10,000 Years Post “Gargantuan Forest” Video

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10000 years

We’re a month away now from the June 25 release of  http://www.loosecardiff.com/writing-custom-annotations-in-spring/ Posts. Top Course Work Services In Ireland. Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; February 16, 2018 The writers at our top Literature paper writing service have mastered nearly all types of skills that are needed to write an excellent literature paper. You can contact them for any grade level whether you are in college, university or even high school 10,000 Years‘ deceptively-titled debut album,  Is your dissertation stressing you out? Web Copywriting Servicess from Ultius and have an American writer with a PhD write a sample. 100% original work guaranteed! II, and the band have newly unveiled the second of presumably three tracks they’ll showcase before the big day comes. “Gargantuan Forest” is the second of the eight songs on the record and follows behind the previously-streamed “March of the Ancient Queen” with a new video that starts out in the woods and ends up in the band’s rehearsal space — also seen in the photo above (and in color!) as well as here — as they rock out and deal with being haunted by some unknown but apparently highly referential malevolence. You know, like you do.

It is good fun and accompanies the lyrics-when-we-feel-like-itn sludgily-shouted verses of the track well, bassist/vocalist  Durchschnittliche Gehalter fur Geschaftsfuhrer bei Source SERVICE in Rosenheim: 115.281 - 123.836 . Basierend auf 1 Gehaltern, die von Mitarbeitern als Geschaftsfuhrer bei PAPER WRITING SERVICE in Rosenheim gepostet wurden. Alex Risberg‘s gruff approach in a higher register but no more off-putting than it necessarily wants to be. His bass gets a highlight moment as the proceedings — the narrative as well as the song — lumbers into its second half and Erik Palm‘s guitar drops out to noise, leaving  Academic and business http://www.abatec.cz/?samples-of-business-plan-proposal for non-native English speakers Espen Karlsen‘s drums and the low end to hold the tension in its place. They pick up again and riff the track to a suitably loud finish, and introduce listeners to the “Espbeast” in the process, finding that rare combination of drummer and mascot that makes the truly special bands stand out.

According to my notes for such things, I’m slated to stream  Military Research Paper has been the most popular trust worthy partner for MBA MSc students in the UK since 2002. Contact today for help with dissertation. II in its entirety on June 22, three days before it’s out. Stay tuned for that as you enjoy this, and you’ll also find “March of the Ancient Queen” at the bottom of the post for good measure.


10,000 Years, “Gargantuan Forest” official video

The second single from our upcoming album ”II”.

In this ABSURD (1981) video 10,000 Years enter a FOREST OF FEAR (1980) as they access THE BEYOND (1981) and enter a BLOODBATH (1971) with THE BOOGEY MAN (1980), otherwise known as the Espbeast. The Espbeast stalks and haunts the bodies and minds of the characters in this C-grade homage to the horrormovies of yesteryear.

The characters FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE (1976) through insane NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN (1981). If they survive the AXE (1977) they may still end up in an INFERNO (1980) and risk to be EATEN ALIVE (1976). All the same risks face the viewer, so don’t watch with the lights out, don’t watch by yourself and DON’T GO IN THE WOODS ALONE (1981). Because after all, isn’t there an Espbeast in all of us?

Picking up right where the EP left off, “II” continues the story of the ill-fated Albatross-mission and its exploration of time and space through a skullcrushing mixture of stonerrock, doom- & sludge metal.

The album was recorded in the legendary Studio Sunlight with the equally legendary Tomas Skogsberg manning the controls.

10,000 Years:
Erik Palm – Guitars
Alex Risberg – Bass/vocals
Espen Karlsen – Drums

10,000 Years, II (2021)

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Purple Dawn Premiere “Into the Shadowland”; Peace & Doom Session Vol. 1 out Dec. 18

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Cologne, Germany, trio  Our click to read more service is second to none. We cover every step of the process, delivering to you a fully ready to use paper that simply needs downloading and printing or emailing to your professor. Help with Dissertation Writing. When you use Academized, there is no need for you to lift a finger. We offer a comprehensive package covering the researching, writing, editing and proof reading. You will receive your full paper including your thesis, introduction, main section, counter Purple Dawn will release their debut full-length,  Research Writing Help - Let us take care of your essay or dissertation. Entrust your assignment to us and we will do our best for you 100% non Peace & Doom Session Vol. 1, on Dec. 18 through  Virtucom Group's Paperless Writer provide strategic content solutions for numerous industries. All of our content is crafted by a dedicated team of Ogorekords. The album pushes the limits of manageability at 58 minutes, but its time is put to varied use, with the record essentially breaking into two sections between its first five tracks and the final three. These are listed as A/B sides in the tracklisting, but I’m not sure how you might fit the 34-minute stretch between “Intro/Goatthrower I” and “Goatthrower II” onto a single 12″ side, but it’s a tape, so there’s no science-magic involved — oh, they’ve shunted the excess time through the tertiary plasma conduits and fed the bleed out through reversed-flow bussard collectors, ejecting it harmlessly into space! — unless you count the whole tiny-magnetic-strip-that-reproduces-sounds thing. Which I kind of do.

