Doctor Cyclops Announce European Tour Dates Starting Nov. 24

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Beginning later this month and running into December, Italian boogie trio  Doctor Cyclops will head out on a round of European tour dates supporting their latest release, Local Dogs (review here), which came out this past Spring on Heavy Psych Sounds. The three-piece are no strangers to the road, and this time they’ll hit up Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovenia before they’re done, covering a decent swatch of ground with a couple nights off that may or may not get filled in as they go.

If you didn’t hear it, Local Dogs is streaming in full below, and its take on classic heavy rock comes balanced against impulses drawn from NWOBHM poise and gallop. I haven’t had the pleasure myself, but it seems like a combo that would go pretty well on stage. Doctor Cyclops had a documentary out a couple years back, if you’ll recall, that was also a pretty solid advertisement for showing up.

From the PR wire:

doctor cyclops euro tour


Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-styled power trio playing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound, eldest son of glorious Black Sabbath and other more underground heroes from the 70s and early 80s as Truth and janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond or Witchfinder General. Even later and more modern references are warm-vintage styled ones: Witchcraft, Graveyard, Firebird, Cathedral, Spiritual Beggars just to say some.

Their discography includes one self produced Ep-CD “The Doctor Cyclops” (2010), and two full length albums, “Borgofondo” (2012) and “Oscuropasso” (2014), both released by the German heavy psychdelic label World in Sound.

The band is active since 2008 and toured Europe several times, sharing the stage with bands such as Firebird, Blood Ceremony, Siena Root, Colour Haze, Stoned Jesus, The Grand Astoria and many more. Doctor Cylops also took part to important festivals such as Freak Valley (2012) and Red Smoke (2016).

Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking is proud to present:

24.11.2017 IT Guastalla-La Quadra
26.11.2017 IT Castel D’Ario-Hostaria
27.11.2017 CH Birsfelden-Roxy
28.11.2017 DE Mannheim-Kurzbar
29.11.2017 DE Stuttgart-Keller Klub
01.12.2017 DE Berlin-Zosch
02.12.2017 DE Munster-Rare Guitar Shop
03.12.2017 NL Den Haag-Het Haagje
04.12.2017 DE Osnabruck-Dirty+Dancing
07.12.2017 DE Dresden-Sabotage
08.12.2017 SL Slovenj Gradec-Klub Špajzl
09.12.2017 SL Novo Mesto-Lokal Patriot

Christian Draghi – Guitar and Vocals
Francesco Filippini – Bass
Alessandro Dallera – Drums

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Six Dumb Questions with Doctor Cylops (Plus Full Album Stream & Tour Announcement)

Posted in Six Dumb Questions on March 27th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

doctor cyclops

[Click play above to stream Local Dogs by Doctor Cyclops in its entirety. Album is out March 31 on Heavy Psych Sounds.]

Italian heavy rockers Doctor Cyclops are gearing up to issue Local Dogs, their third full-length and Heavy Psych Sounds debut, on March 31. Recorded by James Atkinson of Gentlemans Pistols and boasting guest appearances from Bill Steer of Firebird (also of Carcass, but it’s the boogie that’s way more relevant in this context), the 10-track/47-minute outing follows 2014’s Oscuropasso (discussed here) and finds the three-piece skirting the line between classic heavy rock and more metallic impulses — songs dipping into NWOBHM stylizations in a way that, even three years ago, might have been out of character. As it stands, they find a basis for nuance in this meld, and with the clarity of production and the push of songs like “Wall of Misery” and the stomping “Druid Samhain,” it feels all the more intentional on their part that one might relate their work as much to Dio and Iron Maiden as to Sabbath and Atomic Rooster.

