Wino Wednesday: Wino Guests on Vocals for Witches of God’s “The Horror”

Call me crazy, but I still can’t see the phrase “the horror” and not think of Marlon Brando saying it in some dark cave. Maybe Apocalypse Now is what Los Angeles heavy rockers Witches of God were going for when they titled the penultimate and longest song on their full-length debut, The Blood of Others (review here), but the chorus of the track itself leaves it somewhat more open, since it’s the lines, “All the horror that’s in you/All the horror you will see,” keep it relatively vague whether or not they’re being referential. That album, if you haven’t heard it, is silly with hooks. They’re just all over the place. But they picked the right one for a Wino guest spot.

The thing that impressed so much about The Blood of Others was how impeccably put together it was. Especially for being Witches of God‘s first outing, it not only had songwriting, but a perspective from which it was working — vaguely cultish but not enough to seem to be sacrificing accessibility — and a sense of presentation that came through even in the studio recording. It was crisp and clear, but it sounded like a show, and a good one at that. A pro job, in other words. Self-aware but not restrained and with no shortage of tonal weight or groove. Wino wasn’t the only guest, either. Eddie Solis of It’s Casual also contributed to two tracks, so there was a decent sense of changing up their approach as well.

I’ll include the link to the Witches of God Bandcamp in case anyone wants to give the full thing a listen, but “The Horror” deserves specific Wino Wednesday highlighting, so here we go. Please find the track on the player below, lose yourself in the chugging riffage of its verses, and of course have a killer Wino Wednesday:

Witches of God, “The Horror”

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  1. Thee Witches says:

    Wino actually chose between The Horror and Devils III. He liked the lyrics to The Horror. While tracking the vocal tracks he helped rework the delivery and wording of a couple lines. Hence his contribution and Samur’s come across as PURE MAGICK!!!

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