Glory or Death Records Announces ‘Friends and Family’ Showcases for June 7-8

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Glory or Death Records has announced a pair of label showcases for next month. Set to take place over two nights — June 7 in Tempe, Arizona, and June 8 in El Cajon, California (in San Diego County) — and true to the ‘Friends and Family’ tag applied to the duly wizardly posters below, the lineups feature Glory or Death denizens like Great Electric QuestFormula 400Hudu AkilPhantom HoundTzimani and a solo performance from guitarist Kelley Juett of Mothership, who recently signed to the Cali-based imprint to release his first solo album, Wandering West.

Juett is billed as doing “loops,” which is fair enough if you take a listen to the initial single “Mind Mirage” from his upcoming LP (at the bottom of the post, as it happens), and seems to be in the opening spot for both nights, though that kind of thing can also be cool during changeovers between more-than-one-person-involved bands sometimes, so you never know. In addition, Phoenix psychedelic instrumental outfit Secrets of Lost Empires — whose Joshua Mathus has done comic-style graphic work for Zac Crye of Hudu AkilDesert RecordsStone Machine Electric and scores of others — will appear at the Temple show only.

The posters (by MontDoom), info, ticket links and such came down the PR wire:

Glory or Death Records Friends and Family Showcase Back-to-Back shows in Tempe and San Diego

Glory or Death Records Friends & Family Showcase

Tempe Date: June 7 at Yucca Tap Room

Featuring live solo loop performance by Kelley Juett; Secrets of Lost Empires, Tzimani, Phantom Hound, Hudu Akil, Formula 400, and Great Electric Quest

7:30 pm // 21 + // $12 adv $15 door

Event Link:

Ticket Link:

San Diego Date: June 8 at Burning Beard Brewery

We will even be giving out free DIY Lightsabers! First come first serve. Kids first. We’ll start handing them out when the sun sets! Come hang!

June 8th 4-9pm All Ages!

Great Electric Quest (Oside)
Formula 400 (Vista)
Phantom Hound (Oakland)
Hudu Akil (PHX)
Tzimani (SD)
Kelley Juett (PHX)

Ticket Link:

Flyer art by @montdoom

Kelley Juett, “Mind Mirage”

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Kelley Juett to Release Solo Debut Wandering West on Glory or Death Records

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 3rd, 2024 by JJ Koczan

Blink and it’s been seven years since Texan classic heavy rockers Mothership released their third album, High Strangeness (review here). Led by brothers Kelley Juett and Kyle Juett on guitar and bass/vocals, respectively, that band toured as much as they could in the years that followed, including post-pandemic, and were not known to give anything less than everything they had on whatever stage they happened to occupy that night. If they were playing tomorrow, I’d tell you to go.

Kelley Juett‘s first solo outing promises an intentional sonic turn. There’s no audio from Wandering West posted as of this writing, but going by his own description that follows, it seems like purposefully exploratory, maybe even meditative instrumentalism is the order of the day, and as Juett has aligned with Glory or Death Records and an international consortium of other notable imprints (including Majestic Mountain, from whose preorder page his quote below comes), it may be the beginning point of a longer-term trajectory as stated. In any case, however divergent it might ultimately prove from Juett‘s work in Mothership, it’ll be worth it just to hear him playing on a record of his own.

Glory or Death has preorders up today. On special, no less. The details:

Kelley Juett Glory or Death Records

KELLEY JUETT – Wandering West

Here is one that is very special to us! Everyone’s favorite human, Kelley Juett, from the mighty Mothership has officially embarked on a solo mission! We are honored to announce that we will be releasing Kelley’s first solo album entitled “Wandering West” at Glory or Death Records. “Early Bird” pre orders will be available at only $17.99 for the vinyl and are dropping this Friday, May 3rd! After the full release the price will be $22.99.