Of course, speaking stylistically (and literally too), it’s not the first time the ’70s have given way to the ’80s, but what Doctor Cyclops use to draw these elements and influences together is a healthy coating of tonal warmth, plus-grade songcraft and a clear-headedness of performance that makes songs like opener “Lonely Devil,” the acoustic-infused “Epicurious” and the swinging, organ-laced penultimate track “Witch’s Tale” all the more memorable before the finale “Witchfinder General” draws a direct link to the NWOBHM and brings Local Dogs to a galloping and righteous close. Striking throughout is the confidence and the poise with which the three-piece of guitarist/vocalist Christian Draghi, bassist Francesco Filippini and drummer Alessandro Dallera pull off playing to one side or the other and the assured feeling that what they’re doing with their sound across Local Dogs‘ span is the right way to go, wherever an individual track may actually be headed. In no small part because of that confidence, they turn out to be 100 percent correct.

Doctor Cyclops have live dates lined up through the Spring — they’re working with Heavy Psych Sounds on booking as well, and in May, they will take part in the label’s Sonic Ritual Fest (info here) alongside Yawning ManEcstatic Vision and others, right after they hit the UK with Cybernetic Witch Cult (info here). One can only assume there are more shows to be announced through the end of 2017 and beyond, so keep an eye out., but here’s where they’ll be over the next couple months:

Doctor Cyclops on tour:
14.04 Pavia(IT) Spaziomusica
15.04 Francavilla (IT) Tikitaka Live Village
22.04 Tortona (IT) Dazibao
2.05 St.Gallen (CH) Rumpeltum w/Farflung
3.05 Ins (CH) Schuxenaus
5.05 Ipswich (UK) The Swan
6.05 Banbury (UK) The Wheatsheaf
7.05 London (UK) The Dev
8.05 Bristol (UK) The Gryphon
9.05 Plymouth (UK) The Junction
11.05 Olten (CH) Coq d’Or
12.05 Erba (IT) Centrale Rock w/Crowbar
20.05 Mezzago (IT) Bloom
07.07 Salzburg (AT) RockHouse “Dome of Rock Fest
08.07 Nandlstadt (DE) FreakinOut Festival

In the meantime, Local Dogs can be ordered now from Heavy Psych Sounds, and Draghi was kind enough to take part in a short interview about making the album.

Please enjoy the following Six Dumb Questions:

doctor cyclops local dogs

Six Dumb Questions with Doctor Cyclops

Tell me about recording Local Dogs. How was it working with James Atkinson from Gentlemans Pistols as producer? What made you choose him to record the album?

Was nice and easy, as James is a super cool and easygoing guy. At the same time he is really professional and into the kind of music we are as well, so it was a relief for us to find someone we were in complete harmony to work with. We chose him as we knew he could have been the right person to help us catching on the record those dirty and honest sound you normally get just by recording on tapes in your rehearsal room. We met because of a common friend, Steve Lloyd. He introduced us to James, we had a talk and then we sent him some rough recordings we did. He understood immediately what we were looking for. He was the right guy at the right time.

What were you going for sound-wise coming off of Oscuropasso?

We decided to go for a simpler approach. We just wanted to capture the sound of the rehearsal room, so once in the studio we played all together in one room take after take, trying to put down every song in the faster and more natural way we could. No click tracks, not that many overdubbings, just straight playing, one song after the other… that’s it, good old ’70s rotten rock way.

Songs like “Stardust” have a lot of classic metal to them as well as ‘70s rock. What is the relation between classic and modern sounds for Doctor Cyclops at this point? Are there specific albums or bands that drove your love of older metal?

I guess some of our songs could sound like the lost connection between the early 70’s sound and the proto-heavy metal era… We are into bands like Captain Beyond, Dust, Sir Lord Baltimore, but also into the early Iron Maiden, Witchfinder General, Budgie. I guess in some songs we cheated on the pure ’70s groove by flirting (or petting) with the heavy metal/hard rock lustful chick.

This is your first full-length for Heavy Psych Sounds. How did working with the label come about and how has it been leading up to the release?

We know Gabriele [Fiori], the HPS master, since years as we played together with his band Black Rainbows somewhere around Europe. We are both in the same scene and country, so we kept in touch easily. Once we had this record done we started spreading it around, Gabriele gave his feedback, he was really happy and offered us to release it. We agreed that HPS is a growing label on the market. The names he is signing in and musicians he is working with prove that. He has very good connections in the scene and – things that is really important for a band – he does booking and follows his bands step by step with a careful promotion planning. He is passionate but also a wise business guy. A good mixture for a label boss.

