Live Review: Geezer and Curse the Son in Connecticut, 09.18.15

Posted in Reviews on September 21st, 2015 by JJ Koczan

Curse the Son (Photo by JJ Koczan)

I was late getting to The is a strategic and creative content house that creates innovative, online editorial for our clients, so they can achieve the best The Outer Space, sort of co-located with the Hamden Ballroom in Hamden, Connecticut, which is tucked far enough off the beaten path to seem at night to be out of purview of Yale University in nearby New Haven, but probably isn’t by day. The parking lot looked to be shared with a couple commercial or light industrial concerns, but being slightly down a hill gave it a tucked-away sensibility, and the high quality of the venue itself played into a well-kept-secret vibe. A separate bar up front and the venue proper in back with a large stage, high ceiling, pro sound, pro lights, it had a spacious feel, but wasn’t by any means empty.

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New York trio¬† get more - Fast and trustworthy writings from industry top agency. Expert writers, exclusive services, timely delivery and other benefits can be found in our writing service Entrust your assignments to the most talented writers. Geezer were on next, out on a weekender alongside¬† Searching for research Case Study Helps? We can solve your academic problems and help you with your studies! MA and PhD writers and No Plagiarism. Wasted Theory that would take them the next night to Allston, Massachusetts, where they’d meet up with¬† pay someone to do your school project Where To Action Plan Sample For Business writing a dissertation evaluation need help with essay writing Kind and¬† - Perfectly written and HQ academic papers. 100% non-plagiarism guarantee of custom essays & papers. Instead of concerning about essay Mos Generator, the latter fresh off their run with¬† The Best in The UK. We created a dynamic and flexible system that allows students from all over the UK and beyond to find an expert to do their tiresome writing assignments. The writers in our team are certified professionals, each holding a degree in one or more of the subjects listed in the order form. We cooperate with former students of the UK universities to better The Atomic Bitchwax. The heavy blues specialists were down drummer¬† Chris Turco and had Charles Ruggiero filling Geezer (Photo by JJ Koczan)in alongside bassist Richie Touseull and guitarist/vocalist Pat Harrington, seeming a natural fit in the group for having been a former bandmate of Harrington‘s in aughts hard rockers Slunt. This also marked my first time seeing Geezer since Touseull stepped in on bass, and fittingly, they opened with “Long Dull Knife,” the May 2015 single¬†that was their first studio outing with him in the band.

Harrington‘s slide ever at the ready, it was impossible not to notice how molten¬†Geezer‘s blues has become and how, without directly invoking psychedelia, the Kingston, NY, outfit have managed to bring about a laid back, earthy, jammy vibe. Liquid fuzz. I’ve been fortunate enough to see¬†Geezer¬†a handful of times by now, and even without¬†Turco‘s drums, the progression they’ve made in presence and sound was evident,¬†Harrington¬†in an “STB Family” shirt as a finger-plucking blues frontman, his gravelly voice calling out the changes on stage and turning to the mic to inform the crowd that they’d indeed hit into the “Full Tilt Boogie.” And so they have.

Just last week,¬†Geezer announced they’d inked a deal with the Paris-based bookers¬†Total Volume, signaling clearly an intent to tour Europe, and watching them roll through “Ancient Song” and “Ghost Rider Solar Plexus,” both highlights of their 2014¬†STB Records full-length,¬†Gage (review here), they looked and sounded ready for export, and while¬†Ruggiero was just sitting in, he brought aGeezer (Photo by JJ Koczan) sense of tension to the drums that fit well. Clearly the right person for the job, even if it’s a temp job. They finished with another jam-heavy groover (maybe new?) that was right on to the point where I didn’t even miss “Pony,” and were suitably lauded for their efforts. Because their material is so easy-rolling, it’s easy to lose sight of just how quickly they’ve come so far, but¬†Geezer have worked deceptively fast, and so in addition to having¬†an eye out for EU dates, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a new album in 2016.

Homegrown riffers¬†Curse the Son had been pushing for a release even earlier than that, but I’ve no specifics to report on when or how their follow-up to 2012’s¬†Psychache (review here) might arrive. They’re due, though, and seeing them for the first time in more than a year — actually, last I caught both¬†Geezer and¬†Curse the Son individually, they were also sharing a bill, at¬†The Eye of the Stoned Goat IV¬†in Worcester, MA (review here); funny how that works — was all the¬†more intriguing because, like¬†Geezer, the Hamden-based band have also swapped out bassists, Curse the Son (Photo by JJ Koczan)with¬†Brendan Keefe taking the role formerly occupied by¬†Richard “Cheech” Weeden. Much to my delight, they also had new material to share.