Says Juett: “Welcome to the musical journey within my mind and be the first to witness the evolution of myself through music. This is the first solo piece of music I have released outside of my band Mothership and this means very much to me and who I am as a guitar player. All of these songs came together on the spot and with 100 percent improvisation, there were no “retakes” on this record I just went for it without any editing or pre-thought of riffs or ideas. This project has been a long time coming and this is only the beginning of many more chapters and evolutions to come with my solo career and journey with the guitar. Those who are into instrumental, peaceful, raw and real emotional music, or just looking for something interesting and new to put on to think, drive and relax to, give this musical therapy a shot.”

We will also be dropping some incredible DIY Test Presses with West-Themed Collage jackets and notes all from Kelley himself. Doesn’t get cooler than that! We have tons of special stuff planned for this record. More than we have ever done here at Glory or Death Records for a single release! Stay tuned as we unveil all that comes along with this journey of a record! The first single will be available for your ears this Friday as well!

For those GoD supporters and fans of Kels that are outside of USA – We have dialed in some international distribution for you to save some postage costs!

Special thanks to Majestic Mountain Records (Sweden), Electric Valley Records (Italy) & Kozmik Artifactz (Germany) for the extra support in saving our friends a few bucks!

“Wandering West” was Engineered by Jeff Henson of DUEL and Chris “OM” galt. Recorded and produced by Kelley Juett.

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Blasting Rod Announce Debut North American Live Appearance

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 13th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

Something you might not get to see every day here in heavy psych rockers Blasting Rod making the voyage from their home in Nagoya, Japan, to play their first show on North American soil this coming Jan. 6. The gig is set for the Redwood Bar & Grill, and the band will be joined by Vie Jester and Power Falcon on what’s sure to be a lifetime memory for Blasting Rod.

Understand, this isn’t a tour. They’re crossing the Pacific Ocean to play show in the US and proffer their weirdo lysergic experimentalism in a context entirely new. Will they ever come back? Who knows. But if you’re in Los Angeles or someplace adjacent, this is one to consider if you like being part of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The ostensible occasion is the anniversary of their 2022 album, Of Wild Hazel (review here), but come on. This one is its own excuse for being.

Get there if you can get there. And it’s $10 at the door!

To wit:

blasting rod los angeles flier

Break those New Year’s resolutions Saturday, Jan. 6 at Redwood Bar & Grill in downtown Los Angeles when Blasting Rod makes its one and (so far) only North American live appearance.

In Fuzz We Trust presents Blasting Rod, Vie Jester, and Power Falcon.

Escape to L.A. with Blasting Rod at Redwood Bar & Grill on January 6 for the 1st anniversary of the North American LP release, Of Wild Hazel.

8pm Showtime
$10 Cover at the door
316 W. 2nd St. Los Angeles CA
(213) 680-2600
Open 11am – 2am

Ain’t nuthin’ but a party, y’all!

Come hang with Blasting Rod at a chill bar with food and seating.

Blasting Rod is a get weird—stay weird tight but loose 3-piece based in Nagoya, Japan playing fuzzy grooves and slippery psychedelia.

Las ranuras borrosas y la psicodelia resbaladiza te transportarán a unas vacaciones para desconectarte de todo por un tiempo.

Blasting Rod, “Inuyama Mama” DIY video

Blasting Rod, Of Wild Hazel (2022)

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Gypsy Wizard Queen Post “Witch Lung” Video; Self-Titled Vinyl Out Next Week

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 24th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

Look. This probably won’t be the last time today I talk about a video that came out a couple weeks back, and I know that maybe from outside, a 2022 album that did pretty well on Bandcamp and whatnot getting picked up for a vinyl release doesn’t seem like a big deal. But in the case of Fargo, North Dakota’s Gypsy Wizard Queen, I assure you it is. To be able to say someone — never mind that it’s Buddy Donner of Glory or Death Records (also Sabbath Buddy Sabbath and Great Electric Quest) as the individual in question — thinks enough of your work to get behind putting it on a 12″ platter, and then the test pressings show up at your house? I don’t care if you’ve put out 40 albums in your career — that’s a good day.

