Lowrider and Dozer to Play London in February with Steak Supporting

Posted in Visual Evidence on September 11th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

I don’t at all mind saying that watching Lowrider‘s reunion set followed immediately by one from the reactivated Dozer at this year’s Desertfest in London was one of the high points of my personal 2013. Two bands I thought I’d never see — first one because they didn’t exist anymore and the other because of geography, then both because they didn’t exist anymore — in a one-two punch of Swedish riffly right-on-itude. A boulder could’ve fallen on my head and I wouldn’t have cared at that point. It was incredible.

For anyone who’d dare live the experience for themselves, DesertScene — the same folks behind Desertfest — are presenting a return performance from the two bands in February 2014 at The Garage in London with ascendant stoner natives Steak opening, and while I doubt I’ll be able to make it out to the show, what with that ocean in the way and all, there’s nothing to say I can’t stare at Peder Bergstrand of Lowrider‘s poster for hours on end and wonder at the awesomeness to come.

Wistful sigh:

Lowrider, “Convoy V”/”Ode to Io” Live at Desertfest 2013

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Visual Evidence: Aaron Edge Gets His Goat out to Fight MS

Posted in Visual Evidence on August 19th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

While I’m not sure I agree with the initial assertion of the product copy below — I’d argue otherwise at very least on a level of exclusivity that metal is no more about hate than it is love, pumpkin pie or any other single thing — the ultimate mission going on here is one to support. Earlier this year, former Roareth guitarist and friend of the site Aaron Edge was diagnosed with MS and has been fighting the disease since, accumulating medical bills and all the other expenses that arise when your body betrays you.

To help offset some of these costs, Edge‘s Invisible Hour design company has put together the goat-tastic “Metalheads Against MS” shirt you see below, followed by a link to the shirt pre-order:

Metal is about hatred. It’s about disgust and distrust. It’s about the release of energy and rage. Metal has (and will always be) about aggression via heavy riffs and lyrics. Metal contains a strong disdain for the sheep that follow blindly, for those that lack of their own opinion, for all who give up without a fight. That said, some hands dealt to us require true strength to persevere. Some are forced to fight harder. This shirt is dedicated to them, specifically those that struggle to control the terrible disease that is Multiple Sclerosis. Channel your hate, the hatred for MS.

This two-color, American Apparel fine jersey shirt is 100% cotton and printed in the United States. The beautifully illustrated goat was done by Invisible Hour. This pre-order is only up for two weeks!


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Visual Evidence: Brad Moore Talks about Creating the Cover for Argus’ Beyond the Martyrs

Posted in Visual Evidence on July 31st, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

Having done work for the likes of Penance, Place of Skulls, Sixty Watt Shaman, Züül and a host of others over the last 20-plus years, artist Brad Moore is known for a signature, definitively-metal style that nonetheless largely defies the black and white and mostly black convention of metal in favor of rich colors and textures. His work on Pennsylvania classic doomers Argus‘ two albums to date — 2009’s Argus and 2011’s Boldly Stride the Doomed — has proven particularly distinct.

As such, when Argus unveiled the art yesterday for the forthcoming third full-length, Beyond the Martyrs, I hit up Moore on the quick to see if he could give some insight on what went into painting it and what inspired the tone and complexity of the piece, which you can see below.

Click the image to enlarge, and special thanks to Moore for his input:

Argus, Beyond the Martyrs front cover

When Argus approached me about painting the artwork for their debut LP, we all agreed we wanted to sidestep the “warriors with swords” thing, and that gory art wouldn’t adequately complement the style of music and subject matter the band were striving to create. We all felt a “Lovecraftian” approach was best, to framework doomy metal that has a mystery to its feel. I created the creature that adorns the Argus covers (at least, the ones I had a hand in) to be the mascot, and though you’ll see it does not utilize any of Lovecraft‘s personal motifs (tentacles, amorphous blob-like gods, etc.), the whole effect is like those Lovecraft paperbacks. I deliberately use unusual color schemes for Argus, as I feel that way too many doom/death metal bands use a grey/black monotone approach that gives the scene, as a whole, a generic feel. I did paint their second LP, Boldly Stride the Doomed, in a very monochromatic style, to completely separate the two recordings, as Boldly is a much darker album than the self titled debut.

