Trialogos Premiere “Hikikomori” Video From Stroh zu Gold out June 18


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Stroh zu Gold isn’t going to be for everyone, and it isn’t meant to be, but it’s a personal expression on the part of¬†Trialogos and resonates in a very real and emotional way for something that so readily leaves the straightforward behind. You would call it evocative for its ability to take you from one place to another.

Please enjoy:

Trialogos, “Hikikomori” official video premiere

Experimental/cinematic rock collective TRIALOGOS ‚Äď formed by Conny Ochs, Sicker Man, and Kiki Bohemia ‚Äď presents a new video for the track “Hikikomori,” from the trio’s impending debut LP, Stroh Zu Gold.

The album is available here:

Hikikomori: (jap.) also known as acute social withdrawal, is total withdrawal from society and seeking extreme degrees of social isolation and confinement. Hikikomori refers to both the phenomenon in general and the recluses themselves.

The actual video footage used in the “Hikikomori” video is taken from a performance involving the dancer and choreographer Ellen Brix. In March 2021 Ellen Brix and TRIALOGOS worked together on a dance performance at WUK Halle/Saale in Germany. Brix had developed and constructed a special moving floor on which she danced, while the band supported her with music and sound. The “Hikikomori” video was filmed by Lutz Kretschmann with final editing handled by Tobias Vethake.

The actual dance video can be found here and appears courtesy of Ellen Brix:

Sicker Man comments on the creation of the track, “TRIALOGOS is a project that was formed during the lockdown of the Coronavirus crisis and the character of this pandemic also defined the way we worked on this album. We were sitting secluded in our studio and improvising structures and musical elements. We interrupted the stream of sound only to eat and drink or to play cards while listening to our recordings. The music was a kind of campfire we sat around to keep us warm and sane. And as ‘Hikikomori’ was part of the session, that was recorded on our very first day; it really represents the atmosphere and process of Stroh Zu Gold.”

Conny Ochs describes the performance as a special experience: “The session at the WUK Theatre space in Halle was our first glimpse at something that came close to an actual live performance. When we were offered the chance to improvise together with Ellen, we sure said yes to the chance to gain access to such a space and play at a high volume finally after weeks of isolation. The experience was truly cathartic, both frightening in the sense of feeling that isolation still after all and facing the gaping void where an audience would supposedly be, but also healing, through simply letting the music reverberate between us, and the longing of each of us to share it. That is why we chose to release some of the material that was shot that day. Having in mind the idea that it can accompany this tune about loneliness and hope in a way that will transport our experience at WUK. That healing comes through sharing.”

Conny Ochs: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Percussion
Sicker Man: Acoustic & Electric Cello, Guitars, Juno 6, Moog, Lapsteel, Beats, Effects
Kiki Bohemia: Rhodes, Vocals, Bass, Dictaphone, Autoharp, Effects

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Exile on Mainstream Records website

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