Glory or Death Records Announces ‘Friends and Family’ Showcases for June 7-8

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Glory or Death Records has announced a pair of label showcases for next month. Set to take place over two nights — June 7 in Tempe, Arizona, and June 8 in El Cajon, California (in San Diego County) — and true to the ‘Friends and Family’ tag applied to the duly wizardly posters below, the lineups feature Glory or Death denizens like Great Electric QuestFormula 400Hudu AkilPhantom HoundTzimani and a solo performance from guitarist Kelley Juett of Mothership, who recently signed to the Cali-based imprint to release his first solo album, Wandering West.

Juett is billed as doing “loops,” which is fair enough if you take a listen to the initial single “Mind Mirage” from his upcoming LP (at the bottom of the post, as it happens), and seems to be in the opening spot for both nights, though that kind of thing can also be cool during changeovers between more-than-one-person-involved bands sometimes, so you never know. In addition, Phoenix psychedelic instrumental outfit Secrets of Lost Empires — whose Joshua Mathus has done comic-style graphic work for Zac Crye of Hudu AkilDesert RecordsStone Machine Electric and scores of others — will appear at the Temple show only.

The posters (by MontDoom), info, ticket links and such came down the PR wire:

Glory or Death Records Friends and Family Showcase Back-to-Back shows in Tempe and San Diego

Glory or Death Records Friends & Family Showcase

Tempe Date: June 7 at Yucca Tap Room

Featuring live solo loop performance by Kelley Juett; Secrets of Lost Empires, Tzimani, Phantom Hound, Hudu Akil, Formula 400, and Great Electric Quest

7:30 pm // 21 + // $12 adv $15 door

Event Link:

Ticket Link:

San Diego Date: June 8 at Burning Beard Brewery

We will even be giving out free DIY Lightsabers! First come first serve. Kids first. We’ll start handing them out when the sun sets! Come hang!

June 8th 4-9pm All Ages!

Great Electric Quest (Oside)
Formula 400 (Vista)
Phantom Hound (Oakland)
Hudu Akil (PHX)
Tzimani (SD)
Kelley Juett (PHX)

Ticket Link:

Flyer art by @montdoom

Kelley Juett, “Mind Mirage”

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Kelley Juett to Release Solo Debut Wandering West on Glory or Death Records

Posted in Whathaveyou on May 3rd, 2024 by JJ Koczan

Blink and it’s been seven years since Texan classic heavy rockers Mothership released their third album, High Strangeness (review here). Led by brothers Kelley Juett and Kyle Juett on guitar and bass/vocals, respectively, that band toured as much as they could in the years that followed, including post-pandemic, and were not known to give anything less than everything they had on whatever stage they happened to occupy that night. If they were playing tomorrow, I’d tell you to go.

Kelley Juett‘s first solo outing promises an intentional sonic turn. There’s no audio from Wandering West posted as of this writing, but going by his own description that follows, it seems like purposefully exploratory, maybe even meditative instrumentalism is the order of the day, and as Juett has aligned with Glory or Death Records and an international consortium of other notable imprints (including Majestic Mountain, from whose preorder page his quote below comes), it may be the beginning point of a longer-term trajectory as stated. In any case, however divergent it might ultimately prove from Juett‘s work in Mothership, it’ll be worth it just to hear him playing on a record of his own.

Glory or Death has preorders up today. On special, no less. The details:

Kelley Juett Glory or Death Records

KELLEY JUETT – Wandering West

Here is one that is very special to us! Everyone’s favorite human, Kelley Juett, from the mighty Mothership has officially embarked on a solo mission! We are honored to announce that we will be releasing Kelley’s first solo album entitled “Wandering West” at Glory or Death Records. “Early Bird” pre orders will be available at only $17.99 for the vinyl and are dropping this Friday, May 3rd! After the full release the price will be $22.99.

Says Juett: “Welcome to the musical journey within my mind and be the first to witness the evolution of myself through music. This is the first solo piece of music I have released outside of my band Mothership and this means very much to me and who I am as a guitar player. All of these songs came together on the spot and with 100 percent improvisation, there were no “retakes” on this record I just went for it without any editing or pre-thought of riffs or ideas. This project has been a long time coming and this is only the beginning of many more chapters and evolutions to come with my solo career and journey with the guitar. Those who are into instrumental, peaceful, raw and real emotional music, or just looking for something interesting and new to put on to think, drive and relax to, give this musical therapy a shot.”

We will also be dropping some incredible DIY Test Presses with West-Themed Collage jackets and notes all from Kelley himself. Doesn’t get cooler than that! We have tons of special stuff planned for this record. More than we have ever done here at Glory or Death Records for a single release! Stay tuned as we unveil all that comes along with this journey of a record! The first single will be available for your ears this Friday as well!

For those GoD supporters and fans of Kels that are outside of USA – We have dialed in some international distribution for you to save some postage costs!

