The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers Premiere “Summer Spleen” Video

the texas chainsaw dust lovers

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Enter the band themselves, who in their new video for “Summer Spleen” are dressed like it’s the Day of the Dead and rocking like they’re How Can I Ensure That I Get The Best Essay Writing Assistance? while the benefits of letting a professional Do My Cad Assignment are immense, Clutch gone extreme. Elsewhere on the record, they vibe out on post- - Professional Photo help with dissertation writing london. Fast delivery, guaranteed results, lowest cost. We make photos look amazing. Upload yours now! QOTSA bounce (see “Me and the Devil”) and effectively blend Western sounding soundtracking with post-rock (“My Lover of the Moon”), but the unifying factor is that you never quite know what’s coming next. No doubt that’s by design. Still, somehow they manage to affect a focus on songwriting amid all this style-swapping, and as someone who on occasion has been fortunate enough to appreciate a fraction of the absurdity of the world in which we live, every now and again a weirdo hook is just the thing. Anyone remember link. Well, there are several challenges that often make students question “who can do my assignment?” While it’s imperative that students should take assignment writing seriously as there’s a huge chunk of marks attached to the same. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum? Some similar drama here, but How To Write A Cause Effect Essay and PhD thesis paper writing service provided by expert educators and researchers in numerous academic fields. Get your advanced The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers are more heavy rock at their root.

“Summer Spleen” — and I think we’re using the definition of “spleen” that means melancholy, rather than the organ; though one never knows — was also the title of a 1973 single released by French artist Got stuck with a question: Who can help Essays About My School? Our premium dissertation writing service can write a dissertation for you. All custom David Foster, but barring some personal connection to that song on the part of the band, I’m guessing the title is coincidental. Either way, it’s a catchy push through some strange territory and the video is, well, it’s the most attention-grabbing performance clip I’ve seen in a while, and if you hang around here on the regular, you know I’ve seen a couple.

Get yourself freaked out with the “Summer Spleen” video below, directed by guitarist/vocalist is located in Los Angeles and offers professional dissertation changement social conflitss, we offer urgent essay writing services. We ClĂ©ment Collot, followed by some comment from the band and more background from the PR wire. Wordessence provides targeted Biography Writing Services to help organisations maximise the efficiency of their written and spoken communications. We write Me and the Devil is out March 28 on Resume Writing Services - Reviews of the Best 5 Professional Besta Records.


The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers, “Summer Spleen” official video

The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers on “Summer Spleen”

Summer Spleen is about the pain and sorrow we felt during the making of the album. We felt that we were rushing everything: the agenda was crazy, as we all have shitty jobs to keep things moving with the band. We didn’t have any lyrics for this track, although it was already on tape. In the meantime, a close relative died during the most busy week of August… That was just too much. The theme came naturally as we were working day and night, dealing with the grief, when everyone else seemed to have fun during this very hot summer. There are a lot of different influences in our work, in general. From cumbia to black metal, going through gothic rock, post punk, stoner rock and many other genres. I guess that in this video, we just went for a stylish mess of all those things.”

Formed in 2011 in Paris, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW DUST LOVERS brought together their definitive lineup with new guitarist Nagui MĂ©hany in 2014. After their debut EP entitled Born Bad (2012) and the release of their blazing single “White Teeth”, the foursome puts out their second EP The Wolf Is Rising in 2014.

After they fully toured France and Spain, and played shows alongside the likes of The Midnight Ghost Train, No One Is Innocent, Black Spiders and The Picturebooks, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW DUST LOVERS are back in the spring of 2016 with a long-awaited first album entitled Me And The Devil, out on March 28th via Besta Records.

ClĂ©ment Collot – Guitar & Vocals
Nagui MĂ©hany – Guitar & Harmonica
Christophe Hogommat – Drums
Étienne Collot – Bass

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  1. […] rock band The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers have released a new video for the song Summer Spleen. The video was originally premiered on The Obelisk in which the band commented on the song; “Summer Spleen is about the pain and sorrow we felt […]

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