Getting to the newest Argus effort, Beyond the Martyrs, the cover painting is titled “Alien Gateway to the Gallery of the Martyrs” precisely because the band wanted to have an “otherworldly” atmosphere to the proceedings, and to have the artwork reflect a dark-but-with-colors feel. In essence; not the near over-the-top colors of the first one, but having toned-down colors to maintain the doom, but suggest a correlation of the two albums that signifies the forward growth of the band. This Argus outing will be their most aggressive! I, for one, am happiest with this new artwork the most, both in mood, and technical achievement.

Argus will release Beyond the Martyrs on Oct. 1 in the US and Oct. 4 in Europe on Cruz Del Sur. More on the album to come.

Argus on Thee Facebooks

Brad Moore website

Cruz Del Sur

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Visual Evidence: Earthless Reveal Cover for From the Ages

Posted in Visual Evidence on July 8th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

This Thursday, San Diego mega-jammers Earthless are set to launch a European tour alongside The Atomic Bitchwax and Mirror Queen at Stoned from the Underground in Germany. On their way out, Earthless have unveiled the cover art that will adorn their upcoming Tee Pee Records release, From the Ages, due Oct. 8, which will be the trio’s first studio album since 2007’s Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky, though they’ve released two live albums — 2008’s Live at Roadburn and 2012’s Sonic Prayer Jam — since.

Those, as well as splits with Witch and White Hills, have kept Earthless in the (expanding) consciousness of their audience, and guitarist Isaiah Mitchell introduced his heavy psych project Golden Void with a self-titled debut (review here) last year while drummer Mario Rubalcaba has enjoyed a stint in the raw hardcore punk outfit OFF!, fronted by Keith Morris formerly of Black Flag, so they’ve been plenty busy as well. Still, a new Earthless record feels like an event worth marking, so check out the Alan Forbes album art below and stay tuned for more news and info on the release to come:

Earthless, From the Ages cover by Alan Forbes

Friends- The time has finally come! We have ended our hibernation from the recording studio & are very excited to say that we have a new record coming out soon on Tee Pee Records! Just take a look at the sneak peak cover by the Wizzard Alan Forbes

Stay tuned & if you are in Europe or London, come out & shake yr brains! This tour starts next week!!!


Earthless, The Atomic Bitchwax & Mirror Queen – Cosmic Sonic Rendezvous

11.07. (GER) ERFURT, Stoned from the Underground
12.07. (BEL) GENT, De Centrale
13.07. (UK) LONDON, The Garage
14.07. (NL) TILBURG, 013
15.07. (FR) PARIS, Nouveau Casino
16.07. (CH) ZURICH, Kinski KLUB
17.07. (AT) VIENNA, Arena
18.07. (ITA) ZEROBRANCO, Altroquando Summer Live Festival
19.07. (GER) MUNICH, Feierwerk

Earthless on Thee Facebooks

Alan Forbes’ website

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Here are 115 More Pics from Days of the Doomed III

Posted in Visual Evidence on June 25th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

It was a really, really busy weekend. I’m glad to say I did actually get to stand still for a bit and watch each of the 19 acts performing at Days of the Doomed III at The Blue Pig in Cudahy, Wisconsin, but I was just as likely to be parking myself somewhere to pop open the laptop or back and forth in front of the stage taking pics.

At one point, one of the dudes working at the venue said to me while I had the computer open, “You’re supposed to be enjoying yourself, not working.”

And it occurred to me that this is how I enjoy myself.