Special thanks to Majestic Mountain Records (Sweden), Electric Valley Records (Italy) & Kozmik Artifactz (Germany) for the extra support in saving our friends a few bucks!

“Wandering West” was Engineered by Jeff Henson of DUEL and Chris “OM” galt. Recorded and produced by Kelley Juett.

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Temple of Love: Members of Mothership, Destroyer of Light & More Premiere “Gettin’ Tighter” From Bow to Your Masters Deep Purple Tribute

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 16th, 2020 by JJ Koczan

Temple of Love is a new project with members of Mothership, Destroyer of Light, Witchcryer, Crimson Devils and Bexar County Bastards. They’ll make a live-ish debut as part of Mutants of the Monster‘s upcoming virtual fest next month, but in the interim, the five-piece are premiering their cover of “Gettin’ Tighter” from Glory or Death Recordspreviously-announced compilation, Bow to Your Masters Vol. 2: Deep Purple. To the surprise of precisely nobody, the song’s a ripper and they rip it accordingly.

To coincide with the premiere of “Gettin’ Tighter,” which originally appeared on Deep Purple‘s 1975 offering, Come Taste the BandGlory or Death brings an update that Bow to Your Masters Vol. 2 is looking to be finished by Fall 2021, having made it through The Year That Scorched All Plans more or less on track with the original ETA. Kudos on that, as well as the finished selection of bands, which includes prior-revealed wizards like YOBBig Scenic NowhereSteak and Worshipper, among others.

Also included in the announcement is some new artwork that will accompany the release. You can see the theme they’re working on, I think, and fair enough.

Track is at the bottom of this post, obviously made with love. Enjoy:

temple of love

Official Update for Bow To Your Masters Volume Two: Deep Purple & Track Premiere for Temple of Love’s “Gettin’ Tighter”

Happy Holidays!

We are very excited to announce that so far we are right on track as planned for our estimated rough release date of Nov 2021 for the completion of this project. We may even wrap it up sooner than that, but we will have to see how things go with the bands finishing things up on their side and of course the ever questionable COVID-19. So far things are looking excellent though! We have been keeping in touch with our list of bands quite often as they work on their tributes to the great Deep Purple. Everyone is working very hard behind the scenes on this project and we are so honored and grateful for everyone’s efforts.

Temple of Love!

Get a load of this supergroup;
Steve Colca (Destroyer of Light)
Suzy Bravo (Witchcryer)
Shea McCoy (Bexar County Bastards)
Kyle Juett (Mothership)
Patrick Pascucci (Crimson Devils)

As if that’s not enough firepower already, they bring in Anton Pukshansky (who is a Grammy Award winning producer) to add his magic.

“All of us in the band are a big fan of Deep Purple, so when we were asked if we wanted to be a part of this compilation, we said hell yes. We asked Anton if he wanted to be a part of this song cause he is a fantastic keyboardist, and he was down. We decided to pick a pretty deep cut that gets lost in their impressive and extensive catalog because it has a killer groove and great vocals. Thanks for having us be a part of one of the best bands in rock n’ roll history!”

Feast your ears on this brand new track from the krew! If you dig it, be sure to tune in to “Mutants of the Monster” Virtual Concert Festival Jan 1st & 2nd where you can see them play this one live!

While you listen to Temple of Love’s insane version of “Gettin’ Tighter”, you can gaze at this incredible art Carin A Hazmat (@ArtofHazmat) has conjured up for us!

deep purple fireball take

If you missed it – We also previously released this piece from David Paul Seymour!

deep purple burn take

Unfortunately our friends Holy Grove could not swing their cover of “Bloodsucker” and have dropped the project, BUT in true Glory or Death style, Mr. Kelley Juett of Mothership has stepped up and thrown together a top secret super group who have been working real hard on something special for us. That is all we can unveil for now per Kelley, but something wicked has been in the works and will be released soon!

Thank you all for the MEGA SUPPORT in getting this project fired up. There is no way this would be possible without you guys and we know it will be something very special when it is completed. Much love to you and yours! Stay safe, enjoy the holidays and you can look forward to some more tracks unleashed on our Band Camp over the next few weeks. Also if you haven’t preordered a copy you can do so there as well – PLUS this month we will be donating 20% of sales on BandCamp to fight Human Trafficking!

Glory or Death Records Presents;
Bow to Your Masters Volume Two: Deep Purple

Yob – “Perfect Strangers”
Mos Generator – “Love Child”
Big Scenic Nowhere – “Demon’s Eye”
The Grand Astoria – “The Mule”
Temple of Love – “Gettin’ Tighter”
Steak – “Smoke On the Water”
Worshipper – “Pictures of Home”
Great Electric Quest – “Highway Star”
Saturn Sweden – “Into the Fire”
Asphodel Wine – “Child in Time”
Kook – “Space Truckin'”
High Reeper – “Burn”
Red Wizard – “Fireball”
Kelley Juett Top Secret Super Group – ?????

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