Skraeckoedlan Premiere Vermillion Sky LP in Full; Out Wednesday

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Skraeckoedlan Vermillion Sky

This Wednesday, March 27, Swedish heavy and progressive rockers Skraeckoedlan return with their fourth full-length, Vermillion Sky. It is their second LP through Fuzzorama Records behind the sprawling realization of 2019’s Eorþe (review here), with the years between finding the Borlänge/Norrköping four-piece reissuing their 2011 debut, Äppelträdet (review here) and its 2015 follow-up, Sagor (review here), through The Sign Records, and its arrival has been anticipated since the band unveiled “The Vermillion Sky” as a standalone single over half a year ago.

Vermillion Sky is a multifaceted project even before one gets to the rhythmic twists and melodic reaches, the grandiosities and quiet moments offered in its component eight tracks and 47 minutes, and if part of either that span of months or the not-accounted-for-by-plague portion of the five years it’s been since Eorþe comes from lining up logistics on either the video game or English-language novel intended to be released to complement the music, fair enough, though it was four between Sagor and that record as well, so it’s not an outlandish dearth of activity by any means. The novelization of Vermillion Sky, reportedly broken into chapters around each song, will perhaps be of particular interest to that non-Swedish-speaking contingent of their listenership who’ve maybe not been curious enough to run their lyrics through a translation matrix to get a semblance of the themes out of science-fiction, daikaiju, and so on.

To wit, “The Vermillion Sky,” caps an expansive A-side that begins with the drone-backed staticky dialogue in the two-minute intro “Cosmic Dawn” from whence a Devin Townsendy prog flow emerges with the anchoring fuzz on Erik Berggren‘s bass and fluid drumming of Martin Larsson‘s drums complemented by shimmer of synth and the guitars of Robert Lamu and Henrik Grüttner in a showcase of maturity and (condensed) patience that serves as preface to the stately composition of the title-track and others here. That obscured speech, mixed low enough that you genuinely might not hear it the first time through, ties into the escape-from-earth — and no, it’s not lost on me that their last record was ‘earth’ in translation — narrative of “The Vermillion Sky,” and while they seem to work in as well as around this thematic and it might at first be unclear how the hooky repetitions of the in-English title lyric to second single “Night Satan” fit in, the concept remains present for the lines, “Så lägg din hand i min och visa mig bland stjärnorna/Jag la min hand i din och du visa mig oändlighet” (“So put your hand in mine and show me the stars/I put my hand in yours and you show me infinity,” according to the internet), so those connections are there if not always obvious. One assumes the same applies for the likes of “Starsquatch,” “Metagalactic Void Honcho,” who sounds as burly as one might expect given the title, “Meteorb” or “Astronautilus” as well.

But even if you as the listener don’t take Vermillion Sky on for its storyline at all or if scrolling shooter games aren’t your thing, the songs are enough to carry you through. “Starsquatch” enters with a burst, resets in an open expanse of keyboard and sweeps in the first of a vast collection of massive grooves, characteristic in its adherence to fuzzier tonality and arrangement depth evident even just in the space between the guitar and drums, never mind the e-bow or whatever effect it is or the arrangement of lead and backing vocals in the rolling chorus. Hitting a stop at 4:40 into its 7:58, they break to echoing vocals and standalone guitar before surging forward again in a pointed wash of distortion that turns out to be a misdirect as they cut to clearer-sounding dual-guitar leads and a faster tempo verse ahead of the actual solo. Of course the riff comes back, bigger and more consuming, and the pattern of side A is set when “Mysteria” takes its turn riff-punching through the wall with dense low end and purposeful shove — the first half of the album trading shorter-to-longer pieces starting with “Cosmic Dawn” and the second half switching that to its own two longer tracks bookending the relative brevity of “Night Satan” and “Meteorb.”