I was enough of a fan of¬†Psychache‘s plus-sized fuzz riffing and spacious vibes¬†to be palpably stoked when¬†STB¬†picked it up for a giving-it-its-due vinyl release (review here) last year, but I’ve been looking forward to new¬†Curse the Son for a while, so a live taste was welcome. There were two new songs played and neither had a final title, but both took some of the roll-happy spirit of the last album and seemed to build on it with more of a sense of bounce and chug. Having¬†Keefe¬†wielding his¬†low-slung bass in the band also signaled a clear change in dynamic because he had a microphone in front of him and added his backing vocals to bechapeaued guitarist¬†Ron Vanacore‘s own (and while I’m making a theme out of¬†frontman t-shirt choices,¬†Vanacore had the¬†Iommi-as-god shirt, which seems about right), giving¬†Curse the Son‘s live performance something it didn’t previously have, but that at the same time was truer to the layering on¬†Psychache and presumably the next record as well.

Case in point, “Spider Stole the Weed.” First, if there was any doubt¬†Curse the Son were the hometown act, it was cast aside quickly by the audience’s familiarity with the track. Second,¬†Vanacore got a good laugh afterward when he told the true story on which the song was based — there was a spider, it stole the weed. Third, having¬†Keefe‘s vocals added only highlighted the hook even further on stage, and it made me hope they’ve continued to explore the two-singer approach in the studio, at least on some cursory level. Not that he and¬†Vanacore Curse the Son (Photo by JJ Koczan)need to be harmonizing necessarily — though they came close once or twice — but just continuing to refine their sound and make it a richer listening experience on the whole. Weedian¬†Psychache¬†opener “Goodbye Henry Anslinger” was similarly enhanced.

They had another, quicker new one worked in, drummer Michael Petrucci¬†(also Lord Fowl, etc.)¬†adding snare flourish during the builds and finding tension in each fill,¬†and closed out with “Pulsotar Bringer” from 2011’s debut LP,¬†Klonopain¬†(review here), the full-on nod brought to its natural boiling point, and the point underscored that, like¬†Geezer,¬†Curse the Son have taken significant steps forward since their first album. As they move ahead with the lineup of¬†Vanacore,¬†Petrucci and¬†Keefe, I’ll still look forward to what comes next, whenever it happens to show up, be it in 2015 or the New Year.

More pics after the jump. Thanks for reading.

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Live Review: Gozu, Thunderhawk, American Burn and Shatner in New Hampshire, 05.23.15

Posted in Reviews on May 27th, 2015 by JJ Koczan

Gozu (Photo by JJ Koczan)

Somehow, this one felt like it was for all the marbles. Over the course of the six nights prior, I’d been to three shows — Clutch (review here), Ufomammut (review here) and Conan (review here) — and with the addition of this one, it would be four shows in three different states. I don’t mind telling you I was dragging ass after driving from Brooklyn to Connecticut after the Conan show the night before, and tacking a drive home to Massachusetts onto that and then another 90 minutes north to Manchester, New Hampshire’s The Shaskeen Pub had some pretty stiff competition from, well, the couch, but ultimately the “gotta go” impulse won out. It had been an obscenely long time since I last caught Gozu — one full year and three days, to be exact — and I was likewise eager to check out newcomers Shatner, who feature two-thirds of We’re all Gonna Die in their lineup, as if the moniker wasn’t enough of a sell.

Put together with New Hampshire’s own Thunderhawk and American Burn, it was a four-band Saturday at the Shaskeen that easily warranted attendance. My first time at the Irish-style pub, I found it inviting for more than its lack of a cover charge. Bands played on a stage in the back room, which had its own bar for those inclined to imbibe — there were plenty of them around — and stools strewn about the place even aside from a dedicated merch area. Up front played hits from the ’90s and I guess in the back it was the metal version of the same idea, with your Panteras, Sepulturas, Megadeths, and so on. It was after 9:30 when the show got going, so I knew it would be a late one, but screw it. This was the final stage of my week-long blowout before starting a new job after Memorial Day, and if you can’t get up for that, you might as well already be at the office in your business casual.

Here’s how it went down:


Shatner (Photo by JJ Koczan)

My first time seeing the Boston trio felt overdue, though as guitarist/vocalist¬†Jim Healey pointed out from the stage, it was only their third show, so I guess not¬†that¬†overdue. It will be a sad day for Beantown heavy rock and roll if¬†Healey¬†ever loses that chip on his shoulder — the aggressive edge he brings to his songwriting and delivery is a typifying staple of the city’s specific style. He and bassist/backing vocalist¬†Jesse Sherman¬†are veterans of¬†We’re all Gonna Die, but¬†Shatner are less metal on the whole, such that when they broke into a cover of¬†Thin Lizzy‘s “Bad Reputation” amid a slew of yet-unfamiliar originals — their first recording session took place this past Feb. at¬†Amps vs. Ohms in Cambridge, but the results have yet to hit public ears — the transition was natural and unforced. Their time was relatively brief and the set offered some symmetry in opening with “Dead in Your Eyes” and closing with “Death Reheated,” perhaps working on a theme, but the latter made a particularly resonant impression,¬†Healey¬†out front in a catchy, building chorus propelled forward by¬†Cocked ‘n’ Loaded¬†drummer¬†Rob Davol. They’re experienced players searching out a new dynamic, but the songwriting seemed to be there, and the first impression was a positive one. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I see them and that’s completely cool by me.

