Old Man Wizard Premiere “Parasite”; Kill Your Servants Quietly Out Nov. 5

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Old Man Wizard release their final album on Nov. 5. It’s not every band that go into their last release knowing they’re done, and the San Diego three-piece approach Kill Your Servants Quietly (review here) with a due sense of purpose in the songs, pushing outward from their foundations in progressive heavy rock to incorporate elements of classic pop, disco, musical theatre, and more.

Following up on 2018’s Blame it All on Sorcery (discussed here) and 2013’s Unfavorable (review here), the 10-track swan song for an undervalued group finds them going out on their most realized moment, and if they’re really done — because everybody knows that sometimes a band isn’t when they might initially think they are — they ride into oblivion on top of their proverbial game.

I reviewed the record in August. That’s stupid-early on my part for a November release. And there was a track premiere with that too. And I’m in the process of setting up an interview with guitarist/vocalist/synthesist Francis Roberts to talk about ending the band and future plans and so on.

Accordingly, I’ll spare you any more diatribe, but from that, please take that I consider the work to be of marked achievement in style and the substance of its craft. In Kill Your Servants Quietly‘s awareness of and engagement with pop, there’s a strong structural underpinning to their melodies that even in the three-minute “Parasite” — premiering below — I think comes through without question. It’s true throughout the record that the songs are thoughtful and three-dimensionally conceived without being entirely overdone.

So yeah, this is the second track premiere I’ve done for Kill Your Servants Quietly. If they offered me a third, I’d probably do that too. Madness.


Francis Roberts on “Parasite”:

I love Carly Simon. “You’re So Vain” isn’t even close to my favorite song of hers (“Nobody Does It Better” wins that prize), but the premise behind the song is genius; It’s essentially a diss track that doesn’t give its target the validation of having a song written for them. I started writing “Parasite” more than ten years ago and stopped because I didn’t feel like the person I was writing it about deserved a song, and reading that story about Carly Simon inspired me to redo it without making it about anyone in particular.

Musically, we ended up doing going for sort of a surf-punk vibe. I think this song was the hardest to get a good take on; That instrumental break is really hard, and it’s one of the songs we hadn’t tested out at a show before recording, so we had less practice on it. If you like it, send it to someone you hate!

Old Man Wizard is:
Francis Roberts – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Samplers
Andre Beller – Background Vocals, Bass Guitar, Violin
Kris Calabio – Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion

Old Man Wizard, “Kill Your Servants” official video

Old Man Wizard, Kill Your Servants Quietly (2021)

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