THE OBELISK PRESENTS: The Top 15 Albums of the Year So Far


Six months in, 2016 has been interesting to say the least. Every year provides its share of highlights — we’re fortunate enough to live in a crowded age when it comes to people doing quality work — but there have been a few unexpected offerings that have grabbed attention and held it well, and as we progress into the second half of the year, it seems entirely likely the pattern will continue.

All the better. As styles and scenes continue to develop, from Swedish boogie to West Coast psych to the party vibes out of the Pacific Northwest, bands are growing and changing. Everything is in motion, personalities are taking shape, and crucially, the new generation of groups is finding its footing building on the traditions of the past. Some of it is definitely formative, but individualism is rarely immediate, and I think we are at an interesting point as a crop of acts is figuring out where they want to be in terms of sound and what are their aspirations musically and practically. The question of the day might be, “How far can we push this?”

And of questions, that’s a good one to be working from. I’ve been asking it myself, but as the social media landscape continues to grow and integrate into the lives of a listenership that’s become accustomed to that kind of immediate access as well as the convenience of streaming outlets like Bandcamp, Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud, the answer seems to be that the expansion will keep up, at least for a while yet. Frankly, it’s already gone on longer than I would’ve expected for how fickle trends are and the short attention span of the general public, but ‘heavy,’ as a worldwide concept, has continued to flourish.

Part of that stems from the excellent and progressive work being done by current bands — part of it is marketing — and at least for my own taste, those acts pushing the lines of genre seem to be doing so with a brazen confidence that they’ll be able to bring their audience along with them. So far in 2016, that’s pretty much how it’s worked out.

At the end of the year I’ll be doing a Top 30 list, and I expect many of these records will feature there as well, so I’ll try to keep this relatively brief in light of that, but here’s where my head has been at:

The Top 15 Albums of 2016 so Far

mars red sky apex iii praise for the burning soul

1. Mars Red Sky, Apex III: Praise for the Burning Soul
2. Greenleaf, Rise Above the Meadow
3. Gozu, Revival
4. Elephant Tree, Elephant Tree
5. The Golden Grass, Coming Back Again
6. Zun, Burial Sunrise
7. Young Hunter, Young Hunter
8. Comet Control, Center of the Maze
9. Wo Fat, Midnight Cometh
10. Conan, Revengeance
11. Causa Sui, Return to Sky
12. Black Rainbows, Stellar Prophecy
13. Goatess, Purgatory Under New Management
14. Blaak Heat, Shifting Mirrors
15. Lord, Awake

How To Make Research Paper Outline UK writing service and Dissertation checking service UK writing Help Dissertation checking service UK Introduction Checking Honorable mention (in no order): Curse the Son, Holy Grove, Mondo Drag, Joy, Black Black Black, Spidergawd, Beastmaker, High Fighter, La Chinga, Church of Misery, Droids Attack, Cough, Beastwars, New Keepers of the Water Towers, Conclave, Valley of the Sun, Throttlerod, It’s Not Night: It’s Space, Ancient Warlocks, Bright Curse, Naxatras, Kaleidobolt, Atomikylä, Black Lung, Lord Vicar, Pooty Owldom, Vokonis, Electric Citizen, Stone Machine Electric, Graves at Sea, and Merchant.


Some quick notes on the list. First, it’s pretty fluid. On any given day, records from the honorable mentions list could be in there with the numbered stuff, and between the two, I find it striking and encouraging how many of these releases are full-length debuts. Just two in the top 10 with  Are YOU looking for a safe, eenadu news paper english version? Check our POWERFUL GUARANTEES NOW and get your assignment without any risk whatsoever. Elephant Tree and  In need of high-quality blog here? Then check out what we have in stock for you! Learn more about our team now! Zun — another will be added when  Learn how our Bubonic Plague Essay online can reword your writing quickly and accurately to meet the expectations of your audience. King Buffalo‘s album is out in August; we’ll get there — but more in the honorable mentions between here - Dissertations, essays and academic papers of best quality. Get to know common tips as to how to receive the greatest Holy Grove history dissertation online writing a good abstract for dissertation written persuasive speeches High Fighter Professional article for everyone! Rewrite articles, papers and presentations with us! ? Timely Delivery Original Content ? Special Vokonis find this is needed when you are lost with editing. If you do not feel that your skills and knowledge are enough to professionally edit your Merchant Competent bachelor thesis writing help. cameo homework help from PhD holders. Order now and enjoy fast writing, amazing content & quick turnaround Graves at Sea and  writing the perfect essay Medical Essay Research cv writing service york stalin research paper Bright Curse.

