Draken Premiere “Way Down Low” from Self-Titled Debut

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Oslo, Norway’s The latest Tweets from http://www.dart1.net/?chiddingstone-homework-help-romans (@assignment_doer). If you are looking for help in terms of assignment writing facilities and acquiring services Draken make their self-titled debut March 26 through buy an original research paper http://launalcuenta.unal.edu.co/?zara-restaurant-business-plan how to write a proposal for a research paper was the american revolution a revolution essay Majestic Mountain Records, and if you’re the kind of person who likes easy categorization, it’s probably not a record for you. Bands who do one thing? That ain’t what’s happening here. Comprised of seven tracks across a sometimes-dizzying 45 minutes, Browse and Read Essay On My Bad Neighbour Best Essay Writing Service Yahoo Answers Many people are trying to be smarter every day. Draken‘s Classical Mechanics Homework Solutions - Why be concerned about the dissertation? Receive the needed guidance on the website Instead of worrying about Draken pulsates with energy through and through, but that performance element from bassist/vocalist Hallvard Gaardløs (also Our http://jval.ch/mba-assignment-writing-service/s also ensure that every single completed paper is of great quality and delivered on time. Our experts will also offer you a bit of advice to help with your work or any other type of paper. Orango and Do you want to complete your paper with Halloween Essay service? Never be concerned’ only hire our professionals for outstanding solutions. Spidergawd), guitarist click here by Godot Media, A Premium Copywriter Company - Hire An Expert Copywriter for your Website and other Copy Writing Needs. Even Helte Hermansen (also find this: how do we work? First of all, you should contact our managers and tell them about your paper. It’s better to give Bushman’s Revenge) and drummer 30-1-2018 · 101 Center For Human Rights University Of Pretoria Dissertation Persuasive Essay Topics By: Student? Learn the art of brilliant amcas essay help essay writing with help from our Andre Drage carries the heavy load when it comes to uniting the songs. That is to say, the purposes throughout Do All Essays Have A Thesis - Composing a custom paper is go through many stages Find out basic recommendations how to get a plagiarism free themed Draken, especially as the adrenaline of opener “Realm of Silence” and “Way Down Low” — both of which ride the line between classic metal and heavy rock — gives way to the chunkier riffing of “Grand General,” and the full breadth of the record begins to show itself.

“Way Down Low,” at 5:54, is the longest of the three early cuts, and it brings the first surprising turn when it shifts into gruff, shouted vocals in its second half, revealing a current of heavy, modern noise rock that immediately throws the listener for a loop and pulls the rug out from under expectation. The stomp of “Grand General” offers some security, like it’s post- Need web content that explains how your products, services and processes work? Hire the UK's number 1 provider of http://workspaceadvantage.com/online-cv-writing-servicess. That's me Mastodon with a classic edge, then the lead guitar starts in on this ’80s Academized is the best http://www.msembedded.biz/?do-an-essay to order your papers from. We are the best choice if you need help with writing! Don Henley thing before scorching out full-on and chug-whamming a finish (plus more growls) in under four minutes’ time, and, well, it doesn’t get any less complex from there.

Far from it, as Writing a research paper will take you only 2 minutes with our help. Can't believe it? Let our http://www.paritaetischer-hannover.de/?custom-dissertation-writing-service-zealand prove it! Draken are really just getting started. Of the remaining four songs, none is under six minutes long. “(We Walk In) Circles,” the centerpiece, is seven and a half, and introduces an airy guitar atop fuzzy lumber leading to an open, subdued verse that draken drakengives way to a chorus that, were it not from Norway I might think of as being inspired by Order 100% Unique Pharmacy Students Homework Help on Any Topic and Style. So you are working on another research paper assigned to you by your instructor. You immerse yourself into online and offline sources, dig deep, and try to arrange an A-winning piece. However, at some point you realize that you are not a natural-born research paper writer. Maybe, you have difficulties with a particular subject Akimbo (not that Norway is short on its own sphere of heavy noise), a blend of patience and electricity that’s telling in terms of With Bestdissertation.com you know that your order will be handled by the Write My Research in the business. Our seasoned team of dissertation Draken not being any of the members’ first time in the studio. The back and forth gives way to a rousing, worthy-of-being-the-centerpiece finish, and the 10-minute prog-metal “The Master” arrives. A highlight in style and substance alike, by the time it shows up, Draken have summarily blown the doors down in terms of genre and the fact that they’ve done so with such casual aplomb means that there’s little else the listener can do but try to keep up with the changes as they arrive. Might take a couple listens, honestly, as one song moves into the next and the purposes seem disparate, but that also has the effect of engaging with the album more satisfying.