Preorders are up for the vinyl now, and the band has a video for the 10-minute languid-roll opener/longest-track “Witch Lung,” which is about as NSFW as a bunch of Hammer Horror exploitation flicks because that’s where at least most of the footage comes from. I think the lady with the skull and the knife by her breast was used by Electric Wizard at some point or other, but it’s been used by a lot of people, so maybe you’ll recognize it. In any case, if you’re at work, don’t watch the clip — and yes, it’s not new unless you’re some kind of weirdo who thinks just because something has been out for more than 48 hours it might still have relevance; and if that’s you, congrats on staying off social media — and if we’re being all the way sincere here, I don’t really like perpetuating this kind of imagery. I don’t feel like there’s much aesthetic gain at this point from slathering ’70s boobage all over your riffs, but I’m clearly in the minority there considering how many do. It’s a big universe, though, and the arc of history at least in this case bends toward inclusion, so it’s another instance where, as George Carlin reminds us, “Evolution is slow; smallpox is fast.”

Think maybe I’ll go back to bed for a bit. Link to buy the thing, the video embed and the album stream all follow here, because one likes to be thorough:

Gypsy Wizard Queen self-titled

“Witch Lung” is the opening track of the Self-Titled album released in 2022

Test Press Vinyl is available now via Glory or Death Records

“Gypsy Wizard Queen is a heavily fuzzed-out power trio hailing from the frozen tundra of Fargo, ND. The band consists of Chris Ellingson on guitar/vocals, Chad Heille on drums, and Mitch Martin on bass/vocals. Their dynamic, bluesy grooves can be found on their latest self-titled release.”

Shipping begins around November 28

Gypsy Wizard Queen are:
Chris Ellingson – Guitar/Vocals
Chad Heille – Drums
Mitch Martin – Bass

Gypsy Wizard Queen, “Witch Lung” official video

Gypsy Wizard Queen, Gypsy Wizard Queen (2022)

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Fuzz Forward to Release “Intoxicate” Single Oct. 13; New Album Parasites in 2024

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 29th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

For a band who call themselves Fuzz Forward, one might expect the Spanish troupe to be an absolute hair-covered overdose of effects pedals sprawling out across whatever stage they’re playing, but to listen to the new single “Intoxicate” that’s coming out in about two weeks ahead of their next album, Parasites, next year, they’re awfully clearheaded in their approach. Such was the case as well with their 2018 debut, Out of Nowhere (review here), so it would seem their purposes are perhaps a little more straightahead than their moniker.

Fair enough, and that’s hardly true only of them, but the songwriting isn’t really arguable either way, and I know I’ve said this about releases of this sort before, but it’s the kind of thing you might see five record labels or so getting behind. Hail teamwork. I don’t have audio of “Intoxicate” yet to share, but I’ve got art, info, a lifetime’s supply of links and 2022 single “Shout to Forget,” which isn’t on the record but, you know, exists in a public sphere and is thus applicable to our purposes here.

Which are:

fuzz forward parasites

Fuzz Forward “Intoxicate” new single Oct 13th

You can pre save Intoxicate here:

Barcelona based Fuzz Forward are releasing the single Intoxicate next October 13th on Spotify.

The band continues to pursuit their own path with their personal blend of grunge, hard rock and stoner rock. FF is heavily influenced by Helmet, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath…

Intoxicate is the first single off their sophomore album “Parasites” due for release on January 2024 via Glory or Death Records, Discos Macarras Records, Violence In The Veins, Hombre Montaña and Demons Punk Records.

