Truckfighters, V: Creating the Storm


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These shifts around¬† Cedermalm and¬†K√§llgren¬†seem to have done little to ultimately slow the progression or momentum of¬†Truckfighters, who as well as¬†being one of the heavy underground’s most kinetic live acts have established one of its most immediately identifiable sounds — you know when you’re listening to¬†Truckfighters — have taken another step forward in inking a deal with¬†Century Media for the distributing¬†of the seven-track/47-minute¬†V, licensing through their own¬†Fuzzorama Records, which has been home to each of their prior outings. A shift in profile, if not necessarily aesthetic, but noteworthy all the same in showing the multi-tiered evolution¬†of the band, whose songcraft continues to grow as well. To listen to¬†V front to back from opener and longest track (immediate points) “Calm Before the Storm” to the finisher “Storyline,” the larger portion of what the trio¬†does in the span will be recognizable to those who heard¬†Universe.

Certainly, in tone, their penchant for fuzz has remained consistent. It’s what they do with that fuzz that has changed over time, and a steady development in vocal confidence from¬†Cedermalm combined with an increased comfort with complex modes of expression overall, which¬†on the first two albums simply wasn’t there and in hindsight was only beginning to emerge on¬†Mania, that results in such fluidity throughout¬†V.¬†Credit in setting the mood has to go to “Calm Before the Storm” as well. While¬†V has plenty of upbeat moments of push in “Hackshaw,” “The 1,” “Gehenna,” and “Fiend” — and indeed the opener increases thrust as it builds through its hook —¬†“Calm Before the Storm” is an especially bold choice to lead off for its brooding sensibility, which seems to find complement and emphasis even in the most raucous of moments that immediately follow, be it the winding chorus of “Hackshaw” or the thick-fuzzed push that begins “The 1.”


To an extent, this was true of¬†Universe as well, and with half as much time between¬†Universe and¬†V as there was between¬†Mania¬†and¬†Universe, it’s not surprising the two would share some characteristics, whatever¬†Truckfighters have been through over the last couple years. But the scope has once again broadened, and one can hear that in how smoothly centerpiece “Gehenna” ebbs and flows, how the momentum of “The 1” seems to subside only to rise again, in the melodic reach of the chorus to “The Contract,” which might be¬†V‘s standout moment, and in the poise with which¬†Truckfighters¬†claim such breadths and depths as their own. As much of their persona — which is not to say “brand” — is defined by onstage acrobatics,¬†K√§llgren‘s madman energy running back and forth, jumping up and down, spinning in circles, etc., on record they seem even more daring how deeply they plunge into contemplative stretches.

The verse to “The Contract” is spacious, the bridge in the second half of “Hackshaw” dizzying but precisely executed, and the interplay of acoustic and electric guitar in “Storyline” a new level of emotional crux entirely. That¬†Truckfighters can be¬†patient and that band who are such a force in a live setting, and that they can ultimately do so without contradicting themselves and having their foundation collapse under them, makes them all the more special as a group contributing to the expansion of their genre. Even the subtlety that shows itself in the midsection of “Fiend,” teasing those acoustics that play a more prominent role after the blown-out push that starts “Storyline,” stands as an example of the delicate balance¬†Truckfighters strike.

And though they then¬†seem to delight in stomping all over that balance, it emerges¬†unscathed. It might be fair to call this the triumph within¬†V itself were it not for the level of songwriting¬†Cedermalm and¬†K√§llgren¬†bring forth. Fifteen years on from their first getting together and with countless miles under their collective belt, they’ve become one of heavy rock’s most crucial teams, and more encouragingly, while they’ve clearly established a working modus, they refuse to sit still from one release to the next, to rest on past laurels, or to give in to the expectations of others. It is a rare band who, five albums in, can remain¬†defined by their forward potential, and¬†Truckfighters have worked hard to hold true to that reality.

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