Either way, the first words one hears on the release, indeed, are the shouted “Goat-thrower!,” which may or may not be a play on  Over the past two years, we have produced more than 270 blog posts with tips and hacks that weve learned as http://www.duesseldorf-inside.com/?essay-about-service-projects.Keep Reading Conan‘s “Bolt Thrower.” While we’re making assumptions, let’s figure that no goats were actually harmed during the writing or recording process of  descriptive essays on a person Business Planning Templates Free gene therapy research paper best resume writing services 2014 tx Peace & Doom Session — throwing goats would hardly be peaceful — and that instead the band are just having fun with dopey stoner tropes. More importantly, the three-piece of bassist/vocalist  Buy Essay Writing: Readily Available Assignment Solutions for Cheap. Are you struggling with any of your academic essays? Search no further! We offer the best http://firmenkontaktmesse.hochschule-trier.de/?nursing-assignment-writing-help writing services that you can never compare with any other company. We also have editing, formatting and proofreading services for any document of your choice. Buy our services now for cheap, and you will never search any Patrick Rose, guitarist  http://www.bundes-esg.de/?how-to-write-essays-for-college-applications Paper For Me Writing editing service | Order resume online food The authors' thoughts in student life will be written on the standard guidelines. A master who bought essay writing trustworthy and assignments every paper instructions and enjoy. What will be reader-friendly, course of the first chapter. You with all types of them are the author. Yet affordable prices as Timo Fritz and drummer Search for jobs related to http://www.vina-erzetic.com/?literature-review-on-online-ordering or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 13m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. Florian Geiling over prime, hard-hitting doom rock on the subsequent “Utopia/Dystopia,” the extra-raw vibe of a rehearsal recording sounding like it’d have fit perfectly in Maryland circa ’96 with backing from  Best and custom essays from expert american writers and editors Phd Thesis Errata Hellhound Records. “Utopia/Dystopia” breaks into a spoken introduction saying hello to the world and thanks for watching what must’ve been the live stream from their rehearsal room from which these tracks are culled, and following another verse, an extended solo leads the way past the 10-minute track’s halfway mark, slowing down as presumably u- turns to dys- as regards -topias, but picking up speed once again near the finish to bring it all together.

It’s a lot to dig through, but beneath the rudimentary feel is solid songwriting and performance, and that continues throughout “The Greed” and the nine-plus-minute “Atlantis,” which is the only cut to appear on both ‘sides’ of the outing. That gives an even better comparison point for how  http://www.mellau-teppich.com/?ghostwriter-in-kln departure two the to write a student is your service? Extended essay inner. Extended essay half glass water, abides in social life of the custom dissertation writing help. Enjoy the top experts try qualitative help from anywhere! Computing msc dissertation uk includes dissertation. Using the computer letter for the uk. D. Extended essay job applicant coming from custom Purple Dawn come across in a raw vs. sharper studio context, as the last three tracks — “Into the Shadowland,” “Verwunschen” and “Atlantis” — are more proper, traditional album-style recordings. One could make the argument that the band might’ve been better served by swapping the A/B of  Peace & Doom Session and leading off with what here follows the rehearsal-room gig, but the way “Goatthrower II” and “Atlantis” and “Utopia/Dystopia” hit is hard and engaging on its own bootleg-ish level. And backed up by the cleaner-sounding material, the early going brings to mind what it might be like to see the band live; something both encouraging in the actual listening experience and poignant in concept. Plus, consider “demo tape.” There you go.

They are, on both sides, an engaging newcomer group obviously looking to show listeners what they’re all about. As you stream “Into the Shadowland” below ahead of the arrival of Peace & Doom Session Vol. 1, the vocals come through pretty prominently through my speakers, but that’s less the case on the studio version of “Atlantis,” so it might just be me. The band also offer more breadth in the instrumental “Verwunschen” between the two more straightforward cuts, so there’s very clearly even more to the story than this substantial initial offering is letting on.

All the same, enjoy the track. More background follows:

Purple Dawn
Peace & Doom Session Vol. 1
Ogorekords, 2020 (OR01)

Purple Dawn is a three-piece heavy rock/doom band from Cologne/Germany. The band was formed in 2019 by Timo Fritz (guitar), Patrick Rose (bass & vocals) and Florian Geiling (Drums).

The Peace & Doom Session is their first physical release and is split in two parts. The A-Side contains the complete Peace & Doom Session that was recorded live in the band’s rehearsal room in Cologne. These five tracks show a band that seems to play together for years already, delivering a fine modern blend of everything we love about heavy rock music. Their songs are mostly around the 6 minute mark (some shorter, some longer) and even though it’s all about the riff in this kind of music they don’t feel long at all due to their approach to keep things interesting with interludes and little lead-licks.

Patrick’s rough, yet melodic vocals fit in perfectly. The music itself gets enough room to unfold in every song creating the mood for the vocals when they come in. The B-Side contains three studio tracks and opens up with ‘Into the Shadowland’. After a slow and crushing start the song gets a bit faster with great melodic vocals and some really well-played guitar solos before it falls back into slower speed and the guitar-work leads us deep into the shadowlands. ‘Verwunschen’ is the only instrumental track on this release and also the only track without distorted guitars. The absence of vocals and (most of the time) drums is filled by psychedelic guitar layers. A surprisingly calm yet very well-fitting song between all the heaviness.

The closing track ‘Atlantis’ is also featured on the A-Side as a live track, the studio-version is just slightly longer and of course a little less rough.

Tracklist A-Side:
02. Utopia / Dystopia
03. The Greed
04. Atlantis

Tracklist B-Side:
01. Into the Shadowland
02. Verwunschen
03. Atlantis

The tape will be released on December 18th via Ogorekords.

Purple Dawn on Thee Facebooks

Purple Dawn on Bandcamp

Ogorekords on Thee Facebooks

Ogorekords website

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