American Burn

American Burn (Photo by JJ Koczan)

I was surprised to find out that¬†American Burn, who seemed to be no strangers to¬†The Shaskeen, had only formed in 2013. They’ve obviously made an impression in that time with their dudely dual-guitar groove, rooted in metal but grown to border on heavy rock — the transition in influence from¬†Pantera to¬†Down, if you want to trace it so specifically. Not really my thing, but they were tighter than their two years would lead one to believe, and they absolutely packed the room out with the biggest crowd of the night. I didn’t do a head count, but if you told me it was upwards of 100 people, I wouldn’t argue. There was barely space¬†to move in that back room while they played, and those who came out not only showed up, but were legitimately into it, singing along, headbanging and so on. Credit to the locals for filling the place up. I don’t know how much touring they’ll do or how they’d pull outside Manchester at this point, but seems safe to say they’ve got their hometown conquered, or at least they did this night.


Thunderhawk (Photo by JJ Koczan)

Also native to Manchester, double-guitar four-piece Thunderhawk (also stylized with a capitalized second ‘h’) released their Do or Die¬†debut full-length last October. Their style was less metal than American Burn‘s, more Easy Rider than Sons of Anarchy, and laced with a solid dose of modern stoner push, like The Sword if they’d binged on Mot√∂rhead or, if you prefer,¬†High on Fire¬†at their most rolling. Lead guitarist¬†Logan Larocque was a quiet presence on the right side of the stage compared to guitarist/vocalist¬†Bryan McCarthy, bassist/vocalist¬†Christopher Shelton¬†and drummer¬†Jon Kirsch, but seemed content to let his leads to the talking, and that turned out to be fair enough.¬†Shelton¬†and¬†McCarthy, the latter in an American flag t-shirt with the slogan “the best things in life are free,” kicked out weighted groove with punker’s abandon, and for a bonus round a the end of their set, they brought up¬†Ichabod¬†vocalist¬†John Fadden — apparently local to the area — for a cover of¬†Black Sabbath‘s “War Pigs.” It seemed they’d done it before, but either way, it was a bit of fun for the crowd to sing-along to (myself included), and did well to show¬†Thunderhawk¬†could both nail their own material while fostering swinging grooves and let loose and have a good time. I knew nothing about them going into the performance and came out on the other side feeling like I needed to check out that album.


Gozu (Photo by JJ Koczan)

Like I said, it had simply been too damn long since the last time I saw¬†Gozu. The four-piece would be playing New Hampshire two weekends in a row, and the next week doing a tribute to¬†Scissorfight¬†on the occasion of¬†Smuttynose Brewing‘s beer in homage to the Granite State Destroyers. That would’ve been cool to see, but even more than that, I was hoping to catch¬†Gozu — the now-solidified lineup of guitarist/vocalist¬†Marc Gaffney, guitarist/backing vocalist¬†Doug Sherman, bassist¬†Joe Grotto¬†and drummer¬†Mike Hubbard — playing something new, and along with the familiar¬†swagger of “Disco Related Injury,” the thrust of “Meat Charger” and the mega-hook in “Ghost Wipe,” the band threw in two recent pieces. Titled “Bubble Time” and “Lorenzo Lamas” in their tradition of putting silly names onto killer tracks, both had a somewhat moodier vibe than, say, “Mr. Riddle” or the aforementioned “Ghost Wipe” — however grim the lyrical themes of either of those might be — but being the first to emerge from this incarnation of the band and more directly¬†this rhythm section, they fit well in the set along with some of the faster, older songs. I know better than to try to suppose anything about the next¬†Gozu¬†record after one airing of two songs live, but nothing I heard sounded like a step backward. Informed they had 10 minutes left, they kicked into the eight-minute “Alone,” its peaks and valleys executed without any rush whatsoever, and then snuck in “Bald Bull” right after, giving the night a more raucous sendoff. How I let it go quite so long from one gig to the next, I’m not really sure, but as they continue to put ideas together for their next record, I’ll have my eye out to catch them again sooner than later. Maybe not this weekend, but soon.

I guess the Shaskeen had come pretty close to curfew by the time Gozu were done, because the lights came on quickly and those still hanging around were told in no uncertain terms to finish drinks, close tabs and get out. Fair enough. The ride back down south on I-93 was uneventful enough if one didn’t mind avoiding swerving drivers who’d started their holiday early, and I got home a couple minutes before 3AM, same as the night before, carried largely by the adrenaline at having pulled off this monumental week of travel and shows. I’d have called it a mini-tour if there were maybe one or two other gigs involved, but there was enough road-time even without, and I’m glad to say that in this case as in the others, it was well worth getting there and getting back.

More pics after the jump. Thanks for reading.

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