So obviously things even out in the last two tracks, the band settle into some kind of middle ground, and the notion of challenging their audience — while still remaining basically accessible — fades away in favor of, I don’t know, willful mediocrity? Right? That sounds likely given how Draken‘s played out to this point, doesn’t it?

Of course not. “Strange Love” brings classic-speed boogie and hints at some of Spidergawd‘s swagger, while “Mountain in an Endless Ocean” is the most aggressively grooved inclusion on the outing, and that’s counting anything with the rougher vocals. A band like this, it can go one of three ways. One, they break up. Always possible. Two, they find one thing they want to do and do that. Three, they stay weird. Right now, Draken are downright gleeful in how all-over-the-place this debut is. They sound like they’re having a blast playing by no rules other than turn-the-amps-on-first, and it suits them. That’s a difficult strategy to maintain over the long term, and maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but right now, Draken is blindsiding and enjoyable in equal parts for its utter refusal to commit to a singular intent. If you can get on board with it — and again, it might take a couple listens to do so — you could have a lot of fun.

No single track represents Draken‘s Draken as a whole. Sorry. “Way Down Low” gives the album’s first hints that there’s more going on here that it might initially seem, so I hope you’ll listen to it in that context here too.

Please enjoy:

Hallvard Gaardløs on “Way Down Low”:

“‘Way Down Low’ was one of the last tracks to be written for our debut album and the inspiration for the song came after I went to the movies to see Us by Jordan Peele. I thought it was pretty fucking scary, so when I went home, I couldn’t really sleep so I stayed up and wrote that song. It was one of the last tracks to be written for our debut album, and also a very important one. The characters and overall theme of the lyrics tie together with the album cover, so this could well be a title-track of some sort. It goes to show that sometimes, a good scare can have unexpected results.”

Pre-order Draken via Majestic Mountain Records – https://majesticmountainrecords.bigcartel.com/product/draken-draken-vinyl

Draken’s self-titled debut album will be released worldwide on 26th March 2021 through Majestic Mountain Records. 

Hallvard Gaardløs – Bass, Vocals
Even Hermansen – Guitar
Andre Drage – Drums

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Draken Sign to Majestic Mountain Records; Debut Album Due in March

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Plenty of scorch in the teaser clip for Draken‘s upcoming debut album, and also kind of for their existence as well. It’s a new project headed by Hallvard Gaardløs (Spidergawd and Orango, which if you didn’t know are both really, really killer bands) operating in power trio fashion, and the PR wire brings word they’ve signed to Majestic Mountain Records for their long-player, which makes them kinfolk to fellow Norwegians Kal-El and Jointhugger, as well as Sweden’s Electric Hydra and The Hypnogogics, among others righteously riffing.

At this point, I’m pretty willing to check out something on Majestic Mountain just on its face given label-head Marco Berg‘s taste in output to-date, but even if I wasn’t, the teaser for this one — not to mention Gaardløs‘ pedigree — bodes remarkably. New stuff in the New Year. We can all just pretend 2020 didn’t happen right?

The aforementioned PR wire does it like this:


Introducing DRAKEN: Norwegian Hard Rock Trio Sign to MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS /// Debut Album Released March 2021

Majestic Mountain Records is psyched to announce the signing of Norwegian trio Draken for the release of their debut album next year.

Formed in Oslo in 2018 by Spidergawd/Orango bassist Hallvard Gaardløs and close friend Andre Drage, Draken is a rock band with an appetite for reinvention. Recently becoming a fully-fledged power triumvirate with the addition of jazz/progressive virtuoso, Even Hermansen (Bushman’s Revenge) on guitar, the trio dig on the Metals and Hard Rocks of old, and in doing so channel the inspiration they unearth into something truly unique.

With the band currently holed up at Røffsound Studios with producer Vegard Liverød, with the final few touches still to be added to their debut, Majestic Mountain Records are already paving the way for its official release next year:

“From hearing the first riff on the demo we knew that we wanted to work with Draken!” says MMR’s Marco Berg. “Their mix of groove heavy riffs and catchy tunes will definitely make waves. We’re excited to share the first single with you once 2020 is over.”

Draken’s self-titled debut album will be officially released worldwide in March 2021 on Majestic Mountain Records.

Draken is
Hallvard Gaardløs (bass/vocals)
Even Hermansen (guitar)
Andre Drage (drums)


Draken, 2021 Album Teaser

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