MARS RED SKY Confirmed for The Obelisk All-Dayer, Aug. 20 at Saint Vitus Bar

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mars red sky

Today I am thrilled to announce the first band for the first-ever The Obelisk All-Dayer, to be held Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016, at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. Coming over from Bordeaux, France, ascendant heavy psych trio Mars Red Sky will make their first East Coast US appearance ever as a part of a seven-band lineup to be fully revealed over the coming months.

the obelisk all dayer squareBy the time they arrive on US shores, Mars Red Sky will have released their third full-length, Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul), on Listenable Records. Following-up on 2014’s excellent Stranded in Arcadia, the new album is a defining moment that captures one of the heavy underground’s most satisfying progressions of the last half-decade, boldly moving the band forward while maintaining the blend of fragile melodicism and elephantine tonality that has become their hallmark.

Expect something genuinely special when they take the stage. After numerous European tours over the last several years, Mars Red Sky have truly reached a new apex, and I couldn’t be more proud to have them as a part of this event.

Ticket preorders for The Obelisk All-Dayer are available now, and more band announcements will follow over the coming months. The Obelisk All-Dayer is set to offer a different experience than the average fest. Set times will be longer to allow each band to really flesh out on stage. All sets will be recorded for posterity (at least unless someone says no). Look out for word about food on hand, posters and more to come as the day gets closer, and expect a heavy, spaced out and welcoming vibe for all who make the trip, no matter where they’re coming from or who they’re there to see. All are invited.

Thanks to everyone who can make it out, to Saint Vitus Bar for hosting, and thanks in advance to Mars Red Sky for making the trip.

The Obelisk All-Dayer ticket preorder

Mars Red Sky on Thee Facebooks

Saint Vitus Bar

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Friday Full-Length: Baby Woodrose, Money for Soul

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Baby Woodrose, Money for Soul (2003)

There are very few bands I listen to that every time I put a record on, I experience zero regrets. You know how it is. Maybe you’re not sure what you really want to be hearing at a given moment, and you grab an album, play it, and are kind of “meh” as you make your way through it. It’s been a long time since I listened to Baby Woodrose and felt anything other than jubilation at how utterly righteous they are. The long-running Danish outfit released their second album, Money for Soul, on 2003 through Bad Afro Records — the same imprint which will reportedly have a new LP out from them later this year — and 13 years later it remains a stunning work of cohesive, comprehensive psychedelic garage rock. Spearheaded by the guitar and vocals of principle songwriter Lorenzo Woodrose, blazing cuts like the title-track, the buzzsaw-toned “Hippie Chick” and fuzz-drenched opener “Honeydripper” dig right into the best aspects of all things raw and tripped-out, and while a good portion of the record is headed straight for the roots of psych rock, its arrangements are by no means lazy, with intermittent flourish of keys and synth to go with the guitar, bass and drums that draw heavy inspiration from 13th Floor Elevators and build on the foundation for what Baby Woodrose would become that was first set with their 2001 debut, Blows Your Mind!, and the earlier demos that eventually surfaced in 2011 on the collection Mindblowing Seeds and Disconnected Flowers (review here).

Fans of Monster Magnet will hear a lot of commonality between the two bands throughout Money for Soul, whether on “Volcano” or “Disconnected,” but Baby Woodrose have always had one foot in a stripped-down songwriting approach, and their songs overall are leaner and less given to extended space rock excursions. Careful layering of acoustic and electric guitar on “You Better Run” reminds of Rubber Soul‘s post-British Invasion experimentation, and while the song is just over two minutes long and there’s barely a second to spare in its upbeat push, Baby Woodrose — then the trio of Lorenzo, bassist Riky Woodrose and drummer Rocco Woodrose — never lack for atmosphere there or on the subsequent stomper “Rollercoaster,” the midsection cut “Carrie” being particularly emblematic in this regard, with a drawback on some of the rhythmic thrust featured elsewhere to highlight the organ, delay guitar and vocal arrangement, all of which conjure a psychedelic spaciousness to match the Turtles-style backing vocals and emotional crux of the lyrics. Rounding out with “Volcano,” Money for Soul holds its ethic to a riotous, raunchy finish that’s about as close as they come to the cosmos, sound-wise, but the lyrics, sampled orgasms, etc., make sure a terrestrial theme is established one way or another.

