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A raven clutching at pearls is the lead image of Australasia‘s new digital single “Perdere,” and it’s not too hard to imagine where they’re coming from with that. Every time I see someone on the social medias mourning the long passage of time without shows and/or expressing the hope that things can be what they were, as though the nigh-universal trauma of 2020-2021 never took place, it seems likewise that there’s a bird of death carrying off the memory of what was. Italy went through some hard shit. We all did. And by “we,” I mean the species.

“Perdere,” as noted below, translates to English as “to lose” — recall À la recherche du temps perdu — and is the first outing from Australasia since a two-songer in 2019 that followed on from their 2015 EP, Notturno (review here). Those who’ve heard them before or who might at least surmise from the fact that they take their moniker from Pelican‘s record of the same name will probably already guess that there’s an atmospheric focus in “Perdere,” perhaps a wistful, longing kind of feel, and well, you’d be right. The intention seems to be to release however many tracks as singles before presumably compiling them in some fashion, but as a leadoff for that, “Perdere” is intriguing and immersive.


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Australasia – Perdere

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“Perdere” (Italian for “to lose”) is the first piece of a series of singles, which will be published over the next few months, based on the concept of “Perdere e Ritrovare” (To lose and find again). A cycle where negative and positive events follow each other, leaving hope for the future does not fail, even at a time, like the present, when we look at it with so much uncertainty.

Musically, it’s a track centered around the sound of clean guitar that deflates into heavily distorted moments where the voice of a vintage RAT takes center stage. The riffs and arpeggios follow each other, ferrying the listener towards the final catharsis.

The artwork, created by illustrator Sara Fasolin (, depicts a magpie (also present in other Australasia covers), collector of forgotten objects or objects taken away from human beings.

The album was recorded and mixed at Last Floor Studio (@lastfloorstudio) by Francesco Barletta.

Label: Golden Morning Sounds

Gian Spalluto – Guitar, Bass, Synth
Giovanni Cilio (@giovacilio) – Drums

Australasia, “Perdere”

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