Høstsabbat 2020 Adds Green Lung to Lineup

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It’s becoming Høstsabbat tradition that, while we don’t bring hordes of UK bands across the pond every year — and there are enough of them that we could — we’ve established a lust and will to AT LEAST feature one of the many acts in the bursting UK underground. Our Sabbathians deserve no less, and London’s Green Lung is definitely a band fitting that description.

Their debut album ‘Woodland Rites’ (Kozmik Artifactz) smashed almost every best-of-2019 list we saw last year, bringing together memorable songwriting and a sound that calls to the golden days of psych rock and the birth of heavy sounds. Add warm harmonies, clever hooks, dueling guitar and the obligatory bit of Black Sabbath to the cake, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

As a relatively new band, Høstsabbat 2020 will mark their first appearance in Oslo. Could there be a better occasion? Never.

Come see their show. If your mind’s not blown, at least your lungs will be greener. But we’re expecting blown minds too.




Artwork: Trine Grimm Tattoo / Linda K Røed


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