Roadburn 2022 Makes Final Lineup Announcement; Side-Programme Revealed

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 25th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Roadburn 2022, after two years absent as an in-person gathering, set a significant goal for itself to ‘redefine heaviness.’ How do you do that? What does it look like? It’s inclusionary, first off. You can’t shift a paradigm without as broad and diverse a range of perspectives as possible. You can’t repeat yourself. You can’t live the same moment over and over again. You have to move forward. Maybe that’s adding an avant-jazz venue, as they did last week. Maybe it’s reinforcing your message with panels and talks on the side-programme, some new, some old — to be fair, if you’ve never heard Exile on Mainstream‘s Andreas Kohl talk about making vinyl, it’s something you won’t mind repeating; trust me — and exposing your audience as much as possible to as much as possible.

Roadburn‘s side programme has always been a party I’ve never felt quite cool enough for, but that’s on me, not the festival, which consistently has been working to reshape parameters and live up to its mission statement.

This is the final lineup announcement, reportedly. I’ll say here once and for all that it breaks my heart not to be in Tilburg this year, to see friends and to have that special feeling of coming home to Roadburn after missing it so much since 2019. Really. Hurts.

Here’s info:

Roadburn 2022 redefining heaviness

Roadburn announces side programme, final bands and art exhibitions

Roadburn has this week added the final bands to the 2022 line up, as well as announcing the festival’s side programme and art exhibits.

Roadburn’s side programme co-ordinator, Becky Laverty comments: “The side programme has become a cornerstone of each Roadburn edition, and we’re delighted to be bringing together this great selection of Q&A’s and panel discussions that reflect what’s going on in the main musical programme. A huge thanks to everyone who will participate in bringing together the Roadburn community in this special way.”

Earlier this week exhibitions by Roadburn’s official 2022 artists Valreza Collective, renowned photographer William Lacalmontie, and a career retrospective of multi-disciplinary artist Manuel Tinnemans were all announced:

Manuel Tinnemans
William Lacalmontie
Valreza Collective

The final bands were added to the line up yesterday with our curators Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone inviting WIEGEDOOD to perform their latest album, There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road in full. SVALBARD will make their return to the mainland, and elsewhere MOTOR!K, SEVERANT and ORDIGORT were added:


The Roadburn side programme returns for 2022 – reflecting elements of the musical programme in a series of Q&A’s and panel discussions taking place over the weekend.

Roadburn has teamed up with the Hell Bent for Metal podcast to host a panel exploring the overlap between the heavy music and queer communities. Joining host Tom Dare will be Liturgy’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, K.W Campol of Vile Creature and Meredith Graves (ex-Perfect Pussy).

Hosted by Metal Injection’s Frank Godla, the second panel featuring Hunter Hunt-Hendrix will take a deep dive into the relationship between classical and contemporary heavy music. Joining them will be Kristin Hayter (aka Lingua Ignota) and cellist Jo Quail.

As is tradition, Optimal Media’s Andreas Kohl will be holding court and getting stuck into the thorny issue of vinyl manufacture. However, this time around the Vinyl Veda Vault will kick off with a panel discussion looking into the impact of the current vinyl situation and what the future holds. Joining Andreas will be band manager Erin Lynch and label owner Ansgar Glade.

Roadburn 2022 has been an unusual event to put together (for some obvious reasons and some not so obvious reasons!) – the side programme will host a Q&A with Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers alongside curators Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone to find out more about putting together the festival.

The final event of the side programme will focus on two tenets that have helped shaped Roadburn: community and collaboration. Host Cody F. Davis will be joined by A.L.N of Mizmor, Dylan Walker of Full of Hell, Emma Ruth Rundle, and Primitive Man’s Ethan Lee McCarthy to explore how these things impact on their lives and work.

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Roadburn 2022 Makes Fourth Lineup Announcement

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 27th, 2022 by JJ Koczan

Slowly but surely, I have begun the process of reconciling myself to the consideration that there may be a Roadburn 2022 without me there to see it. This is emotional. I have been to Roadburn each April since 2009, and it has served as a centering force for me regardless of who’s playing at what time, how much I know about the acts, and so on. Even as the last several years have delved into experimentalist indie in a willful push against the boundaries of heavy as a concept, I’ve stayed aboard and had my mind accordingly expanded for that effort. To miss out on that, after two years of no festival, makes me feel as though I have a hole in my heart.

