Young Hunter Premiere New Single “Nothing Shakes the Void”

young hunter (Photo by Kendra Oakes Ferguson)

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Fluid interplay of varying moods and styles could easily be considered a holdover from Order written from scratch starting at just per page. Only professional writers are here to help you write your paper. Young Hunter Mk. I, but “Nothing Shakes the Void” — which is set to appear on the upcoming Doomed and Stoned regional compilation, Doomed and Stoned in Portland — pushes young hunter nothing shakes the voidfurther into a cohesive blend, so that as the slow progression of the opening gives way to a chug that seems to nod simultaneously at ’80s metal and goth rock, Young Hunter retain their sonic identity and overarching sense of purpose to the whole affair. That is to say, it’s not just that the band are bringing contrasting sounds together, which is something they’ve been doing since their 2012 debut, Stone Tools (discussed here), but that they’re bringing them together for a reason, and that reason is creating something of the band’s own from them. “Nothing Shakes the Void” is not without a sense of drama, and neither were the tracks on Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain — which I still keep on regular rotation — but Young Hunter offer songcraft enough to easily sustain any and all theatrics so that they too seem to be serving the overriding listening experience.

After successfully raising funds through a Kickstarter, Young Hunter will release their second album in March 2016 on vinyl. More on that to come as we get closer, but for now, you can check out the premiere of “Nothing Shakes the Void” and get some background from Blake on the song below.

Please enjoy:

Young Hunter’s Benjamin Blake on “Nothing Shakes the Void”:

Since the recording of Embers at the Foot of Dark Mtn, I moved to Portland and restarted the band. A YH v2 of sorts, with some incredible people who I feel deeply fortunate to be working with. We’ve been playing together for almost two years-writing new material, making this album, and playing often in Portland, honing our craft as a live band.

One interesting aspect of this song is that the quiet ending part was sort of the seed for the rest of the song, and it came to me in a dream. I was able to write down the lyrics when I woke up and recall the melody later, and then it grew into what it is now. That’s the only time that’s ever happened to me.

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