Majestic Mountain Records Festival Oslo to Be Held Dec. 1-3; Lineup Re-Confirmed

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Usually for a fest lineup, I post one band’s player at the bottom of the post. Usually it’s a headliner, sometimes it’s a newer band on purpose, sometimes it’s just someone I check out who I haven’t heard before, etc. There are three players at the bottom of this post, and that’s probably too few. Take it as a sign of the uncommonly packed bill of Majestic Mountain Fest Oslo and the quality both of the work the imprint has been doing and its taste in general. Over the last two years, Majestic Mountain has emerged as a significant contributor to the underground sphere in Europe, especially Northern Europe, with a roster of talent varied in much but united in their ability to connect with their audience. One imagines it will be no different when so many of the label’s acts take the stage at the upcoming three-day festival next month.

This was originally supposed to happen in June, which, hey, sometimes a thing gets pushed back. Cool it’s coming together at all, given the scope of the lineup and the sheer logistics of getting so many schedules to align for three days (plus a pre-show) without the infrastructure of having already done so in the past. That is to say, I expect that if they do another fest like this, it’ll be easier the second time around.

Oh, and if you haven’t actually heard any of those records at the bottom of this post, you’re gonna want to do that.

From social media:

Mmr fest Oslo lineup

MMR FEST OSLO – OH YES.  It’s ON, folks!

Event page:

The time has come, Majestic Crew- After what seems like an eternity of delays and silence, we are finally able to announce the rescheduled details and final lineup for Majestic Mountain Fest // Oslo 2022.

The festival will take place on December 1-3rd at the (in)famous Blitz Hus.

We will have a killer kick-off party on Wednesday 30th of November at our favourite chill spot Brewgata with a live gig and a rad tap takeover from the mighty Nøgne Ø

We will also have a beautiful appearance from a very special guest, Mika Häkki. More details on that to come!

Visit the event page for ticket links!
There has been a bit of shifting to the lineup due to the new logistics so any previously scheduled bands you do not see on this year’s roster will appear in the next edition.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and excitement for this event.

Despite the challenges presented to us, we keep charging forward. This festival is truly a labour of love and will be one for the books.

We are absolutely psyched to see you all in Oslo next month and can’t wait to celebrate our incredible roster and you, our fantastic fans!

Majestic Mountain Records is psyched to invite you to the first edition of Majestic Fest Oslo 2022!

When & Where:

Pre-Party Gig & Nøgne-Ø Tap Takeover at Brewgata Oslo
30 November

Festival at Blitz, Oslo
1-3 Decmber

After a challenging year of what seemed like endless delays, we are finally able to let loose and run full steam ahead on a three-day riff fest of gargantuan proportions to commence the 1-3 December at Blitz.

PLUS a killer pre-party gig and tap takeover with the mighty Nøgne-Ø on Wednesday the 30th of November at Brewgata!

This is going to be a very special event with the best community vibes and killer performances by Majestic Mountain Records Roster bands.

We’re also proud to welcome a very special guest, Mika Häkki.

Join us in on the last day of November and the first weekend of December for heavy riffs, mega fuzz and all of the good times!

The MMR crew cannot wait to bang our heads and hang with you in Oslo!

Full day schedule coming next week!

Lineup is as follows:

Kal-El (NO)
Grand Cadaver (SE)
Saint Karloff (NO)
Jointhugger (NO)
Wolves in Haze (SE)
Häxmästaren (SE)
Bogwife (DK)
Void Commander (SE)
Laser Dracul (SE)
Tornet (SE)
Slódder (SE)
Signo Rojo (SE)
Masheena (NO)
Goatriders (SE)
Bismarck (NO)
CB3 (SE)
Satanic Overdrive (SE)
Draken (NO)
Domkraft (SE)

Kal-El, Dark Majesty (2021)

CB3, Exploration (2022)

Domkraft, Seeds (2021)

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Majestic Mountain Records Fest Oslo: Astroqueen Reunion Added

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 22nd, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Astroqueen‘s latest release was a 2004 split with South American heavy rockers Buffalo, so unless you’re a student of Scandinavian heavy or, like me, you’re just old, you might be forgiven for not being familiar. Their 2001 full-length, Into Submission, is the stuff of pre-mobile-social-media discovery, and as Majestic Mountain Records just reissued it, having the band at the MMR Fest Oslo for what’s apparently their first gig in 20 years, well, golly, that’s pretty darn special.

What’s something you haven’t done in 20 years?

This is coming together in such a way that not only makes me think it’ll be a party for those fortunate enough to be there, but also makes me look forward to how they develop the fest going forward, in and potentially beyond Oslo.

Bottom line: cool beans:

Majestic Mountain Records Fest Oslo Astroqueen

Majestic Mountain Records people!

Are you ready for yet another special announcement from the Majestic Mountain Fest // Oslo line-up? We hope so as we’ve got something super special headed your way today.

Just when you think this line-up couldn’t get any more stacked, we’re here to let you know that we’re not even close to wrapping it up quite yet! We’ve got some additional bands still to let loose on you along with our kick-off pre-party shenanigans so sit tight and keep those eyes peeled on the magic as it unfolds.

This next announcement is one that we are really looking forward to bringing to you. Thunderously thick, heavy and supremely fuzzy old school stoner/desert vibes are coming at you hard and fast!

Please welcome the legendary Astroqueen to the weekend’s festivities with their first show in TWENTY years.

We’re psyched to the max that they will be reuniting from their hiatus with us this June in Oslo and cannot wait to experience Astroqueen’s supersonic, desert-space fuzz bomb with all you beautiful folks.

