tom Neely, who handled the artwork for the gatefold LP. The actual players are anonymous for the time being, with the songwriting credited to the band as a whole with Weinrich given cowritten-by status on the track on which he appears. Given the commitment made to such a stylized presentation, I get why the band would want to remain anonymous, but with the drama especially vocally that comes through as the songs play out, I’m not sure they’d lose anything by taking credit for work well done. Still, no names. Witches of God, the singular entity, stand as responsible for one count of viciously hookish songwriting, and while I don’t think they actual go out and drink people’s blood at night (nor does the vast majority of people who sing about it) or whathaveyou, they sure sound like they’re having a good time playing songs about it. And if some of the thematics throughout will ring familiar — witches, blood, the devil, horror, and so on — it’s a boon to Witches of God‘s approach that they come out on the other end of “Chasing Coffins” sounding more more redundant than intended. In the case of “Higher than the Heavens,” for example, that’s basically the idea — it’s a complete sonic tribute to Voivod and works in the progressive elements so often imitated from that band, including (and this I’d argue is the most skillful turn) that particular just-past-the-beat timing that has you immersed in the chorus before you even recognize the change. That song, the album’s shortest at 3:51, is a far cry stylistically from the ultra-catchy scum riffing of opener “Devils II.” There, Witches of God show they are pretty clearly aware of the malevolent shuffle Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats incorporated into “I’ll Cut You Down” at the start of their 2011 outing, Blood Lust, but they pair the darkened boogie and cowbell righteousness with a Cathedral-style sense of playing the host, an open arm leading the way for the listener directly to an unmistakable and well-telegraphed chorus.

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