To go with that, there are some standbys. I’ve made no secret of my enduring affection for what France’s  follow link created by our leading professionals online. Affordable price rates and superb discounts will make our cooperation beneficial. Mars Red Sky are bringing to the sphere of heavy psychedelia, so to have their  The easiest way to buy cheap essays Essay (Any Features of If you want to buy cheap essays for a moderate price, Apex III: Praise for the Burning Soul as my album of 2016 so far doesn’t seem out of line. It’s why I booked them to headline the  enter - professional writers, top-notch services, timely delivery and other benefits can be found in our academy writing help get a All-Dayer in August (tickets here), and I don’t see that appreciation diminishing anytime soon. The path they’re on seems to me to be one of the most crucial going worldwide, and in a group like  Small Business Planss Ghostwriting Australia Ghost writers Brisbane Ghostwriter Gold Coast Ghostwriting fees How do I find a ghostwriter for my book Elephant Tree, we can already see the influence they’re having.

No surprise that  You can buy research paper, essays, and cheap essay help other assignments from the best writing service. buy custom essay uk 15% OFF first order. Gozu would end up near the top — their 2013 album,  The Fury of a Patient Man, featured highly on that year’s list as well — and Revival is an even more dynamic outing. It’s pretty much even with Greenleaf in my mind at this point, but I gave the Swedes the edge for the bold forward stride that Rise Above the Meadow represents in its sound and scope. Both of those records will be top-tenners at the end of the year as well, if not top five.

Speaking of bold strides, The Golden Grass‘ more progressive take on Coming Back Again and their melodic charm continue to resonate, and between the expansive desert soundscaping of Zun‘s Burial Sunrise bringing together Gary Arce (Yawning Man), Sera Timms (Ides of Gemini) and John Garcia (ex-Kyuss, etc.), and the brooding darker heavy rock of Young Hunter‘s self-titled, it’s been a half-year covering a wide sonic range for sure. Comet Control‘s second album is still pretty fresh in my mind, having just reviewed it last week, but its quality is damn near undeniable and I can’t stop listening to it, so it goes in the top 10.

And rounding out to first 10 are two more mainstays in Wo Fat and Conan, who’ve had releases featured in lists around these parts for a while now but who still offer thrills in their newest collections, Wo Fat‘s Midnight Cometh bringing their jazz-jam-fuzz to new levels of exploration and Conan‘s Revengeance building on the aural crush of their prior work and finding founder Jon Davis with a hand-sculpted rhythm section (including producer Chris Fielding) very much suited to the band’s purposes. Their shifting instrumental dynamic made Revengeance almost like a second debut, but it was an album that couldn’t have been born except out of their experience and knowing what works in their aesthetic. Davis once told me he would never try to fix what wasn’t broken in Conan. As he’s lived up to that, they’ve become one of the most recognizable heavy bands in the world.

In the 11-15 range, a pretty broad cross-section between the flowing instrumental experiments of Causa Sui, the motor-ready space-psych of Black Rainbows — whose accomplishments seem to almost be coming too fast for the audience to catch up — the traditional-minded stoner-doom of GoatessBlaak Heat‘s frenetic desert prog and reign-in-chaos sludge of Lord‘s Awake, but sonic diversity is a strength in the current and the upcoming generations of bands, and though some remain underappreciated as yet — Black RainbowsBlaak HeatLord particularly so — it’s tough to ignore the sonic expansion underway in the US, Europe and beyond.