So Skraeckoedlan are playing with time as well as space on Vermillion Sky, and the level of composition and nuance with which they do so shouldn’t be understated. Lamu‘s vocal melodies — and I’m sorry, I don’t know every detail on who’s doing what vocally here, but there are voice-swaps enough to make me think it’s multiple singers — go beyond following the riffs, which are occasionally busy enough that that would be a challenge anyway, and feel like part of the atmosphere along with the Mellotron and Rhodes (or some such) that further distinguish “Mysteria” after the push through its first half has already brought intense strikes of piano as part of its culminating build just before the two-and-a-half-minute mark.

That holds true in rougher-delivered or shoutier stretches like the end of “Mysteria,” or the gutted-out verses of “Metagalactic Void Honcho” surrounded by what sounds like duly gravitational destruction that dares some hope in its lead-topped final nod before it cuts to far-back guitar echoes and thud to end, or the galloping midsection of “Meteorb,” wherein even the air-tight structure and quick 3:38 runtime are enough for the band to use vocals as an instrument corresponding to the mood of a given part. The scorch of keyboard in that song’s charge, the way the drums open up the groove in the last hook, the details and nuance of the keys, synth, guitar, effects, whatever, in the mix — it all comes together as a complete representation of craft from Skraeckoedlan that feels deeper and more dug into its own processes than they’ve been before, but at the same time is more engaging and outward-reaching for that. If that’s a mature Skraeckoedlan self-producing and wielding their own sound, cognizant of their dynamic and the physicality of the material they’re writing, I’ll take it happily. They always feel like they’re ready to break out and run. That catch-up-to-this energy is always there, pulling the audience forward.

At the same time, their sense of control is palpable, whether it’s the look-what-we-can-do-with-a-stoner-riff mid-tempo chug in the verses of “Night Satan” — lest we forget their tonal and recording tutelage under Truckfighters (who also run Fuzzorama Records) — or the furies manifest in dramatic style on “Metagalactic Void Honcho” just before, but detracts neither from the energy in their delivery or their willingness to go all-in on an arrangement like “Astronautilus,” mellowing after its verse for a moment of proggy, key-topped exploration as it circles around and builds tension for its flowing, deceptively graceful emergence, leading into a solo and chorus that reinforce notions of structure even as they adrenaline-boost Vermillion Sky out of the atmosphere and into the resonant float of its comedown, some staticky layer there calling back to the opening of “Cosmic Dawn” as that structural cohesion finds its own meta level on which to operate.

Each album Skraeckoedlan have released has been an incremental step forward creatively from the one before it, and that applies to Vermillion Sky even as the band further define and distinguish an idea of their individual sound. That they recorded and mixed it themselves (Magnus Lindberg mastered) is also a crucial consideration — not because of any kind of down-scaling in production value; there isn’t one — but as another way to continue to grow as a unit and a means of more directly bringing their music to life. And whatever else is happening around them in various media, whatever apocalypses they’re conveying in the world they’ve conjured, these songs feel utterly alive.

The album streams in full below. Please enjoy:

Skraeckoedlan, Vermillion Sky album premiere

Order link:

In short, this is a sci-fi themed concept piece that screams DIY, having been entirely written, recorded, produced and mixed by the band themselves. A huge undertaking, especially considering one of the first steps in the process was basically to google: “how to properly mic a snare drum”. Mastering however has been beautifully done by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna), which as always has yielded fantastic results.

Speaking of DIY and huge undertakings, Vermillion Sky will also be available as a novel (date to come), where each chapter corresponds to a track on the album. The story has been written by the band and is for those that want to take a real deep dive into the concept and join the crew of the Vermillion Sky as they unravel a mystery with galactic consequences. Contrary to the signature Swedish lyrics of the songs, the novel is in English.

An even more active way to interact with the release is to play the Vermillion Sky computer game the band has helped create. It’s an 8-bit style point chaser, where you travel through the Void as the ship, collecting upgrades to survive the multitude of enemies trying to put an end to your journey. If you want the absolute best experience of the game, make sure to come to one of the release tour shows, where Skraeckoedlan’s very own Vermillion Sky-arcade machine will be featured.

Live long and prosper!