How did having Bill Steer contribute to Local Dogs come about, and what was it like to work with him?

We’ve known Bill since years. We were great Firebird fans, we attempted many of their shows and we played with them as well in 2009. Since then we kept in touch. Of course we love Bill as a guitar player, but the cool thing is that he appreciated us as well as musicians. We simply asked him if he was into recording a couple of solos on the album and he said ‘yes’. He is also a really generous and humble person, a super cool guy. He overdubbed his solos after we finished our recordings as at the time we were in the studio he was busy with Carcass. But I can tell that we were amused about the work he did from the first listening on! We are proud and thankful he did that.

Any other plans or closing words you want to mention?

Now we just have one thing to do…going back on the road and rock as many asses out as we can! Follow us on the web, Facebook or website… touring dates will be announced very soon.

Doctor Cyclops on Thee Facebooks

Doctor Cyclops on Bandcamp

Heavy Psych Sounds on Thee Facebooks

Heavy Psych Sounds website

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Heavy Psych Sounds Announces Volume II Label Sampler; New Music from Black Rainbows and Killer Boogie

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The label compilation is kind of a lost art in this age of digital whathaveyou. Used to be imprints put together comps on the regular. Some had rough mixes, some had exclusive tracks or things that wound up getting dropped off albums, and they kind of became a place where you might find something special once and then not run into it again. Italy’s Heavy Psych Sounds, with an ever-expanding roster and an already-full slate of releases as a result, seems intent on reviving the tradition. In addition to the label, booking agency, four-way split series and now two organized festivals under its belt, last year saw the release of Heavy Psych Sounds Volume I, and it seems that, indeed, it was the beginning of a series.

Heavy Psych Sounds Volume II will feature exclusive tracks from Black Rainbows and Killer Boogie and will be released on March 24. The same day, Black Rainbows will release their “The Red Sky Above” as a digital single following-up on last year’s Stellar Prophecy (review here) and leading to speculation of a sixth long-player in the works from them.

From the PR wire:


Heavy Psych Sounds Records presents: HPS CD SAMPLER VOL II (2017)

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking is stoked to announce: The HPS Records Sampler Vol 2

Europe’s ever-growing riff powerhouse HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS is set to release the second chapter of its “Heavy Psych Sounds Sampler”, featuring 15 bands of the roster among which two exclusive new songs!

This new compilation features 15 tracks taken off the label’s most recent releases (Fatso Jetson, Nick Oliveri, The Freeks…) as well as a nice preview of some upcoming gems from The Sonic Dawn, Farflung, Duel or Cachemira. As an icing on this rifftastic cake, “Heavy Psych Sounds Sampler Vol. 2” offers two exclusive new singles from the mighty Black Rainbows and Killer Boogie.

Black Rainbows “The Red Sky Above” (exclusive track!)
Cachemira “Overpopulation”
Doctor Cyclops “Lonely Devil”
Duel “Witchbanger”
Farflung “You Will Kill For Me”
Fatso Jetson “Wire Wheels And Robots”
Giöbia “This World Was Being Watched Closely”
Glitter Wizard-Mycelia
Killer Boogie “Eight Ball” (exclusive track!)
Mothership “Crown Of Lies”
Nick Oliveri “Anything And Everything”
The Clamps “Must Destroy”
The Golden Grass “Flashing Out Of Sight”
The Freeks “Uncle Jack’s Truck”
The Sonic Dawn “Summer Voyage”

Heavy Psych Sounds Sampler Vol. 2
Out March 24th on Heavy Psych Sounds

Black Rainbows, “The Red Sky Above”

Unreleased dope track for the Italian fuzzsters, 6 minutes of Doomy, Stoner, Sabbathty groove stuff, recorded specifically for the new HPS Sampler. Recorded during their last tour in a cool studio surrounded by white snow mountains in the north of Italy last January 2017. You can taste the change of direction for the band with a monolithic style, more dark, more heavy, more straight in your face!