As noted above, Baby Woodrose will reportedly have a new album out this year on Bad Afro. To be titled Freedom, it will be their first since 2012’s lush Third Eye Surgery (review here), and they’ll also be playing Freak Valley in May. Third Eye SurgeryMoney for Soul, 2007’s Chasing Rainbows and 2006’s Love Comes Down will also be reissued throughout 2016 on vinyl by Bad Afro, about which details can be found at Baby Woodrose‘s Thee Facebooks page.

As always, I hope you enjoy.

It just so happens that today is The Patient Mrs.‘ birthday. I’ll spare you the rundown of what she wanted/what she got, but it’s been an interesting year to say the least, so whatever it was that she wanted/got, it’s a pale fraction of the glories and tributes she deserves. We’ll be heading down to Connecticut tomorrow to see her family and have dinner and this and that. It’s also supposed to be the coldest weekend in the last decade in Massachusetts where we live, so there’s that going on. If the car breaks down and we get stranded or if the heater breaks like it did last year and begins spewing steam and flooding the second floor so that the kitchen walls beneath run wet, I’m sure I’ll bitch about it using a variety of social media. Because that’s the recourse we’ve afforded ourselves in this existence.

Gonna stop that paragraph before things take a turn. The bottom line? Happy birthday to The Patient Mrs., for whom my love continues to expand like a Deep Purple jam on Made in Japan. Like a 20-minute version of “Space Truckin’.”

Next week, look out for that Borderland Fuzz Fiesta mixtape. It’s happening on Monday, and there’s some new Yawning Man in there you’re gonna want to hear, among many other gems. Also Monday, a track premiere from Youngblood Supercult, and later in the week, look out for full album streams from Droids Attack and Greenleaf, both of whose records will show up on my Top 30 at the end of the year, without a doubt.

We’re a ways off yet, but I’ve also started planning for the next Quarterly Review. That’ll be at the end of next month, so keep an eye open.

I hope you have a great and safe weekend. Please check out the forum and the radio stream.

The Obelisk Forum

The Obelisk Radio

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Elder Announce European Tour with Carousel

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elder (Photo by Harry Gould Harvey)

Been a minute since Massachusetts trio Elder were announced for Desertfest in London and Berlin, so maybe it’s not a revelation that they’re going to tour Europe in Spring 2016, but you know, nice to have confirmation. The progressive heavy three-piece are coming off their busiest touring year ever in 2015, as they continue to support last year’s Lore (review here), their third full-length, the sweeping scope of which is I think still being processed by listeners the world over.

The trip will include Pittsburgh heavy rockers Carousel, whose lineup continues to shift following the release of their second album, 2113 (review here). Already the band featured drummer John Dziuban (Sistered) after parting ways with Jake Leger (also of Bang) as of their last tour, but guitarist Matt Goldsborough (also Pentagram, intermittently), seems to have done likewise, resulting in a move from Dziuban to guitar and Brooklyn expat Justin Sherrell (BlackoutBezoar) taking over on drums, while bassist Jim Wilson and guitarist/vocalist Dave Wheeler remain in their respective roles. A bit of chaos is good for the soul, or so I’m told.

Elder announced the voyage thusly:

elder euro tour


Well – it’s no surprise that we’re hitting the road again, this time with Pittsburgh heavy rockers Carousel. We’ll be bringing you some sneak peeks of new material and some other goodies. See you in April…
(Artwork – Adrian Dexter)