A 20-minute break between each band didn’t leave much wriggle room to go searching for the perfect shot of each band and still give the actual set the clacky-clacky it deserved. As such, I wound up with a lot of photos, and since I wouldn’t have time to include them in the actual live-blog posts (day one and day two), it only seems fair to give them their own post.

Below — with setlists when I could get them — you’ll find pictures of Iron Man, Penance, Venomous Maximus, Kings Destroy, Lucertola, Moon Curse and Gravedirt from day one, and The Gates of Slumber, In~Graved, Dream Death, Pale Divine, Earthen Grave, Leather Nun America, King Giant, Spillage, Chowder, Beelzefuzz, Gorgantherron and Whaler from day two.

Pics start after the jump. Hope you enjoy:

Read more »

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Lo-Pan and Devil to Pay Unveil ‘Spocktopus’ Tour Poster

Posted in Visual Evidence on June 13th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

Under normal circumstances, I probably wouldn’t do two Visual Evidence posts on consecutive days, but this is obviously an exceptional case. As Lo-Pan continue to unveil their summer roadwork, more dates alongside Indianapolis’ Devil to Pay have emerged, and the poster for said trek is… well, it’s something special.

In fact, I haven’t seen a poster that hits quite so close to home in some time. First of all, it’s Spock — and not this newfangled reboot Spock either — we’re talking the real deal, Nimoy Spock. Second, it’s an octopus. Third, they’re combined. The portmanteau ‘Spocktopus’ pretty much writes itself.

Kudos to artist Trevor Patton for the Spocktopus itself and Devil to Pay‘s Steve Janiak for the layout. This thing is great:

Oh yeah, and the bands rule as well. I don’t think I could go a week at this point without posting Lo-Pan tour news even if I wanted to, and as they wrap up their run with Torche and KENmode, it’s cool to see they’ll shortly be reunited with their longtime buds in Devil to Pay, with whom I’ll be running an interview in the coming weeks.

Lo-Pan & Devil to Pay tour dates:
Jul 4, 2013 Dayton, OH Blind Bob’s w/ Neon Warship
Jul 5, 2013 Chicago, IL Cobra Lounge
Jul 6, 2013. Madison, WI Mr. Roberts w/ The Garza
Jul 7, 2013 Indianapolis, IN Indy’s Jukebox w/ Stealing Volume & Death Trap
Jul 11, 2013 Detroit, MI PJ’s Lager House
Jul 12, 2013 Cleveland, OH The Foundry w/ Venomin James
Jul 13, 2013. Columbus, OH Kobo w/ Barely Eagle, the Girls!

In semi-related news, Small Stone (Lo-Pan‘s label) is having a 25 percent off sale at its online store, and I figured that’s worthy of a plug for anyone looking to pick up some quality rock on the cheap. Link in banner below:

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Visual Evidence: Hollow Leg and Orbweaver Announce “Abysmal Transmissions” Tour

Posted in Visual Evidence on June 11th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

Floridian outfits Hollow Leg and Orbweaver have teamed up for a long weekender from Aug. 2-5. Playing four nights in their native state, both bands will be supporting new releases — in the case of Hollow Leg, it’s their new full-length collection Abysmal, which is out on Last Anthem Records on July 30. For Orbweaver, the Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon EP will mark their studio debut with a release on Primitive Violence.

Taking from the titles of both, the Abysmal Transmissions tour runs from Orbweaver‘s home in Miami to Hollow Leg‘s in Jacksonville. The poster below has specifics:

Hollow Leg & Orbweaver – Abysmal Transmissions Tour 2013

Hollow Leg & Orbweaver tour dates:
Aug. 2 Churchills Pub, Miami, FL
Aug. 3 Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL
Aug. 4 Bowman Motorcycles, St. Petersburg, FL
Aug. 5 Burro Bar, Jacksonville, FL

