Suns of Thyme Sign to Napalm Records; Cascades Due May 27


German heavy psych rockers Suns of Thyme released their debut album, Fortune, Shelter, Love and Cure, late in 2013, and in May, they’ll answer back with a sophomore outing titled Cascades through Napalm Records. They previously worked with H42 Records on a split release with fellow Berliners Odd Couple, taking a more classic blues rocking approach perhaps than some of the preceding LP’s more adventurous, spacier moments, but retaining the personality they established on the debut all the same. As to what Cascades might hold upon its arrival, your guess is as good as mine, but even for European heavy psych, a scene that’s only gotten more crowded over the years, their signing to a label of the reach and stature of Napalm is a pretty big deal. I’ll look forward to hearing the record.

The PR wire brings details:

suns of thyme cascades

SUNS OF THYME Signs To Napalm Records & Unveils Details Of Upcoming Album!

It is hard to imagine that something called Krautgaze could grow up in any other place than Berlin. In its glittering darkness, the city is a perfect breeding ground for a band like Suns of Thyme!

It is definitely no coincidence that Napalm Records, home of bands like Monster Magnet, God Is An Astronaut, My Sleeping Karma and Desert Rock legend John Garcia, has already been keeping an eye on this band & is now extremely pleased to announce the worldwide signing of Suns of Thyme.

Suns of Thyme on signing to Napalm Records:
” From the day we finished our first record until the now upcoming release of the second one we have been on a journey of individual and collective progress: Becoming a five-piece band and with everybody involved in the song writing process, we had to find new ways to communicate and make music together. In all the excitement and struggle that comes with this we have grown a lot, each one personally as well as a band in whole. While this journey is far from over yet, Cascades is gonna reflect our current state in every aspect: in the lyrics as well as in arrangement and sound. With Napalm Records and especially our A&R Billie Klein we are glad to have found people who understand us, our progress and our way of making music and who gave us the opportunity to put out this record the way we wanted it to come out. “

Suns of Thyme melts together space rock, shoegaze, psych and Velvet Underground on this their sophomore album. This ode to freethought is brimming with melancholy and a nonchalant greatness that will comfortably settle into your psyche – Suns of Thyme casts off genre clich├ęs with a grin and an artful nostalgic twist

Cascades was mastered by Brian Lucey, Magic Garden Mastering in Los Angeles (The Black Keys, Marilyn Manson, Arctic Monkeys, Ray LaMontagne, Ghost). The track listing reads as follows:

Cascades track listing:

1. Do Or Die
2. Intuition Unbound
3. Ich Traeum’ von Dir
4. To Vanish
5. Rush
6. Schweben
7. Deep Purple Rain
8. Val Verde
9. The Field
10. Aphelion
11. Prelude
12. In Dreams Awake
13. Kirwani
14. Kirwani II

Cascades is set to be released on May 27th 2016 via Napalm Records.

Pre-orders for Cascades are available here:

Suns of Thyme is:
Tammo Dehn / Synths, Percussions, Sampler
Tobias Feltes / Vocals, Guitars, Sitar
Tim Hoppe / Guitars
Jascha Kreft / Drums, Vocals
Jens Rosenkranz / Bass

Suns of Thyme, “Former Friend”

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