Vape Warlök Announce Debut Album …And His Skull Shall Make My Bong Coming Soon

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 15th, 2024 by JJ Koczan

vape warlok inhale death video

So I know folks out there are just lining up to call me out on reusing the above image from when Vape Warlök revealed their collective mortal form in their video for “Inhale Death” (posted here) last year, and hey, I get that. That’s not the kind of premium, value-added content this site’s come to not really be all that known for over the last 15 years. Nonetheless, looking at the artwork for the L.A. lobotomy sludgers’ debut album, …And His Skull Shall Make My Bong, I’ll note my only reason for using the same pic as last time is I don’t want to deal with being reported on social media. Does that make me a hack? Probably. A clown? Certainly. Lazy? Most of all.

“Inhale Death” was the title-track from 2022’s Inhale Death EP (review here), which was the first release from the band founded by Collyn McCoy, also of Circle of Sighs and a slew of other projects, plus bass in Unida. As regards the follow-up long-player, I have precious little information of substance to share. Not none! There’s a title. A could-be cover. Some titles, gloriously dumb, and a Q&A that seems to be between McCoy and himself. Fair enough. Did I mention this is a supergroup? No? Well, fuck it.

My skull should be so lucky:

Vape Warlök and his skull shall make my Bong

Coming in 2024.

Vape Warlök = “… and His Skull Shall Make My Bong.”

Five songs, 40 minutes, putrid and unlistenable sludgy stoner-doom.

Track List
1. Satan’s Succubus
2. …and His Skull Shall Make My Bong
3. Meth Slave
4. Satanalingus: The Devil’s Tongue
5. Bongmaster General

Q: Will the production be any better this time around?
A: No, if anything it will be worse.

Q: Will I be able to make out any of the lyrics this time?
A: No.

Q: Will you hire a professional artist to render a real cover?
A: No, this is as good as it’s going to get.

Q: Will Kiki help out with the lyrics again?
A: Yes of course. If it’s about unicorns, rainbows, and kittens who have unicorn-type horns that shoot rainbows, Kiki wrote it. If it’s about weed, Satan, or murder… daddy wrote it.

Not that you’ll be able to make out any of the lyrics. Just know that they exist and are just as likely to be about something awful as something adorable. But you’ll never know which is which.

Q: Is this a joke band?
A: No more or less than any other band. Is CCR a joke band? Oasis? The Doobie Bros? Are you a joke band?

Vape Warlök, Inhale Death (2022)

Vape Warlök, “Inhale Death” official video

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The Obelisk Show on Gimme Metal Playlist: Episode 107

Posted in Radio on March 31st, 2023 by JJ Koczan

the obelisk show banner

So I kinda wanted to hear some old shit alongside all the new shit, which I guess I feel okay about. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like every second of every show has to be super-recent as much as possible to get word out about new bands again as much as possible — and again again as much as possible to the extent of whatever the audience for this show is; I honestly have no idea — but that’s not even close to being true in reality. I could play Death, no one would give a shit.

I should play Death. Next show if I remember, which I’m saying up front is like 70/30 no.

Anyway, so old High on Fire into new Dozer and Altered States’ recent “The Crossing” crossing with The Hidden Hand’s “The Crossing” from their brilliant 2004 opus, and JAAW feeding into Celtic Frost feeding into Vape Warlök. Fucking a. This show’s pretty good. I hope I don’t ruin it by, you know, talking.

A few albums here I’m looking forward to knowing better. Swanmay for sure, JAAW absolutely, and I might even say that of Dozer, perhaps into perpetuity or at very least until long after I’ve reviewed it and hailed it as one of the best albums of the year — which I don’t even feel shy in saying because it’s a fucking given — and Bongzilla, because they’re Bongzilla and I’m glad they’re putting out records. They’re a needed reminder of how even the heaviest things can be made to float.

Thanks if you listen to this show. If not, it happens, but thanks for reading anyhow. If you stumbled here and have no idea what I’m talking about, you might still consider checking out a band or two from the playlist and find something to make your day better.