Vermillion Sky tracklist
1. Cosmic Dawn (2:42)
2. Starsquatch (7:58)
3. Mysteria (5:21)
4. The Vermillion Sky (7:10)
5. Metagalactic Void Honcho (8:07)
6. Night Satan (4:53)
7. Meteorb (3:38)
8. Astronautilus (7:50)

Robert Lamu – Vocals, Guitar
Henrik Grüttner – Guitar, Vocals
Erik Berggren – Bass, Vocals
Martin Larsson – Drums, Vocals

Skraeckoedlan, Vermillion Sky game preview

Skraeckoedlan’s website

Skraeckoedlan on Instagram

Skraeckoedlan on Facebook

Fuzzorama Records website

Fuzzorama Records on Facebook

Fuzzorama Records on Instagram

Fuzzorama Records on Bandcamp

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Skraeckoedlan: New Album Vermillion Sky Out March 27

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 15th, 2024 by JJ Koczan

Time for new Skraeckoedlan. Indeed, perhaps the Swedish progressive heavy rockers/metallers were feeling some of the weight of the long stretch since they put out 2019’s Eorþe (review here) when they released “The Vermillion Sky” — which it turns out is the title-track of the new record, Vermillion Sky — as a standalone single last year. The four-piece’s impending fourth long-player will see release March 27 in continued collab with Fuzzorama Records, and I’ll tell you right now it’s a burner. If you didn’t hear that track, it and “Night Satan” are both streaming below.

I value your time and wouldn’t try to waste it by recommending crap, so if you don’t know Skraeckoedlan yet, please take that endorsement for what it’s worth. I do feel like the greater likelihood at this point is that people do know the band. The last album got a great response, they’ve been at it for well over 10 years now, and they’ve toured consistently if not constantly during that time. But if you didn’t hear that single, now’s a good time, what with album preorders up and t-shirt bundles and all that sort of whatnot.

The announcement came through in Fuzzorama‘s newsletter and I combined it with info from the preorder page. Have at it:

Skraeckoedlan Vermillion Sky

Skraeckoedlan announce new album ‘VERMILLION SKY’ out March 27th


Introducing the ultimate auditory experience for all rock enthusiasts – SKRAECKOEDLAN’s “Vermillion Sky”

Four bearded Swedes who’s forged their unique sound of progressive stoner rock in the cold northern forests. Previous album Earth was a massive domestic success as it hit the hard rock charts in Sweden.

Dive headfirst into the surreal world of Swedish stoner rock with this mind-bending album.

“Vermillion Sky” is a sonic journey that transcends boundaries, with SKRAECKOEDLAN’s signature blend of heavy riffs, mesmerizing melodies, and haunting vocals. Let the adrenaline-infused tracks transport you to a parallel universe, where the vermillion sky reigns supreme!

Crafted by masterful musicians, this album offers an immersive experience. Discover Vermilion Sky, out after five years of silence.

Five years. Is that a long time to wait? Generally speaking, yes. Probably. Well, maybe. Time is after all relative, so there surely isn’t a fail-safe answer.

Available on:
Limited Edition 300 copies Gatefold Yellow vinyl with Red splatter
Limited Edition 500 copies Gatefold blue vinyl with red splatter
Limited Edition 400 copies Black vinyl
CD digipack

Robert Lamu – Vocals/Guitar
Henrik Grüttner – Guitar
Erik Berggren – Bass
Martin Larsson – Drums

Skraeckoedlan, The Vermillion Sky (2024)

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Into the Void 2024 Makes First Lineup Announcement

Posted in Whathaveyou on October 20th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

INTO THE VOID 2024 banner

The Fall incarnation of Into the Void, held in Leeuwarden, took place on Sept. 30 with Alabama ThunderpussyHowling Giant and scores of others, and that had been announced in April, so there’s a fitting symmetry to unveiling the initial lineup for Spring 2024 even as the autumnal festival season in Europe continues to play out. Look for Truckfighters, Mars Red Sky, Skraeckoedlan, Black RainbowsEndonomos and Acid Mammoth to be out and about in Winter 2024, as the Dutch fest will be early on the circuit and probably a launch point for tours, and with Netherlands natives like Ter ZieleRrrags and Onhou, the regional underground is supported as well. Feb. 24 is the date and there are reportedly three more acts to add.