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS is an ever-growing European record label and booking agency specialized in stoner, hard, psychedelic, fuzzy, doomy rock and more largely, all kinds of blazing retro riffage. Since its creation in Roma in 2007, HPS has released projects for Black Rainbows, Nick Oliveri, Karma To Burn, Naam, White Hills, Farflung, Fatso Jetson, Deville, Hot Lunch, Killer Boogie, Mos Generator, Isaak, The Sonic Dawn, Mothership and many more.

Black Rainbows, “The Red Sky Above”

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Sonic Ritual Fest 2017: Yawning Man, The Cosmic Dead, Giöbia, Ecstatic Vision, Duel and More to Play

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 3rd, 2017 by JJ Koczan

Heavy Psych Sounds enters the Spring festival game with Sonic Ritual Fest 2017. The announcement of the new fest comes only days after a Heavy Psych Sounds night was also confirmed for Desertfest Berlin 2017 (info here), and as Sonic Ritual will take place over the course of two nights in three different cities in two different countries, it’s nothing if not an ambitious rollout. That’s before you get to the lineup, which spans Europe and both coasts of the US in its scope, importing acts like desert rock legends Yawning Man and Philly cosmic rockers Ecstatic Vision to play alongside Scotland’s The Cosmic Dead and Italian spaceheads Giöbia.

Sonic Ritual Fest 2017 is intended as a springtime companion to the fall’s Heavy Psych Sounds Fest, so we’ll have to see over time how the two develop, but the idea off the bat of a multi-city approach over subsequent nights, with two different packages that then converge for one huge blowout is a pretty cool way to start. Heavy Psych Sounds still has two more bands to add to the Athens show for May 19, so I’ll be keeping an eye open to see who makes the cut. Perhaps a native Greek act or two would fit the profile? Could be just about anybody, I suppose. There doesn’t seem to be much that’s out of HPS‘ reach these days.

Info and ticket preorder links follow:

sonic ritual fest 2017

Sonic Ritual Fest 2017

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking Is really happy to unveil the line ups for the SONIC RITUAL FEST

May 19 IT Ravenna-Bronson:

May 19 GR Athens-An Club:
+2 more bands to be announced!

May 20 IT Bloom-Mezzago:

Sonic Ritual Fest is the new HeavyPsychSounds Spring Fest!
FEATURING: Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner, Heavy Psych

Yawning Man, Live in London, Sept. 1, 2016

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Doctor Cyclops Release Local Dogs March 31

Posted in Whathaveyou on January 24th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

Any number of bands make boogie rock records every day. You want to commit? Get frickin’ Bill Steer to play on the thing. Yeah, I know he’s been grinding out the last few years in the reunited Carcass, and that’s awesome, but when he was in Firebird, that band was absolutely incredible, and one imagines it’s that kind of I’m-just-gonna-softshoe-while-I-play-this-awesome-’70s-lead vibe that he brings to Doctor Cyclops‘ upcoming third album, Local Dogs.

Local Dogs follows 2014’s Oscuropasso (discussed here) and will be the Italian outfit’s first full-length on Heavy Psych Sounds. The label posted copious details on the record — and of course it will have more to offer than the Steer guest appearance; though he gets a showing per side — as well as the striking cover art, ahead of the preorders for the CD and LP, which start next month.

Goes like this:

doctor cyclops local dogs

Doctor Cyclops unveil details about upcoming album “Local Dogs” on Heavy Psych Sounds.

DOCTOR CYCLOPS New album “Local Dogs”
Out March 31st on Heavy Psych Sounds
– Presales start on February 24th –

Amazing artwork by Rise Above (Marcello Crescenzi)

Released in:
Black Vinyl
Clear Blue Ltd Vinyl

Northern Italy’s cold woods are set to unleash their fieriest beast, with ’70s power trio DOCTOR CYCLOPS returning with their blistering third album “Local Dogs” this March on Heavy Psych Sounds.