Fuzz Forward “Parasites”

1. Shout To Forget
2. Intoxicate
3. Fade Away
4. You Never Learn
5. She Comes
6. S.O.S.
7. Set Me Free
8. Hand It Over
9. Dead Friends
10. These Flowers

Fuzz Forward, “Shout to Forget”

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Mos Generator to Release Heavy Sevens & Spaced Oddities Compilation; Time//Wounds Reissue Coming Soon

Posted in Whathaveyou on July 6th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

Mos Generator releasing a thing can be news even if it’s not really a huge surprise. Led by the e’er prolific Tony Reed — also of Big Scenic Nowhere, Hot Spring Water, Constance Tomb, ex-Stone Axe, on and on — the Port Orchard, Washington, heavy rockers have posted 2022 remasters on their Bandcamp for  2018’s Shadowlands (review here), 2016’s Abyssinia (review here) and 2014’s Electric Mountain Majesty (review here), representing the most productive stretch in terms of full-length records in the band’s career, though along with studio LPs there’s always EPs, singles, and other odds and ends the band have going.

To wit, Heavy Sevens and Spaced Oddities is a compilation of off-album tracks from various releases over a 20-year span. That and a reissue of their latest album, 2022’s Time//Wounds, will be out through Glory or Death Records, deepening an association that’s been in place for several years, as Mos Generator has taken part in tribute releases for the label before — why I don’t write about those whole-album or best-of-whoever tributes more: it just got to be too much, there’s like a zillion of them, and as cool and novel as those are, with the hours in the day that I have, it seems more suitable to me to write about actually-new music — and Reed‘s Hot Spring Water project put out their 2022 album, In Session, via Glory or Death as well.

Release dates? I don’t know. They put up test pressings over the weekend, signed and so on, so I’d imagine there will be more word soon. In any case, one to keep an eye out for:

mos generator glory or death

Greetings all, just letting you know that we have a few things coming out at the end of summer through Glory or Death Records.

First is ‘HEAVY SEVENS & SPACED ODDITIES’. This is a single LP collection of the original songs from our 7″ singles and also a few audio oddities from 2001-2021. Second is the Glory or Death version of our last album ‘Time//Wounds’. This version has different art layout and mastering and will be available in some different variants. Unlike the Music Abuse version which was only available in black vinyl. We will have some standard editions available on our bandcamp but if you would like to pre-order or find all the limited versions please go to:

Signed test pressing go live Sunday July 2nd @ 12pm CST

Here is the tracklisting for the Heavy Sevens album. Music Abuse will be releasing it on Cd with extra tracks.

– Gus’s Boogie
– You Bring the Wine, I’ll Bring the Weather
– Step up (7″ Version)
– Godhand Iommi
– Downer Rock ’89
– Wicked Willow (rsd 7″ Version)
– Wroomb
– Tracks (tall Bodies)*
– Serpent’s Glance
– There’s No Return from Nowhere (video Version)
– Gamma/hydra (7″ Version)
– Nowarning (flexi Mix)

Mos Generator:
Tony Reed: guitar/vocals/mellotron
Jono Garrett: drums
Sean Booth: bass

Mos Generator, Time//Wounds (2022)

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The Obelisk Questionnaire: Sven Shah from Blasting Rod

Posted in Questionnaire on October 6th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Blasting Rod (Photo by Hishashi Kawa'i)

The Obelisk Questionnaire is a series of open questions intended to give the answerer an opportunity to explore these ideas and stories from their life as deeply as they choose. Answers can be short or long, and that reveals something in itself, but the most important factor is honesty.

Based on the Proust Questionnaire, the goal over time is to show a diverse range of perspectives as those who take part bring their own points of view to answering the same questions. To see all The Obelisk Questionnaire posts, click here.

Thank you for reading and thanks to all who participate.

The Obelisk Questionnaire: Sven Shah from Blasting Rod

How do you define what you do and how did you come to do it?

Both myself and probably others would most likely call it, “Messin’ around.”

I like to do something and see what happens. I tend to take the ball and run with it. Depending on who I’m working with, that can be an asset, or a deal breaker. As drummer and executive producer, Chihiro keeps me anchored, or at least within sight of the shoreline. I’m getting better at delegating, but my peers often tell me I’m working too hard and doing too much myself, while also ignoring conventions that remove any need for thinking. They aren’t wrong, but I don’t want to be in a Zappa position where I’m telling everyone what they have to, or not do I want to just accept convention as wrote.