I have planned tickets booked to go on tour in Europe with some bands in March. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that happens, not the least because I want to write a book about it, but even with that as a potential thing to look forward to, I’m having trouble accepting no Roadburn for me in 2022. The future is garbage.

From the PR wire:

Roadburn 2022 redefining heaviness

Roadburn announces sixteen further performances for April 2022.

Roadburn Festival has today announced a further sixteen performances for the 2022 edition of the festival which will take place this April 21-24.

Artistic Director, Walter Hoejmakers comments:

“Given recent positive news about coronavirus numbers falling in Europe, we are continuing with confidence that Roadburn will be able to go ahead. Of course we will keep an eye on any relevant measures or necessary regulations that will impact on the festival, but we are optimistic that we’ll be able to welcome people to Tilburg in April. We’re thrilled to be able to add this new selection of bands to the already stellar lineup.”

Indonesia’s SENYAWA will be making the trip to Tilburg to share their experimental music with the Roadburn crowd. The highly regarded duo combine an electrifying extended vocal technique with a handcrafted, homemade instrument that can be utilised in a variety of ways to create their distinctive sound.

2022 curators, Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone (of Dutch band GGGOLDDD) have confirmed the next selection of bands to join their curated event. AMNESIA SCANNER will deliver a dose of their audio-visual art to Roadburn and join us on our continuing quest to redefine heaviness in new ways. DUMA will travel from Kenya to bring their genre-crushing performances to the Roadburn audience. Dutch music will be represented throughout the curation with the addition of KAMIEL THOMAS, SØWT and a collaboration between ALICIA BRETON FERRER and EUROBOY.

Delayed by the pandemic, we’ll finally welcome THE DEVIL’S TRADE to Roadburn as Dávid Makó performs his doom-infused folk songs, as well as joining forces with JOHN CXNNOR (featuring members of LLNN) to perform a special collaborative set inspired by the Terminator franchise.

PLATON KARATAEV will bring some moments of thoughtful contemplation, and FORNDOM will offer up an opportunity to disconnect from modern life and reconnect to our roots.

Further proving that Dutch music is in rude health, Roadburn will host a special, extended performance of TERZIJ DE HORDE, GGU:LL and BROEDER DIELEMAN – featuring the premiere of Terzij de Horde’s new album, and taking some interesting twists and turns along the way as this collaboration reaches its crescendo.

Founding member of retired black metal band Nihill, VITRIOL, will revisit the sound design of the groundbreaking albums from Nihill by presenting a live audiovisual performance dedicated to the drone and black ambient side of the band.

Roadburn will host the debut performances from two black metal projects that already have connections to the festival; both FREJA and SILVER KNIFE will step out into the unknown at Roadburn 2022.

And for those who want to bring their dancing shoes to Roadburn, ALICE HUBBLE will be performing her album Hexentanzplatz in full, whilst DEATHSOMNIA will provide the soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic world.

These artists have been added to a line up that also features ULVER, LINGUA IGNOTA, LITURGY, EMMA RUTH RUNDLE, DIE WILDE JAGD, 40 WATT SUN, RUSSIAN CIRCLES and many more. To read about these newly added artists please click the links below.


Weekend tickets, and Friday and Saturday day tickets are sold out. Thursday and Sunday day tickets remain in limited numbers.

Tickets and accommodation options are available to view via

Amnesia Scanner, “AS Tearless” official video

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Roadburn 2022 Makes Third Lineup Announcement

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 16th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Roadburn 2022 redefining heaviness

I guess we could go on and on about badass festival lineups — and in a way, it feels very, very good to even think that’s true — but you’ll pardon me if I sort of bow under the spectacle here and just say I’m glad Warhorse are getting another chance to go to Roadburn after 2020 falling apart, and that Tau and the Drones of Praise will play. The latter not the least because it gives me an excuse to revisit their set from earlier this year at Roadburn Redux in putting this post together. I hope they play right before the devastating LLNN, but either way, it’s great that along with the huger acts like Lingua Ignota, Emma Ruth Rundle, Russian Circles, and so on, Roadburn remains committed to forward-thinking artists of such various stripes. See also Oslo Tapes playing the Pelagic showcase with Årabrot headlining.

