Duel to Release Breakfast with Death July 5


As much as I’ve gotten used to following the word Duel in a headline with some geographical region or other the Austin-based heavy rockers will be touring — and no doubt I’ll be back to that in soon enough — I’m glad to see word of their fifth album, Breakfast with Death, come down the PR wire. It hasn’t been that long since 2021’s notably driven In Carne Persona (review here), and even less since their 2023 live album, Live at Hellfest (review here), so cheers to them on continued restlessness. Taking on the first single, “Satan’s Invention,” believe them when they call it a “Thin Lizzy sequel,” and if you can’t get on board with the charge they bring to that, well, you’re probably not reading this in the first place, so whatever. That’s life in the age where everyone curates their own shit.

For the rest of us, “Satan’s Invention” has a little more room in the recording for Duel to unleash that charge, and reminds that while they’ve always been straight-shooters in terms of structure, their output has never wanted for atmosphere alongside its physicality. They are among the finest good-times-in-dark-sounds stage bands the US heavy rock underground has to offer, and their records have consistently brought that electricity to bear. I would expect no less going into Breakfast with Death, as they continue to work to their own high standard.

From the PR wire:

duel breakfast with death

Austin heavy metal revelers DUEL share first track off new album “Breakfast With Death”, coming out July 5th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Austin, Texas heavy rock spearhead DUEL will release their fifth full-length “Breakfast With Death” this July 5th on Heavy Psych Sounds, with a rip-roaring first track streaming right now.

Look who got up on the wrong side of the bed! “Breakfast With Death” is the fifth studio album by Austin Texas stoner metal riff dealers DUEL: nine angry, blistering tracks flexing the faster and heavier side of the thunderous foursome. Every song is a beer-soaked banger capturing the ferocity of the band’s legendary live performances.

About this fist-pumping new track, the band comments: “I don’t believe in the devil! Hell is a place here on Earth! Satan’s invention is a 4-minute Thin Lizzy-sequel rocker exploring the evils of man and the illusions of life. The countless lies we are fed from birth to death. All at a beat you can dance to!”

New album “Breakfast With Death”
Out July 5th on Heavy Psych Sounds (LP/CD/digital)

Shop preorder – https://www.heavypsychsounds.com/shop.htm#HPS311

Bandcamp preorder – https://heavypsychsoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/duel-breakfast-with-death

Side A:
1. Ancient Moonlight
2. Satan’s Invention
3. Chaos Reigns
4. Fallacy
5. Pyro
Side B
6. Berserker
7. Tigers of Destruction
8. Greet The Dead
9. Burn The Earth

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Henson at Red Nova Ranch
Produced by Jeff Henson and Tom Frank
Mastered by Alberto de Icaza
all songs by DUEL

Tom Frank – lead vocals & guitar
Jeff Henson – lead guitar & backing vocals
Patrick “Scooch” Pascucci – Drums
Drew Potter – bass & backing vocals



Duel, “Satan’s Invention”

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  1. SabbathJeff says:

    Hot damn, with this label. Everytime I place an order, they’re like, hey cool, glad you ordered those few CDs; here’s like 127 preorders for more riffs you may enjoy. The fuck, HPS. We gotta work out a subscription payment plan or some shit. ‘IT’S SO RELENTLESS…’

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