I want my collaborators to have the freedom to make it their thing, too. I like a bit of chaos in the band. That way it can be thrilling for me and hopefully provides a sense of anticipation for those seeing us again. I think it’s important to be light on your feet so you can be open to changing course onto a path that you had not even initially put into the map. If the size of the group swells with people who are working to too tight a brief it becomes more difficult to make those sorts of spontaneous decisions.

On the other hand I do want to do some Blasting Rod Big Band shows with a horn section and additional percussionists on some songs. Having more people contributing sounds means that each person needs to contribute less, which might actually free me up to do some spontaneous conducting, or be more deliberate. A lot of musicians talk about having a sound in their head, but I tend to run with an actual sound. As George Harrison said, to allow it to be what it was always going to become. For me, personally, it’s important that “things” develop organically, but that involves understanding where the sounds are going.

Not sure how I arrived at this approach. It sounds more than a bit cliché to attribute it to the influence of Zen, but I have long been attracted to indeterminism, getting lost and finding my way home, both metaphorically and physically. Japanese animist beliefs tend to favor fate, but that is often counterbalanced by an impulse to micromanage and hint of real nature out of something. In order to maintain spontaneity and allow the hand of fate it’s place at the table we record together without a click and overdub layers by feel. Most, not all, of the guitar solos are improvised at the same time the bass and drums are recorded, and all of the bass improv. Variations in tempo are just as crucial to dynamics as fluctuations in volume.

Describe your first musical memory.

My Dad handing me a harmonica, or maybe it was a kazoo, then dropping the needle on a 45 of Love Me Do by The Beatles, and the two of us improvising on harmonica, or harmonica and kazoo, to that record is the earliest concrete memory of being aware of music. I may have been four?

Describe your best musical memory to date.

This is much more difficult. I’ll go with picking up a miracle ticket outside the box-office of a sold-out John McLaughlin trio concert in Montreal. Just happened to see he was playing, turned up ticketless and was immediately turned away. Some nearby had one extra, sold it at cost, and I got to see the concert, but alone. Having no idea what to expect, only knowing McLaughlin’s name from every single guitarist name-checking him in guitar mag interviews, at some point in the show I was levitating about 10 inches above my seat, and I was stone cold sober.

When was a time when a firmly held belief was tested?

Every time I plug my gear in. I believe it’s gonna work, however some trial inevitably awaits. Great successes are often born from the darkest depths of despair.

This is a result of willingly bucking convention, and occasionally I have to cave in to conventional wisdom. An example of this being my belief that an LP with digital download coupon is superior to a CD. Not in Japan. I finally had to relent to the mounting claims of, “I don’t have space for a turntable and I don’t use my computer to listen to music.” Blasting Rod III and our upcoming solstice album are both being issued as limited edition CDs in Japan.

Where do you feel artistic progression leads?

I have a pet theory, that I know in my heart is false, that bands start out as garage punk, but eventually become prog if they continue to challenge themselves. Bands that stay punk are admirable in their dedication. That intricacy can also eventually evolve into minimalism as the essence of the work becomes clearer. Although we are constantly challenging ourselves to do something, if even just slightly, different, we also make a conscious effort to keep the presentation casual, and tap into the energy of the moment. In other words, even though we have a progressive stance, perfection is overrated.

How do you define success?

Being able to do whatever want… No. No. I want a 12 cylinder Ferrari… but seriously, freedom is the ultimate success, and even the definition of that freedom is measured on a sliding scale. Having nothing is both freeing and constricting, for example, but which draws one’s focus?

What is something you have seen that you wish you hadn’t?

Saw a guy fall out of a moving train just after departing Howrah Station in Calcutta. Thankfully for me his landing was obscured by some shrubbery, but certainly it did not end well for him, regardless of my visual comfort. I guess in a way I’m glad I saw it. After that I was a lot more careful near open train doors.

Describe something you haven’t created yet that you’d like to create.