I don’t know if I’ll get to go to Roadburn next year. The fest would be well within its rights to nix the Weirdo Canyon Dispatch ‘zine after so long and adverse circumstances, and it’s not like they need my review or photos badly enough to warrant having me there, but whatever happens, I love this festival, support its growth and direction, and I always will for as long as it goes. No one knows at this point what April 2022 is going to look like. I’m happy to proceed into the fest’s last announcement of 2021 with some sense of optimism, even if I need to force that a bit.

From the PR wire:

roadburn 2022 mostly sold out

New additions to Roadburn 2022 including second Artist In Residence and label showcase

Roadburn has today announced another 17 artists for the 2022 edition of the festival, which will take place between April 21-24 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Artistic Director, Walter Hoeijmakers, comments:

“With our last announcement before the end of 2021, we are super proud to have Pelagic involved again in Roadburn after their virtual Redux showcase earlier this year. And we know SLIFT will broaden our psychedelic horizons with three shows as artist-in-residence. Further, we offer this announcement in hope that 2022 will see a full return to international touring for festivals and club shows and we can all be together and celebrate in April. We wish you the happiest of seasons and hope you’re looking forward to Roadburn Festival 2022 as much as we are. Thank you for your continued support, faith and trust.”

French psych trio, SLIFT, have been announced as the second Artist in Residence for the 2022 edition (joining Full of Hell who were announced earlier this year). The band will perform three times over the course of the festival, including a collaborative performance with pioneering French musician, Etienne Jaumet (Zombie Zombie).

Pelagic Records will host a label showcase at the festival highlighting the diverse array of talent found on their roster. The showcase will climax with three interconnected performances courtesy of Lustmord, Lustmord and Karin Park performing cuts from their collaborative album, Alter, and finishing off with Årabrot. The showcase will also feature Year Of No Light, LLNN performing Unmaker, new signings Bruit≤, Oslo Tapes and a solo set from Karin Park.

Psych-heads rejoice – Die Wilde Jagd will perform at Roadburn, following two awe inspiring live performances at Roadburn Redux earlier this year. TAU & the Drones of Praise will also reprise their Redux appearance and make their way to Tilburg for an in-person performance.

Hangman’s Chair will complement their already-announced album set with a collaboration with Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Originally commissioned by Red Bull and performed only once to date; the two bands have written additional material to extend the performance further into the reaches of their collective imaginations.

Originally scheduled to perform in 2020 Warhorse will finally perform at Roadburn 2022. Huntsmen will kick off their first trip to Europe with a special performance at Roadburn where they’ll play their 2018 album, American Scrap, in full.

London’s Five The Hierophant will make their Roadburn debut, as well as performing a collaborative piece with Wyatt E. and MC Slice titled Atonia.

These artists are added to a line up that already features Ulver, Lingua Ignota, Liturgy, Emma Ruth Rundle, Russian Circles, 40 Watt Sun, Backwash and many more. Click here to view the full line up and below to read more on these newly announced artists.


Weekend tickets, and Friday and Saturday day tickets are sold out. Thursday and Sunday day tickets remain in limited numbers. Tickets and accommodation options are available to view via

Tau and the Drones of Praise, ‘Dream Awake’ live stream for Roadburn Redux

Slift, “Lions, Tigers & Bears” live video

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Roadburn 2022 Makes Second Lineup Announcement

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 30th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

Roadburn 2022 redefining heaviness

A lot to dig into here, and I suppose that’s not really a surprise when it comes to Roadburn announcements. Likewise, not a shock to see Emma Ruth Rundle and Lingua Ignota here, as both are album-of-the-year candidates among the underground critical literati and Rundle was supposed to curate 2020’s fest. Cool to see Messa make a return as well, and that new Mizmor is sitting on my desktop waiting to be dug into. The new 40 Watt Sun will make some resonant listening live, as it does on record, and I’m curious to dig into Hangman’s Chair, as my impression of them is they sound like Type O Negative but from Paris, which I guess is nothing to complain about. Jammers Kungens Män will be a joy for all who behold them, and Kanaan‘s heavy turn on their new album will bring Roadburn back to its stoner rock roots — if indeed that’s what they play — in a way that no one yet on the bill will do.