DOCTOR CYCLOPS haven’t stood idle since their latest album “Oscuropasso” (World In Sound 2014), slowly but surely rustling up their heaviest and most accomplished project to date. This new full-length entitled “Local Dogs” is an explosive mixture of ’70s heavy rock, NWOBHM and doomier Sabbath-style riffage, ready to take you back to a different era. Groovy riffs and gloomy paths coming straight from the woods feel like the epic saga of the ’70s is truly likely to continue its course. In this context, the appearance of Bill Steer (Carcass, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols) on lead guitar tastes like the icing on top of a tempting cake.

1. Lonely Devil
2. D.I.A.
3. Stardust (w/ Bill Steer)
4. Epicurus
5. Wall Of Misery
1. King Midas
2. Stanley The Owl
3. Druid Samhain (w/ Bill Steer)
4. Witch’s Tale
5. Witchfinder General

DOCTOR CYCLOPS is a power trio delivering a blistering heavy rock rejuvenating the legacy of the ’70s and early ’80s. The band formed in 2007 in a small village in the middle of Appennino mountains, Northern Italy. Their common passion for brilliant outfits such as Truth and Janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond or Witchfinder General lead them to record and self-produce their first EP “The Doctor Cyclops” (2010), which is quickly followed by two full-lengths: “Borgofondo” (2012) and “Oscuropasso” (2014), both released on German heavy psychedelic label World in Sound.

Since 2008, the trio has had the chance to tour Europe several times, sharing the stages with Firebird, Blood Ceremony, Siena Root, Colour Haze, Stoned Jesus, The Grand Astoria and many other bands. DOCTOR CYCLOPS also took part to important festivals such as Freak Valley in Germany (2012) and Red Smoke Festival in Spain (2016).

DOCTOR CYCLOPS will be on tour in spring soput an eye on the news to catch them on the road!!

Doctor Cyclops, Oscuropasso (2014)

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Doctor Cyclops to Release New Album on Heavy Psych Sounds

Posted in Whathaveyou on December 15th, 2016 by JJ Koczan

Italian imprint Heavy Psych Sounds continues to line up a busy 2017 with the announcement of a new release by countrymen classic rockers Doctor Cyclops. It will be the band’s third album following 2014’s Oscuropasso (discussed here), which saw release through World in Sound, and though the label is as-yet tightlipped on details when it comes to things like the album art, tracks, audio, inevitable tour dates and so on, they’ve yet to say they’re going to do something and not see it come manifest, so you know, they say there’s a new Doctor Cyclops in the works and I have very littel reason to doubt it. Spring 2017? Might be summer, but whatever. You can pretty well bet it’ll happen sooner or later.

The initial word came through the label’s social media and gives due justice to the band’s classic boogie stylizations, which you can hear in the full stream of Oscuropasso below, as taken from the band’s Bandcamp.

Goes like this:

doctor cyclops heavy psych sounds

Doctor Cyclops – Heavy Psych Sounds

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking is really proud to announce a new band signing. Welcome into the family to: Doctor Cyclops

Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-styled power trio playing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound, eldest son of glorious Black Sabbath and other more underground heroes from the 70s and early 80s as Truth and Janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond or Witchfinder General. Doctor Cyclops just ink a deal for their third record!

The album will be released in spring:

“When we heard the new work of the band, we’ve been so surprised by the high quality of the songs, and the new sound of the band!”

The new album feature a great producer and a special guest we will announce later this year with an incredible artwork cover and album details!

Doctor Cyclops, Oscuropasso (2014)

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Doctor Cyclops Touring in December

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 28th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

doctor cyclops

Italian three-piece Doctor Cyclops will round out 2014 supporting their latest album, Oscuropasso, with dates in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, preaching their doomly gospel of ’70s prog worship and heavy riffage 10 nights in a row. The record — still on my desk — was released by World in Sound and boasted warm tones and an excited feel that one imagines is a mirror for energy the trio bring to their live show (not having seen them, I can’t really comment). It’s a quality album. I still feel guilty for not reviewing it in some fashion.