Hollow Leg on Thee Facebooks

Orbweaver on Thee Facebooks

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Nice Package: Shroud Eater, Dead Ends Cassette on Primitive Violence Records

Posted in Duuude, Tapes!, Visual Evidence on May 9th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

My only issue with the limited edition tape of their new Dead Ends EP that Shroud Eater put out through Primitive Violence Records is that so far I haven’t been able to bring myself to open the damn thing. Oh, I’ve heard the EP itself (review here), so I know it kicks plenty of ass, but looking at the limited packaging — which just seems like it should have a little cutout space near the top so it can hang on a peg in some record and or head shop 20 years ago — I just can’t pull those staples out and open it up.

Primitive Violence is the band’s own imprint — there’s a CD of Dead Ends coming later this month on The Path Less Traveled Records as well — and so I take this tape as kind of the definitive version of the album, what a certain British label seems consistently to refer to as the “diehard edition.” Only 22 were made, they sold out just this past Tuesday (there are more regular tapes left), and here’s what’s included:

No, Pinhead from Hellraiser doesn’t come with it, but everything else in the bottom part of that collage does. It’s one-stop shopping for anyone who’d want to show off their Shroud Eater affiliation, with a sticker, patch and pin, and that rules in and of itself, but there’s also the full-color lyric sheet, transparent red tape and — as you can see in the top right corner of the pic above — also a limited edition figurine made in Peru that actually seems to have been the impetus behind there only being 22 of these made, since the people who made the “Death charms” in turn died and these are the last ones ever. Dead Ends indeed.

All this adds up not only to something really special for collector nerds like me and those converted to the cassette nostalgia cultism, but a complete, every-level experience for what in a lot of band’s minds would probably be a toss-off EP release. Cheers to Shroud Eater for going all out in putting the tape of Dead Ends together (even the regular one looks pretty sweet) and continuing to highlight the appeal of physical media in an age regarded by squares as digital. Awesome.

Shroud Eater, “Tempest” from Dead Ends

Shroud Eater’s merch page

Shroud Eater on Thee Facebooks

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Here’s Why My Wife Fucking Rules — MACARONI SABBATH!

Posted in Visual Evidence on April 30th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

During the coverage of the first day of Roadburn 2013, in talking about my general sucktitude at existence, I said that the first meal I’d eaten in a couple days made me feel, “like someone had just given me a piece of particleboard with macaroni glued onto it in the shape of the cover to Volume 4, and by that I mean ready to take on the world.”

Well, I got off the airplane yesterday, and The Patient Mrs. presented me with this:

That’s right. It’s the cover of Black Sabbath‘s Vol. 4, made of dried pasta. She glued the pieces to a slab of slate — so much more doom than particleboard — and gave it to me as a homecoming present upon my return from the Netherlands and the UK last night. Rare are the times when I’ve felt more like someone in the universe truly understands who I am as a human being.

I’ve engaged in no shortage of The Patient Mrs.-worship in this space over the years, but seriously, in the days to come when I need an example of how fucking awesome my wife is — when perhaps I’m explaining to somebody about the dynamic of our relationship — I feel like I have a new milestone to work from. It’ll go like this: “I’m a self-absorbed jerk who does nothing that isn’t completely about me, and she made me Macaroni Sabbath. I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

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VISUAL EVIDENCE: Backwoods Payback, Supermachine, Lord Fowl and Sun Gods in Exile Tour Booked for April

Posted in Visual Evidence on April 8th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

My only hope is that as Backwoods Payback, Supermachine, Lord Fowl and Sun Gods in Exile head out for these four shows, they bring the poster with them. Seems the Small Stone Records bannerfolk have united under the flag of their label and are hitting the Northeast for a bill they’re dubbing “4 Bands, 4 States, 4 Shows, 1 Label.” Call it a tour by the numbers.

