Dead Witches Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds

So, two things: First, Dead Witches are a band. Second, their debut album is coming early in 2017 via Heavy Psych Sounds. Those are both crucial pieces of information. On a secondary level, it’s worth noting that Dead Witches are fronted by Virginia Monti, most recently heard from at the fore of the cultishly strong Psychedelic Witchcraft and drummed along their dirge march by Mark Greening, whose work in With the Dead and Ramesses is killer enough that I don’t even feel compelled to list the band he was in before either of them. You can see it in the PR wire info anyway, if you feel like cheating. But yeah, some pedigree to go around here.

They’re keeping mostly mum so far as regards details of their forthcoming debut album, which, again, Heavy Psych Sounds will have out early next year. That means no title, songs — other than “Ouija,” teased below — song titles, recording info, other background, etc. But you can get a glimpse of the vibe they’re going for in the track snippet and the others on their TubesofYou channel, I think, and that’ll have to do for now.

To the PR wire:


Occult ritualists DEAD WITCHES ink deal with Heavy Psych Sounds Records for their upcoming 2017 release!

Heavily occult supergroup DEAD WITCHES (with former members of Electric Wizard and Psychedelic Witchcraft) have just inked a deal with European powerhouse Heavy Psych Sounds Records. The newly formed outfit will release their debut album early 2017.

Former member of Electric Wizard drummer Mark Greening (also of Ramesses, With The Dead) and vocalist Virginia Monti (Psychedelic Witchcraft) joined forces to found the heaviest occult psych superbeast to see the light this year, taking the shape of DEAD WITCHES.

Keeping it mysterious, the band has only released a couple of nippets for their upcoming works, which can be previewed HERE.

Beware as the witches are coming to take your soul.

Virginia Monti – Vocals
Mark Greening – Drums
Carl Geary – Bass
Greg Elk – Guitar

Dead Witches, “Ouija” snippet

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  1. Amelia D says:

    Well I came on here to read this, but then I saw your comment, you sound like you know loads about…. absolutely nothing. Coming from someone who does know – Electric Wizard paid Mark a very handsome sum of money and were forced to concede that he wrote tracks for them in their entirety, not just the drums, 100% writing credits – so for a band that didn’t need him, they definitely let him do a lot for them, is that like people who say they don’t need a cleaner and then you see them on shows about hoarding surrounded by 47 cats? Mark has been very respectful in not leaking information publicly and sparing Wizard more humiliation as Damnation Festival was a joke, they couldn’t even play their own songs, I literally wanted my money back, it looked and felt like beating a dead horse, a horse that was limping a long and coughing up dollars, and as for being a band that didn’t need him in the first place, every band starts on their first record and I personally preferred the first Wizard records to anything they’ve done since, so obviously you’re right and they didn’t need Mark, that’s why they got rid and asked him to come back when things got so bad they couldn’t string a riff together, as what I saw at Damnation like 3 weeks ago was like watching someone try to paint inside the lines using only a potato and a pot of paint, sloppy as, mess everywhere. Now I am still to check out Dead Witches properly but then I saw your comment and I don’t usually write on these things, but I just thought ‘what a load of rubbish’ so I am sorry if I come across harsh here but literally nothing about what you said was correct? Although I don’t know about the drum fills, maybe it is the same fill, maybe it’s just a really good fill, i’ll check it out!

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