Short Releases

I’m not going to do a separate list for EPs, demos and splits before December, but thought there were more than a few non-full-length releases that warranted attention. From my notes: Mars Red Sky‘s EP, Dos Malés, Bison Machine/SLO/Wild Savages split, The Skull EP, Iron Jawed Guru, LSD and the Search for God, Cultist, River Cult, Karma to Burn, Wren‘s Host EP, Gorilla vs. Grifter, Goya, Brume‘s Donkey, ShallowsThe Moon Rises, Sun Voyager/The Mad Doctors split, Earthless/Harsh Toke split, and the Ragged Barracudas/Pushy split. And many others, no doubt.

Still to Come

I alluded earlier to the King Buffalo album, Orion, which has significant top 10 potential for December. It’s officially out in August, or it would’ve been counted here. Some of these I’ve heard and some I haven’t, but also be on the lookout for: Foghound (out this week), Neurosis (album of the year potential), WorshipperMonolord‘s new EP, Wight, Slomatics, The Wounded Kings, Electric Wizard, Geezer, Devil to Pay, Blues Pills, Baby Woodrose, Backwoods Payback, Beelzefuzz, Them Bulls, Cloud Catcher, Captain Crimson, and of course, Mos Generator.

If I’ve forgotten anyone in any part of this list, I hope you’ll let me know in the comments. Otherwise, thanks for reading and here’s to a great rest of 2016!

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12 Responses to “THE OBELISK PRESENTS: The Top 15 Albums of the Year So Far”

  1. Wolfert says:

    more or less agree with those picks but two pieces are missing for me: new Looking Glass album “Volume IV” and… Witchcraft’s “Nucleus”! second one is somehow forgotten in any “best so far” lists of this year ive seen. wonders why.

  2. OG Riffs says:

    I feel like Spiritual Beggars’ Sunrise to Sundown should have made the honorable mentions, and I also really enjoyed Miss Lava’s Sonic Debris. I really ought to give Nucleus a few more playthroughs, but it didn’t immediately grab the way Legend did.

  3. Corey Revill says:

    check out a band called: Spaceslug (from Poland)
    album: Lemanis

    It’s one of my favorite albums of this year.

  4. dingus says:

    No Swan Valley Heights?

  5. Alex w says:

    If you’ve not heard our new album (think we posted you a copy) it’s here to download:
    Would love to hear your obeliskian opinion!
    (Anyone else reading this have a free download!)

    Cybernetic witch cult

  6. Missing the best release so far in my eyes:

    Swan Valley Heights – Swan Valley Heights.

    Absolute must!!!!!

  7. Albin Julius says:


    whats your postaladress again?
    Some promo ready soon, if you want.

    Misbehave and enjoy!

    Albin Julius

  8. jim gibb says:

    I’m already having trouble remembering all the releases for this year and i like your list.Several new bands to me and several of my top picks also but you left off a few so here’s my list so far but i know it will change with Castle,Foghound,Red Fang,Pallbearer,Year of the Cobra,Shroud Eater ,Bloody Hammers & Venomous Maximus release new stuff this year.

    Black Rainbows
    Miss Lava
    Ancient Warlocks
    Wo Fat
    Mars Red Sky
    Chron Goblin
    Curse the Son
    Spiritual Beggars
    Church of Misery

  9. Terata says:

    I see no mention of Graves At Sea, Isaak, Black Cobra, Today Is The Day, Black Tusk, Sourvein…for shame! Church Of Misery, Beastwars and Droids Attack will be in my top ten. Still processing the new T-Rod…I’m liking it…way different than I expected. Melvins-Basses Loaded, Grand Magus and Miss Lava are also really good. Goatess may be my album of the year?

  10. Sam says:

    Great list! I would only add Stone Animals. Their debut is so good.

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