Ha! It would be quite easy to get snarky about this and say a multi-platinum selling retirement piece, but actually we keep putting off the recording of this long-form song of the mystical Orient that was inspired in nearly equal parts by India, Thailand, and Japan, yet is still unable to escape rock’n’roll. Wow. I’m really propping up expectations with that description. Let’s just call it our “Jazz Odyssey”, a 15 minute raga rock number. We still have some other more concise songs in pocket, but rather than do a side-long Atom Heart Mother with a few other tunes on the opposite side, I’ve hit upon a much more excessive plan, which is to record both acoustic and electric versions with each taking up a full side. Now, if that isn’t decadent enough for you, I already have a six-hour album of solo guitar improv in the key of C# based on insufficiently studied Hindustani ragas each titled by a full 17 syllable haiku. This future Blasting Rod album idea is the height of commercialism by those standards.

What do you believe is the most essential function of art?

The art that is most appealing to me, at least, is art that provides a transportative experience out of normal expectations and experiences. That can be something fantastic like Dali’s Hallucinogenic Toreador, or just the opposite, something that may be so ordinary that it makes you completely rethink all of your notions of art simply by defying them entirely. At the very least it should move the mind, if not the heart as well.

Something non-musical that you’re looking forward to?

I can’t wait to get away to some Pacific islands again, but a weedy gray Central Japanese beach will probably have to do for the foreseeable future. I’ll take it! Everything else on my calendar, that I’m looking forward to at least, is music related. The beach isn’t even on the calendar yet. Scratch that, Chihiro just informed me that we’re booked into a hotel in Okinawa for a late summer holiday…which, presumably, is why she’s been too busy to fill out her questionnaire

Blasting Rod, Of Wild Hazel (2022)

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Hudu Akil Announce Texas Tour

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 7th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Hudu akil

For those in other parts of the world, there are really just two states in the union in which one might launch a one-state tour. Texas is one of them, California is the other. If you’re in Europe, think of it like announcing a ‘German tour.’ Hudu Akil, from Phoenix, Arizona, are slated as previously noted to play at Heavy Mash 2022 in Arlington, TX, on Oct. 8, and around that they’ll do dates in El Paso, San Antonio, Austin and San Angelo, so yeah, that’s a legit Texas tour.

They signed to Glory or Death Records earlier this year to release 2020’s Eye for an Eye on vinyl, and according to social media the test pressings for that were a go, though I don’t have an exact release date if such things even exist anymore for this kind of stuff. It’ll happen when it happens. Cool your jets and preorder. Ha.

The dates follow here along with some comment from Hudu Akil‘s Zac Crye, who notes that they’ll be playing largely new stuff in the sets. Right on:

Hudu akil tour

Hudu Akil, the stoner metal trio from Phoenix, AZ, will set out to spread their desert rock gospel around the Lone Star State in October with the following dates:

10.05 – Raves – El Paso, TX
10.06 – Hi-tone – San Antonio, TX
10.07 – Valhalla – Austin, TX
10.08 – Division Brewery – Arlington, TX (Heavy Mash 2022)
10.09 – The Deadhorse – San Angelo, TX

The band will be showcasing their new work alongside crowd favorites with nearly half of the touring set comprised of unreleased material.

Vocalist, Zac Crye says:
“Our most recent album was picked up by Glory or Death Records a year after it was released during the pandemic. When they asked about getting “Eye for an Eye,” on vinyl, they also wanted to know if we could have a new album ready to send out for vinyl around the same time. At that time we didn’t have any new material, so we got to work and crafted some of our favorite songs for this new album, which we are nearly finished writing. So, its time to take the new tunes and see how they hold up in one of the best states for the genre at the moment.”

“I think Texas is a great state to tour because there are so many large cities with great music scenes that are fairly close together. Stoner Rock/Psyche Rock and Heavy Blues are really big around Austin. Those are our vibes with a little dry heat added in.”

“Eye for an Eye” was released in 2020 and is available on all streaming platforms.
Go to for more information.

Hudu Akil, Eye for an Eye (2020)

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