Oh, and Smote. If you haven’t checked out Drommon (review here), do that.

Like I said, a lot to dig into. That’s not even all of it, so don’t let me keep you:

New additions to Roadburn 2022

The second group of artists to be added to the Roadburn 2022 line up has today been announced.

Artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers, comments:

“Roadburn 2022 will be a festival of hope; a celebration of underground music by Roadburn alumni and young and upcoming bands alike. It feels so great to offer them a platform and it’s equally great to offer our community their much missed home away from home. Despite the difficult circumstances with live music we remain optimistic and move forward with caution. It’s not easy but we’re really hopeful to be able to welcome you to Roadburn 2022. The idea of celebrating together makes everything worthwhile.”

Lingua Ignota will return to Roadburn in 2022, following two explosive performances at the 2019 edition of the festival. Having released SINNER GET READY earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim, the return to Roadburn is well timed to showcase her new material.

Emma Ruth Rundle will take to the main stage to present her groundbreaking new album, Engine of Hell. Due to be our curator in 2020, we’re delighted to welcome Emma back to Roadburn and to have her step into an even bigger spotlight this time around.

Following on from the recent announcement of a new album, Perfect Light, 40 Watt Sun will also perform on the main stage in April. Mizmor will return to perform Cairn in full, as was originally intended as part of Rundle’s curated event, which due to the pandemic didn’t come to fruition.

After performing alongside Dylan Carlson and as part of Zonal in previous years, The Bug will return – this time with MCs Flowdan and Logan to accompany him. Milena Eva & Thomas Sciarone’s curated event gains a new name: Sordide will be performing their most recent album Les idées blanches in full.

A rejuvenated Sum Of R will perform their upcoming new album, Lahbryce, in full on the main stage. Messa’s recently announced album, Close, will be performed, as will A Loner – the new album from Hangman’s Chair.

Cloud Rat will perform two sets, including a special Do Not Let Me Off The Cliff electronic-based performance. Uniform will perform their album Shame in full. HEALTH, Kælan Mikla and KANGA will provide some end-of-the-world dance party vibes. Meanwhile, Smote will perform their new album, Drommon in full.

Also announced is Fågelle, Kanaan, Kollaps, Kungens Män, Pinkish Black, and Wyatt E.

These names join previously announced artists including Ulver, Sólstafir, Alcest, Backxwash, Russian Circles, artist in residence – Full of Hell and many others. Roadburn Festival will take place between April 21-24 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Tickets for Roadburn 2022 are on sale now. Friday and Saturday day tickets are sold out. Thursday and Sunday day tickets, 3-day and 4-day tickets remain in limited numbers. Tickets and accommodation options are available to view via

Smote, Drommon (2021)

Hangman’s Chair, “Loner” official video

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Roadburn 2022: Festival Curators, Artists in Residence & Initial Lineup Announced

Posted in Whathaveyou on October 26th, 2021 by JJ Koczan

It’s good to know the pandemic has not dulled the ambitious nature of Roadburn Festival. Earlier this year, the long-running Netherlands-based festival held Roadburn Redux and set a high standard for the notion of a “virtual event” could be. Whether or not Roadburn 2022 will have an online component as well, I simply don’t know, and frankly, I can see arguments either way. On the one hand, it sure was nifty for everyone who couldn’t travel to a real-life Roadburn to be involved in that special community. On the other hand, for next year that’s production effort and budget that could probably otherwise go to an actual stage.

The initial lineup for Roadburn 2022 contains a broad mix of styles, as one would expect/hope, including a few carryovers from 2020/2021 and some newbies. Familiar faces and not. The recently robbed Russian Circles, whose subsequent GoFundMe was super-heartening. I hope conditions in the world are such that I can be there to see them and all their new gear.