No, I don’t know who they are, but you might have fun trying to guess based on who has records out now and in the early going of 2024. No shortage of names on that list. But you’ll notice that Endonomos from Austria and Onhou aren’t included in the text of the announcement but are on the artwork, so don’t ask me who’s gonna play when. February is four months out. I’m sure by the time the fest happens it’ll be sorted. Everybody calm down in the meantime.

Lots to dig here, so get diggin’:

into the void 2024 first poster

After a successful first edition of Into the Void in Rockcity Eindhoven, of course, a second edition can’t be missed. (#128640#) On February 24, 2024, the Effenaar will be submerged once again in a swamp of stoner, sludge and doom.

In this edition we welcome the following bands: BLACK RAINBOWS, Truckfighters, ️ Mars Red Sky,️ Acid Mammoth, SKRAECKOEDLAN, TER ZIELE and RRRags. The final 3 bands including the headliner will be announced soon.

As of now, a limited number of early bird tickets are available at:

Truckfighters, Live at Vera Groningen 2023

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Truckfighters Fuzz Festival #4: Skraeckoedlan, Saint Karloff & Hästspark

Posted in Whathaveyou on August 2nd, 2023 by JJ Koczan

Following up on a first announcement that brought confirmations for Valley of the Sun, Khan making the trip from Australia, Kaiser, Dark Ocean Circle and Tidal Wave, Sweden’s Truckfighters have added three more bands to the bill for this Fall’s Truckfighters Fuzz Festival #4, to be held Nov. 10 and 11 at Debaser Strand and Bar Brooklyn — they’re part of the same building; it’s a cool setup — in Stockholm.

First among the newcomers is Skraeckoedlan, who this past weekend announced their new single “The Vermillion Sky” would be released on Aug. 17 as the first glimpse of their fourth record to be issued sometime presumably on the earlier end of 2024. The band’s last full-length was 2019’s Eorþe (review here), and they’ve begun to drop hints about concepts and storylines flowing through and between the records, so yes, I’m very much looking forward to hearing it. Sometimes waiting is hard.

Saint Karloff, the Norwegian doom rockers who issued their Paleolithic War Crimes (review here) sophomore long-player in June through Majestic Mountain, will also play, and Sweden-based heavy rockers Hästspark, who are new to me, round out the announcement. Hästspark re-released their 2020 debut, Jötunn, last year with their new drummer.

I put that record down at the bottom of the post for you to check out if you haven’t — I know you’re cooler than I am, but nobody can hear everything — and will of course keep an eye for more word from the fest as we get closer. Another announcement, maybe two, and they should be set, and November will be here before you know it.

From the PR wire:

truckfighters fuzz festival 4 second poster


The festival takes place on Nov 10 + 11 in Stockholm, Sweden at Debaser + Bar Brooklyn.


Once again we welcome our favorite ‘mostly singing in Swedish’ band SKRAECKOEDLAN. New music will be out on your streaming platform for the first time in four years. They will be hot, cool and very much alive!

We welcome the grooviest band of Norway SAINT KARLOFF who will show us how Norwegians do it!

We welcome HÄSTSPARK from Sweden who are young, heavy and also very groovy. Don’t miss!

Hästspark, Jötunn (2022)

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Skraeckoedlan to Release “The Vermillion Sky” Single Aug. 17; New Album in 2024

Posted in Whathaveyou on August 1st, 2023 by JJ Koczan


Okay, so it looks like the fourth full-length from Swedish progressive heavy rockers Skraeckoedlan will be released next year through Fuzzorama Records, and that the first single from that album, “The Vermillion Sky,” is out Aug. 17. If you get nothing else from this post, that’s enough of a takeaway. What that doesn’t tell you is the way the new record ties into 2019’s Eorþe (review here) — which is reportedly does — or what else they have in the works as regards narrative and so on, which is a whole other sphere to be explored.

