Howling Giant Post “Juggernaut” Video; Tour w/ The Obsessed & Gozu Starts March 13

Howling Giant four-piece

Oh, alright, I guess we can talk again about how much Howling Giant outdid themselves with this past Fall’s Glass Future (review here). It’s been about 10 minutes. The Nashville-based outfit appear in the photo above in their recently-announced four-piece incarnation, making it official with James Sanderson on guitar and vocals, who has contributed to their records and songwriting before — as well as, apparently, DM’ing — but their new video for “Juggernaut” still features them as the trio of guitarist/vocalist Tom Polzine, drummer/vocalist Zach Wheeler and bassist/vocalist Sebastian Baltes, who it would appear is also in charge of the hot sauce.

And of course Howling Giant have hot sauce. They had coffee at one point too (review here), so it’s only fair game for a band who so obviously put hot sauce in their coffee in order to obtain their particular melodic consciousness, poppy in a get-off-your-ass kind of way, Glass Future retains substance even in its showy style, with hook after hook after hook and a momentum not at all undercut by the fact that they’re also dynamic and not just doing the same thing all the time. Really, give me two seconds to put the record on and we could take the whole afternoon to talk about it even before we get to the persona on display in the songs manifest in the video as an infomercial for, duh, the hot sauce.

Casting puts Wheeler and Polzine as the salesmen, and with performance footage interspliced, they send up outdated notions of advertising and maybe even a bit themselves. After all, they’re making a joke of selling the hot sauce on tv and joking about torturing Baltes as a captive chef to eventually make it from… his… life force?, but I bet if you put yourself in front of the merch table on the band’s upcoming tour with The Obsessed and Gozu — both also with new records out, the former the most recent of them — that hot sauce will be there waiting for you. Not sure they’ll push it quite as vigorously as they do in the video, but that’s probably fine too.

As for the track itself, it joins Glass Future‘s title-track and “Aluminum Crown,” the clips for which you can see below, and if Howling Giant wanted to bang out three or four more videos before they move on from the record to whatever’s next, I’ll gladly post those too. Few bands who can write songs at their level either do or put the work in afterward to let people know about it as well as Howling Giant — also on their side is the fact that they’re fun but not dicks about it — who also toured Europe this past Fall in the company of Philadelphian labelmates Heavy Temple and will no doubt be headed back that way before too long.

Video’s below, tour dates under that. You know the drill. PR wire and such:

Howling Giant, “Juggernaut” official video

HOWLING GIANT dish out a jar full of spicy news today. First helping is a hot sauce-filled video clip for the yummy track ‘Juggernaut’ taken from the band’s current album “Glass Future”, released in October 2023 through Magnetic Eye Records (order at Next on the menu is a tasty US tour in spring 2024 in support of THE OBSESSED, find all dates listed below!

HOWLING GIANT will embark on an extended US tour as direct support for THE OBSESSED in March and April this spring. The now quartet from Nashville, TN will hit the roads in support of their highly acclaimed current album “Glass Future”, which is also the official introductory round for new rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist James Sanderson.

HOWLING GIANT welcome their new member: “James started working with us while we were writing ‘Masamune’, helping break down lyrical barriers and working on song arrangements, and followers of our online shenanigans might recognize him as the Dungeon Master in our streamed D&D campaigns”, drummer and vocalist Zach Wheeler reveals. “We are stoked to welcome James officially into the Howling Giant fold, and can hardly wait to show off the four-piece fury that we’ll be bringing forth on our upcoming run with The Obsessed and Gozu. See you all on the road!”

13 MAR 2024 Philadelphia, PA (US) Milk Boy
14 MAR 2024 Baltimore, MD (US) Metro Gallery
15 MAR 2024 Richmond, VA (US) Cobra Cabana
16 MAR 2024 Wilmington, NC (US) Reggie’s 42nd Street Tavern
17 MAR 2024 Asheville, NC (US) The Odd
19 MAR 2024 Atlanta, GA (US) Boggs Social & Supply
20 MAR 2024 New Orleans, LA (US) Siberia
22 MAR 2024 Fort Worth, TX (US) Tulips
23 MAR 2024 Austin, TX (US) The Lost Well
25 MAR 2024 Albuquerque, NM (US) Launchpad
26 MAR 2024 Mesa, AZ (US) The Nile Underground
27 MAR 2024 Los Angeles, CA (US) Resident
28 MAR 2024 Palmdale, CA (US) Transplants Brewing
29 MAR 2024 San Diego, CA (US) Brick By Brick
30 MAR 2024 Las Vegas, NV (US) The Usual Place
31 MAR 2024 Salt Lake City, UT (US) Aces High Saloon
01 APR 2024 Denver, CO (US) Hi-Dive
03 APR 2024 Chicago, IL (US) Reggies
04 APR 2024 Lakewood, OH (US) The Foundry
05 APR 2024 New Kensington, PA (US) Preserving Underground
06 APR 2024 Rochester, NY (US) Montage Music Hall
07 APR 2024 Brattleboro, VT (US) The Stone Church
09 APR 2024 Cambridge, MA (US) Sonia
10 APR 2024 Portland, ME (US) Geno’s Rock Club
11 APR 2024 Hamden, CT (US) Space Ballroom
12 APR 2024 Brooklyn, NY (US) The Meadows

Recording line-up
Tom Polzine – guitar, vocals
Zach Wheeler – drums, vocals
Sebastian Baltes – bass, vocals

Guest musicians
Drew David Harakal II – organ, piano, synths
James Sanderson – additional vocals on ‘Siren Song’, ‘Hawk in a Hurricane’, and ‘There’s Time Now’

Current line-up
Tom Polzine – guitar, vocals
Zach Wheeler – drums, vocals
Sebastian Baltes – bass, vocals
James Sanderson – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Howling Giant, “Glass Future” official video

Howling Giant, “Aluminum Crown” official video

Howling Giant, Glass Future (2023)

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  1. SabbathJeff says:

    Opening night in Philly, shake off the cobwebs time, let’s go! Parking sucks but whatreyagonnado? I am massively stoked to see Howling Giant live, finally! Gozu is spectacular fun, and the Obsesseds’ new one has riffs and tones for days. Been a minute since seeing Wino; really hoping for a Spirit Caravan tune to make the setlist in tribute to Sherm, but it’s all good. This package ain’t recommended by my chiro, that’s for damn sure.

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