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Welcome to the website of get more Conglomerate 2014 (SWC 2014), a conference held in New Delhi, India in the year 2014. Details on all this stuff, posted individually as separate updates on social media, follow here:

Five-step strategy for adding a technical editor to your Need Help Writing A Research Paper team. Colour Haze Los Sounds de Krauts Reissue

Dear Friends,

it was a tough year for all of us.

Philipp Rasthofer left Colour Haze for personal reasons within his family. Full of gratitude we look back on 22 great years and wish Philipp and his family all the best and health.

Our longtime live-sound engineer Mario Oberpucher is the new bassist in Colour Haze. We are looking forward to playing and creating new music with Mario.

Berthold Kröker, who already mixed our first shows and tours 20 years ago, will take over from Mario behind the console.

Due to a lot of changes in personal relationships since last spring and because of the loss of our rehearsal place in Munich work became very difficult for us, but we kept being busy, created new music and pushed things in new directions.

We all are looking forward for better times to come.

More news are coming up…

Elektrohasch 001-2 Colour Haze – Los Sounds De Krauts – remixed

Finally our 2003 classic Los Sounds De Krauts is available again!

mp3 and HiRes downloads as well as the 2CD can be purchased at now.

The DLP can be preordered – as always also in a limited handnumbered edition of 500 copies colored vinyl – and will be delivered in autumn.

We had constant trouble with broken data of the 15 year old digital recordings. In the end original sound engineer Tim Höfer managed to get all tracks back running so I could make a new mix of the album in my studio. Only in „Where The Skies End“ I had to record the vocals of the verse again– these were lost forever – everything else is the original live recording.

All this was necessary because the original digital masters were lost or damaged as well. So there was never an option to simply repress the record. I think with the new mixes the songs are coming back to life and the vibe and character of the old recordings get across even better. The new sound comes along with a new cover by Jessica Rassi/thegiantsplap.

We have to apologize for all the confusion about our tourdates last year. Obviously many promoters wanted to keep dates as long as possible but in the end had to cancel – so we never knew which concerts are going to happen by ourselves.

For this year shows in Germany and Austria and maybe the UK are booked. Dates will be announced at and asap. More European shows are upcoming for 2022. We hope so much that with vaccinations normal live shows come back soon.

Confirmed: 10. – 11. June 2022: Colour Haze at the 2-days-festival “17 Years Sound of Liberation” at Backstage, Munich


Elektrohasch 062 – Colour Haze – 2020 – Live Vol. 3

We also wanted to offer a streaming concert last year. Unfortunately, with the loss of our rehearsal room, we had additional trouble so it didn’t work out. But we recorded at the Panorama Studio Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm the intended set of the never happened WeAre-Tour as 360° video – sort of an insight in our rehearsals.

And we played four shows last summer of which the Freak-TV-streaming-edition of the Freak Valley Festival was recorded on multitrack. Unfortunately the sound of that stream (by the local PA rental) was far from how we actually sounded live. And even more the multitrack recordings were destroyed by strange digital distortions so I couldn‘t replace that „mix“ by my own. In the end we managed to restaurate these recordings. I will release the very nice Transformation version of the Freak-TV show together with recordings from the Panorama Session (a.o. Moon in a different new arrangement and the better live-version of Überall) on LP – sort of a retrospective on this memorable year. The CD / DVD will include the video-recordings and we offer them also as download.

The next project….

We Are remaster

In the hurry to have We Are pressed on time for the tour in march 2020 – which in the end was cancelled – I didn‘t master the record the way as I intendend and was slightly annoyed about that. So in the meantime I remasterd the album. Not a big difference but sonicly more open and fresh. The downloads and since this month the LP are already the new version. The original CD will still be on stock for some time. Don‘t be disappointed if you own the original version already – the difference is not huge.

For an add of 5.- Euro all Colour Haze LPs are now also available with additional mp3 download at the Colour Haze / Elektrohasch webshop. There is also a package of the mp3 of all 12 available albums for 60.- Euro – also for those who already own some records and additionally would like to have the mp3.

Please understand that a mp3 download always causes extra cost by which I‘d have to raise the street-price of an LP for 5.- Euro – or I downgrade in the quality of the pressing, weight, cardboard etc. Every label who offers a „free download code“ in fact hides the extra costs one way or another. From many talks and emails with you I know that the majority still doesn‘t take great interest in an additional mp3 download. For some it‘s a nice and useful extra though I‘d of course like to give.

I still aim to deliver the best possible quality – 180gr. vinyl in a lined sleeve and a proper cover-cardboard, all printed in Germany – for a very good price. Therefore I hope I found a good solution that way for all.

I can only offer downloads for Colour Haze. With all other Elektrohasch artists I only licensed physical releases.

Last but not least…
With a lot of passion and enthusiasm I have been busy and creative and wrote the core-music for a new album which can become our best. We will find a way to work on it and intend to record this year.

Stefan Koglek – guitar & vocals
Mario Oberpucher – live sound, sitar, bass
Manfred Merwald – drums

Colour Haze, Live 2020 at sunset

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