I’ve read some preliminary info, but I don’t think it’s public yet and don’t want to give away something I shouldn’t, so please, consider this a heads up on the forthcoming track and the record to be. I haven’t heard it yet, but Skraeckoedlan have never wanted for ambition and this seems like their broadest reaching work yet. Even beyond digging into the single, I am curious as to how it will all come out when it does. Spring, maybe?

Fuzzorama‘s newsletter had the following:

skraeckoedlan the vermillion sky
It’s been a while. A good, long four years since Skraeckoedlan released their latest album, Earth. Meaning it’s time for something new. It’s time to take off.

The Vermillion Sky, is the first single from Skraeckoedlan’s upcoming 2024-release and will be available digitally on August 17. A mere 7 minutes can take you pretty far. You will hop planets, watch heavenly bodies collide, traverse galaxies and get drawn into the all-encompassing nothingness. The Void. And there are also rainbows. If that’s not enough, good news. This is only part of a continuous, much larger story. But that is something to be heard (and read) at a later date.

So, come August 17, keep your eyes toward the heavens.

Have a look at The Vermillion Sky!

Robert Lamu – Vocals/Guitar
Henrik Grüttner – Guitar
Erik Berggren – Bass
Martin Larsson – Drums

Skraeckoedlan, Eorþe (2019)

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Desert Hel 2023 Announces Full Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 6th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Don’t leave Finland out of the glut of festival announcements that have come down the wire over the course of the last week or so. Desert Hel — short for Helsinki — has announced its 2023 lineup and put early-bird tickets on sale. Set for April 28 and 29 at On the Rocks, the fest will be headlined by Greenleaf and Skraeckoedlan — respect to Sweden — and will boast the significant support of Finnish acts KaleidoboltJess and the Ancient Ones, PolymoonGreen King, Šamane and Zombie Eater.

The new record from Polymoon will be out by then, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if there are others on the bill who’ll have new offerings for the denizens on the other side of the merch table. I’m pretty sure this is the complete lineup for this second Desert Hel, and it’s certainly enough for two right-on evenings, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood next April, or if, you know, you like a bit of travel to go with your rock and roll, it’s something to consider as you put together your own 2023 itinerary.

Which, if you have such a thing, I’d imagine it has gotten significantly more complicated over the aforementioned last week or so. Here’s to complication:

Desert Hel 2023 poster

We are proud to announce our 2023 lineup – limited Early Bird tickets are now on sale at!

Desert Hel festival returns to On the Rocks Helsinki 28.-29.04.2023! Lineup of the second edition of the festival doesn’t leave friends of stoner rock and doom metal cold: Swedish Greenleaf and SKRAECKOEDLAN will be headlining the festival.

The audience is in for a treat when it comes to the Finnish names as well – during the two-day festival they will get to witness a fine selection of both already established and up-and-coming bands, as Jess and the Ancient Ones, KALEIDOBOLT, POLYMOON, Green King, Šamane and Zombie Eater will take the stage!

FB Event:

Greenleaf, Live at PALP Rockettem, Aug. 11, 2022

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Skraeckoedlan Announce September Tour Dates

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 2nd, 2021 by JJ Koczan


This announcement of September tour dates for Skraeckoedlan was actually made earlier this month — and scrolling back through the band’s Facebook page, I remember why the dates haven’t been posted here already. It was a Friday, and I was doneski. By the time I got around to Monday when they might’ve been posted, it had slipped my mind. No, it’s not like I’m so awash in tour announcements that I can’t get a handle on them — though I expect if I was, you know, better at life, that would be the case — but it doesn’t take much for me to get distracted these days. Moderately loud noises. Blinking lights. Nothing. What were we talking about?