The Obelisk Show airs 5PM Eastern today on the Gimme app or at:

Full playlist:

The Obelisk Show – 03.31.23 (VT = voice track)

High on Fire 10,000 Years The Art of Self-Defense (2001)
Dozer Dust for Blood Drifting in the Endless Void
Devoidov Stab Stab
MiR Altar of Liar Season Unknown
Mars Red Sky & Queen of the Meadow Maps of Inferno Mars Red Sky & Queen of the Meadow
Black Rainbows Superhero Dopeproof Superskull
Lammping Better Know Better Better Know Better
Oceanlord 2340 Kingdom Cold
Arriver Azimuth Azimuth
Altered States The Crossing Survival
The Hidden Hand The Crossing Mother Teacher Destroyer (2004)
Iress Ricochet Solace
Grin Nothingness Black Nothingness
Bongzilla Hippie Stick Dab City
MWWB Logic Bomb The Harvest (2022)
Swanmay Stone Cold Frantic Feel
JAAW Rot Supercluster
Celtic Frost A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh Monotheist (2005)
Vape Warlök Inhale Death Inhale Death (2022)

The Obelisk Show on Gimme Metal airs every Friday 5PM Eastern, with replays Sunday at 7PM Eastern. Next new episode is April 14 (subject to change). Thanks for listening if you do.

Gimme Metal website

The Obelisk on Facebook

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Vape Warlök Post “Inhale Death” Video; New Music Coming Soon

Posted in Bootleg Theater on March 27th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

vape warlok inhale death video

The rumor I hear is that Los Angeles-based, ultra-weed-worship extreme sludge lurch absurdists Vape Warlök are going to be a real band, at least for guitarist/vocalist Collyn McCoy, if not the lineup with which the dense-fog riffstompers played their first show early in February. Alongside McCoy — known as ringmaster for the avant-garde Circle of Sighs and the dark-techno experimentalists Night City, now also bass in the reignited Unida, ex-Aboleth, Trash Titan, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic, on and on — for the gig were bassist Mariana Fiel (High Priestess) and drummer Rick Ferrante (ex-SasquatchThe UEMG, etc.), and the set took place as part of a showcase held at the Suspirium warehouse art space that seems set to become a DIY epicenter for these players and their surrounding creative consortium.

A heartfelt ‘fucking a’ to that, and more generally to Vape Warlök, which made its debut last June with the Inhale Death EP (review here), collecting four songs of absolutely gross-sounding dankness, like if you were to scrape black mold off the walls of a musty tomb and say to yourself, “Oh yeah, I think this’ll go nicely with that bit of hash I have leftover.” Stoned rot righteousness. You will not hear me complaining about more of it should that manifest — one never knows with something so superlatively bombed-out — but I’m likewise glad to have a new video for the Inhale Death title-track, with footage from the aforementioned show run through a range of in-app effects and so on by Sean “Skillit” McEleny, whose praises I happened to be singing just the other day in an announcement for Circle of Sighs‘ upcoming live release (info here).

Now, before I turn you over to the YouTube player, let me put emphasis on just how perfect the method by which the video came about actually is. Not only does the resultant clip look completely over-the-top lysergic-goop wash to match the thickness of the tones, slow plod and indecipherable vocal gurgle — all of which rule, if it needs to be said — but the fact that you can see social media tags in some of it, the intentionally haphazard, tossoff hodgepodge fuckall with which it’s made could not possibly be more appropriate for what this band’s mission seems to be. If I lived in L.A., I would just keep showing up until they let me scream in my socks and sandals about how I want to get high to do the dishes, and that’s a fun little daydream in which to dwell for a moment, but more important is that you take the WTF-factor here as part of the artistry.

Thus far — and if there’s going to be more, we are at the beginning — Vape Warlök dwell in that place between genre satire and genre itself, and if you can’t watch the clip and see it as a show of love and oh-so-fitting tribute to the project and the ceremony, then I guess maybe we’ll have to work on that. And that’s fine. Rumor has it there will be more opportunities. I certainly hope so.

Enjoy the video:

Vape Warlök, “Inhale Death” official video

Vape Warlök “Inhale Death” video by Skillit

Please visit the VW bandcamp:

Created with live videos from friends phones and a loop of a close friend of ours childhood photo singing the baby shark song thanks to a sketchy iphone app. Much like the quick DIY nature of the VW EP this was done with effects from Instagram, Tik Tok, iMovie and Photoshop. It was a labor of love on the part of SkilliArt, that and cannabis (but not vaped!).

Live video from the Feb 4th Vape Warlök debut show at Suspirium featuring Collyn McCoy, Mariana Fiel and Rick Ferrante, music from the VW debut release.

