Old Man Wizard, Unfavorable: A Soul for Sins

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In both “If Only” and “The Bearded Fool,” there’s a drive toward narrative, and as the majority of the songs included on the California progressive trio’s self-released first outing are ultimately character studies — from “Highwayman,” to “Nightmare Rider,” “The Bearded Fool” and “Traveller’s Lament” — with guitarist/vocalist/songwriter seed germination research paper go to site cell phones in school essay cambridge phd thesis Francis Charles Roberts assuming the various characters in first-person (“Nightmare Rider” is in third), Vpl Homework Help The Introduction . Help in essay writing While free papers are good as references and. We attracted top professional a dissertation writing assistance the introduction conversation with essential tips for writing since uniqueness. Essays Help - Professional the dissertation writing assistance the introduction of our paper you submit is more. 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But there is nothing impossible when you work on it really hard. It does not matter whether you are in school or in college. It is never too late to improve your assignment writing skills. Here are some basic but key strategies to make you a better writer. Letís have a look to get pro at Roberts, and Minni Jo Mazzola, who also adds flute to “Traveller’s Lament,” makes periodic singing appearances, so it is a vocal-heavy album, but it’s with the distinctive harmonies and creative arrangements that Unfavorable sets its mood and forms its cohesive layers of aesthetic. Front to back, the album winds up gorgeous, accomplished, varied and well beyond the common expectation of a fumbling debut from a band feeling their way into a songwriting methodology. Old Man Wizard — and Roberts as the principle architect of their output on this LP — seem to have a firm grasp on what they want the band to be and how they want to realize that vision. Drawing influences from traditional and progressive metal — clean vocal Opeth are a big influence in both the vocal style and overarching melancholy of a song like “If Only” — and playfully marrying them with garage and other heavy rocks, Old Man Wizard showcase marked potential and stylistic nuance that seems beyond their still-nascent tenure, having only come together in 2012.

Both the music and lyrics of “Highwayman” feed into a sense of motion, and Roberts immediately assumes charge of the album as its narrator. It’s an initial rush, a quick gallop to get lost in that finds a mirror later with the push of side B’s bass-heavy opener, “The Bearded Fool.” Also working in “Highwayman”‘s favor, however, is its hook, which comes paired with jumpy transitions and a smooth running verse, the backing vocals in the chorus foreshadowing a nod to Ennio Morricone that comes to the fore with cello from Beller and harmonica from Roberts at the culmination. Already, Old Man Wizard have proven their ability to cull cohesive results from unlikely combinations of influence, and Unfavorable only gets more complex as the acoustic folk of “If Only” pulls off an easy sway and more Opethian harmonies. Electric guitar is gradually layered into the background, giving a sense of build to the song, but the peaceful, wistful air is maintained throughout, even as “If Only” comes as close to threatening as it gets with a volume swell at the 4:30 mark. Rather than take off into a heavier thrust, Old Man Wizard serve the song better by staying patient, knowing that everything has a place in the course of the album, and drop back to the sweet vocal melody and psychedelic folk acoustic guitar. If there’s a single arrangement on Unfavorable that demonstrates the band’s prog mindset, it might be this one, but “If Only” still works best in the context of the release overall, leading into the shortest track, “Nightmare Rider” (3:23), on which lyrics arrive in jabs and the guitars and bass go headfirst into a grungier riffing that’s hammered out somewhat by the production but still the dirtiest-sounding thing they’ve played yet on the record. Of course, the atmosphere is maintained, and one gets a Danny Elfman-esque vibe filtered through proto-metallic crunch and classic thrash as the shouts at the start of each verse line calling to mind Metallica‘s “The Four Horsemen,” seemingly with intent.

“Nightmare Rider” has a strong low end presence from Beller, and that’s true as well of “The Bearded Fool,” and Calabio also sounds at home within the song’s insistent forward progression. Though not as outright catchy as was “Highwayman,” “The Bearded Fool” makes an engaging lead-in for Unfavorable‘s second half, pulling back on Calabio‘s steady snare to open up to resolution before fading out. If Old Man Wizard‘s intent was to put side B in direct conversation with side A, answering it, then it would make sense that the subsequent “Traveller’s Lament” would be another acoustic, folk-leaning number, and that’s just what it turns out to be, though a key difference is in the inclusion of drums, which the earlier “If Only” didn’t have. A subtle rumble of bass and acoustic guitar adds a foreboding feel along with the acoustic strum and rich chorus of voices, and “Traveller’s Lament” seems to capitalize on the threat of “If Only,” coming more tonally full past its halfway point, with Mazzola‘s cello adding further depth to the still-balanced mix, giving Beller more space to distinguish his fills. With about a minute left, they drop out to just Roberts on vocals and guitar, and build from there to a flow of backing vocals for the final verse — kind of an oom-pah, but more krautrock than polka — before letting acoustic strum have the final say. That works twofold on being appropriate to close out “Traveller’s Lament” itself as well as giving the speedy drum opening of closer “Forevermore” — also the longest track at 8:31 — the opportunity to surprise the listener. A rawer drive is telegraphed through single-layer singing from Roberts, his first verse line, “This burden he carries, on and on…” finds him straining his voice over top of the swirl the instruments behind him are concocting. Despite an enjoyably riotous solo and semi-chorus that someone is sooner or later going to compare to Ghost, “Forevermore” proves more memorable for its various movements than any single hook or line. After a fittingly dramatic crescendo, it seems to be over following a turn to quieter atmospherics. The clue is in the bassline, which keeps its tension, and in the guitar, which as low as it gets, never completely disappears.

A final burst around six minutes in brings “Forevermore” to its head, as layers of “Oooh” vocals and a steady snare march lead to the resurgence of the faster riffing from the opening moments, bringing the closer full circle with a series of turns, ending quiet with bass and guitar ringing out peacefully, not abrasive, not threatening, but resolved — the story is finished. It’s been a noteworthy and impressive journey with Old Man Wizard, and though front to back Unfavorable only stands at about 32 minutes, its density of layers and full-breadth sonic realization speak of an appeal that endures much longer. There will be those for whom the drama will fall flat, or who will hear pomp in the prog, but it’s the balance in these songs that makes them seem so purposeful and so aware of what each shift contributes to the overarching whole of the record itself. Particularly as a debut outing, Unfavorable stands in direct contrast to its title, and it sets up any number of potential avenues through which Roberts, Beller and Calabio might be able to embark on the next stage of their storytelling. Many roads to take, and all the better if they refuse to pick just one.

Old Man Wizard, Unfavorable (2013)

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