Fortunately for me, Fuzzorama Records included the tour in their latest email newsletter, which if you’ll recall also brought word the other day (yesterday?) that Skraeckoedlan were among the bands announced as taking part in the Truckfighters Fuzz Festival 2 in Stockholm this November. You wanna go? I do. And if you’re saying, hey, didn’t Skraeckoedlan just put out the anniversary edition of their debut album, Äppelträdet (review here), on The Sign Records back in June? Yes, they did. Remember too that Fuzzorama issued the third Skraeckoedlan album, Eorþe (review here), in 2019. Also that Skraeckoedlan and Truckfighters have worked together all along on production, shows, etc. Specific to the festival, Skraeckoedlan played it in 2019. So yeah. Buds.

Here’s dates from that newsletter:

skraeckoedlan tour

Skraeckoedlan to tour Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium in Sept!

21.09 Liege (BE) – La Zone
23.09. Hamburg (DE) – Hafenklang
24.09. Osnabrück (DE) – Hafensommer21 (Open Air) *
25.09 Hannover (DE) – Glocksee *
26.09 Jena (DE) – Rosenkeller
27.09 Linz (AT) – Kapu
28.09 Salzburg (AT) – Rockhouse
29.09 Luzern (CH) – Sedel
30.09 Mannheim (DE) – 7er CLUB
01.10 Stuttgart (DE) – JuHa West
02.10 Siegen (DE) – Vortex
* = With Atomic Peat

Robert Lamu – Vocals/Guitar
Henrik Grüttner – Guitar
Erik Berggren – Bass
Martin Larsson – Drums

Skraeckoedlan, Eorþe (2019)

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Truckfighters Fuzz Festival 2: Skraeckoedlan, Enigma Experience, Besvärjelsen and The Dunes Added

Posted in Whathaveyou on August 31st, 2021 by JJ Koczan

You won’t find me pretending to know what the pandemic situation in Stockholm will be come this November. I barely know what the situation is in Morris County, New Jersey (where I live), today. Frankly, the more I find out, the more exhausted I get, so you’ll pardon me if maybe I skip the number-hounding for an afternoon and bask in the notion of a festival happening in Sweden with people, bands, loud music, good times, old friends, new friends coming together amid not panic or fear of the unknown, but the comforting sounds of warm fuzz delivered at earsplitting volumes from two stages for two days. Two days doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it? Just two?

Of course, festivals are happening now. Right now. Today, probably, somewhere. Psycho Las Vegas happened. Ripplefest Texas happened. Maryland Doom Fest looks like it’s happening. I know none of those are in Sweden, but I’m going with what I know. And I know I won’t get to this one, but I’m glad it exists. So there you go. Two days. If you’re gonna be there, enjoy them.

The following came down the PR wire in Truckfighters‘ newsletter:

truckfighters fuzz festival 2 poster

New bands confirmed for Truckfighters FUZZ FESTIVAL 2021!

We are proud and happy to announce:

*SKRAECKOEDLAN (Swe) – They played our first edition two years ago and since they are so good it was time to bring em back again!

*ENIGMA EXPERIENCE (Swe/No) – Mr Dango from Truckfighters’ new project in their first ever live appearance!

*BESVÄRJELSEN (Swe) – Up and coming great Swedish act with female vocals. Part of the band are or were members of Dozer and Greenleaf.

*THE DUNES (UK) – The Dunes takes their musical influences and cues from the likes of Torche Clutch Red Fang and Queens Of The Stone Age and will not disappoint anyone!

Confirmed acts so far are
TRUCKFIGHTERS (the fuzz planet)
ELDEN (swe)

*Live music from ca 6pm til midnight.
*Afterparty at Bar Brooklyn until 3am.

The Venue is located on the island of Södermalm, in Stockholm. This is a very nice area in the central parts of town.

Get there with subway or bus to ‘Hornstull’ station.

The festival has two stages, one big and one smaller. The smallest stage (Bar Brooklyn) has a limited space and can take up to 250 people standing. If you want to see a band in our smallest stage, come early! First come first served!

Skraeckoedlan, “Universum” official video

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