– Elder & Carousel –
European Tour 2016

17.04.2016 RUS – Moscow, Volta*
18.04.2016 RUS – St.Petersburg, Zoccolo 2.0*
20.04.2016 NOR – Stavanger, Folken
21.04.2016 NOR – Bergen, Hulen
22.04.2016 NOR – Oslo, Bla
23.04.2016 SWE – Gothenburg, Truckstop Alaska
24.04.2016 UA – Kiev, Robustfest*
25.04.2016 DK – Kopenhagen, Loppen
26.04.2016 GER – Hamburg, Hafenklang
27.04.2016 GER – Münster, Sputnikhalle
28.04.2016 GER – Chemnitz, AJZ Talschock
29.04.2016 GER – Berlin, Astra, Desertfest 2016
30.04.2016 P – Lisboa, Sound Bay Festival
01.05.2016 UK – Electric Ballroom, Desertfest 2016
02.05.2016 GER – Wiesbaden Schlachthof
04.05.2016 GER – Munich, Backstage
05.05.2016 CRO – Zagreb, Vintage Bar
07.05.2016 A – Linz, Kapu
08.05.2016 A – Vienna, Viper Room
09.05.2016 I – Bologna, Freak Out Club
10.05.2016 I – Milano, Lo-Fi Club
11.05.2016 CH – Lausanne, Le Romandie Club
12.05.2016 GR – Athen, An Club*
14.05.2016 ESP – Bilbao, Kristonfest
15.05.2016 F – Toulouse, TBA
16.05.2016 F – Paris, Glazart, Doomed Gatherings
17.05.2015 B – Brussels, Magasin 4
* = Elder only

Elder, Lore (2015)

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La Chinga Premiere “Right On” from New Album Freewheelin’

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la chinga

Though the vinyl is very nearly sold out on preorders alone, we’re still more than a month out from the actual March 25 release date for La Chinga‘s second album. You might recall that Freewheelin’ was reviewed and streamed here just after the New Year hit as a special preview, but the closer we get to the record’s arrival, it seems only fair to highlight some of what’s working so well throughout.

In some ways, the cover says it all. Contributed by Jason Cruz, the artwork for Freewheelin’ is as rife with classic ideas as the album itself. You get the trio — bassist/vocalist Carl Spackler, guitarist/backing vocalist Ben Yardley (also theremin, mandolin and lead vocals la chinga freewheelinon “Faded Angel”) and drummer/engineer Jason Solyom — rocking out in a muscle car in space. I’ll be damned if that’s not exactly what these songs sound like. Written with a strong sense of structure, the tracks leave pretense to the earthlings and take off for boozy good times and unshakably resolve to kick ass. And so they do. Like many who’ve swaggered through the hallowed halls of Small Stone Records, La Chinga don’t couch their appreciation for ’70s heavy in retro production or hyperstylized vintage-isms. They remind across the span of Freewheelin’ that rock’s glory days aren’t some bygone nostalgia fodder, but they’re happening right now, probably in some bar, probably at unreasonable volumes. If that doesn’t scream “muscle car in outer space,” I don’t know what does.

La Chinga head to Europe next month to support the impending issue of Freewheelin’. It’s not their first trip over — they toured supporting their 2013 self-titled (discussed here) as well — but it’s worth noting they go on an especially vital collection of songs this time around. To that end, you can stream the premiere of the track “Right On” below.

The penultimate cut on the album, it follows a zig-zag through the righteous sections of rock and roll history — AC/DC hooks and brazen swing abound — and is every bit the soundtrack to the age in which one might wish one lived. Good luck getting the chorus out of your head before the album shows up in March.

Tour dates under the player. Enjoy:

la chinga tour

La Chinga Freewheelin’ across Europe March Tour, 2016
11 March – Barcelona (Rocksound)
12 March – Azkoitia (Matadero)
13 March – Gorliz (Xurrut)
14 March – Donostia (Dabadaba)
15 March – Madrid (Fun House)
16 March – Gijón (Casino Acapulco)
17 March – Cangas de Morrazo (Sala Son)
18 March – Lugo (Club Clavicémbalo)
19 March – Santiago de Compostela (Sala Moon)
20 March – Porto (Porto Rio)
21 March – Estepona (King Creole)
22 March – Orihuela (La Gramola)
23 March – Zaragoza (La Ley Seca)
24 March – Bordeaux (Le Void, ex L’Héretic)
25 March – Montpellier (Black Sheep)

La Chinga on Thee Facebooks

La Chinga Tour Event Page

La Chinga at Small Stone Records

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Ethereal Riffian Release Youniversal Voice Next Week

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ethereal riffian

Cosmic ritualists Ethereal Riffian will release their new live album, Youniversal Voice, next week. Though the edition in which it’s released numbers less than 200 total, it’s clearly an offering of substantial importance for the band, who’ve packaged the CD in a special boxed version that also includes a story, photos, tea, incense, patch, magnet and so on — going for full sensory immersion. The album itself is over an hour long and features tracks from their two full-lengths, 2014’s Aeonian and 2011’s Shaman’s Visions, and while I can’t speak to how it goes with incense, the sense of ritual throughout is pervasive, from the patient intro “Sword of the Deathless” through the many languid grooves unfurled thereafter.