Since Supermachine, Lord Fowl and Sun Gods in Exile all live in New England, so with Backwoods Payback tagged on from Pennsylvania, you can pretty well imagine this one’s going to be a debauched-type good time. A long weekend that no one involved will recall by the time it’s over. Nonetheless, if you’ve gotta have something to remember it by, the following Alexander von Wieding poster is a gorgeous reminder.

Octopus reigns supreme among green-lady headwear:

4 bands. 4 states. 4 shows. 1 label.



04.25.13 – The Dover Brickhouse, Dover NH
04.26.13 – KCs Tap, Pawtucket RI
04.27.13 – The Winchester, Woodbridge CT
04.28.13 – Leftfield NYC, Manhattan NY

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Nice Package: Romero, Couch Lock/In the Heather Cassingle

Posted in Duuude, Tapes!, Visual Evidence on April 4th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

They only made 50, and when I was in the process of writing up Romero‘s new album, Take the Potion (review here), I stumbled on the band’s prior cassette single — yes, a cassingle — dubbed Couch Lock/In the Heather. Released through Triceratrax Records last year, the limited pressing comes complete with red tape, a 7″ x 14″ foldout (the kind that would normally house a 7″ record) with 3D graphics and 3D glasses to see them. Sorry, but that’s frickin’ awesome.

Both the included tracks on the tape, “Couch Lock” and “In the Heather,” were re-recorded for Take the Potion, but neither is wanting for production on the single either, even if they’re somewhat rawer than they’d wind up. I’ll admit when I shelled out the cash for the tape (I think it was five bucks), it was the packaging that drew me in — the art is by Miranda Martin and guitarist/vocalist Jeffrey Mundt – but it’s not like the Wisconsin trio put all this effort and detail into a practice tape.

And speaking of detail, even the inside of the tape liner — the J-card, as I learned this week that they’re called because of their bend — has a 3D design:

But the righteousness of the design goes further than just the 3D stuff. The layout of the lyric sheet on the inside of the foldout poster (designed by drummer Ben Brooks) is also well thought out and stylized, not to mention hand-numbered:

Of course, there’s good news and bad news. Taking latter first, the pressing of 50 is sold out. I bought the last tape even before I was done with the album review. So unless Romero decide to do another round somewhere down the line, it’s a goner. The good news, however, is that Couch Lock/In the Heather is still up for a pay-what-you-want download, so if you’re thinking of hitting it up, there’s still some opportunity. They’ve even got the 3D images up in case you have a spare pair of glasses around.

To that end, here’s the stream from the Romero Bandcamp:

Romero, Couch Lock/In the Heather Single

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Nice Package: RABBITS, Flexihead

Posted in Visual Evidence on March 18th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

Unless you work at The Onion or are on-set editing new episodes of Arrested Development, this is probably the cleverest thing you’re going to see today. Portland, Oregon’s Rabbits last year made a release called Flexihead in honor of Record Store Day. It’s a postcard on one side and on the other is a playable record with two opposing covers — Minor Threat‘s “Straight Edge” and Black Flag‘s “Wasted.”

As if the pairing of those two tracks wasn’t enough — notice “Wasted” comes after “Straight Edge” — the manner of presentation for Flexihead is what makes it. They even went so far as to include a Dorothy Parker quote on the back. The cleverness is pervasive. Check it out:

They only made 250 copies of the 5″ x 7″ postcard, so I felt lucky to get one, and I’ll honestly say that in the whole of my music connection — by no means the world’s largest archive of riffs, but by no means inconsiderable at this point — Flexihead is a one of a kind. Here’s a closer look at the Coke vs. Coors Light art by Kevin Abell:

Now for the big question: Does it play? Not on my turntable it sure doesn’t. I gave it a couple shots and after that decided I didn’t want to either break the arm on my record player or damage the postcard anymore than shipping already had, bent corners and such. Fortunately others had better luck, and the tracks can be heard below, or at the Rabbits Bandcamp, if you’d prefer something even less of the physical realm:

Feel free to applaud the ingenuity of Rabbits on Thee Facebooks

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Visual Evidence: Quintuple-State Convergence April 6 in NYC with Black Thai, Infernal Overdrive, John Wilkes Booth, When the Deadbolt Breaks and Wasted Theory

Posted in Visual Evidence on March 11th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

Five bands, five states. Well, NYC has never been anything if it hasn’t been a melting pot, so when Black Thai (from Massachusetts), Infernal Overdrive (New Jersey), When the Deadbolt Breaks (Connecticut), John Wilkes Booth (Long Island, NY) and Wasted Theory (Delaware) converge on Tobacco Road in Manhattan on April 6, at least it’ll be in the borough’s long-standing tradition. If you’re on Thee Facebooks, the event page is here, and I thought I’d share the poster for the show, since it’s awesome.


Five bands for $7 is a pretty heavy deal, if you’re into bargain-hunting.

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Visual Evidence: Red Fang are Heading to Europe…

Posted in Visual Evidence on March 7th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

…And it looks like they’re not coming back. Can’t say I blame them, what with the social safety net, centuries of cultural richness, and Scandinavian riffing, but even so, wow, this is the longest list of tour dates I’ve seen in a while.

Good for Red Fang and all, but with so many cities and countries being stormed, one has to wonder how on earth they’re going to have time to get a follow-up out to 2011’s excellent Murder the Mountains. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, there isn’t one part of this that doesn’t bleed its excellence:

Red Fang European Summer 2013 Tour Dates Announced!

May 31 Madrid, ES Auditorio Miguel Rios, Sonisphere
June 01 Barcelona ES Parc del forum,Sonisphere
June 04 Athens, Greece Gagarin 205
June 05 Thessaloniki , Greece Eightball
June 06 Istanbul , Turkey TBA
June 08 Kiev, Ukraine Bingo
June 09 St. Petersburg,Russia Zal Oghidania
June 10 Moscow, Russia Plan B
June 11 Krasnodar, Russia Arena
June 12 Rostov, Russia Podzemka
June 13 Murg-Oberhof , GER Cafe Verkehrt
June 14 Interlaken,Switzerland Greenfield
June 15 Sliedrecht,Netherlands Elektra Tuinfest
June 16 Donnington, UK Download
June 17 Belfast, Northern Ireland Limelight
June 18. Ireland, Dublin Whelans
June 19 Bristol, UK The Fleece
June 20 Jaworzno, Poland Metalfest
June 21 Geneve,Switzerland Fête De La Musique
June 22 Clisson FR Hellfest
June 23 Gigors et Lozeron FR Gigors Electric
June 25 Rome , IT Traffic
June 26 Milano , IT Solo Macello
June 27 Salzburg , Austria Rock House Bar
June 28 Roitschzjora, GER Full Force Festival
June 29 Osnabrück, GER Bastard Club
June 30 Dessel , Belgium Graspop Metal Meeting
July 02 Eindhoven, Netherlands Effenaar
July 03 Marburg GER KFZ
July 04 Bochum GER Matrix
July 05 Sulingen GER Relaod Festival
July 06 Bingen GER Bingener Open Air
July 09 Feldkirch, Austria Poolbar Feldkirch
July 10 Esslingen, GER Komma
July 13 Neskaupstadur, Iceland Eistnaflug Festival

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Visual Evidence: Kadavar Post Cover for Nuclear Blast Debut

Posted in Visual Evidence on February 19th, 2013 by H.P. Taskmaster

Whatever else German retro heavy specialists Kadavar do, they take a good picture. Fortunately they also rock, so you can imagine that once Abra Kadavar, their Nuclear Blast label debut and second offering behind last year’s self-titled, drops, it’ll live up to the high standard set by their facial hair below. If such a thing is possible. The album cover was unveiled today, and it goes a little something like this:

Kadavar, “Black Sun” Official Video

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