Should you happen to be in Austria, Germany or Switzerland next month — it could happen — don’t let my baggage stop you from checking out what will likely be a cool show. They’re calling it the “Riding a Dream” tour, and I hope it works out that way. Earlier this year, the bandumentary Borgopasso – Doctor Cyclops Not the Movie was released, and you’ll find that under the tour dates below should you want to learn more about them:

doctor cyclops tour

DOCTOR CYCLOPS – Riding a Dream Tour December 2014

Doctor Cyclops (World in Sound rec.) heavy 70s rockers will break through Austria, Germany and Switzerland from next week. 11 gigs in 11 days, from wednesday the 3rd to saturday the 13th. Choose your city, get your show!! Join the Cyclops Partying Circus, may the Trolls be with you.

One Eyed Promotions, World in Sound Records and DAREDEVIL RECORDS presents:

3.12: SALZBURG (AT)@ Rockhouse
4.12: WURZBURG (DE)@ Immerhin
5.12: LUBBENAU (DE)@ kulturhoff
6.12: ARNSTADT (DE)@ Rockjungfer
7.12: ERFURT (DE)@ Tiko
8.12: FRANKFURT@ Neglected Grassland
9.12: BIELEFIELD (DE)@ Potemkin
10.12: DORTMUND (DE)@ blackplastic
11.12: HEIDELBERG (DE)@ Beatfabrik
12.12: ST.GALLEN (CH)@Rumpeltum
13.12: THUN (CH)@ AKut

Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-style power trio playing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound, eldest son of glorious Balck Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70ies and early 80ies such as Truth and janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Witchfinder General. Even later and more modern references are warm-vintage style ones: Witchcraft, Firebird, Cathedral, Spiritual Beggars just to say some.

Borgopasso – Doctor Cyclops Not the Movie (2014)

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Doctor Cyclops Go Behind-the-Scenes in New Documentary

Posted in Bootleg Theater on May 7th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

By way of a confession, I’ve had the World in Sound release of Doctor Cyclops‘ latest and debut outing, Oscuropasso, on my stack to review longer than I care to admit. I’m trying. In the meantime, though, the Italian heavy trio have unveiled a new documentary by Barnabil Produzioni that goes behind the scenes with the first five years of the band, showing backstage footage, live footage, travel shenanigans, and interviews to give the trad rockers’ perspective on where they are and the passion that drives what they do.

It’s called Borgopasso: Doctor Cyclops Not the Movie, which I guess is the band’s way of reserving the right to have a longer movie about themselves come out down the line and not have it be a sequel? Not sure what’s going on there, but it’s a cool and stylized look at the trio anyway, and whether you’re a fan of the Oscuropasso or someone unfamiliar, it tells a story I think a lot of people can relate to in terms of music defining a key part of their lives.

Check it out below, followed by the band’s announcement of its release and their tour dates for later this month:

Borgopasso: Doctor Cyclops Not the Movie

Ladies & Gentlemen, dogs & cats, stoned and boozes… We are more than proud to introduce you the first-ever documentary about Doctor Cyclops. It celebrates the first five years of activity of our band. Directed by our friend and film-maker Luca Chinaglia and produced by his own company Barnabil Produzioni, it’s been shot during a tour between Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria last may and october 2013… The Bruch Brothers, Le Brin de Zinc, United Club, Mark Kulturzentrum, Freysitz Bar, Ann-and Pat and probably your good self are surely involved…. Enjoy and please help us sharing it!

Doctor Cyclops will take a new Swiss/German tour [this] month. Here it is…”The German Crossing part II”. Will you join us?

16.05: (IT) Mondovì@Ca’ di matt
17.05: (CH) St.Gallen@Rumpeltum
18.05: (CH) Luzern@Bruch Brothers
21.05: (DE) Wurzburg@Immerhin
22.05: (DE) Hamlar@Rockmusic
23.05: (DE) Berlin@Jagerklause
24.05: (DE) Zwickau@Ugly Bar

Doctor Cyclops on Thee Facebooks

Barnabil Produzioni on Thee Facebooks

World in Sound

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