Psychedelic metal is a particularly hard sound to pull off, but the Ukrainian outfit work in harsher elements — gruff vocals, sharper-toned riffing, etc. — and only seem to add to the breadth of the trippy droning and lysergic flourish elsewhere. It’s a broad spectrum Ethereal Riffian cast, and while their name evokes an immediate Sleep comparison, there’s a lot more to Youniversal Voice than simple stoner idolatry.

The PR wire has release details:

ethereal riffian youniversal voice

Psychedelic Doomsters ETHEREAL RIFFIAN announce pre-orders of “Youniversal Voice”

Ethereal Riffian have found once again the right sonic vibrations to signify the sacral power of sound and spirit. With the live album “Youniversal Voice” – which features guest musicians playing ethnic instruments, didgeridoo and jembe – the band prooves their outstanding live potential!

“Youniversal Voice” is out on February 15th and the pre-orders of this new offering from this Ukraine’s psychedelic doom collective are now available at the band’s Bandcamp page:

01 – Sword of the Deathless (Intro)
02 – Beyond
03 – Thugdam
04 – Wakan Tanka
05 – March of Spiritu
06 – Voice of Reason
07 – Anatman
08 – Drum of the Deathless

Val Kornev (aka Stonezilla) – guitar/vocal/lyrics
Alexander Kornev (aka SAF) – bass
Max Yuhimenko (aka Southman) – lead guitar
Nikita Shipovskoi (aka Ship) – drums

Ethereal Riffian, Youniversal Voice (2016)

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Spider Kitten Release Ark of Octofelis April 29

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spider kitten

My friends, the United Kingdom is drowning in sludge. Here’s a fun fact: every time you blink, five hardcore bands in London buy tube amps and start listening to Eyehategod. From Newport in South Wales, Spider Kitten are something of an antidote to the abrasion going on in and around England. Their new album — their umpteenth, I believe — is called Ark of Octofelis, and I’ve only heard the song “One from the Heart,” but the impact is immediate. Dense fuzz pervades a heavy psychedelic roll while from out of all that tone comes a sci-fi social commentary that seems to unfold across the album’s span. They’re not a new band by any stretch of the imagination — 2016 makes it 15 years, reportedly — but sometimes an idea has to be around for a while before its time comes, and this might just be Spider Kitten‘s time.

Album is out April 29 on Undergroove RecordsSpider Kitten will play Desertfest London 2016, as was first noted here last month and as confirmed below by the PR wire:

spider kitten ark of octofelis

SPIDER KITTEN confirm release of new album Ark Of Octofelis and DesertFest London appearance

Ark Of Octofelis by Spider Kitten is released worldwide through Undergroove Records on 29th April 2016, and the band will appear at DesertFest London (29th April – 1st May)

There are some bands whose sound would benefit less from a description and more from a comprehensive lab test, and Newport, South Wales’ legendary anti-heroes Spider Kitten is most definitely one such band.

Signing to Undergroove in 2014 for the release of their last full-length Behold Mountain, Hail Sea, Venerate Sky, Bow Before Tree, new album Ark Of Octofelis is the end product of eight months writing and recording during sessions that saw the band trade straight-up doom for headier, astral climes. Amon Düül II, King Crimson and an unmistakable Floydian influence permeate the record, which, over two tracks explore one conceptual theme. A theme driven by malevolent and authoritarian powers, unexplained goings-on in the desert and a local psychedelic rock band’s quest to recapture the landscape.

Produced by vocalist and guitar player Chi Lameo – who originally founded the band back in 2001 – while Spider Kitten’s experiments with sound may have continually progressed, one thing that hasn’t changed is their approach to making music. Whether recording demos, EPs or full-length albums, their furiously DIY ethic is as dogged now as it’s ever been. With frightening prolificacy they have amassed a back catalogue that swallows a universe of styles ranging from proto-grunge and heavy psychedelia to doom and industrial noise. All drowned in the influence of artists as diverse as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, The Melvins and the dirtiest miscellany of Sub Pop’s early output.