Anyway, love this. All love. Warms my heart. I don’t know all these artists. Doesn’t matter. All love.

From the PR wire:

Roadburn 2022 redefining heaviness

ROADBURN 2022: first names announced including curators and artist in residence

Redefining heaviness

Roadburn Festival has today made its first line up announcement for the 2022 edition, which will take place between April 21-24 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The majority of tickets to the festival have already been sold, but a limited number will go on sale today (October 26) at 7pm (CEST) via

Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers comments:
“After two years of not being able to host a physical festival, we’re extremely excited to actually return in 2022. Given the circumstances, everything about this has been a real challenge, but we wanted to make sure that next year’s Roadburn will be a stronghold for the forward-thinking artists we all love so much – whether genre-defining established acts or young, up-and-coming artists. We really want to reconnect them with our international community – artistically, musically and physically – and to see them do what they do best: be on stage. We want to give them a platform in front of a live audience again, as it’s time to celebrate the music they’ve written over the past two years, or the much acclaimed albums that helped us through these strange, unprecedented times.

“It’s equally exciting to have Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone as our 2022 curators; their commissioned music project for Roadburn Redux, This Shame Should Not Be Mine, elevated GGGOLDDD to a whole new level, as it made such a huge impact – musically, emotionally, and spiritually. The intimate connection felt by everyone online will be greatly amplified at Roadburn 2022, and we could think of no one better than Milena and Thomas to get us all reconnected.”

Line Up Information

ULVER will be performing a special set to mark their return to the live arena, focussing on their most recent release, Flowers of Evil. Their headlining performance will be a continuation of Ulver’s unpredictable yet thrilling career arc and of the passion for innovative music that fuels Roadburn.

Roadburn’s 2022 curators are Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone of the Dutch band GGGOLDDD; as well as hand-picking elements of the festival line up, they will join the rest of the band to perform the commissioned music they wrote for this year’s Roadburn Redux event – a piece entitled This Shame Should Not Be Mine.

As part of the curated element of Roadburn, LITURGY – the avant-garde black metal band – will be performing their 2019 album H.A.Q.Q in full, as well as bringing to life their 2020 album Origin of the Alimonies, performing it as an opera on the main stage in sync with a film created by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, accompanied by a chamber orchestra. Milena and Thomas will also present the European debut of BACKXWASH – the celebrated artist fuses rap and metal, and will perform two special sets at Roadburn – and performances from DIVIDE AND DISSOLVE, and MIDWIFE.

Further commissioned projects – originally planned for 2020 – will finally see the light of day as JAMES KENT (PERTURBATOR) joins forces with JOHANNES PERSSON (CULT OF LUNA) to perform Final Light. Cellist JO QUAIL will perform her commissioned piece, entitled The Cartographer, and VILE CREATURE and BISMUTH will unite to perform A Hymn of Loss and Hope.

Elsewhere on the bill Roadburn welcomes back some familiar faces such as RUSSIAN CIRCLES and PRIMITIVE MAN, whilst also inviting some new and mysterious members to the Roadburn family, such as underground black metal bands LAMP OF MURMUUR and KOLDOVSTVO. For full details of what has been announced so far, please see the links below. Stay tuned for more line up announcements in the coming weeks.

ALCEST – performing Écailles de Lune

BACKXWASH – performing two special sets; European debut


BLAK SAAGAN – performing Se Ci Fosse La Luce Sarebbe Bellissimo




FULL OF HELL – Artists in Residence, performing four sets

GGGOLDDD – performing commissioned music, This Shame Should Not Be Mine

GREEN LUNG – performing Black Harvest


JAMES KENT & JOHANNES PERSSON – performing commissioned music, Final Light

JO QUAIL – performing commissioned piece, The Cartographer

KOLDOVSTVO – performing Ни царя, ни бога

LAMP OF MURMUUR – European debut


LITURGY – performing H.A.Q.Q and Origin of the Alimonies


MILENA EVA & THOMAS SCIARONE – Roadburn 2022 curators




SÓLSTAFIR – performing Svartir Sandar





VILE CREATURE & BISMUTH – performing commissioned music, A Hymn of Loss and Hope

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