Vape Warlök, Inhale Death (2022)

Vape Warlök on Facebook

Vape Warlök on Instagram

Vape Warlök on Soundcloud

Vape Warlök on Bandcamp

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Vape Warlök Post “U.S.S. (Under Satan’s Spell)” Video; Inhale Death EP Out Tomorrow

Posted in Bootleg Theater on June 2nd, 2022 by JJ Koczan

vape warlok inhale death

Based, according to them, in Greenland and proffering three ready-to-be-called-slabs tracks of crusty, sludgy stoner fuckall, Vape Warlök will release their debut EP, Inhale Death, tomorrow. The release tops 21 minutes of huge, willfully-ugly tonality, the bass and guitar finding only so much room to breathe as to cast a dank psychedelia, stoned to the nines in leadoff “Orbital Cube” while vocals gurgle beneath, more death metal than not, but not really death metal. There’s backward guitar, a sample here and there, but the primary factor is the resin-coated lumber of the riff itself, which makes no bones about its sense of ritual worship at altars weedian and distorted. It’s the only song on Inhale Death under seven minutes long, and you just nod the whole time and that’s all you need. One gets the sense the band are doing the same.

Samples and synth add breadth, but the overriding impression Vape Warlök make moves air with its raw-captured lumber, giving the EP a demo sensibility as “Orbital Cube” breaks down into silence before giving over to the sample at the start of the title-track, which proceeds (the weedian, Nazareth) into even nastier, harsher sludge, like some kind of mega-Bongzilla, unbridled in its density and unwilling to move off its central figure with a refusal that feels as righteous as it does stoned. There is another riff in “Inhale Death,” ultimately, but let’s not hold that against it. Something has to set up the gnashing-teeth shred solo that will eventually return to shred the song apart. That leads eventually to the sample at the start of “U.S.S. (Under Satan’s Spell),” which is both the most active and the most complex of the three tracks. That backwards guitar, the relatively speedier chug, and the descent into channel-swapping narcotic haze metal, synth, chanting and noise takes on an atmospheric purpose of its own, but in wrapping the EP, it brings a new degree to the brain-numbing effect of the bludgeoning riffery. This is extreme music.

Mind you I don’t know and won’t make suppositions about the lifestyles of any of the three members involved in the band, but for a group whose status goal was the “dankest, skunkiest, stickiest, stinkiest stoner metal around,” as they say, then they’re off to a good start. I’d take a tape of this any day of the week. The louder you listen, the more consuming it gets, but one way or the other, Vape Warlök harness brutality in the name of cannabinoid trance. This is their first EP, and it is indeed stank as all anything. May they continue to be as they move inexorably, probably crawlingly, forward.

The clip for “U.S.S. (Under Satan’s Spell)” would be a good projection for a live show.


Vape Warlök, “U.S.S. (Under Satan’s Spell)” official video

Hello again! We are Vape Warlök. We love weed and Satan.

We told you last week about our EP, “Inhale Death,” which we’ll unleash like a suffocating cloud of apple-scented THC-smog on Friday, 3rd June, which is right around the corner.

But what we didn’t mention is that we also have a VIDEO for the song U.S.S. (Under Satan’s Spell) which you can view at the link below.

We are Vape Warlök. We love weed and Satan. And we hope you have a wonderful week.

“INHALE DEATH” releases 3rd June, 2022 on Bandcamp (Bandcamp Friday!) and all the usual DSPs. If you smoke weed make sure to do so immediately before listening, and listen loud on proper speakers or quality headphones! There is far too much low end on these recordings for cell phone speakers, your phone will explode and it won’t be our fault.

Our modus operandi with this project — our raison d’être — was to create the dankest, skunkiest, stickiest, stinkiest stoner metal around.

We honor the path blazed by our progenitors. We honor Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Bongzilla, Sons of Otis, and of course the alpha and omega — Black Sabbath and Sleep. We honor those before us who have dropped out of life, bong in hand, to follow the smoke to the riff-filled land.

Vape Warlök is:
“Baron” Georg von Traphaus – guitar, vocals
Alyster “Smoke” Kraken – bass, synthesizers
“Mad” Abdul Alhazred – drums, sampler

Vape Warlök on Soundcloud

Vape Warlök on Bandcamp

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