While Spider Kitten have both expanded and contracted their line-up in recent times to accommodate their ambitions, their live line-up currently consists of Lameo, drummer and former Taint member Chris West, guitarist Gareth Day and bass player Steve Jones. The quartet will take to the stage this year at London’s DesertFest (29th April – 1st May) and appear alongside the likes of Electric Wizard, Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar and Godflesh.

Ark Of Octofelis by Spider Kitten will be released worldwide through Undergroove Records on 29th April 2016.

Spider Kitten:
Chi Lameo – Vocals, Guitar
Chris West – Drums, Vocals
Steve Jones – Bass
Gareth Day – Guitar

Spider Kitten, “One from the Heart” from Ark of Octofelis (2016)

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Freak Valley 2016: Giöbia Added to Lineup

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freak valley 2016 new header

I’d like to think that the complete lineup is confirmed for Freak Valley 2016, and the festival — which is long since sold out — is just piecemealing bands out one at a time for its followers so that those of us unfortunate enough to not have tickets can maximize our regret at that fact. Mission accomplished, Freak Valley. The German fest has picked up another act for its mighty three-day run, and this time around it’s Italian space magnates Giöbia, whose fourth album, Magnifier, came out late last year on Sulatron. The band also have a new video for 12-minute single “Sun Spectre,” which is actually down from the 15-minute version that appears on the record. Yup, it’s like that.

The fest heralded their coming thusly. Video follows info:

giobia freak valley 2016

With the greatest joy we can announce that Italian heavy psych rockers GIÖBIA will appear at Freak Valley Festival 2016.

Giobia has been one of the most influential psychedelic bands in Italy over the last years. Seduced by the lysergic side of the ‘60s, by exotic mantras and the evocative power of space-rock, Giöbia is a band from Milano, Italy with many facets and one only faith, that is to turn every encounter with sound into a psychedelic experience.

The band counts four members: Bazu (vocals and string instruments), Saffo (organ, violin, vocals), Detrji (bass) and Betta (drums) and their name – Giöbia – comes from an ancient pre-christian festivity celebrated in Northern Italy when a big straw puppet resembling a witch is burnt as a propitiatory ritual towards the forces of nature.

The sound of their new album “Magnifier” is heavier and darker than before, but still unique and will reveal the intimate bond with bands and soundtrack’s composers of Horror and Thrilling Italian Police movies of the 70’s.

We are honoured to present the brandnew Sun Spectre videoclip preview :

The 12 minutes plus of ‘Sun Spectre’ is epic Space Rock and a total trip…an intergalactic ghost ship drifting through darkest regions of space, buffeted by solar winds as it is slowly pulled into the void.

Sun Spectre video live recorded in Pnbox Studios (Pordenone, 22.1.16)

FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL – 26th-27th-28th May 2016

FVF 2016 is SOLD OUT!!

Freak Valley Festival: No Fillers – Just Killers

Line-up 2016:
GRAVEYARD [SW] – Vintage Rock
DEAD MEADOW [US] – Psychedelic Stonerrock
SPIDERGAWD [NO] – Post-Boogie
WHITE HILLS [US] – Fuzzed Out Motorik Psychedelic
THE SHRINE [US] – Psychedelic Violence Rock and Roll
BABY WOODROSE [DK]- Psychedelic Garagerock
LONELY KAMEL [NO]- Heavy Blues, Hardrock & Stoner
ROTOR [D] – Instrumental StonerRock/Psychedelic
MONOLORD [SW] – Doom/Sludge
MANTAR [D] – Death Metal Doom Punk
TOUNDRA [SP] – Postrock
FARFLUNG [US] – Spacerock for 21st Century Heads
THE GOLDEN GRASS [US]- Heavy/Funk//Psych/Freakbeat
SPIDERS [SW] – Hard/Glam Rock
LÉ BETRE [SW] – Bluesy Hardrock
GIÖBIA [IT] – Acid Rock
THE SONIC DAWN [DK] – Psychedelic Rock

…more tba very soon

Giöbia, “Sun Spectre” official video

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Kadavar Announce Australian Tour Dates

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German trio Kadavar head to Australia in April for a quick run of gigs put on by Life is Noise. The trio released their to-date masterpiece, Berlin (review here), last year on Nuclear Blast and with it bridged a difficult gap between their influences in classic heavy rock, the retro sound of their first two records, and a more modern style. This was accomplished via undeniable songwriting and groove enough to sway even the staunchest of nonbelievers willing to actually listen with an open mind. A penchant for hooks is nothing new for the Berlin-based outfit, but the mode of presentation was a marked shift and demonstration of road-won maturity.

