Eternal Engine Release Debut Album Into the Void Today

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eternal engine

One might hazard a guess that with the name of their first record being Into the Void, Germany’s Eternal Engine would have a fairly strong Black Sabbath influence. Well, I mean, kinda. No more than everyone, I suppose, in that they’re in any way, shape, or form a heavy band. Their record is a bit more on a progressive kick in the post-Elder modern sphere that seems to very much be the way things are going right now. And by things, I mean bands. Lots of them. Some classic metal thrown in there as well. That’s almost always welcome.

Nothing wrong with that, of course. If the worst thing that happens is a bunch of groups start trying really hard to put thought into their music, I think we’ll be fine. There never seems to be a shortage of lunkheaded riffing around, regardless.

This one is out today and orders are up so by all means, have at it:

eternal engine into the void

ETERNAL ENGINE – Into the Void – debut album out 20-03-20

A lot of crazy stuff is going on in the world right now, but it won’t stop us from releasing our album this week. Pre-order is coming up tomorrow and with that we release the first song. Don’t forget to follow us on Bandcamp to get notified as soon as pre-orders are available.

Out of the bleak landscape of rural South Germany, between huge industrial plants and dark, remote forests, comes ETERNAL ENGINE. They combine the progressive approach of bands like ELDER or SKRAECKOEDLAN with melodic doom like PALLBEARER and heavy stoner riffing like THE SWORD, without sounding like any of those bands. Since their founding in 2014 guitarist and vocalist Uwe Halmich, drummer Corbinian Schwarz and bassist Bouke Van Haasteren crafted a unique sound of heavy riffs and atmospheric melodies and finally managed to capture all that on INTO THE VOID.

INTO THE VOID tells 7 stories from the top of the highest mountain, over the war-ravaged lands to the deepest of hell and into the void of space. It will be out on 20th march 2020.

Eternal Engine, Into the Void (2020)

Eternal Engine, Eternal Engine EP (2017)

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Maryland Doom Fest 1: Nagato Added; Final Schedule Announced

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nagato (Photo by Rachel Ellen Morton)

It turns out Pull had to them-out (get it?) of the first-ever Maryland Doom Fest, but they’ve been replaced by reunited riffers Nagato, who got back together last year after a cessation of activity in 2012. Thick on vibe, they’ll add progressive atmospherics and gorgeous tone to the lineup of the fest, which takes place from June 26-28 at Cafe 611 in Frederick, Maryland. I’ve only been fortunate enough to see the four-piece once, at Stoner Hands of Doom XI in 2011 (review here), for which they also played on a Sunday, but that set left enough an impression that four years later I keep hoping I’ll hear some news about them putting out a record sooner or later.

They might get there. I know the members of Nagato are involved in a few other projects as well, so maybe their playing Maryland Doom Fest is enough for the moment. They’ve joined a killer lineup, for which the final schedule has just been announced.

And just so we have it all in one place, alphabetically, here’s the full lineup as of now (there are still a couple months to go, things can change) for the inaugural Maryland Doom Fest: Apostle of Solitude, Balam, Banned from H.E.L.L., Foehammer, Foghound, Into the Void, Iron Man, Lord, Mangog, Mind’s Eye, Nagato, Outside Truth, Primer Grey, Project Armageddon, Season of Arrows, Serpent Witch, Sixty Watt Shaman, Slaves B.C., Spirit Caravan, The Skull, Unorthodox, Valkyrie, Weed is Weed.

Poster by Audrey Mantel and running order follow, along with Nagato‘s return show last August:

md doom fest flyer

The Maryland Doom Fest 1

June 26 – 28, 2015
Cafe 611, Frederick, MD

A weekend of doom metal in its purest form.

The Skull 1225-130
Sixty Watt Shaman 1115-1210
Unorthodox 1005-11
Weed Is Weed 855-950
Into The Void 755-840
Banned From H.E.L.L. 655-740
Primer Grey 6-640

Spirit Caravan 1215-130
Apostle of Solitude 1105-1200
Outside Truth 1010-1050
Valkyrie 910-955
Project Armageddon 815-855
Foghound 720-8
Balam 630-705
Slaves B.C. 540-615
Season of Arrows 445-525

Iron Man 1045-1215
Foehammmer 945-1030
Lord 845-930
Mind’s Eye 745-830
Nagato 650-730
Serpent Witch 655-735
Mangog 6-640

Nagato, Live at Guido’s Speakeasy, Frederick, MD, Aug. 23, 2014

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