With the sold-out Majestic reissue of ‘Into Submission,’ we are proud to be kicking off the new age of Astroqueen and hope to delight veteran followers as well as captivate a new generation of fans with their pure, fuzzy stoner rock and kick-ass riffage.

Welcome to the party, Astroqueen! It’s an honour to have you with us making history for the first edition of Majestic Fest Oslo.

Tickets are available through the link on the event page, get on it as they’re moving fast!

Thank you for your incredible support, Majestic folks. We cannot wait to bang our heads and sink some cans with you in June.

Astroqueen, Into Submission (2001)

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Majestic Mountain Records Festival Oslo 2022: Five More Bands Join Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 4th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Majestic Mountain Records Fest Oslo 2022 banner

There’s a halfway decent chance that by the time this post goes live, the Majestic Mountain Records Fest Oslo 2022 — which I got official permission to call the MMR Fest last time I wrote about it — will have announced more bands for its lineup on June 17-18. It’s been that kind of week, not sure what else to tell you.

In any case, whether this post ends up with five new additions or 10, the lineup is taking shape and growing more formidable as it goes, drawing from the festival’s home base in Norway, the label’s home base in Sweden, as well as Germany, the UK and even the US, which, hey, that’s where I live! Nice to see a nod every now and again.

More than that, it’s an impressive display of reach on the part of the festival, and I’m assuming that barring disaster this won’t be the last one or the only city in which it takes place, particularly the first time out. Bottom line? Looks fun. Would attend.

Here you go:

majestic mountain records fest oslo 2022 kite etc

The Majestic Mountain Records newswire is here with a little boost. We’re cooking up some massive riff-shenanigans for Majestic Mountain Fest // Oslo and cannot wait to let all the cats out of the bag. Today we bring you glad tidings of yet FIVE more bands that you’ll be able to catch live during the weekend of 17-18th June.

Early Bird passes are sold out but regular tickets are available through the event page:

Today, we are pleased to announce that:

Wolves In Haze
Laser Dracul
Void Commander

Will join Jointhugger, Saint Karloff, Grand Cadaver, Kal-El, Old Horn Tooth, The Kings Pistol, MaMa Doom, Häxmästaren, Bogwife, Electric Hydra and more to come!

Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm for this event. We cannot wait to bang our heads with you in June!

Get ready, Oslo. the MMR Crew is coming for you!

Kite, Currents

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Majestic Mountain Records Festival Oslo 2022 Makes Lineup Announcement

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 18th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Majestic Mountain Records Fest Oslo 2022 banner

That’s a lot of name for a festival, the Majestic Mountain Records Festival, Oslo 2022 Think we can get away with calling it the MMR Fest for short? MMR Fest Oslo 2022? Maybe. I’ll work on it, seems like we’ll have a bit of time before June and there are more announcements to come.

Nothing like unveiling acts, though, for a first-annual festival, as Sweden’s Majestic Mountain Records follows suit behind Heavy Psych Sounds in establishing itself as a festival brand. And the fact that — like HPS fests and like Desertfest — there’s a city in the name of this festival right from the outset tells me that Majestic Mountain Records is already planning or at least considering branching out to other cities.

Perhaps, then, this inaugural edition in Oslo, Norway, might be a proving ground for the whole idea. All the more occasion for the label to do it up right, which seems to be the start they’re giving it. In the first batch of five bands announced for the lineup could be found MaMa Doom making the trip from the USA, recent-signees Old Horn Tooth doing likewise from the UK, and native Norwegian thunderbringers Jointhugger representing the home team alongside Saint Karloff and the just-nominated-for-a-Spellmann Prize Kal-El, to whom congratulations are due. The second round, also five acts, boasts HäxmästarenThe King’s Pistol, Electric Hydra, Bogwife and Grand Cadaver.

Fest is June 18 with a pre-show June 17. Poster, announcements and many, many links follow:


Majestic Mountain Records is pleased to announce the first annual MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS FESTIVAL, OSLO

A two-day riff-fest of gargantuan proportions to commence the 17-18 of June at Blitz, Oslo PLUS a killer pre-party on Thursday the 16th at the coolest basement venue around, Revolver.

This is going to be a very special event with some incredibly cool details and exclusive performances by Majestic Mountain bands from all over with exclusive performances and super killer surprises along the way.

The MMR crew cannot wait to celebrate the Majestic roster and the return of live music with you!

Join us in June for heavy riffs, infinite headbangs, mega fuzz and good times.

Without further ado, we present you with in no certain order:

MaMa Doom (US)
Jointhugger (NO)
Old Horn Tooth (UK)
Kal-El (NO)
Saint Karloff (NO)
Electric Hydra (SE)
The King’s Pistol (UK)
Häxmästaren (SE)
Bogwife (DK)
Grand Cadaver (SE)

Early Bird tickets will go up for sale on Sunday!

Majestic Mountain Records Fest Oslo is a two-day label showcase, riff-fest of gargantuan proportions to commence the 17-18 of June plus a killer pre-party on Thursday the 16th at our favourite basement venue, Revolver.

This is going to be a very special event with some incredibly cool details and exclusive performances by Majestic Mountain bands from all over and some killer surprises thrown in the mix. Announcements are flowing with more bands to come so keep those eyes peeled for all the juicy details!

The MMR crew cannot wait to bang our heads and celebrate our roster and the return of live music with you!

Thanks so much for reading and for all your excitement about this event, we’re so looking forward to seeing all of you beautiful people in June!

Kal-El, Dark Majesty (2021)

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