If you can’t tell from that, I dug the record. So there. Good for them getting to Australia in 2016. It’s more than I’ve managed to do. Tour starts April 28.

From the PR wire:



LIFE IS NOISE is proud to announce the Australian tour of hirsute German stoner-psych rock three-piece Kadavar, with shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Kadavar mix the groove of stoner rock with enough ‘70s psychedelia to create songs that are fierce and powerful, yet also undeniably catchy and compelling. Drawing on a healthy mix of influences including Sabbath, Zeppelin, Hawkwind and Pentagram, the trio have a back catalogue filled with thunderous riffs, shredding solos, crashing drums and pounding bass that has been perfected on their latest release, Berlin.

Following on from their first two studio records (their debut self-titled release, and Abra Kadavar), Berlin is a stunning, faultless, riff-fuelled album. Kadavar are masters of blending the super-tight rhythm of stoner rock with howling psychedelic chaos, spawning an all-out sonic assault. This sound is familiar without being derivative. And Berlin places Kadavar at the forefront of a modern stoner-psych renaissance – resplendent with hair to match.

Kadavar’s live show is somehow even louder, heavier and more action-packed than their recorded output. This will be a total rock and roll experience. Let your hair hang down.

Catch Kadavar on the following dates:
Brisbane – Crowbar – April 28
Sydney – Manning Bar – April 29
Melbourne – The Corner – April 30
And Kadavar are also appearing at Cherry Rock 2016 on May 1.

Tickets on sale now from, Oztix and venue outlets. Cherry Rock 16 info from

Kadavar, “Last Living Dinosaur” official video

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Electric Citizen to Release Higher Time May 13

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 11th, 2016 by H.P. Taskmaster

Ohio foursome Electric Citizen will offer up their sophomore outing, Higher Time, on May 13 via RidingEasy Records. Digital and physical preorders are up already — three months ahead of time is a pretty solid lead — and the album opener, “Evil,” can be heard below. The record follows 2014’s debut, Sateen (review here), and as I recently wrote a bio for it that I’ll probably post here sooner or later, I don’t mind telling you that I’ve heard the thing in its entirety. Look out for a bigger, more modern sound overall than the first album, and in particular a standout performance from vocalist Laura Dolan, who proves more than able to carry a track when called upon to do so.

“Evil” gives a pretty good glimpse at what Electric Citizen are up to with Higher Time, so feel free to dig in if you’re so inclined. Info for the album came down the PR wire:

electric citizen higher time

Electric Citizen set May 13 release date for Higher Time

Electric Citizen, the Cincinnati-based four-piece release their anticipated follow-up album, Higher Time, on May 13 via RidingEasy Records.

The band recently gave fans an early preview of the ten-track album with the song “Evil,” heard here:

“We chose producer Brian Olive (The Greenhornes, Dan Auerbach, Dr. John) because he’s an excellent musician with a great ear for rock ‘n’ roll, and a trusted friend,” notes singer Laura Dolan. The quartet, which also includes guitar player Ross Dolan, bass player Randy Proctor and drummer Nate Wagner, joined Olive at The Diamonds Studio in Cincinnati. Mixing was done at Nashville’s famed Easy Eye Studios and handled by Black Keys’ engineer Collin Dupuis.

Higher Time track list:
1. Evil
2. Social Phobia
3. Misery Keeper
4. Devils in Passing Time
5. Golden Mean
6. Higher Time
7. Ghost of Me
8. Natural Law
9. Crux
10. Two Hearted Woman

Pre-orders are available via (physical) and (digital). Tour dates will be announced soon.

Electric Citizen, “Evil” from Higher Times (2016)

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