Electric Hydra Premiere New Single “Eyes of Time”; New Album Next Year

Electric Hydra (Photo by Camilla Andersson)

For anyone wondering where the new album announcement is, we’re not there yet. At the same time, it’s arguably more crucial for Swedish now-four-piece Electric Hydra to release a new single right now, since the music serves as the response from vocalist Sanne Karlsson, guitarist Peter Söderberg (also of Capricorn), bassist Ellinor Andersson (who recently joined Astroqueen) and drummer Dennis Åhman in the aftermath of former guitarist Jonas Stålhammar being rather convincingly accused of sexual harassment and abuse by a fan. Obviously, he’s out of the band (also At the Gates, for whom he played guitar until a couple weeks ago), and “Eyes of Time,” which follows the band’s 2020 self-titled debut (review here), is a strong signal that they’ll keep moving forward.

The message comes through in the lyrics, as detailed in the narrative — blessings and peace upon it — under the player below, but also in the four-minute track’s instrumental shove. From its initial fade-in, “Eyes of Time” is almost immediately in motion, hinting at the taking of cues from on-stage-at-big-Euro-festival vibes before its hook borders on power metal to highlight the point. Not so much aggressive, but precise and poised, Electric Hydra filter their metallic leanings through heavy rock tones, electric hydra eyes of timebut Söderberg‘s guitar doesn’t lie, and neither does that shredding solo in the back half of the song. Not that they’d need to hide their metal lineage and influence, mind you, but listening to “Eyes of Time,” if you’re breezing through, the groove and fuzz are in more of a heavy rock style enough that you might miss the fact that all of a sudden you’re pumping your fist in the air along with the band’s triumph. Or at very least, nodding your head in appreciation as they steamroll the adversity before them.

Whichever route you take there, the point is “Eyes of Time” moves, and the direction it moves is forward right at you. And it’s also the band ‘moving forward’ from a challenging situation — guessing by how quickly dude was dropped from his bands, I’m guessing the accusations were less a revelation behind the scenes than they were publicly — toward a new beginning with their second full-length, currently in progress for release next year on Majestic Mountain Records. I don’t know what size stages they’ll be on when they get out to properly support that next long-player, but there’s no question they’re figuring out what kind of band they want to be. They sound like they’re a Per Wiberg guest appearance away from taking over the world, so if “Eyes of Time” is a check-in on that progress in addition to everything else, then yes, heads up on that album coming out. They should press a 7″ here with a live track or some such as a B-side, but if you find yourself dying for retail expression, there are opportunities for such things in the meantime as detailed below.

Enjoy the track:

Electric Hydra, “Eyes of Time” track premiere

The enigmatic Electric Hydra rears its powerful head with new music two years after the release of their sold out, self titled debut in 2020.

The first pressing of Electric Hydra’s self titled debut is sold out, but a repress was made in 2021 and there are just a few copies left through Majestic Mountain Records and directly from the band’s Bandcamp.



Fans might have noticed that the band hasn’t been idle in this time, since the pandemic they’ve played several stellar live gigs and have announced their ‘Under Black Wings’ tour through Sweden, Denmark and Germany this winter with Jesus Chrüsler Supercar.

They’re also writing a second album due out in 2023 from Majestic Mountain Records and forging ahead full force into a new era of power and positivity.

As a precursor to their new album due out next year, Electric Hydra bring us an explosive track entitled ‘Eyes Of Time’ as a strong response to recent events that have shaken the metal scene in Sweden and affected the band itself.

”The lyrics were originally about existential questions referring to our thoughts and how they only exist because we create them and that everything around us including ourselves is in constant transition from one shape to another,” lead singer Sanne Karlsson explains. ”Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another.”

However, given the most recent circumstances, all of a sudden the song seemed to take on other meanings which felt spot on as a protest against sexism and the toxic masculinity in the music scene. The time for releasing it felt exceptionally right for the band. A clear line drawn in the sand and living (listenable) proof that Electric Hydra will not be stopped.

”They say if you cut off one of the hydra’s heads, two more will grow back in its place, and it feels like an important statement for us to make in times like these,” bassist Ellinor Andersson continues.

’Eyes of time’ is a high octane, ass kicking punch in the face, a rousing anthem to taking up space and leading the way fearlessly forward with its powerful delivery and punchy attitude.

Through blazing metallic riffage from guitarist Peter Söderberg, a purely pounding rhythm section emanates from Ellinor Andersson on bass and Dennis Åhman on drums as Sanne Karlsson’s headily confident and breathy sneer rises triumphant and Electric Hydra give the finger to mincing words and say it like it is:

“It’s time to move on,
time to leave.
Shifting shape now,
cease to be.”

If this single is any hint of what’s to come, the wait to 2023 for their second album will be more than worth it and Electric Hydra are poised and ready to play it live and loud for everyone that wants to listen.

Music: Dennis Åhman
Lyrics: Sanne Karlsson
Produced by Electric Hydra
Mix & master Dennis Åhman
Artwork Sanne Karlsson

Recorded at
Studio Bo

Sanne Karlsson – Vocals
Ellinor Andersson – Bass
Dennis Åhman – Drums
Peter Söderberg – Guitar

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